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AEW Rampage Full Recap & Results (November 25, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Nov 25, 2022

AEW Rampage Full Recap & Results (November 25, 2022)

It’s Friday, you know what that means! At the entirely confusing time of 4PM EST and 9PM GMT, a full six hours earlier than usual, it’s time for the fastest hour in all of professional wrestling, AEW Rampage! We have a good card to watch on this show, especially considering the start time as we will get to see a ROH Tag Team Championship match, and we’ll hear from the ROH World Champion who will presumably set up his opponent for Final Battle. Maybe they should call the show ROH Rampage. Anyway, let’s get to the action, commentary begins with JR, Excalibur, Ian Riccaboni & Tony Schiavone.

FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) defeated Top Flight (Darius Martin & Dante Martin) via Pinfall (11:00) to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships

We’re heading straight into the action as FTR and Top Flight made their entrances on YouTube so the bell rings as soon as JR finishes welcoming us to the show. Darius begins with Dax, and they lock up with Darius hitting an arm drag to take Harwood down first. Dax comes back with a shoulder tackle and a body slam before both men go back and forth, showing a parity between Darius and the champ. They continue to go back and forth and it’s not until Dax takes Darius down and keeps the pressure on that we get either team actually on top. Dax makes a quick tag to Cash who comes in and begins to work over Martin with strikes, but Darius soon shows his speed and athleticism to vault over Wheeler and hit an arm drag before tagging out to his brother. Dante comes in but Cash catches him with a heavy elbow strike or three and then tries to keep the pressure on, but Darius makes a blind tag and Dante manages to turn the tables on Cash and he and Darius work together to take on Wheeler, hitting him with a nice series of moves culminating in a DDT for a two count. Cash comes back with a shoulder tackle and then brings Dax back in with the tag. Harwood begins to lay in heavy strikes to Darius but the youngster fires back with ones of his own. Dax drops Darius and then knocks Dante off the apron before Cash comes in and they work together to avoid a sunset flip from Darius until Dante helps with a springboard knee strike. The pin gets two and so do stereo hurricanranas from Top Flight. We head to break with FTR recovering outside the ring whilst Top Flight stand tall. During the 90 seconds, FTR flip the script and Dax isolates Dante back between the ropes.

When we return to the match, Dante is taking on both of FTR on his own and wins the battle with a double dropkick from the top. Darius comes in to help and the two youngsters push the speed, taking FTR to the floor with clotheslines then both hitting FTR with Topes. Dax is sent back into the ring where Dante nails him with a crossbody for two. Dax fights back with chops to both of Top Flight but all men go down after Dante lands the enzuigiri. Cash tags in but Dante continues to fight the champs with a flying headbutt to Wheeler and he tries for a superplex. Dax tries to interject but Dante hits him with an elbow, only for Dax to catch Dante on his shoulders and hit the slingshot Liger bomb and Cash follows up with a splash from the top rope but Darius breaks the pin up. Dax and Darius go back and forth, and Dax hits a brutal lariat to send Martin inside out. He then goes to the apron and tags in from Cash before they go for the Big Rig. Darius removes Cash from the equations and Dante ends up rolling Harwood through for his brother to assist a sunset flip that Harwood escapes from. Darius nails a DDT and Dante follows with a splash on Harwood and Cash pushes Darius into the pile at two to save the match. Cash and Darius exchange an uppercut with a Spanish fly before Harwood removes Darius with a brainbuster. He turns to focus on Dante, but this time Dante manages to turn the brainbuster into a victor roll for two and then another roll up for two and another as Top Flight keep coming one second away from their first ever world championship. Cash makes the blind tag, but Dante fights off both of FTR alone once again before trying for the nosedive, FTR avoid it and instead hit him with the Big Rig to retain their titles. What a great tag match. 

After the match, Gunn Club hit the ramp to try and wind up FTR.Riccaboni leaves commentary.

Powerhouse Hobbs Video Package

We take a journey into the Book of Hobbs, narrated by the Mon-Star himself. This is really good.

Chris Jericho Promo

Chris comes out with all of the JAS, and they do a little spin on the ramp on their way to the ring. Cool Hand Angelo Parker tells us to all honour the ocho before Jericho calls himself the greatest ROH champion of all time. He puts over his victory against Tomohiro Ishii and then says Claudio Castagnoli can slow him down with a cheap shot. He questions who the man will be to uncrown the king of ROH and Claudio’s music hits.

He comes out in a sharp suit and begins by casting doubt on Jericho being the greatest ROH title and he says he has to beat Chris. Jericho says Claudio should focus on what’s happening in the BCC, but Claudio explains that he can’t because all he can think about is beating Jericho and winning his title back. Jericho asks the crowd if he should give him another shot but tells Castagnoli to forget it because Claudio has nothing to offer. Daddy Magic Matt Menard suggests that Claudio joins the JAS if he loses again because he was a great Sports Entertainer. Jericho says Daddy Magic has made his nipples hard and agrees to his idea. Castagnoli vs Jericho at Final Battle it is.

Toni Storm Interview

Renee asks Toni about her loss to Jamie at Full Gear. Toni says she’s proud of Jamie deep down but reminds us that Jamie needed Britt and Rebel again. Renee asks Toni about the news that her reign is retroactively seen as a full world title reign and not interim and Toni says she never saw it as interim anyway. Renee finally asks what’s next for Toni who tells her that she broke her face losing the title and she’ll break it again getting it back.

Darby Allin w/ Sting defeated Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake via Pinfall (8:11)

Darby makes his entrance alongside The Icon, Sting and Anthony Henry is already in the ring waiting. The match gets underway with a strong lock up and some nice back and forth mat wrestling. Henry looks to take over with a couple of heavy kicks to the spine, but Darby replies with a roll up for two. Henry maintains control and Darby spills to the apron, but he avoids Anthony’s attack and tries to hit him with a Tope once Henry spills outside, only to hit JD Drake instead. Henry gets back between the ropes and attacks Allin once he joins him and hits a guillotine cutter over the top rope before a back heel trip on the apron sends us to break. Henry uses the barricades to do further damage to Darby before heading back into the ring where he hits a weird move that torques the neck of Darby in a brutal looking way. Allin uses his speed to fight back and goes back and forth with some excellent reversals with Henry but gets caught on a coffin splash with a brutal snap suplex. From here, Henry maintains the dominant position until we get to the blackout break.

When we return, Allin is in a tree of woe as Henry brutalises him with kicks and then a dropkick before bringing Darby back to the mat with a hanging neckbreaker for two. Henry climbs to the top rope and Allin rolls of the way and nails a code red for two. Henry rolls outside and JD Drake ends up nailing Darby with a big elbow behind the ref’s back. Henry tries to pin Darby but only gets a two and then Sting takes Drake down with a lariat and tosses him into the barricade too. Back in the ring, Allin is taken to the top rope where Henry hits a superplex and holds on, looking for another suplex but Allin reverses him into a scorpion death drop. Darby pulls himself to the top rope and hits the coffin drop to get the victory.

Athena Interview

Lexy Nair interviews Athena and says this is the first time we’re seeing her since she was suspended to which Athena berates her having to be there and asks why she’s there. Lexy says that a public apology to Aubrey Edwards would be good and after the lamest apology, Lexy is chased off. Athena then turns to the camera to challenge Mercedes Martinez for the ROH title.

Hikaru Shida defeated Queen Aminata via Pinfall (1:19)

Shida makes her entrance and Queen Aminata awaits in the ring but before the match can begin, The Bunny’s music hits, and she skips out with Penelope Ford. They skip down the ramp to seemingly watch on as Queen Aminata hits Shida just as the bell rings. Shida spills to the apron where Aminata drives her head into the turnbuckle before hitting a low pump kick to Shida’s head. Queen Aminata hoists Shida up back between the ropes and tries for an air raid crash. Shida counters with a roll up for two but Shida then takes over with a huge elbow and then a falcon arrow before bulling the Katana out and getting the win. Less than two minutes so nothing more than a token match for a division that needs much more if it’s to continue its growth going forward.

The Bunny and Ford look on then back away. Random as all hell.

Mark Henry Main Event Interview

Mark asks Dark Order where 10 is and they don’t know. Alex says that their opposition this ends tonight because the Dark Order are tired of getting annoyed by them. Butcher says it doesn’t matter who shows up, he, Blade and Rush are going to kick ass and Butcher invites them to the ass kicking party. Rush says he’s tired of talking, which is good, because it looks like there’s been enough talk, it’s time for the main event.

FTR Interview

Lexy asks FTR about the win and Dax sends her away to put over the 2022 that FTR have had, and he shoots his shot to challenge Bryan Danielson one on one for Wednesday. Sick.

Rush, The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny & Jose the Assistant defeated Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, John Silver & 10) via Pinfall (7:24)

No sign of 10 or Evil Uno as a replacement so Silver & Reynolds begin the match as a handicap 2-on-3 match. The referee calls for the bell and we get a brawl with Butcher & Rush taking Silver outside and Blade targeting Reynolds inside. Reynolds takes over with a flying uppercut as he displays excellent speed, but Butcher grabs his angle and Blade takes over. The Butcher tags in as he, Blade and Rush isolate Reynolds in their corner and make quick tags. Reynolds escapes and tags out to Silver who runs wild on all three opponents before hitting a Samoan drop on Blade. He tries to hit Butcher with a dive but gets caught and then Rush nails him with an elbow strike to send us to break. Rush uses his favourite cable to choke Silver behind the refs back and throughout the break, Silver is isolated by Rush, Butcher & Blade who make sure he can’t make the tag by keeping him in their corner and also attacking Reynolds any time Silver gets close.

We return to the match; Butcher brings Blade in as they continue to dominate but Silver manages to counter their double team and take both men down before Rush intervenes just as he tries to make the tag by knocking Reynolds off the apron. Rush attacks Silver as suddenly, Evil Uno and Negative One appear on the ramp and usher 10 out to the stage. He sprints down to the ring and immediately faces off with Rush but 10 nails Silver with a lariat instead of El Toro Blanco. Butcher &Blade stop Evil Uno from helping as Rush nails the Bulls Horns on Silver and pins him.

After the match, Uno is sent into the steps and 10 nails Reynolds with a discus lariat as negative one looks on devastated. Evil Uno gets the discus lariat too and then he and Rush rip at the mask of Uno. Rush and 10 then send Reynolds through the timekeeper’s table.

Finally, Preston takes off his mask to throw it at the feet of negative one. Fuck Preston Vance, I guess.

That was Rampage and a good show given the time it was given. 7/10 for me, but what did you think? Let us know in the comments, let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen and have a fantastic weekend. Adios.



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