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WWE Crown Jewel Results (11/4/2023)

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Nov 04, 2023

WWE Crown Jewel Results (11/4/2023)

Featured below are complete WWE Crown Jewel results from Saturday, November 4, 2023. The following report was written by Rajah.com reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709), our live coverage partner as the show aired live on the WWE Network on Peacock.




The usual "WWE Then. Now. Forever. Together." opening signature narrated by John Cena airs to get us started. We then shoot into the pre-show studio where Megan Morant welcomes us to the WWE Crown Jewel Kickoff Show.

Morant is joined by her fellow pre-show panelists, Matt Camp and Peter Rosenberg. The three immediately run down the lineup for the special premium live event this afternoon in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as the official match graphics flash across the screen.

After they finish running down the card, we shoot into our first of many pre-match video packages to tell the story leading up to bouts scheduled for today's big show. The first one we see tells the story leading up to the scheduled WWE World Heavyweight Championship showdown between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre.

Once that wraps up, the pre-show panelists talk about the bout before moving on to the scheduled WWE Women's Championship showdown between IYO SKY and "The EST of WWE" Bianca Belair. We see footage of her beating Bayley on last night's SmackDown and ending the show by putting her through the announce table with a K.O.D.

From there, the talk transitions to the highly-anticipated showdown between "The Greatest Of All-Time" John Cena and the assassin of The Bloodline, Solo Sikoa. The pre-match video package for the Cena-Sikoa bout airs and then the panelists weigh-in with their thoughts on the bout.

We head to a quick commercial break and when we return, Megan Morant sets up the road to WWE Crown Jewel video package for the WWE United States Championship bout pitting social media sensation Logan Paul against reigning, defending title-holder, WWE Hall of Fame legend Rey Mysterio.

Sami Zayn vs. JD McDonagh

The panelists talk about the Paul-Mysterio bout and then switch to the Cody Rhodes vs. Damian Priest bout. After the package for that one wraps up, they send things inside the arena where Michael Cole and Wade Barrett welcome us to the show. Sami Zayn's theme hits.

Sami Zayn takes his time coming out and milks the crowd reaction before emerging with Saudi-attire on like his last appearance in the market. The ring announcer introduces him to another enormous pop and he heads to the ring for our first match of the show.

He settles into the ring and his theme dies down. The entrance tune for "The Irish Ace" hits and out comes friend of The Judgment Day, JD McDonagh. He heads to the ring to a ton of boos and settles inside the squared circle to even louder boos. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with our lone match on the Crown Jewel Kickoff Show.

A crazy-loud "Sami! Sami!" chant breaks out as the commentators compare the crowd reactions for Zayn in Saudi Arabia this afternoon to those that he received in his hometown of Montreal at Elimination Chamber. "Ole! Ole!" fans break out next and the two haven't even touched yet.

They finally go to get things started but McDonagh backs through the ropes to avoid the fight at first. They finally lock up and McDonagh goes to work on the arm of Zayn. Zayn breaks free and takes over and the crowd erupts like something major just happened. Hot atmosphere today in Riyadh. McDonagh goes for a big move but misses and crashes and burns hard.

Zayn takes over and goes to work on McDonagh in the corner. He climbs up on him for the ten-punch spot as the crowd counts along with each shot that lands. Zayn continues to dominate the offense for the next few minutes, as the crowd breaks out into another massive "Ole! Ole!" chant.

McDonagh finally shifts things in his favor and goes to work with rapid-fire punches on Zayn as the crowd gets on his case. McDonagh slows things down and goes to work on Zayn in the corner. We hear a "Let's go Sami!" chant break out as the crowd tries rallying behind Zayn. It ends up working as Zayn takes over.

The fans chant "This is Awesome!" loudly as Zayn hits an exploder suplex. He follows that up with a Helluva Kick in the corner and then a Blue Thunder Bomb for the pin fall victory. Good match to get the crowd hot for today's PLE. Sami Zayn got an insanely loud reaction throughout from the fans in Saudi Arabia.

Winner: Sami Zayn

After the pre-show match wraps up, we head to a quick commercial break. When we return, we shoot live inside the pre-show studio where Megan Morant, Matt Camp and Peter Rosenberg talk about the Zayn-McDonagh bout before switching to talk about the main event for today's show.

The pre-show package for the main event between Roman Reigns and LA Knight airs and they talk more about the match before wrapping up the pre-show. The Kickoff Show has wrapped up and now we're switching over to the premium live event on the WWE Network on Peacock.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth "Freakin'" Rollins (C) vs. Drew McIntyre

The always bad-ass, elaborate cold open video package airs to get things started for the latest annual WWE Crown Jewel premium live event as part of Riyadh Season in Saudi Arabia.

After it wraps up, we shoot live inside the Mohammed Abdu Arena as Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. He is joined by Wade Barrett on commentary. The pre-show package for our opener airs telling the story leading up to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship showdown between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre.

Once the pre-show package concludes, we head back inside the arena where we hear the familiar sounds of Seth Rollins' theme song. "The Visionary" makes his way to the ring for our first match of the evening. The crowd loudly sings along with his music as he makes his way into the ring.

His theme dies down and then the sounds of Drew McIntyre's entrance tune plays. He makes his way to the ring to a big reaction himself, looking all business. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one.

Early on we see Rollins doing well, but it isn't long before McIntyre takes over. "The Scottish Warrior" goes to work on the champ, focusing on his injured back in the early goings. Rollins fights back and hits a big diving splash onto McIntyre on the floor. Back in the ring, the two duke it out with back-and-forth shots.

McIntyre flattens Rollins with a big kick. He goes for the cover and Rollins kicks out at two. McIntyre is starting to look frustrated now, as this marks several times he has been unable to keep Rollins' shoulders down for the count of three. Rollins starts to fight back as the crowd in Riyadh rallies behind him.

"The Scottish Warrior" is favoring his shoulder, which the commentators point out will affect his power game going forward. Rollins hits McIntyre with a running knee. He then slingshots himself in from the apron for a big splash on McIntyre. He hits a follow-up moonsault and goes for the cover, but McIntyre kicks out at two.

The fans chant "This is Awesome!" as the action continues. Rollins connects with a Falcon Arrow and again goes for the cover, but McIntyre refuses to be put away and now Rollins is starting to look frustrated at his inability to keep McIntyre's shoulders down for the three-count. The two trade shots and McIntyre decks Rollins.

Drew heads to the top-rope but Rollins recovers and leaps up to the top in a single jump to join him. He brings McIntyre down the hard way with a super-plex. Rollins tries to roll-through into a follow-up suplex, but McIntyre counters and plants the champ into the mat. He goes for the cover but only gets two. The crowd thought it was three.

Now we see McIntyre hoist Rollins up over his shoulders. He begins to climb the ropes with him on his back. Rollins slips underneath and now has McIntyre up for a power bomb. He goes for a Buckle Bomb but Rollins' back gives out. McIntyre hits a Future Shock DDT for a close near fall, but again Rollins manages to kick out just in time.

As Rollins is down and out, McIntyre backs in the corner and stalks the champ, waiting for him to get up so he can finish him off with a Claymore Kick. Rollins doesn't get up though and McIntyre ends up going over to him. He leans down to pick him up but Rollins rolls him up, prompting the commentators to speculate as to whether or not Rollins was playing possom.

Rollins knocks McIntyre to the floor and then runs and connects with a suicide dive. He gets up and grabs his back in pain. McIntyre smashes Rollins back-first into the corner of the steel ring steps. Back in the ring, Rollins fights back and hits a Pedigree. He goes for the cover but McIntyre kicks out.

Rollins hits a Stomp, but McIntyre kicks out. McIntyre hits a Claymore Kick, but Rollins kicks out. McIntyre goes for another one but runs into a super kick from Rollins, who follows-up with a Pedigree and a Stomp. He goes for the cover and gets the three-count to retain. Excellent PLE opener.

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Seth "Freakin'" Rollins

Sami Zayn Stops Damian Priest From Cashing In

Is there a new Mr. Money In The Bank? It looks that way, as after the match, Damian Priest ran down with his briefcase and a referee. He looked to cash in on Rollins, but was attacked by someone in a hood. Sami Zayn reveals himself to be that person. He steals the briefcase and runs off with it as Priest chases after him.

WWE Women's World Championship
Rhea Ripley (C) vs. Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Zoey Stark

We shoot backstage and see Rhea Ripley walk past a dejected Damian Priest. She shrugs her shoulders and keeps walking. The pre-show package for our next match airs to tell the story leading up to today's Fatal-5-Way showdown for the WWE Women's World Championship.

After the package wraps up, we return live inside the arena where the theme for Nia Jax hits and out she comes. After her, in order, are Raquel Rodriguez, Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark. The contenders have settled in the ring and they await the arrival of the reigning, defending champ.

Rhea Ripley gets a special entrance. A green light shows and smoke billows as a bunch of men in Saudi gear come out with cups. The usual "This is my Brutality" theme hits and out comes "Mami" of The Judgment Day for the latest defense of her WWE Women's World Championship. The crowd gives her a big reaction coming out, by far the biggest of the five involved in this bout.

The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one. We see Ripley in the middle of all the contenders, but Nia Jax feels they are all coming for her so she rolls out to the floor before anything happens. We see everyone start to duke it out in the ring as the crowd roars. We start seeing multi-person spots, including Baszer locking three of the women in a submission at the same time.

In the corner, Ripley and Rodriguez go for a super-plex on Stark, but Baszler runs over and power-bombs them down for a four-person stacked spot. Ripley and Rodriguez duke it out on the apron. Rodriguez beats her down and then somehow hoists Jax up for her finisher. Ripley takes over and hits Rip-Tide on Stark off the top-rope onto others for the pin fall victory.

Winner and STILL WWE Women's World Champion: Rhea Ripley

John Cena vs. Solo Sikoa

After a quick commercial break, we return to the pre-match video package for our next match of the evening, which features "The Greatest Of All-Time" taking on "The Enforcer" of The Bloodline.

We return inside the arena where we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme for Solo Sikoa. The assassin of The Bloodline makes his way to the ring by himself. He settles in the ring to a ton of boos as fireworks erupt from the staging area.

John Cena's theme hits and out he comes with his "Never Give Up" towel, which he shows to the camera before making his trademark sprint down to the ring. The crowd started off doing the "Cena Sucks!" chant to the tune of his theme, but quickly changed and began singing along with the lyrics to his theme.

As he settles in the ring, Michael Cole reminds us how long it's been since John Cena last won in a singles match on a big stage. Cena's theme wraps up. The crowd is insanely behind Cena tonight. No one outside of Sami Zayn has gotten anything close to this from the fans in Riyadh so far tonight.

The fans chant "Welcome back!" as the bell sounds to get this one officially off-and-running. The two lock-up and a "Let's go Cena!" chant breaks out. Some of the crowd duels with the chant and do the "Cena sucks!" chant. Old-school! Cena gets a head lock on Solo and takes him down to the mat. Cena stomps on Solo's thumb.

We hear a "You still got it!" chant as Cena continues to focus his attack on the Samoan Spike thumb of "The Enforcer" of The Bloodline. He taps into his inner-Butch and yanks and pulls at the thumb while controlling Solo on the mat. He brings the fight to the floor at ringside and slams Solo's thumb into the steel ring steps.

Solo starts to take over after avoiding an Attitude Adjustment attempt from Cena. He slams Cena into the corner and charges at him ass-first in an homage to Rikishi. Cena begins fighting back, and goes for his Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Solo cuts him off and takes over again. He does the Rikishi back-splash in the corner three times in a row.

"Super Cena" comes to the rescue shortly after, firing up once again and taking over as the crowd cheers him on. He heads to the top-rope and leaps off with a flying cross-body splash for a close near fall. Fans chant "You still got it!" as Cena continues to try and put Solo away. He goes for the Attitude Adjustment but again Solo avoids it.

Sikoa looks for the Samoan Spike but Cena avoids it and hits a choke slam for another close near fall. Solo hits a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall attempt of his own. Cena fights back and gets Solo in the STF submission on the mat. Solo crawls to the ropes, forcing Cena to break the hold.

Solo connects with a Samoan Spike but can't capitalize because of the pain his thumb is in from the attack by Cena earlier in the bout. Cena struggles to get back up, but when he does, he walks right into a second Samoan Spike from Sikoa. Sikoa taunts Cena and then takes him out with a third Samoan Spike as the crowd loudly boos.

He hits a fourth one and just stands over Cena smiling. He picks his lifeless head up while he's still on the mat and begins repeatedly Samoan Spiking him over-and-over-and-over-and-over again. He finally covers him and gets the easy pin fall victory. Savage! After the match, Sikoa talked trash to Cena off-mic and walked off. Cena eventually sits up in the ring and gets a standing ovation from the crowd in Riyadh.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

Miz TV & Grayson Waller Effect With Special Guest Ibrahim Al Hajjaj

We shoot to the ring after a quick commercial break and advertisement for WWE Survivor Series 2023 in Chicago, Illinois. When we return, The Miz's theme hits and out he comes for a special edition of Miz TV.

The Miz welcomes us to the most must-see talk show in WWE and then introduces his special guest, actor Ibrahim Al Hajjaj. Out he comes to a big pop from his local crowd. He and Miz banter back-and-forth, calling each other habibi.

Before they can get too far into their discussion, the theme for Grayson Waller hits to interrupt them. Out he comes demanding that the ring crew change things up from the Miz TV set to the Grayson Waller Effect. They do. Miz complains and says he's been here 20 years, whereas Waller has been here 20 minutes.

Waller and Miz bicker back-and-forth about soccer and then Waller gets insulted by Ibrahim Al Hajjaj, who says Miz TV is the best talk show in WWE, not The Grayson Waller Effect. Waller gets in his face and tells him that he takes that as disrespect. He tells him to get out of his ring right now.

Miz goes to step up for him, but he puts his hand on him and stops him. Miz looks down and smiles. Ibrahim Al Hajjaj looks ready to handle this one by himself. He sets the mic down. Waller asks if he's kidding. Waller kicks him with a low-blow but then turns around into a big shot from The Miz.

Miz takes apart The Grayson Waller Effect set and plays to the crowd before sending Waller into Ibrahim Al Hajjaj, who connects with a big kick. Miz follows that up with the Skull Crushing Finale. He does The Undertaker's pin so the crowd chants "Rest in Peace." He then does The Rock's People's Elbow for a big pop.

WWE United States Championship
Rey Mysterio (C) vs. Logan Paul

We head to another quick commercial time out and when we return, the pre-match video package for our next bouts to tell the story leading up to the WWE United States Championship clash between Logan Paul and reigning title-holder, WWE Hall of Fame legend Rey Mysterio.

The commentators then introduce a video showing Logan Paul riding around on the dunes in Saudi Arabia earlier today. He rides right into the arena and drives his way out for his big title opportunity. He yells into the camera off-mic that he's "The greatest of all-Prime!" in a cheap plug for his drink.

After he settles into the ring, his theme dies down and then we hear the familiar sounds of the reigning and defending WWE United States Champion. Fireworks and pyro erupt as WWE Hall of Fame legend and LWO leader Rey Mysterio makes his way down to the ring. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one.

Straight out of the gate, Rey-Rey starts off strong, using his speed and quickness to avoid Logan when he needs to, and flying off the ropes for high-risk, high-reward offense when it presents itself. This doesn't last long, however, as "Lucha" Logan starts to slow the Hall of Famer down.

Logan controls Rey for the next several minutes, with Rey down and out and Logan taunting him. "This is your champion?!" He looks to try and finish Rey off, but the champ hangs on. Logan springboards in off the apron with a big clothesline and goes for the cover. Rey kicks out. A replay shows Logan's knee buckling on that spot.

We see Logan lay Rey out and back into a corner. He signals for the knockout punch and stalks Rey, waiting for him to get up. When Rey does, he lunges at him with a knockout swing, but Rey avoids it and hits a hurricanrana on him. On the mat, Rey slaps on a submission. Logan struggles but eventually gets to the ropes.

Mysterio looks for a high spot, but after springboarding off the ropes for a moonsault, Logan catches him in mid-air and spikes him on the mat with an emphatic power slam for another super close near fall. He heads to the top-rope and drags Rey up with him, all-the-while talking trash. Mysterio headbutts Logan Paul down into the ring.

Logan climbs back up after him and hits an avalanche moonsault fall-away slam. Insanity! He goes for the cover, yet still Rey finds a way to kick out before the count of three. Replays of this spot look awesome. There's one of the viral moments of this match, for sure. He goes for the top and mocks Eddie Guerrero's shimmy before missing a frog splash.

Rey sets Logan into the middle rope for a 6-1-9, but Logan avoids it. Rey blasts him in the ear with a kick from the apron and then leaps up to the top-rope backwards. Logan stops him and climbs up after him. He gets Rey on his shoulders in an electric chair position. Rey turns him around into an avalanche sunset bomb.

He follows that up with a code red power bomb for a close pin attempt. One of Logan Paul's cronies pass him the brass knuckles outside of the ring behind the referee's back. Rey ends up kicking them out of Logan's hand. The guy crawls around ringside to retrieve them without being seen, but ends up being stopped by Santos Escobar.

Santos slides them on his own hand and chases Logan's friend around the ring and through the crowd. Back in the ring, Rey drop kicks Logan into the ropes. Paul gets the brass knuckles and slips them on. Rey hits the 6-1-9. He goes for the west coast pop follow-up but leaps right into a knockout shot from Paul with the brass knuckles. Logan covers him and gets the pin fall victory. With the win, Logan Paul is your new WWE United States Champion.

Winner and NEW WWE United States Champion: Logan Paul

WWE Women's Championship
IYO SKY (C) vs. Bianca Belair

We shoot to the pre-match video package for our next contest, which features the WWE Women's Championship on-the-line. Backstage, Bianca Belair is briefly interviewed and mentions her excitement knowing she gets to get revenge on IYO SKY tonight without any interference from Damage CTRL, who are banned from ringside.

Back in the arena, Belair's theme hits and out comes "The EST of WWE." She settles in the ring as footage is shown of her putting Bayley through the commentary table on Friday Night SmackDown last night. Her theme dies down and she awaits the arrival of the champ.

Now the theme for IYO SKY hits and out comes "The Genius of the Sky" for her latest title defense. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one. Early on, we see Belair start off strong. IYO SKY ends up using Belair's ponytail against her and takes over. She also focuses her attack on the recently injured knee of the former longtime title-holder.

After some more back-and-forth action, we see Belair and SKY in a tug-of-war over Belair's long ponytail. Bayley ends up at ringside despite the rules. She gets involved and nearly costs Belair the match, but she hangs on. After Belair looks to have SKY finished off, Kairi Sane appears out of nowhere at ringside and attacks Belair. After sending Belair into the post, SKY hits a moonsault for the win to retain.

Winner and STILL WWE Women's Champion: IYO SKY

Cody Rhodes vs. Damian Priest

We head into a commercial break after the match. When we return, we see the pre-match video package for our next bout of the evening, which features "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes going one-on-one against "Senor Money In The Bank" Damian Priest of The Judgment Day.

When the package wraps up, we return live inside the arena where the lights go down. When they come back up, one-half of the Undisputed WWE World Tag-Team Champions makes his way out, as Damian Priest heads to the ring for this scheduled one-on-one showdown here in our co-main event of the show.

After Priest settles in the ring, his theme dies down and the familiar sounds of Cody Rhodes' entrance tune hits the house speakers. The crowd comes to life as loud as they did earlier for Sami Zayn and John Cena. They sing along with the theme for "The American Nightmare" as he soaks up the love.

As soon as Cody hits the ring, he is ambushed and attacked from behind by Priest. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one. Early on, Cody takes it to Priest, but is showing signs of his leg/ankle still hurting following the recent attack by The Judgment Day. It doesn't stop him from hitting a Disaster Kick off the ropes.

Priest starts to fight back and take over. He sends Rhodes crashing and burning out on the floor as the fans boo him like crazy. He hits his Day of Reckoning spot on Cody to put him through the commentary table. The fans chant "You still suck!" at Priest. Back in the ring, Cody fights back and hits a Cross-Rhodes out of nowhere.

Both guys are down and out and slowly recovering. As they do, we hear the fans loudly booing out of nowhere. The camera pans over to show Finn Balor making his way down the aisle. As the ref stops him, in from behind comes JD McDonagh. Cody sees him coming and decks him, but he then turns into Priest who hits a South of Heaven for a super close near fall.

Dominik Mysterio makes his way out from the back with a steel chair in-hand for the loudest heat of the night. As he approaches the ring, out of nowhere we see "Main Event" Jey Uso lay him out with a super kick. He does the same thing to Balor and McDonagh back-to-back. He grabs the chair and chases Dom-Dom to the back.

Priest is shown watching this and gets rolled up from behind by Cody. He kicks out. Cody connects with a Cody Cutter for a huge pop. Cody pays homage to his late father, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes by doing the slow-punch and rolling arms spot. He goes for a Cross-Rhodes again but this time Priest sees it coming and counters it.

Now we see Cody head to the top-rope backwards. He leaps off and connects with a beautiful Cody Cutter for a super close near fall. Priest just barely kicks out to keep this one alive. Fans break out into a thunderous "This is Awesome!" chant. Priest goes for a big move but Cody fights out of it. He hoists Priest up but Priest escapes.

Cody hits a Cross-Rhodes out of nowhere. He picks him back up and hits a second one. He picks him back up and hits a third one. He goes for the cover and gets the win. Great match with a really great crowd atmosphere.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

WWE Universal Championship
Roman Reigns (C) vs. LA Knight

It's main event time!

After a cool promotional trailer for WWE Survivor Series 2023 airs featuring hype for the return of WarGames, we return back inside the arena where Michael Cole and Wade Barrett remind us what is on tap for Monday night's episode of WWE Raw.

From there, the familiar sounds of LA Knight's theme hits and the Saudi Arabian crowd comes to life once again as "The Mega Star" makes his way to the ring for his WWE Universal Championship opportunity against "The Head of the Table" in WWE.

His theme dies down and the bad-ass entrance tune for "The Tribal Chief" hits. The crowd boos as the reigning and defending WWE Universal Champion and the leader of The Bloodline, Roman Reigns, emerges. He makes his way out accompanied by "The Wise Man" of The Bloodline, Paul Heyman.

Fireworks and pyro erupt as he makes his way to the ring for our final match of the evening here at the latest annual WWE Crown Jewel premium live event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Michael Cole reminds us Reigns has been the Universal Champion for three-and-a-half years heading into this defense today.

The bell sounds and the ring announcer handles the formal ring introductions for the champion and the challenger. After that, the long, drawn out introductions for this one finish up and we finally get this match off-and-running. Knight actually gets off to a strong start and the crowd is incredibly behind him as he does so.

Reigns ends up cutting Knight's momentum short and he takes over. He brings the action to the floor and rams Knight into the ring post and barricade. He hits his drive-by spot on the ring apron. Back in the ring, Reigns connects with a Spear. He goes for the cover but somehow Knight kicks out.

Knight ends up fighting back and as he puts the boots to Reigns in the corner, the fans chant "Yeah!" as each shot lands. Reigns ends up cutting his comeback extremely short, connecting with a choke slam out of nowhere for another close near fall attempt.

We see Reigns stalking Knight, waiting for him to get up. When he does, he charges at him looking for a Superman punch, but Knight avoids it and connects with a neck-breaker. Knight goes to follow-up, but walks right into a Superman punch from Reigns. Reigns goes for the cover, but Knight kicks out after the count of two.

Reigns stalks Knight again and charges at him with an attempted Spear, however Knight leap-frogs him and Reigns crashes into the turnbuckles. Knight stomps a mudhole in him and the crowd chants "Yeah!" as each stomp connects. He brings Reigns up to the top-rope but Reigns fights his way free and knocks Knight down.

Knight leaps back to the top-rope in a single jump. He brings Reigns off the top-rope the hard way and then follows up with a big elbow for a close near fall. Solo Sikoa comes down the entrance ramp and a bunch of officials rush to stop him from coming down. Jimmy Uso turns up at ringside and helps pull Reigns out of the ring for a breather.

LA Knight heads over to grab Jimmy, but Reigns recovers and hits him with a Superman punch as he leans through the ropes. Back in the ring, Reigns connects with a Spear and immediately goes for the cover. Knight kicks out and the crowd goes absolutely, positively bonkers expecting Knight might be winning this one.

"The Tribal Chief" slaps a tight choke on "The Mega Star" and he remains stuck in it for what seems like forever. Knight eventually fights his way free and immediately after escaping, he connects with his Blunt Force Trauma finisher. He can't go for the cover, however, because Jimmy Uso pulls Reigns out to the floor for the save.

Knight heads out after Uso. He slaps him face-first into the announce table over-and-over again as fans chant "Yeah!" each time. Reigns comes for a sneak attack from behind but Knight does the same thing to him. Knight then sends Reigns into the ring post. Uso goes for a cheap shot but Knight slams him through the timekeepers table.

He turns around and Reigns spears him through the barricade. Back in the ring, Reigns follows-up with a big Spear and goes for the cover. 1-2-3. The streak continues. With the win, Roman Reigns remains the WWE Universal Champion.

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

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