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AEW Dynamite Full Recap & Results (November 30, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Nov 30, 2022

AEW Dynamite Full Recap & Results (November 30, 2022)

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s time for AEW Dynamite from the home of the most irritatingly underwhelming NFL franchise (I can say that because I support them), Indianapolis! Not so much of a stacked card as usual tonight but we’ll hear from our new AEW World Champion, and we’ll see match three of a potential seven between The Elite and Death Triangle. With that and much more to watch, let’s waste no more time and get straight to the action. Commentary begins with Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone.

Jon Moxley Promo

We begin the show with our recently dethroned AEW Champion, Jon Moxley. Wild Thing plays through the Arena as Mox makes his way through the crowd, into the ring. He grabs a microphone as the crowd chant his name vociferously and Moxley endears himself even more to the local fans to begin with. He talks about his past in Indianapolis before saying he’s one of the three constants in this world alongside death and taxes. Mox says nobody can top him and he’s the top of the AEW food chain.

He challenges someone to come tell him he’s wrong and suddenly, Hangman Adam Page’s music plays and the cowboy marches down to the ring to face off with the man who injured him. Moxley asks him if he wants to do this after last time if he even remembers that and Hangman snaps, attacking Jon Moxley. AEW officials pour from backstage to separate the two men. They manage it at first but they’re bad at keeping the two men with hatred for each other apart.

Bryan Danielson defeated Dax Harwood via Submission (15:00)

To start the scheduled fights in the ring, we go to Dax Harwood & Bryan Danielson in a hotly anticipated match that was made on Friday. Dax comes out and sends Cash to the back and Bryan follows him alone. The bell rings and the crowd chant this is awesome before the two men have even locked up. When they do, Dax takes the match to the mat and Bryan outwrestles him and Harwood has to duck to avoid a kick from his opponent. They lock up again and Bryan tries an early LeBell lock but Harwood counters into a Sharpshooter and makes Danielson get to the ropes. They exchange kicks and then Danielson recovers outside before returning for another lock up. They break that by exchanging chops in the corner with Harwood getting on top with the heavier blows. Danielson comes back again, and we get a great back and forth exchange coming out of the corner. Danielson sends Harwood to the floor via the apron and follows with a tope suicida to send Dax over the barricade, into the front row and send us to break. Harwood returns the favour by suplexing Danielson over the barricade too which puts Harwood firmly in control as Danielson sells his back. They head back in the ring where Dax lays in chops and uppercuts to an injured Bryan, beating him down corner to corner.

Danielson fights backs with some chops, but we return as Harwood lands three big German Suplexes in a row to take control back. The two go back and forth with standing switches and then more reversals but Dax wins the exchange with a piledriver for a two count. Harwood heads to the top rope but misses his diving headbutt and Bryan nearly rolls him up with a magistral for two. The action spills outside again where Danielson takes over with a jumping knee from the apron before taking Harwood back into the ring. Dax cuts Bryan off on the top rope and tries for a superplex, instead Danielson slips out and crotches Harwood before landing the BCC hammer and anvil elbows on the top rope before trying a back superplex. Harwood shifts the momentum in mid-air for a cross body. Danielson continues the momentum to make sure he gets the pin, but Dax kicks out at two. The two men exchange headbutts from their knees and then they stand up to exchange lariats with neither man backing down or falling to the mat. That is until they both fall down after yet another excellent exchange. The crowd once again chant this is awesome, much more justifiably this time before Danielson reverses the Slingshot Liger Bomb with a hurricanrana and Harwood rolls it through for a two count. Danielson gets a two from a head kick and then continues to lay in the kicks to Dax’s chest. Harwood reverses a kick into a German but Danielson lands on his feet but his busaiku knee is caught into the Slingshot Liger bomb for two. Dax gets a sharpshooter straight away, but Danielson gets the ropes and then we get back and forth roll ups over and over until Bryan transitions to a LeBell lock and makes Dax tap out. Great match!

Dax fakes ignoring Bryan’s request for a handshake after the match but goes back for a hug instead.

Ricky Starks Interview

Tony Schiavone says something about the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale and Ricky enters himself into it and then tells MJF he’ll beat him at Winter is Coming.

Hangman & Moxley Backstage Brawl

Hangman and Moxley go at it in the backstage area, and I can’t wait to recreate this on AEW Fight Forever.

BCC vs JAS Interview in Nashville

Renee hosts an interview between Daddy Magic Matt Menard, Cool Hand Angelo Parker, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli. The JAS wind Claudio up to the point he storms out and then we’ll get Garcia & Hager vs Claudio & Garcia next week and Yuta vs Garcia for the Pure title at ROH Final Battle.

Samoa Joe defeated A.R Fox via Pinfall (6:40) to retain the TNT Championship

TNT open challenge rules lets new signing A.R Fox challenge Samoa Joe tonight for his newly won TNT Championship. Joe heads out after Fox with both his belts and this match begins with Joe cornering his smaller opponent and peppering him with jabs. Fox tries to fight back but eats a headbutt. Fox ducks a lariat, hits an enzuigiri and tries for a tope. Joe avoids it but Fox rolls through and then lands a pump kick. They head back in the ring where Joe regains control with a low dropkick and then nails a senton to send us to break. Joe bullies Fox throughout the break with strikes all over the ring and the occasional lazy pin for two. Joe puts on a neck crank and then lands some kicks, just to change things up, getting another two count from it before going back to smothering Fox in the corners with strikes.

We return to the match as Joe hits the sidewalk slam for two and then takes Fox to the top rope. Fox fights back and manages to hit a tornado DDT and quickly follows with some kicks and a cutter before a 450 splash earns him a two count. Fox heads up top once again but this time Joe avoids the 360 senton before pouncing his opponent across the ring and pins him with a muscle buster.

Joe grabs the mic after the match to welcome us to a new era and calls himself the king of television, but Wardlow appears on the screen to tell Joe that he’s coming for him. The crowd chant Wardlow’s name and Joe looks apprehensive

Powerhouse Hobbs Video Package

Another fantastically made chapter into the book of Hobbs. He’s on the cusp of hitting the big time.

Technique by Taz

It’s back! Taz tells us how great Hook is and talks us through him hitting the redrum last week. I love Taz.

William Regal?!

Regal heads out like a snake in the grass after Jon Moxley was removed from the building earlier in the show. He introduces MJF with what looks like a new belt behind him, covered over in the ring.

MJF Promo

Maxwell heads out with the mic in hand and hugs Regal once he joins him between the ropes. He berates the crowd to begin before trying to discuss his relationship with Regal, but the crowd interrupt him. Max reads an email from Regal that says he can be the greatest villain of all time if he takes Regal’s advice. Max explains that he did exactly that and that’s why he used the brass knuckles because Regal wanted to hurt Moxley. Max moves on to discuss the firm and tells us he respects them for attacking him because he was weak, and Max has no interest in chasing them down because he’s above chasing people down.

MJF moves onto the belt and says that it makes him sick to look at because he’s above all the previous AEW World champions. He throws the title away, calling it garbage like the crowd and Regal unveils an identical belt with Burberry leather straps instead of black. Max goes onto explain how he’s the only one who deserves to be champ. He calls Eddie Kingston a fake tough guy and extends that to Ricky Starks and calls Bryan Danielson a fake wrestler. Regal looks unimpressed but he doesn’t interrupt or correct him. MJF addresses the locker room and says they don’t ever get to be champion now and he’ll hold the belt until 2024. Max goes on to say that he hopes that his boy, a Khan called Nick and The Game, Trips win the bidding war. MJF then suggests Hollywood might win that war if a wrestling company doesn’t.

Max addresses the fans that like him and says that they’ll soon be sick of him because wrestling fans are fickle. He then says his title reign will make Jarrett’s, Hogan’s and JBL’s seem short and sweet and will also make Bruno Sammartino roll in his grave. He ends by telling Regal that everyone respects him and to thank him for the help, he wants to say from the bottom or his heart.... That’s all we hear as Max punches him from behind with brass knuckles and lays Regal out. MJF berates his body for making a deal with the devil with the words that Regal sent to him via email years ago and leaves through the crowd.

We then see medical staff tending to regal and Danielson sprints out to help but there’s not much he can do as William is stretchered from the ring and out of the arena. We watch this scene for a good few minutes with plenty of close ups before we have to go to break, just in case you’re worried it was real.

We return from break and see Regal put into an ambulance and taken to hospital. Alas, the show must go on, because it’s wrestling!

Ricky Starks defeated Ari Daivari via Pinfall (0:27)

Ricky Starks comes out to improve the mood as Ari Daivari awaits in the ring already. Before the bell can ring, Ethan Page, Stokely Hathaway and Matt Hardy come out to interrupt. Matt Hardy takes over, but they send him to the back and Ethan Page says that he’ll win the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale next week.

Daivari jumps Starks as the bell rings but it’s no good as Starks comes back with a Spear and Roshambo to get the quick win with Ethan and Stokely still on the ramp.

Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker Interview

Tony Schiavone asks Hayter and Britt about their win last week and Britt talks about it and Saraya sitting down with Renee. Jamie says that Schiavone should sit down with her as well and Britt says that’s happening next week.

Willow Nightingale defeated Anna Jay A.S w/ Tay Melo via Pinfall (7:31)

Ladies section. Anna comes out with Tay Melo in her corner, and she’s followed by Willow on her own. The bell rings and Willow goes for a lock up, Anna ducks to pose but Nightingale grabs her then hits a shoulder tackle and then another followed by two short arm lariats. Anna counters a third one but Willow slams her instead and hits a low crossbody for two. Anna is sent into the corner where Willow follows with splashes, but Anna counters and hits a leg lariat in the corner followed by a flipping neckbreaker from the top rope for one to send us to break. Anna chokes Willow with the ropes then distracts the ref so Tay Melo can hit a cheap shot. Anna maintains control throughout the rest of the picture in picture break.

We return to the action with Willow finally fighting back, exchanging big elbow strikes with Anna Jay and winning the battle until Anna throws in a knee. Willow comes back with a splash and lariat in the corner followed by a big boot and a spinebuster for two. Willow tries to get Anna up but Anna fights back with a dangerous Jay kick and then a facebuster for two before calling for and locking in the Queenslayer. Nightingale throws her off and goes for the doctor bomb, but Tay jumps on the apron. Willow deals with her but Anna fights back and almost wins with a roll up but Willow fights back with a huge lariat and wins with the doctor bomb.

Willow celebrates and Tay and Anna wait in the ring when all of a sudden, Ruby Soho makes her comeback and attacks Tay from behind in the ring, fighting her out to the ramp and hitting the destination unknown.

QT Marshall & Orange Cassidy Interview

QT asks for a shot at the All-Atlantic title in a lumberjack match and Orange agrees.

Jade Cargill Celebration

Jade comes out with the baddies, namely Leila Grey, the former interim baddie, and the freshly recovered Red Velvet. No Kiera Hogan who has been kicked out. Confetti falls as Jade celebrates herself before asking Red and Leila why they’re hanging with Kiera still because they are blessed to be standing with Jade and they need to get in line or step because the whole company eats off of them, especially the baddies. She puts herself over some more and then some more and then she turns to “lil” Bow Wow and a video of him appears on the screen. No idea what he says or what it means but that’s it. Bring back the entire cast of Like Mike or stop this shit with Bow Wow imo.

The Acclaimed Promo

This is fucking gold.




The Elite (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Kenny Omega) w/ Don Callis, Michael Nakazawa & Brandon Cutler defeated Death Triangle (Penta El Zero Miedo, Rey Fenix & PAC) w/ Alex Abrahantes via Pinfall (12:32) in Match Three of the Best of Seven Series for the AEW World Trios Championships and now trail Death Triangle 2-1

The Elite make their epic entrance but don’t allow the same courtesy to Death Triangle who are attacked at the top of the ramp on theirs. One by one, The Elite hit a full assault on Death Triangle on the ramp before dragging PAC down the ramp so Kenny can hit huge V trigger but PAC fights out into a thrust kick on Omega before Penta and Fenix hit cutters on The Bucks to send us to break without this match even beginning officially. Kenny, Penta, Nick and Fenix brawl together before Matt and PAC fight on the ramp until PAC moonsaults into the other four men. They recompose themselves enough before Matt Jackson follows with a crossbody to all five of them. The Bucks and Kenny seem to take control as they head back towards the ring.

We come back from commercial with The Elite finally starting the match by putting Penta in the ring. PAC and Fenix eat powerbombs from Matt and Nick onto the apron. Kenny tries to do the same to Penta who runs wild on The Elite, finally hitting Kenny with a backbreaker. Matt tries to fight back but takes the ref out instead which lets Alex Abrahantes pass the hammer to Penta. He’s about to use it on Kenny in the ring but Fenix stops him. Penta tries to use it anyway, but Kenny hits a V trigger onto Fenix, missing Penta. The Bucks get a double superkick on Penta and Kenny almost pins him after a powerbomb. PAC breaks it up, but The Bucks deal with him until Penta sends Kenny into the corner where The Bucks wait with dual enzuigiris. Fenix and PAC deal with the Bucks whilst Penta hits Kenny with a fear factor but somehow Kenny kicks out. They Bucks come back in and Nick hits PAC with a superkick, but Penta blocks the one aimed at him, and Fenix comes in with a superkick of his own. Matt hits superkicks on both Lucha brothers before Penta gets the northern lights locomotion suplexes. Fenix gets one too alongside his brother to end but PAC takes Matt down then targets Omega in the corner. He takes him to the top rope and the two men brawl with Kenny winning out until PAC headbutts Kenny with his mask. PAC hits Omega with an avalanche Falcon Arrow and Kenny kicks out again at two to send us to another break. Death Triangle take over during the break, isolating Kenny and stopping him from tagging Nick or Matt, who also have to break up pinning combinations to save the match. PAC, Penta & Fenix exchange tags in the meantime and Kenny can’t maintain a comeback because of it.

When we return, Kenny is showing signs of life with PAC not having made a tag for a while and Kenny pulls out a V trigger but PAC hits him with a German suplex and Omega nails a clothesline on the Geordie before they both drop. They both tag out and Nick Jackson and Rey Fenix show why they’re two of the best to ever do this as they share yet another intense back and forth that Nick wins with a cutter for two. Fenix fights back but gets caught in position for the Meltzer driver, he escapes but gets hit with more bang for your buck instead and Penta breaks up the pin at 2. Penta is removed so the BTE trigger can be used but Penta and PAC return with superkicks to the bucks. Kenny comes back in and fights off Penta and Fenix before PAC flips out of a dragon suplex and Fenix nails Kenny with a rolling cutter. Penta and Fenix hit the assisted fear factor on Matt before Fenix takes out Nick and Kenny with a tope. Penta sets up Matt so PAC can hit the black arrow and Penta follows Fenix with an escalera splash to Nick and Kenny on the floor. PAC goes for the cover in the ring with no black arrow so Matt kicks out at two. PAC continues on the offence with a brainbuster onto Matt who kicks out a two once again. Now PAC goes for the Black Arrow and Matt gets the knees up and rolls PAC up to pull a victory from the jaws of defeat to give The Elite their first win in the series.

Kenny calls for a microphone to tell us there will never be a sweep whilst the Cleaner is in town before bidding us adieu.

And now I must do the same. A great episode tonight but nothing spectacular. An 8.5/10 for me, but what did you think? Let us know in the comments below, let me know on Twitter (whilst it still exists) @Knapphausen, and see you all Friday for Rampage. Adios.


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