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WWE SmackDown Results (2/28)

WWE SmackDown Results (2/28)

WWE SMACKDOWN- Tuesday, Feb. 28

Welcome to Smackdown Live, coming to you from the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota as we continue on the road to Wrestlemania 33. The main event pits the last two men standing after last weeks 10 man Battle Royal, AJ Styles and Luke Harper, against each other for a shot at Bray Wyatt's WWE Championship at Mania. In addition, The Miz looks to confront John Cena on the Most Must See Television Show, and we could see some additional heat between Maryse and Nikki Bella. Not only that, Becky Lynch takes on Mickie James in a 2 out of 3 falls match, and Apollo looks to get some revenge on Dolph Ziggler by giving him a taste of his own medicine in a Chairs Match. Stay tuned!

SmackDown Live:

We kick things off with Shane and Daniel watching footage from last weeks Battle Royal backstage. They are debating who's foot touched first, and they decide that the ref's decision stands. AJ Styles joins them, and insists that Luke Harper touched first. Daniel reminds Styles he has another chance to win tonight. Styles starts insulting Harper behind his back, not aware that he's hoveing right over him. Styles leaves flustered, and Harper thanks Shane and Daniel before leaving as well.

The Miz's music hits, and it looks like its time for Miz TV. He makes his way to the ring with Maryse on his arm. They replay footage of John Cena eliminating Miz, and moments later when Miz re-entered and eliminated Cena from behind. Great heat on The Miz as he introduces Cena right away. Cena comes down to the ring, and the Miz isn't happy. He tells the crew to cut his mic, saying Cena isn't allowed to talk until he get's some things off his chest. He talks about how he is a corporate suck up, and how he manipulates people to get his way. He says he's frustrated with the fact that no matter what he does, he's always "the other guy", and that John Cena won't let him be anything else. He brings up the Wrestlemania main event that they shared, and that by manipulating The Miz's career he took away his moment. The Miz tells Cena he's jealous, and that the audience is starting to grow smart to that fact. He talks about how he used to be the workhouse, but now that he's a Hollywood actor they "can't see him anymore". The audience starts chanting "you sold out", which Miz agrees with. He says he's a parody of himself now, while the audience breaks into a "Let's go Cena, Cena sucks" chant. Miz tells Cena he want's to have his cake and eat it too, and says that while he's acting The Miz is holding everything together himself. He actually brings up Cena tying the record, saying that he stole Flairs moment. He cites that as the reason he elimated Cena: he wanted to take his moment from him.

The Miz allows him to talk now, and Cena takes off. He says that Miz isn't saying anything he hasn't heard before. He says that if he was a manipulator, why would he be on Miz TV a month before Wrestlemania rather than face to face with the Undertaker. He says Miz only says what he says because it's easy to blame him. He says you can't fake heart, and that everyone watching knows what kind of person he is. He asks Miz who he is, stating he stole Jericho's personality, Flair's finisher, Daniel's moves, and Style's excuses. Cena says the Miz is a due dressed as another dude, and trend hopping joke of a superstar. He says he isn't upset with the Miz for eliminating him because he moves on like a man should. He ends it by saying he shouldn't bring a knife to a gun fight, and that if he presses him again he'll make him a "Deadman" like the Undertaker. 

Maryse stops him from leaving, and insults both his ego and his...package. She then smacks the taste out of his mouth and Cena grabs the mic, saying she made the biggest mistake of her life. Nikki runs down to the ring and both Maryse and the Miz retreat. Then Nikki says if she touches her man again she'll break her.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Invocation of Bray Wyatt is announced for tonight.


2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH- Mickie James vs. Becky Lynch

Both competitors start with some grappling offense, and Becky takes a headlock. Lynch with a wristlock, and Mickie with a reversal. They both trade reversals, Lynch throws Mickie onto the apron and takes her out with a baseball slide. Mickie tumbles to the outside. 

Mickie is on top after the break with a rough headlock, driving Lynch's face into the mat. Mickie let's off and deliver's some stiff kicks. She runs Lynch's head into the turnbuckle and covers for two. Mickie returns to the head, Lynch gains steam and eats a boot. Mickie misses a clothesline, Lynch takes advantage and takes control briefly until Mickie runs Lynch's head into the turnbuckle again. She hits the Mickie DDT and scores the first fall.

Mickie-1    Lynch-0

 We return from the break with Mickie once again in control. Mickie whips Lynch hard into the turnbuckle, delivers a big stomp to the abdomen. She covers twice but can't get the pin. The audience rallies for Lynch, and she gains ground with a some kicks, but Mickie gains the upper hand again with a kick of her own. Mickie jumps of the turnbuckle for a high risk move but missed, allowing Lynch to sneak a roll up for her first fall of the match.

Mickie-1    Lynch-1

MickIe gets angry and starts to gain control, but Lynch takes it back with an exploder suplex. Alexa Bliss makes her way out and attempts to distract Lynch but to no avail. Mickie attempts a roll-up, but Lynch counters with the Disarmer for the submission and the win.


BACKSTAGE: Luke Harper cuts a promo saying he isn't afraid of Wyatt anymore, and that it'll be the other way around. Wyatt responds by praising Orton for his loyalty, something Harper no longer has or can benefit from, and calls himself a god.

BACKSTAGE: Alexa Bliss is being interviewed, and is upset that the first thing she's asked is how her plan backfired and not how she's the first 2 time Smackdown Women's Champion. She guilts the interviewer into asking her, and Bliss pretends to be surprised and emotional. Natalya comes up and tells the interviewer to beat it. She starts buttering up Bliss, and tells her its all about Bliss and she decides to take it.

BACKSTAGE: AJ Styles is interviewed by Renee Young, and he talks again about how he should've been announced the victor but is in good spirits because he knows that the match will result in him going to Wrestlemania.


Both superstars come out to good ovations. This is going to be awesome.

AJ Styles starts bouncing on his feet, while Harper stands his ground. They lock up and Harper immediately pushes Styles off. Styles goes for a kick but Harper picks him up and perches him on the turnbuckle and backs away. Styles goes for a headlock but Harper powers him out. Styles then tries to out speed Harper but instead Harper does some speed moves of his own including a huge dropkick. Harper chases Styles outside the ring and runs him into the barracade and stairs. He pops Styles on the table and then rolls him into the ring. Styles rolls out the other side to get away and Harper gives chase. Styles uses the opportunity to do a Pele kick from the outside to Harper in between the ropes. Styles takes control and delivers some stiff kicks to Harper on the mat. They both trade blows as the crowd erupts into chants for both superstars. Harper gains control with some big strikes including one big forearm that takes Styles off his feet. He then delivers a springboard senton, and a huge boot when Styles attempts to get up. Luke bounces Styles throat off the bottom rope and delivers a huge suicide dive. The crowd is loving this. Harper attempts his sit-down powerbomb but Stlyes reverses, but is caught by a dragon suplex for a near fall.

We return from the break with Harper in control, and this time he connects with the sit down powerbomb. Both superstars take a minute, and Harper takes Styles in a fireman's, but Styles squirms out, then he connects with a Phenomenal forearm. Styles get's the 3 count, but Harper's foot is clearly on the ropes. Shane comes out to make the save, saying the match will be restarted. Styles is MAD, and immediately goes back to offense. He attempts a Styles clash but Harper reverses for a near fall. Styles escapes and gets in Shane's face. Harper attempts to take advantage and superkick Styles, but he moves out of the way and takes Shane out. Harper checks on Shane, and Styles takes advantage by taking out Harper, and delivering a springboard 450 splash to Harper for the win.



BACKSTAGE: Nikki and Cena are being interviewed, and Elseworth and Carmella come in laughing. Nikki snaps at Carmella, who tells Elseworth to defend her. Nikki and Cena have the idea that next week they'll compete in a mixed tag match.


BACKSTAGE: Daniel Bryan attempts to congratulate Styles on the win, but Styles denies him. He says he will confront Wyatt tonight.


SINGLES MATCH- Curt Hawkins vs. Dean Ambrose

The match doesn't start, Ambrose delivers a Dirty Deeds to Hawkins and takes a microphone. He calls out Corbin, saying that messing with him is a bad idea and that if he wants to find out that he wants to fight. Corbin shows up on the screen, and says he doesnt show up when people tell him to. Ambrose makes fun of his tattoos, Corbin tells his humor won't save him. Corbin says Ambrose cost him the championship, so now he's going to take everything from him. Ambrose says that they're far from finished.


CHAIRS MATCH- Apollo Crews vs. Dolph Ziggler

 Chairs are lined up outside the ring as the superstars make their way out. They replay footage from The Elimation Chamber where Ziggler tried to injure Crews's ankle. Ziggler makes his way to the ring but Crews takes Ziggler out from behind. He throws him in the ring into the ring and hit's him with a big suplex. He delivers some blows on the outside and brings him back in, Ziggler takes that time to gain control. Ziggler whips Crews, Crews counters with a monster dropkick. Ziggler escapes to the outside, where Crews delivers a moonsault of the apron.

We return from break to see Ziggler in control, but Crews regains it with a jawbreaker. Ziggler grabs a chair but loses it from a kick by Crews. Crews gains momentum with the flying lariat, and delivers some hard maneuvers with the chair including a moonsault into it while it is laying on Ziggler. Crews tried to ram Ziggler in the turnbuckle but Zigglers moves out of the way. He attempts some offense but Crews counter with an Angle Slam. Crews sets up a chair and tried to do an atomic drop to it, but Ziggler counters by driving Crews's throat right into the top of the chair. Ziggler then does a nasty atomic drop onto the top of the chair, and covers Crews for the win.


Ziggler insults Crews, saying he beats clowns like him every day.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Natalya, American Alpha, and AJ Styles are announced for Talking Smack.


Bray Wyatt's invocation is next. He makes his way to the ring without Orton in tow. Wyatt says it doesn't matter who faces him, they are all mortals. That they are all the same in the midst of a deity. He says that Styles will feel the spirit of Beezlebub himself, and that he comes from a place where Randy is right now. He shows up at the compound on the screen, with a rocking chair behind him. He says its Bray's world, but it's not his, and never was. He said he believed in if you can't beat them join them, but also believes when it's the right time, screw them. He says that beneath where he stands is where Sister Abigail lays, and he takes out a pick axe. He asks how long have the maggots been feasting on her flesh. He says he sees how Bray is starting to crumble, and that he will burn Abigails spirit. He tells Bray that in a moment he will be the master. He throws the pickaxe away and grab gasoline and starts to drench the entire room, and finishes with the chair. He says he's coming for his title at Wrestlemania, and finally fills the hole where Abigail is buried with gas. Orton says he's about to hear her scream, and Bray is in tears in the middle of the ring, cowering. Orton takes a match and lights it while Bray begs him to stop. He says he'll burn Sister Abilgail into eternal damnation, and throws the match at the house, which bursts into flames. Bray goes nuts, and cowers next to the barricade rocking himself, as Smackdown goes off the air.




That's it for this weeks Smackdown, what did you guys think? Be sure to leave your comments below!


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