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Randy Orton Burns Down The Wyatt Compound In Climatic SmackDown Live Ending

Randy Orton Burns Down The Wyatt Compound In Climatic SmackDown Live Ending

Randy Orton just burned down The Wyatt Family compound in a climatic ending which left viewers of tonight's SmackDown Live in shock. Below is an extract from our live coverage of what went down...

Bray Wyatt's invocation is next. He makes his way to the ring without Orton in tow. Wyatt says it doesn't matter who faces him, they are all mortals. That they are all the same in the midst of a deity. He says that Styles will feel the spirit of Beezlebub himself, and that he comes from a place where Randy is right now. He shows up at the compound on the screen, with a rocking chair behind him. He says its Bray's world, but it's not his, and never was. He said he believed in if you can't beat them join them, but also believes when it's the right time, screw them. He says that beneath where he stands is where Sister Abigail lays, and he takes out a pick axe. He asks how long have the maggots been feasting on her flesh. He says he sees how Bray is starting to crumble, and that he will burn Abigails spirit. He tells Bray that in a moment he will be the master. He throws the pickaxe away and grab gasoline and starts to drench the entire room, and finishes with the chair. He says he's coming for his title at Wrestlemania, and finally fills the hole where Abigail is buried with gas. Orton says he's about to hear her scream, and Bray is in tears in the middle of the ring, cowering. Orton takes a match and lights it while Bray begs him to stop. He says he'll burn Sister Abilgail into eternal damnation, and throws the match at the house, which bursts into flames. Bray goes nuts, and cowers next to the barricade rocking himself, as Smackdown goes off the air.


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