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AEW Dynamite Full Recap & Results (November 23, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Nov 23, 2022

AEW Dynamite Full Recap & Results (November 23, 2022)

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! Time for the Full Gear fallout episode of AEW Dynamite and we have plenty to look forward to as William Regal will be on the show to explain his betrayal of Jon Moxley in addition to two title matches as Chris Jericho faces Tomohiro Ishii for the ROH World Championship and Orange Cassidy faces Jake Hager for the AEW All Atlantic Championship. We’ll also have the little matter of The Elite vs Death Triangle in match two of a best of seven series. Oh, and we're in Chicago... With all of that and more to look forward to, let’s waste no more time and get straight to the wrestling! Commentary begins with Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone.

William Regal Promo

We see what happened at the end of the Full Gear as William Regal awaits in the ring and asks the crowd if they want to hear from MJF before telling them that won’t be till next week. Regal continues that Max doesn’t come to places such as Chicago before saying he’s on the set of a movie right now. The crowd love MJF but hate Regal which is a strange dichotomy that William handles like a pro. Regal explains that he sent an email to “Mr Friedman” as Will calls him, and we’ll find out about it next week. Regal is closing up his promo when Wild Thing plays out through the arena as the dethroned AEW Champion makes his way through the crowd.

Mox gets ringside and Regal snarls at him but as Jon hits the ring, Danielson comes from backstage to stop him and try to talk him out of it. Moxley isn’t listening so Bryan grabs the mic and tries to get through to him again and explains that all three men in the ring have done bad things and Danielson begs Mox not to hurt Regal, explaining his injuries. Moxley seethes around the ring, battling himself with what to do and Danielson slaps him in the face to try and get through which winds Jon up even more. Bryan apologises before explaining his dad had the same demons and struggles as Mox and Regal and Regal was the only one who could help Bryan connect with his dad. Moxley listens as Danielson continues to plead the case as the crowd chant bullshit whilst Bryan brings up Mox’s daughter.

Moxley is visibly shaking as he tries to work out what he should do and he takes the mic from Bryan, who moves out of the way of the two other men. Moxley walks up to Regal and tells him that he only wants one thing from him, and he tells Regal to run far away and never come back. This is a threat that Regal is smart enough to heed as he turns away and leaves the ring and possibly AEW itself.

Keith Lee Interview

Renee asks Keith Lee about the situation between he and Swerve, Keith is about to answer when the man himself arrives and Keith tells him to choose his words wisely, they agree to talk.

Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Berretta) & Rocky Romero defeated Jake Hager w/ J.A.S (Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard & Angelo Parker) via Pinfall (9:06) to retain the AEW All Atlantic Championship

The match begins with Jake taking Orange’s glasses when he hands them to the ref, Jake matches them with his hat, so Orange puts his hands in his pockets and then lays in the kicks before hitting the dropkick. Hager comes back with a shoulder tackle before Orange accidentally knocks the hat off Hager and then low bridges Jake. Cassidy picks the hat up and keeps it away from the JAS until Garcia takes it from him but Rocky Romero deals with him. Orange grabs the hat again and tries to hit Hager with a tope suicida but Jake catches him and slams him into the apron. The JAS put the hat back onto Hager’s head as we go to break. Hager continues to dominate throughout the commercial as Cassidy tries to escape.

We return to the action and Hager is still on top but Cassidy skins the cat to get back into the match before he drops from the apron thanks to Hager, but is caught by Best Friends and Rocky. Hager takes the three men who made the catch out, so Cassidy catches him with a Tope and then hits a springboard moonsault onto the JAS. Cassidy tries a cross body back in the ring, Hager catches him but Cassidy nails him with the Stundog Millionaire and a DDT for a two count. Orange tries for the Orange punch but Hager catches him with an ura nage for two and then he puts the hat back on. Hager transitions from a Hager bomb into an ankle lock but Cassidy fights out and knocks the hat off to escape the hold and then hits an Orange Punch and then a cazadora into a roll up to get the victory.

The Factory come out as Best Friends are giving the people what they want, and QT wants an All Atlantic title shot but his mic gets cut off before he can ask officially. The lights go off as The Factory surround the ring and out comes Julia Hart to summon The House of Black back into AEW. They appear in the ring and destroy Orange, Rocky and Best Friends before turning on The Factory too. They close by giving a member of security the Dante’s inferno on the ramp.

Jungle Boy Video Package

We see what happened at Full Gear whilst we hear Jungle Boy’s promo from Road To.

Ricky Starks defeated Ethan Page w/ Stokely Hathaway via Pinfall (12:55) to win the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament

Stokely and Ethan come out running down Ricky and Chicago. The absolute one follows them down to the ring and he’s half mummy with wrapping all over his body. The bell rings and we’re underway with the crowd firmly on Starks’ side. Ethan begins with a kick to the taped ribs and continues to attack the taped parts of his opponents early on. Ricky fires up and lands a big series of right hands into the corner which leave Page in a heap. Ethan comes back with a headbutt to the sternum of Ricky and then smothers him in the corner. Starks comes back but then Ethan catches him with another kick to the ribs to regain control. Ethan stays on top with strike after strike to the injured body of Ricky and Ethan throws in a kitchen sink. Ricky pulls out a spear to give himself a chance to recover but Page is up first and follows Ricky to the floor to throw him around out there as we go to break. Ricky goes into the barricades and the ring steps as Ethan asserts himself before Ricky is tossed unceremoniously into the front row. Ethan takes him back into the ring where Ricky tries for a crossbody but gets caught with a rib breaker instead. More strikes from all ego are followed with a simple vertical suplex.

We return to the action and Ricky fires up with some big right hands, but Ethan has some of his own to fire back. Ricky tries for a DDT, but Page uses his strength to counter by throwing Ricky onto the top rope ribs first. Ricky fights out of Page’s grasp with an elbow and Ethan falls to the floor, Ricky goes for a dive, but Stokely pulls Ethan out of the way and Stokely gets ejected from ringside. Ethan retains control and brings Ricky into the ring before heading to the top rope, Ricky cuts him off and joins him up there where they brawl until Ricky pulls a Superplex out of his arsenal and both men stay down. They rise to their feet and Ricky takes over with big right hands and a kick before hitting a swinging neckbreaker and a DDT for two. Ricky wants to go for the roshambo but Page fights out and lands a huge shot and a powerslam for two. Page tries an ego’s edge but almost gets rolled up, he comes back with two big kicks, but Starks pulls out another spear before winning it with the third spear of the match! Ricky Starks putting in one hell of a babyface performance here, fighting from underneath the whole match.

Wardlow Video Package

Wardlow talks about how he lost his title and is now gunning for Samoa Joe.

Jade Cargill & Bow Wow?

I’m 30 years old so this is all over my head as we see what happened on Sunday. Renee asks Jade about it, and she says no comment before talking about her title and Red Velvet being back. Kiera is then removed as a baddie. Weird segment.

Death Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) w/ Alex Abrahantes defeated The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) w/ Don Callis, Michael Nakazawa & Brandon Cutler via Pinfall (15:24) in Match Two of the Best of Seven Series for the AEW World Trios Championships

Wayward Son plays through Chicago to an enormously mixed reaction as expected. They come down to the ring with their crew and we hear CM Punk chants. Death Triangle head to the ring and Don Callis heads to commentary. PAC has his own mask because he broke his nose on Saturday and we start the match as Omega faces off with Rey Fenix. Kenny talks to him about cheating at Full Gear and Fenix shakes his hand but then eats a V Trigger as The Elite take over with everyone in the ring. Kenny isolates Fenix whilst Nick and Matt take PAC and Penta respectively. Kenny hits a Sky High for two and takes Fenix to the outside. Penta, PAC and the Bucks fight back and forth with The Bucks seeming to stand tall as they hold up PAC for a terminator dive, but Fenix runs in with a cutter to Omega and then hits a Tornado to take out everyone else on the floor. This is breathless already. PAC tags in and Death Triangle now isolate Kenny with kicks and a triple dropkick. They hit a triple team splash for two and PAC tries for a springboard, but Kenny dodges and they go back and forth but Kenny catches PAC with a back elbow and Nick nails the broken nose with a kick. Matt follows with a dive to the outside which takes out the Lucha brothers. PAC and Omega resume their fight in the ring and nails the kotaru crusher for two. The crowd continues to be torn between CM Punk and Fuck CM Punk chants as we head to break with The Elite isolating PAC. They begin to make quick tags and take turns to beat the bastard down. During the break, Matt “botches” a Buckshot Lariat and I had to spend a minute to compose myself from laughing.

We return to the action as PAC has just dropped Kenny in the corner and is crawling for the tag, but The Young Bucks run around to remove Penta and Fenix from the apron. Kenny bites the arm of PAC, and I took another minute to compose myself as PAC pulls out a German suplex to finally make the tag out. Penta and Matt are legal but both bucks come in and Penta fights them both off alone and then Kenny too as all three get backbreakers. Fenix comes in with an armdrag to Matt before he too deals with both Bucks on his own but Matt hits him with a Superkick. Fenix pops back with his own kick and everyone is down again. Kenny and PAC tag in and PAC takes over with his educated feet, but Matt Jackson uses his knee to stop his momentum and Kenny capitalises with a brutal dragon suplex. The Bucks clear the apron of Lucha brothers once again to isolate PAC, they rip off PAC’s mask and PAC fights back like a honeybadger but it’s not enough right now. The Elite set up for the Superkick party and nail it but PAC kicks out. The Bucks deal with Fenix and Penta outside once more before Kenny sets PAC up for the finish. He nails the V trigger and sets up for the one-winged angel but PAC fights out. Omega instead fights into a GTS and PAC still kicks out at two, broken nose and all! Kenny tags PAC in and Matt and Nick try a Meltzer driver, but Fenix interjects, and PAC almost rolls Matt up for two. Fenix takes out Nick and Kenny with a dive and Matt manages to sneak a low blow. He pulls out a hammer to finish it, but Penta has his own hammer which knocks Matt out and lets PAC get the pin.

After the match, Fenix isn’t happy about cheating, even though he did it on Saturday. Two – nil to Death Triangle and this was one hell of a match.

Renee Paquette On Stage Announcement

Renee explains that Thunder Rosa is relinquishing the AEW Women’s title, so Renee introduces the new full AEW Women’s World Champion, Jamie Hayter who comes out with Rebel and Britt. Britt doesn’t let Jamie speak and she takes the mic to put Jamie over.

Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker w/ Rebel defeated TayJay A.S (Tay Melo & Anna Jay A.S) and Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue via Pinfall (8:02) in a Three-Way Tag Team Match

We go to break after the last segment, we return with Willow and Skye in the ring, and we get to watch TayJay A.S make their entrance. Jamie and Tay start the match and it’s the champion who gets on top first. Tay reverses and shows she’s no pushover but then Jamie literally pushes her over with two shoulder tackles. Anna runs in to help Tay but Jamie suplexes them both at the same time and then gets a two count from a snap suplex on Tay. Jamie tags out to Britt who begins to work on Tay with some strikes and nice mat work, rolling her up for a two at one point. She pulls out a slingblade for a second two count but then Tay takes over and tags out to Anna. They both take Britt down, so Britt tags out to Willow who runs wild on TayJay A.S with a splash on both in the corner before hitting Anna with a boot and a body slam for two. Willow is low bridged by Anna and Tay throws her into the barricade then rolls her back into the ring to send us to break. TayJay begin to isolate Willow with quick tags smart tag team tactic to keep Willow isolated. Britt has to break a pin up after a DDTay and as they argue, Willow tags out.

We return to the action and Skye Blue has made the hot tag and is taking on TayJay A.S on her own, almost getting the win with a pin on Anna. Anna has to tag out to Britt and then everyone hits the ring to take each other out one at a time. Skye nails Code Blue but the pin is broken up and after the ring is cleared, Britt hits a kerb stomp on Skye to get the victory.

After the match, we learn that Toni is now to be recognised as the full AEW Women’s World Champion, no interim.

Top Flight & FTR Interview

Renee introduces the two teams and Dax puts over Top Flight before telling them to take over tag wrestling from them and then they challenge them to a match on Rampage for the ROH titles. FTR accept.

The Acclaimed Recap Rap

Max Caster spitting fire. Acclaimed Every Wednesday.

Anthony cuts a promo about how they retained on Saturday before we learn that Daddy Ass is healed. The big moment is interrupted by team TNA, I mean Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal et al. They say some words and then we get the big scissor. Pretty pointless segment but the live crowd loved it so I can’t complain too much.

Chris Jericho defeated Tomohiro Ishii via Submission (15:10) to retain the ROH World Championship

ROH Title match as your main event means that Bobby Cruise is ring announcing and Ian Riccaboni is on commentary. Ishii makes his entrance first before Chris Jericho follows him down to the ring. The bell rings and Jericho flips off Chicago and Ishii. Jericho screams at Tomohiro in Japanese and gets slapped. The two men begin exchanging heavy slaps back and forth with Ishii clearly winning and taking Jericho down with a snapmare and a kick to the spine. Jericho rolls out of the ring and Ishii invites Chris back in. Jericho comes back and lays in elbow strikes, Ishii eats them all, replying with ones of his own after about three from Chris and then hitting a back suplex and trying for a sliding lariat. Jericho avoids, tries a codebreaker, Ishii blocks, tries an enzuigiri and Jericho avoids for a stalemate. The two men begin fighting again and meet in the middle with shoulder tackles, neither man wants to go down but it’s Jericho who drops first. Jericho goes back to slaps and Tomohiro continues to wear them with ease whilst striking back. They switch to heavy chops and the battle goes on and on as we go to break for the final time. Ishii wins the chop battle as Jericho slumps to his knees and Ishii asks him for more. Jericho’s chest is busted open from the chops and begins to leak crimson down his body as Ishii continues to target the wound. Jericho tries to fire back but the chops hurt his hand more than Ishii’s chest.

We return to the match where the chops are continuing and finally both men stop and go down, Ishii’s hand is covered in blood, but they return to their feet and begin to chop once again. Ishii pulls out a shoulder tackle but runs into Jericho’s boot in the corner. Chris comes out with a lariat and pushes Ishii into the opposite corner where he slugs him with more lariats and then climbs the ropes for his punches, when he gets to 9 and goes for the hurricanrana, Ishii counters with a powerbomb for two. The two men meet in the middle of the ring and Jericho wins out with a cross chop to the throat, but Ishii takes Jericho out of the air on a springboard with an elbow. The two men end up on the apron and Jericho spikes Ishii with a brutal DDT. Both men begin brawling on the floor and then continue the battle back in the ring, Jericho finally gets Ishii to drop but Ishii hits a German suplex and Jericho hits one of his own and then another. He hits the lionsault for two and then Ishii also kicks out of a codebreaker at two as the stone pitbull shows his resilience. Jericho calls for the Judas effect, but Ishii blocks it and hits a running headbutt to drop the ocho! He follows up with a sliding lariat and this time Jericho kicks out at two. Ishii calls for a Brainbuster but Jericho counters into the Walls, he can’t get it to lock in and when he lets it go, Ishii nails his own Judas effect followed by a massive lariat for two. Ishii continues to try for the brainbuster but instead Jericho transitions to the walls of Jericho, locking it in this time and then transitioning once more to the liontamer and forcing Ishii to tap. Jericho is in the form of his life; this was tremendous for a match that had about 20 different moves in it total.

After the match, Jericho tries to target Ian Riccaboni again, but Claudio Castagnoli comes out and slaps the taste out of his mouth to close the show.

What a great episode of Dynamite. The crowd were mostly hot and well behaved, everything was fun and enjoyable and drama free and we have plenty to look forward to with months until Revolution. An 8.5/10 for me tonight, but what did you think? Let us know in the comments, let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen and see you Friday for Rampage. P.S Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans reading.

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