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AEW WrestleDream 2023 Results 10/1/23

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Oct 01, 2023

AEW WrestleDream 2023 Results 10/1/23

The "Zero Hour" pre-show has officially kicked off, streaming live on AEW's YouTube channel, various digital platforms, and social media, including the YouTube player featured below.

From the entrance ramp of the Climate Pledge Arena, Renee Paquette, RJ City, and Stokely Hathaway greet viewers. After introducing themselves, they share details on how fans worldwide can purchase access to tonight's event.

The hosts proceed to outline the scheduled matches for the "Zero Hour" pre-show, which serves as the official curtain-raiser for tonight's groundbreaking AEW Wrestle Dream 2023 premium live event. Following that, they provide a rundown of the main event lineup for the Climate Pledge Arena.

Shane Taylor, Lee Moriarty, Diamante & Mercedes Martinez vs. Keith Lee, Satoshi Kojima, Billie Starkz & Athena

Shane Taylor, Lee Moriarty, Diamante, and Mercedes Martinez make their entrance and head towards the ring. Jim Ross joins Excalibur and the commentary team as the Shane Taylor Promotions ensemble takes their positions inside the ring.

Soon after, the theme music for their opponents blares through the speakers, and Keith Lee leads out his team, featuring Satoshi Kojima, Billie Starkz, and Athena.

The bell rings, and the first of several "Zero Hour" pre-show matches gets underway. Early on, Starkz finds herself cornered by Martinez and Diamante, who frequently tag in and out. The momentum shifts as Athena, "The Fallen Goddess," and Starkz execute simultaneous dives onto Martinez and Diamante at ringside, eliciting a huge reaction from the crowd.

The atmosphere intensifies as Shane Taylor and Keith Lee tag in. The crowd's reaction is immediate and loud. Keith Lee initially gains the upper hand, dominating Taylor. However, Taylor manages to stun Lee temporarily. Lee attempts to lift Moriarty, but Taylor interrupts with a quick, blindsiding attack. Taylor and his team then strategically isolate Lee in their corner.

The next to tag in are Kojima for his team and Moriarty for his. The crowd erupts in cheers as Kojima, the Japanese veteran, lays into Moriarty with a flurry of strikes in the ring's corner. Not long after, a decisive move from Lee and Kojima brings the match to a thrilling conclusion.

Winners: Keith Lee, Satoshi Kojima, Athena & Billie Starkz

Josh Barnett vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Ex-UFC Heavyweight Champion and MMA icon Josh Barnett steps into the ring as his entrance music fades away.

Next, the tune of "Wild Thing" fills the arena, signaling the arrival of Claudio Castagnoli, who is joined by Jon Moxley. The duo navigates through the crowd to get to the ring for the upcoming bout on the "Zero Hour" pre-show. Once they arrive, Moxley takes a seat as a special guest commentator, just as the bell rings to officially start the match.

In the early moments of the match, Castagnoli and Barnett cautiously engage, exchanging holds. They appear to be evenly matched as they wrestle for control. Castagnoli begins to gain an advantage, but Barnett skillfully dodges Castagnoli's Swing attempt. Claudio then lands a series of powerful uppercuts on Barnett, who counters with an abdominal stretch. The two competitors continue to trade punches.

Barnett floors Castagnoli with a well-placed kick and follows up with a throwing move. Castagnoli retorts by putting Barnett in a leg lock after sending him swinging. Barnett counters with another throw, landing a few strikes on Castagnoli, who retaliates with a lariat. Castagnoli then executes the Neutralizer and attempts to secure an Octopus Hold, but Barnett manages to block it. In a quick move, Castagnoli rolls up Barnett to clinch the victory.

Following the match, Barnett grabs a microphone and addresses Claudio, stating he's heard much about his toughness from friends and training partners, affirming that their praises were well-founded. Barnett goes on to say that if Antonio Inoki were alive today, he'd undoubtedly be a fan of Claudio's. Barnett then tells Claudio that he owes him a rematch and that he'll be back for it one day. He concludes by saying that while Claudio still has room to grow, he's proud of his current accomplishments. In response, Claudio tells Barnett he's up for a rematch anytime, anywhere.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

Luchasaurus vs. Nick Wayne

Luchasaurus' theme blares through the arena as the imposing monster heel steps into the ring, greeted by a cacophony of boos. Shortly after, Nick Wayne's entrance music plays, and the young talent makes his way towards the ring for the upcoming bout on the AEW Wrestle Dream "Zero Hour" pre-show. The bell rings, signaling the official start of the match.

Wayne got a rousing reception from his local fans as he burst from the corner with a dropkick, only for Luchasaurus to shrug it off and plant Wayne on his head using a release German suplex. A series of punishing overhead chops in the corner followed by a spinning side slam were part of the action, while Excalibur announced that tonight's main event would be Christian Cage vs. Darby Allin. Skillfully, Wayne escaped a choke slam with a thrust kick and enzugiri, but was swiftly taken down by Luchasaurus' powerful headbutt.

Wayne found himself slammed violently over the top rope onto the apron, crawling close to his mother who was seated in the front row. Luchasaurus then lifted Wayne in a wheelbarrow position and hurled him into the barricade. Once back in the ring, Luchasaurus missed a corner charge, which allowed Wayne to execute a stunning moonsault, nearly securing the win. A flurry of thrust kicks was followed by a failed Wayne's World attempt, setting Luchasaurus up for a match-ending lariat to the back of Wayne's neck.

We catch a glimpse of Wayne's mother, visibly moved as she sees her son sprawled out in the squared circle.

Winner: Luchasaurus

AEW Trios Championships
The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn (C) vs. TMDK

TMDK trio—comprised of Mikey Nicholls, Shane Haste, and Bad Dude Tito—establish their presence in the ring as their entrance music fades away. They stand ready, eagerly awaiting their challengers.

As the music for The Acclaimed kicks in, Max Caster appears, delivering his signature freestyle rap. Accompanying him are Anthony Bowens and "Daddy Ass" Billy Gunn, making their way to the ring to defend their AEW Trios Championship. Bowens rounds off their entrance with his infamous "Scissor me, Daddy Ass!" catchphrase, concluding their grand arrival.

Gunn takes down Haste with a robust shoulder tackle, and along with The Acclaimed, they assert dominance. Bowens executes his Scissor Me Timbers move on Nicholls, setting the stage for Gunn to tag in. Haste returns for TMDK and finds himself floored by another of Gunn's shoulder tackles, followed by a continuous pummeling that includes some crowd-pleasing taunts. TMDK then rallies, executing a series of high-impact, multiple-man maneuvers that come dangerously close to securing a win.

The momentum shifts back as Gunn revitalizes his team. Following Gunn's Fame-Asser, Bowens nails the Arrival. Caster ascends to the top rope and lands a Mic Drop, clinching the pinfall victory. With this win, The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn successfully retain their AEW Trios Championships.

Winners and still AEW World Trios Champions: AEW World Trios Championship: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

ROH World Tag-Team Championship
MJF (C) vs. The Righteous

The introductory video package for AEW Wrestle Dream 2023 rolls, and then we're taken live to the Climate Pledge Arena where Excalibur greets us, officially kicking off the event.

The crowd erupts as MJF's theme music blares through the speakers. Holding a microphone, the AEW World Champion and one-half of the ROH World Tag-Team Champions takes center stage and signals to have his music shut off. The arena echoes with "MJF! MJF!" chants. Visibly irritated, he addresses the crowd about circulating rumors that he assaulted Jay White, whom he refers to as 'tofu.' The crowd responds in kind, chanting "Tofu!" back at him.

Friedman claims his mask was stolen from his dressing room and laments that Adam Cole is absent tonight. Fans respond with "Adam Cole!" chants. He assures that the ROH Tag-Team Championships will be there upon Cole's return. He then taunts Dutch and Vincent, promising bodyslams and hair-tangling antics, before proceeding to the ring.

As MJF settles in the ring, the crowd keeps up their "MJF! MJF!" chants. The match starts with MJF and Dutch. MJF feigns sportsmanship, then eye-pokes Dutch. He taunts the crowd, suggesting a move on Vincent, but then finds himself on the receiving end of a beatdown by Dutch and Vincent.

MJF starts the match, asking fans, "Who wants to see a bodyslam?!" The crowd echoes "Bodyslam!" MJF feigns sportsmanship, then eye-pokes Dutch. He taunts the crowd, grabbing Vincent and yelling an audacious promise involving Dutch. Dutch and Vincent retaliate with a sustained attack on MJF.

During a momentary reprieve, MJF reaches for a tag but remembers he's solo. Dutch regains control. Vincent fetches a chair, but MJF halts him with a "yam-bag jones" grab, as Taz comments.

MJF tries a roll-up, but Vincent escapes. The crowd reignites with "Bodyslam!" chants. MJF delivers on his promise involving Dutch and Vincent, then seals the match with a kangaroo kick and a heatseeker suplex, cheating his way to a win by pinning with his feet on the ropes. An entertaining opening match.

Winner and still ROH World Tag-Team Champion: MJF

ROH World & NJPW STRONG Openweight Championships
Eddie Kingston (C) vs. Katsuyori Shibata

ROH Pure Champion Katsuyori Shibata makes his entrance as Excalibur highlights his connection to Antonio Inoki, tonight's event inspiration. Soon after, Eddie Kingston's theme blares, stirring the Seattle crowd. The "Mad King" steps into the ring, set to defend his ROH World and NJPW STRONG Openweight titles against Shibata.

Early on, both wrestlers traded blows. Kingston lowered his straps 30 seconds in. Shibata cycled through a short arm scissor, ankle lock, and figure four. A rope break allowed Shibata a bow and arrow hold briefly. Kingston escaped a headlock with a high-angle back drop driver and unleashed corner chops. Shibata retaliated with a boot and stalling dropkick. Both traded boots and lariats, eventually crumbling. Kingston hit an Exploder, but Shibata countered with an STO.

Shibata then used a ripcord chop and Cobra Twist, switching to the Octopus Hold. Kingston nearly faded but reached the ropes. Both men exchanged spinning back fists, leading to a striking battle. Kingston finally secured the win with a Northern Lights Bomb, another backfist, and a high-stack powerbomb. Post-match, Shibata raised Kingston's hand, and Kingston signaled for Shibata's music, allowing him to take a bow.

Winner and still ROH World & NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion: Eddie Kingston

TBS Women's Championship
Kris Statlander (C) vs. Julia Hart

The lead-up to tonight's TBS Women's Championship match between Kris Statlander and Julia Hart is recapped. Back in the Climate Pledge Arena, Hart makes her entrance, unbeaten in her last 28 bouts. She's joined in the ring by Brody King of The House of Black. Reigning champ Kris Statlander follows, receiving a warm reception from the Seattle fans as she prepares for her title defense.

Statlander starts strong, overpowering Hart and delivering a slam. She hoists Hart over her shoulders, but Hart turns the tables, slamming her onto the apron. Hart then repeatedly drives Statlander into the barricade.

Kris is momentarily distracted when Brody King confronts her face-to-face. Taking advantage of the situation, Julia attempts to mist Kris, who anticipates the move and dodges. Just when Kris seems ready to end the match, Julia resists defeat. Climbing the ropes, Julia catapults Kris into a precarious position known as the tree of woe.

Julia executes a stunning moonsault from the top rope, attempting a pin. Kris, however, manages to get her foot on the ropes just in time. The crowd erupts with chants of "This is Awesome!" as Julia locks in her signature Heartless submission move. Undeterred, Kris miraculously counters, standing up while still in the submission hold. She lands a tombstone pile driver on Julia, keeps her grip, and ultimately seals the match with her Sunday Night Fever move.

Winner and still TBS Women's Champion: Kris Statlander

AEW Tag-Team Championship Eliminator
Orange Cassidy & HOOK vs. The Lucha Bros vs. The Gunns vs. The Young Bucks

The Gunns make a grand entrance, followed by The Lucha Bros. HOOK, the FTW Champion, then appears, pausing as Orange Cassidy joins him. Nick and Matt Jackson, The Young Bucks, are the final entrants. They head to the ring, setting the stage for the match that will determine who faces the winner of the FTR vs. Aussie Open bout for the AEW World Tag-Team Championship.

Fenix and Nick Jackson go toe-to-toe, evenly matched from the get-go. Cassidy enters the fray and temporarily seizes the upper hand. At ringside, The Gunns target Fenix, hurling him into the barricade, and also send Penta crashing into a ring post. Colten gets tagged in and successfully deflects a DDT from Cassidy, even managing to knock the Bucks off the apron. Austin attempts a pin on Colten, but the referee isn't convinced. The Bucks eventually get tagged in, regaining control through a series of superkicks.

HOOK, Cassidy, and the Bucks face off in the ring, with HOOK dominating via a series of suplexes. However, the Gunns interfere and attack HOOK. Commentators note the absence of Fenix as Penta El Zero Miedo enters the fray.

Cassidy lands an Orange Punch, complemented by HOOK's Red Rum. Nick Jackson sneakily tags in, executing a top-rope move to snatch the pin, but it's interrupted before reaching a three-count. Penta seeks to hit Cassidy with Fear Factor, but Cassidy counters, attempting a Beach Break, which Penta skillfully evades.

Pentagon dodges Austin's clothesline and counters with dual SlingBlades, followed by an Assisted DDT on Colten. A BackStabber and two SuperKicks later, Pentagon's Made In Japan move only secures a two-count. Austin pulls Colten to their corner and tags in, delivering a Quick Draw. Matt counters with a DDT, while Cassidy hits a Spinning DDT. Nick then sends Cassidy to the floor and executes a Slingshot X-Factor and an Apron MoonSault.

Hook tags in unnoticed as Pentagon performs a Somersault Plancha. Austin deflects Hook's Redrum, but Cassidy lands an Orange Punch. Hook reapplies Redrum, only for Nick to tag himself in and hit a 450 Splash for a two-count. Pentagon tags back in, blocks Cassidy's Beach Break, and lands a Step Up Enzuigiri. Nick tags in again, and they unleash a combination move of Double Foot Stomp, Gory Bomb, and Pentagon Driver. They cap off the bout with a SuperKick Party, securing the win with a BTE Trigger.

Winners and No. 1 Contenders to AEW World Tag-Team Championship: The Young Bucks

Hangman Page vs. Swerve Strickland

Hangman Page's entrance music sets off a crowd frenzy as he heads to the ring for the upcoming match. Once inside, his theme fades out.

Next, Swerve Strickland's tune plays. The commentators talk him up as a local hero in Seattle. Although his reception is warm, it's not overwhelming. Strickland milks the moment, engaging the fans with his "Who's house?" call-and-response.

The audience was vocally supportive of Strickland, echoing chants of "Swerve's House" and "Hangman Sucks." Page fully embraced his villainous character, taunting spectators after gaining an early upper hand over Strickland. Strickland quickly responded with a head scissors maneuver and a diving uppercut from the second rope, receiving enthusiastic applause.

Page expertly transitioned a tilt-a-whirl into a fall-away slam and rose to a chorus of jeers. He continued his offensive streak with a corner lariat followed by an apron bomb, culminating in a powerbomb against the barricade. A moonsault from the top rope connected, as did a pop-up powerbomb, but it was only enough for a two-count. Page then landed a tope, focusing on the hand he had previously attacked with a pen during their contract signing on Dynamite.

After delivering a top-rope clothesline, Page found himself on the receiving end of a Flatliner and Brainbuster sequence from Strickland. An attempt at an avalanche fall-away slam by Page was thwarted by Strickland, who retaliated with a Swerve Stomp. A series of moves unfolded, including an unsuccessful piledriver attempt by Strickland that Page countered with a Dead Eye on the steel steps.

Medical personnel attended to Page, but that didn't stop Strickland from landing another Swerve Stomp from the top rope. Prince Nana celebrated around ringside as Strickland executed a 450 splash, targeting Page's injured arm. Subsequent attempts at a finish by both wrestlers led to a climactic moment where Prince Nana's interference backfired. This opened the door for Strickland to seize Nana’s jeweled crown and use it against Page. Strickland sealed the deal with two more House Calls and the JML Driver, marking the most significant victory of his AEW career.

Winner: Swerve Strickland

Ricky Starks vs. Wheeler Yuta

NBA great Shawn Kemp, known for his Slam Dunk Contest appearances and time with the Seattle Supersonics, is spotted in the front row. Next, a video package for the upcoming match between Ricky Starks and Wheeler Yuta plays.

As the arena action resumes, Jim Ross steps in to replace Tony Schiavone, joining commentators Excalibur and Nigel McGuinness. Blackpool Combat Club's Jon Moxley also joins as special guest commentator for the second time tonight. Wheeler Yuta, a BCC member, then makes his entrance.

After Yuta takes his place in the ring, the theme song for AEW's rising star "Absolute" Ricky Starks plays. Starks enters the ring, setting the stage for the next one-on-one bout at Wrestle Dream.

Yuta twists Starks' arm in the correct direction as they struggle for position. Yuta initially gains an edge, but they exchange strikes. Starks regains control and performs his signature rope-walk before leaping onto Yuta. Starks successfully keeps Yuta grounded, holding the advantage. Yuta rallies and locks Starks in an arm-bar. Big Bill makes his way to ringside. Starks counters by rolling up Yuta, managing only a two-count.

Starks nails Yuta with a DDT, but it's only good for another two-count. A subsequent powerbomb also earns Starks another two-count. Starks delivers the signature hammer and anvil elbows that Blackpool Combat Club is famous for. Yuta retaliates with a series of strikes. A powerful lariat from Starks levels Yuta. In a twist, Yuta sends Starks crashing into Big Bill, who then catches a flying Yuta and hurls him into the ring post. Yuta turns the tables and lands the hammer and anvil elbows on Starks. However, Starks finishes the match by dropping Yuta with the Roshambo, securing the victory.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Technical Wrestling Dream Match
Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

The dream technical wrestling match between "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson and Zack Sabre Jr. is finally here.

After the hype video, we return to the arena where commentators Jim Ross, Jon Moxley, Excalibur, and Nigel McGuinness are ready for this awaited clash.

NJPW World Television Champion Zack Sabre Jr. walks out first, receiving a warm welcome from the crowd. He enters the ring and waits for his opponent.

Next, the crowd erupts as Bryan Danielson's theme hits. Announced as Aberdeen, WA's pride and joy, "The American Dragon" comes out donning Seattle Seahawks colors and steps into the ring, met by an overwhelming hometown cheer.

After the bell rings, both Danielson and Sabre engage in a tactical battle. Danielson starts with a wrist lock, but Sabre escapes. The two go back and forth, transitioning from wrist locks to a test of strength and various holds. Danielson nearly pins Sabre after a half crab, but Sabre counters with a Cross-Arm-Breaker. A quick standoff ensues.

Sabre focuses on Danielson's right arm, stomping and cranking it, while employing his joint manipulation techniques. Danielson counters, targeting Sabre's legs with Dragon Screw Leg Whips and kicks.

In a thrilling sequence, Sabre and Danielson counter each other's submission attempts. Sabre uses The Omoplata, while Danielson employs a Heel Hook. Both fighters show off their striking game, exchanging palm strikes, leg kicks, and back elbows.

In the end, Danielson lands Two Busaiku Knee Strikes for the win. Post-match, Sabre declines to shake Danielson’s hand, adding more fuel to their heated rivalry.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi vs. Will Ospreay, Konosuke Takeshita & Sammy Guevara

Fozzy's "Judas in my Mind" blares as Chris Jericho enters to a crowd singing along in Seattle. Kenny Omega follows with his signature ring introduction from Justin Roberts. Excalibur notes the rare sight of Jericho and Omega sharing the ring.

Kota Ibushi comes out next, noticeably weary after his recent Tokyo skirmish with The Don Callis Family. He joins Jericho and Omega as the theme music fades.

Don Callis then leads his team—Will Ospreay, Konosuke Takeshita, and Sammy Guevara—out to a chorus of boos. Taz rejoins the commentary team, highlighting a deafening anti-Callis chant from the crowd. The bell rings, marking the start of the co-main event.

Starting the match for their teams, Omega and Ospreay lock eyes from opposite corners of the ring. The atmosphere is electric as they engage in a fierce lock-up, battling for control. The crowd vocally shows their support for Omega. Both wrestlers artfully maneuver, reversing each other's holds, until Omega takes Ospreay down to the mat.

Ospreay springs back up, releases his arm, and brings Omega to the mat, before tagging in Guevara. Known as "The Spanish God," Guevara gains the upper hand in his first encounter with Omega but attracts negative chants from the crowd due to his excessive celebration.

Regaining the upper hand, "The Cleaner" Omega tags in Jericho, Guevara's former ally turned adversary. Guevara looks stunned. Jericho delivers a series of hard chops to Guevara, who finds an opportunity to tag out and heads over to Taz's headset to talk himself up and complain about the officiating.

Jericho and Ibushi execute a remarkable maneuver and adopt the "Le Golden Sex Gods" poses, thrilling the audience. The Golden Lovers—Omega and Ibushi—unleash a series of high-impact tandem moves on their opponents.

Getting into the groove, Omega slams the mat to the rhythm of the Terminator theme, joined by the Seattle crowd. Omega shifts into high gear, diving off the ropes and delivering impactful moves. Eventually, Guevara and Jericho face off; Guevara lands a Spanish fly on Jericho before executing a top-rope shooting star press onto a heap of wrestlers outside the ring.

Ospreay ramps up his offense, only to be neutralized by Omega's snap-drag suplex. Guevara re-enters the ring with a crowd-popping move, but the audience still chants disapprovingly at him. As the match heads towards its climax, every wrestler gets their moment in the ring spotlight.

Guevara employs Jericho's own maneuver against him, but Jericho kicks out at one, instantly revitalizing himself. However, the Don Callis Family swarms him, only for Ibushi to clear them out. Ibushi and Takeshita exchange blows, all while the crowd erupts in the background.

Omega attempts the One-Winged Angel, but Ospreay escapes and delivers a high-flying splash to the outside. Jericho nails Ospreay with a Judas Effect and sets up Guevara on the top-rope. Distracted by Ospreay's possible neck issue, the ref delays the count for Jericho's pin.

Eventually, the ref counts, but Guevara kicks out. Jericho thwarts a GTH from Guevara. As the ref is distracted again by Ospreay, Don Callis sneaks in Floyd the bat. Guevara capitalizes and pins Jericho, giving the Don Callis Family a controversial win in an excellent bout.

Winners: Will Ospreay, Konosuke Takeshita & Sammy Guevara

AEW World Tag-Team Championship
FTR (C) vs. Aussie Open

The video package for the upcoming co-main event concludes. Aussie Open's Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher make their way to the ring for their title shot.

Following their entrance, FTR's music hits and the current AEW World Tag-Team Champions, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, join them in the ring, receiving a big pop. The stage is set for the penultimate match of the night.

Fletcher and Harwood open the match for their teams, with FTR seizing the initial momentum to the delight of the Seattle crowd. Wheeler steps in but quickly finds himself overpowered by Aussie Open.

TNT Championship (2 Out Of 3 Falls)
Christian Cage (C) vs. Darby Allin

In a battle of technical prowess, Cage and Allin lock up collar and elbow, eventually reaching the turnbuckles. The referee demands a clean break, but Cage humiliates Allin with a pie face. What follows is an intense sequence of moves: Allin employs a hammerlock, goes for a back heel trip, and secures a top wrist lock, while Cage gains a momentary respite by putting his foot on the rope. Cage even goes as far as spitting at Allin, but Allin retorts with an arm-drag and a wrist lock. A series of headlock takedowns from Allin are answered by heavy blows from Cage, who also levels Allin with a back elbow and a kick to the face.

Cage continues to dominate, choking Allin with his boot and delivering a succession of punishing strikes. The action spills outside the ring momentarily, where Cage taunts Nick Wayne's mother but gets water thrown in his face. A frenetic sequence ensues: Allin executes The Suicide Dive and The Coffin Drop before rolling Cage back into the ring. However, Cage counters with raised knees, and the bout turns chaotic.

Allin narrowly escapes a BrainBuster and takes a devastating PowerSlam into the ring stairs. Cage seems to have the upper hand, even removing the padding inside the ring. But despite being stretchered out briefly, Allin makes a surprising return. Even after suffering a Frog Splash from Cage and being rolled back into the ring, Allin stays resilient.

In the final moments, chaos reigns. Cage's attempt at a Conchairto on Sting is thwarted by a blackout and a vignette revealing Adam Copeland's arrival in AEW. Copeland instructs Cage to hand over the chair, then turns it against Wayne and Luchasaurus. Cage withdraws as Copeland delivers two crushing spears, finally shaking hands with Sting and Allin to end the spectacle.

Winner and still TNT Champion: Christian Cage

Adam Copeland (Edge) debuts in AEW!

Following the conclusion of the match, Christian Cage and Nick Wayne revel in their victory inside the ring, holding the TNT Championship aloft. Meanwhile, Darby is still incapacitated, and Nick's mother appears stunned in the audience. As Cage's entrance music fades, Nick slaps a prone Darby while Cage holds him steady. The two proceed to aggressively kick Darby, eliciting boos from the crowd.

Just then, a roar emerges from the spectators as the camera shifts focus to reveal "The Icon" Sting marching towards the ring. He takes on both Wayne and Cage, successfully bringing them down. Upon spotting Luchasaurus on the ring apron, Sting heads in that direction but is subsequently overwhelmed by the trio of heels.

Seizing the moment, Christian Cage retrieves two steel chairs and re-enters the ring, poised for a con-chair-to. Suddenly, video footage interrupts the scene, showing an individual in a car speeding through the city. The lights in the arena go dark. When they return, the audience hears, "You think you know him!" Adam Copeland, using Edge's familiar WWE theme, steps out, and the crowd's reaction is absolutely frenzied.

Relishing the electrifying atmosphere, Copeland steps into the ring amid widespread "Holy sh*t!" chants reverberating through the Climate Pledge Arena. He locks eyes with Christian Cage and requests the steel chair. Upon receiving it, Copeland takes advantage of Nick Wayne positioning Sting's head over another chair. Cage scans the crowd before lifting his chair, only to be taken by surprise.

In a twist, Copeland swings the chair at Nick Wayne and then at Cage himself. He then charges and lands a devastating spear on Luchasaurus. "The Rated-R Superstar is in AEW," announces Taz. "Adam Copeland has arrived!" adds Excalibur. As Copeland's iconic theme plays once more, Excalibur declares, "Your move, Christian Cage!" Cage and Copeland engage in a tense staredown while Darby and Sting are seen regaining their composure in the background.


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