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WWE Friday Night SmackDown! Results (11/11/2022)

Posted By: Guy Incognito on Nov 11, 2022

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! Results (11/11/2022)

Here are your WWE Friday Night SmackDown! results for November 11th, 2022: courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan at Rajah.com!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (Nov. 11, 2022): Gainbridge Fieldhouse - Indianapolis, IN



Welcome to Friday Night SmackDown!

We open our program with a video recapping the events of Crown Jewel, which aired last Saturday and was the best of the series to-date (felt less like an expensive house show). We get to hear Cole screech, one last time, "one lucky punch" regarding Logan Paul's brilliant strategy to defeat the Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Sadly, it seemed the professional wrestler would need more Ethan a single punch to unseat the Tribal Chief. We get our "opening credits" before Michael Cole and Wade Barrett welcome us to Indianapolis!

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match: the Usos(c) vs the New Day

Ooooo-so! The Gainbridge Fieldhouse crowd comes alive as it's time for The Ones! 480 days and counting, the Usos make their way out first ahead of this huge match that sees titles--and longest-reigning tag team championship record--on the line! The New Day hold the record at 483 days, for what it's worth! Out next are the New Day to a great pop. It's time for our main-event-opening match! We get our official introductions and the ref calls for the bell at 8:08pm! WE start with Xavier Woods and Jey Uso, who notably has his right hand slightly taped up as well as his wrist. Jey starts us off with a should tackle and tosses up The Ones. Woods angrily takes Jey down and grapples up, using a side headlock to take Jey to the mat before wrenching the neck. Jey powers to a vertical base but Woods hangs on, taking him down to a knee with a lock. Wade Barrett compares the New Day and the Usos to the Freebirds and commentary name-drops legendary teams such as Demolition. Jimmy Uso tags in as does Kofi Woods, and Jimmy takes a turn beating up an opponent with a side headlock. Kofi powers to a vertical base, refusing to let Jey be the only Superstar to cause me to type "powers to a vertical base," and Kofi fires up a short burst of offense that culminates with a pin attempt after a corkscrew torpedo elbow strike! Kingston and Woods begin their "Unicorn Stomp," a series of frequent tags that see each New Day member stop the star out of Jimmy Uso. Jimmy Uso is sent out of the ring by the New Day; Jey Uso enters the ring and attempts to blind assault the New Day but they quickly send him out, over the top, and Kofi follows it up with a big dive off the top turnbuckle to the outside--and we head to break at 8:11pm!
We return from break at 8:15pm and find the champs firmly in control. Wade Barrett again addresses Jey's injury--a broken hand, we're informed--as Jimmy Uso nails Kofi with a cheap shot after Jey Uso distracts the ref. Xavier Woods angrily attempts to enter the ring but is stopped by the ref. The crowd starts to loudly chant "we want Sami" and Jey clasps his hands over his ears! Jimmy yells to the audience that they're not getting Sami tonight, and Michael Cole tells us Zayn is out tonight as he's dealing with a personal matter. In the ring, Jimmy and Jey continue to isolate Kofi Kingston, using a very, very slow pace to "torture and destroy"--the "game plan" of the Usos, per Wade Barrett. Jimmy taunts Kofi, offering to let him make the tag before stomping him down. The crowd chants "Sami Uso" again and Jimmy snaps, taking it out on Kofi, using the middle rope for torque as he wrenches Kofi's neck up against it! Jimmy distracts the ref after he forces the break, allowing Jey to hit a cheap shot of his own. The Usos both stand over a downed Kingston as the ref counts his warning. After weathering the brutally slow offense for a few moments, Kingston gains some separation with a desperate dropkick. Kingston powers to his corner, desperately gaining separation, only to have the tag blocked by Jimmy Uso pulling Woods off the apron! Jey Uso plants Kofi on the back of his neck, picking up a close two and sending us right back to break at 8:19pm!
We return from break at 8:22pm just as a hot Xavier Woods begins to string together enough offense to call it a comeback. Woods takes it to both of the champs, fighting Jimmy into the corner before turning his attention to Jey Uso. Woods takes out the illegal Jey with a huge drop and covers Jimmy off the chained offense, narrowly missing an eleventh title reign by a millisecond! Woods tags in Kingston, freshly risen from being downed after the hot tag, and the two fire off a quick sequence of double-team offense that sees Woods hit a leg drop off the top-rope! Kingston covers and gets a two and a half! Woods and Kingston are both visibly upset after the close call. Kingston holds his ribs then begins to lay into Jimmy with slow kicks and a Boom Drop!
Kofi tries to fire himself up, with the help of the lively crowd--huge change compared to the Amish Country crowd days back--and Jey makes a blind tag when Kofi's distracted. Kofi sends Jimmy outside but walks into a big uppercut from Jey. Kofi blocks a blow and counters with a SOS! Kingston covers but only gets two! The crowd chant for the New Day, willing Kofi to his feet, and he pulls Jey up as the crowd picks up their volume. Jey looks for a kick to the gut; Kofi blocks the foot. Jey hits a step-up Enziguri, rocking Kingston into the corner--and a blind tag! Woods looks for a DDT to Jey but he Dodges and hits a Superkick. Jey tags in Jimmy and they hit stereo-super kicks to Woods! A pair of Superkicks to Kofi and another pari to Woods for good measure! The Usos climb opposite corners and hit the double-Uso Splash, covering to make history and beat the--no!!!! Woods gets the shoulder up at the last possible split-second! The crowd are on their feet for the challengers!
Jey shakes his head, taking a breather, as the Usos both look pissed. Jimmy calls for the tag and Jey slaps some skin. The two hold up The Ones alongside the crowd. The Usos look for the 1D but Kofi drags Jey out of the ring and sends him into the steel steps! Woods catches Jimmy with a rope-assisted neck breaker! Kingston with a backbreaker to Jey, holding him in position for a leg drop off the top turnbuckle from Woods! The Midnight Hour! The Midnight Hour! Jimmy looks for a possible suicide strike but Wood catches him with a big right! Kofi blind tags in and Woods sets up the Midnight Hour, hitting the backbreaker and restraining Jey, letting Kofi hit the top-rope leg drop! Kofi covers and Jey barely makes the save! The crowd are on their feet as both teams rise. All four competitors stare each other down and the crowd is absofuckinglutely alive! All four Superstars begin to throw fists! Kofi and Jimmy fight into a corner as Woods and Jey battle to the outside. Jey with a pair of Superkicks that send Woods over the barricade and into the timekeepers area! Big right from Jimmy to Kofi as both Usos set up a double Superplex. Kingston looks to counter but the Usos use his own momentum, converting it into a 1D mid-air! The Usos cover, the Usos retain--the Usos break the record at 8:31pm as the Bloodline watch on from the back!
Your Winners, STILL Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, and LONGEST Reigning Tag Team Champions in History--the Usos! (24 minutes)


Backstage: the Bloodline Got Nothin' But Love...

The Usos walk up to a stoic and solemn Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman. They're clapping, asking Roman what he thinks, and he simply rises with a stern look. He then smiles and welcomes them to the Promised Land and GOD mode. He states it's now his time to handle some business but if he's going to do it, it'll be the right way "out in the ring, live, tonight." He asks if they're with him and, of course, they are. He tells them he loves them and hugs both.

SmackDown World Cup Inaugural Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Santos Escobar w/ Legado Del Fantasma

Our eight Superstars for the first-ever SmackDown World Cup are Shinsuke Nakamura, Braun Strowman, Ricochet, Mustafa Ali, Jinder Mahal, Sami Zayn, Butch and Santos Escobar. The winner will take on Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. We head to break ahead of this match! We return, are shown a pretty trophy that the winner will get, and are reminded about the contendership status that it brings. Nakamura is out first to a great welcome--but still, sans Boogs--and is followed next by Santos Escobar and LDF. Escobar makes his way out wearing his old Lucha mask and sharp, new ring gear that gives him a bad-ass Lucha/Mad Max look. Michael Cole hypes the big match between the Great Muta and Shinsuke Nakamura on New Year's Day as part of the Great Muta's retirement tour. We get our bell at 8:43pm and in a sign that Vince is truly gone, Wade Barrett remarks on the brief history between Escobar and Nakamura in the CMLL. We start with Escobar taking an early control of the match as we head to break at 8:45pm! We return from break at 8:48pm just as Nakamura starts to take control back from Escobar. Nakamura connects with his sliding German Duplex for a close two as Cole hypes his accolades, ranging from multiple-title holder to winning the Royal Rumble. Cole reminds us that Santos' father is the famous El Fantasma, and reminds us that Legato's name is taken from it, then informs us its English translation is "the Ghost." Meanwhile, Vega continues to snack-sized cheer -on Escobar as Nakamura maintains a stretch in control. Nakamura looks for a running kick but Escobar starts to rally, hitting a pair of kicks that stun the King of Strong Style. Nakamura fights out of Fireman's carry with elbows and hits a sharp duplex on Escobar. Nakamura looks for a Kinshasa but Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde both distract him. Nakamura Dodges an attempt by Escobar to capitalize on it and pops Santos. Nakamura again calls for the Kinshasa but Zelina Vega hops up on the ring, distracting Shin and the ref for Legato to drag Santos out of the ring. Nakamura heads outside and takes out Del Toro and Wilde, then climbs the top rope. Escobar's had ample time to recover and catches him with a kick to th side of the face. Escobar climbs the middle rope and pulls Nakamura up for a Fantom Driver off the middle rope! Escobar covers and picks up the win at 8:51pm!
Your Winner and ADVANCING to the Semi-Finals, Santos Escobar! (8 minutes)

Backstage Interview/Segment: the Knights of Wyatt?

LA Knight starts to cut a promo about not being included in the SmackDown World Cup. Several times, Megan Mordant is distracted by the television monitor set up behind Knight as it flashes the creepy Wyatt graphic. Knight questions what's so important behind him that she can't focus, then tells her its his time, not Wyatt's. He turns his head and when he turns back, Bray Wyatt stands before him! He introduces himself to LA Knight and the two briefly talk. He offers to help Knight, as he can understand "what it's like." Knight does what LA Knight does best and quickly cuts a short heel promo, telling Wyatt to take his puppets and shove 'em wherever he wants. Wyatt headbutts Knight then walks off. Knight recovers and looks around for Wyatt, asking where he went, sending us to the ring for our next match!

Six-Pack Challenge Match: Shotzi vs Raquel Rodriguez vs Lacey Evans vs Liv Morgan vs Xia Li vs Sonya Deville

The winner of this match will face Ronda Rousey in two weeks at the upcoming Survivor Series: WarGames! Liv Morgan is out first and we head to break at 8:56pm! After the break, the above segment, and the remainder of our entrances, we get our bell at 9:04pm! Wade Barrett hypes Lacey Evan's Marine career, having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is Veteran's Day, after all. Tonight's six-pack challenge is, essentially, a Fatal 6-Way. Deville and Evans square off for a bit until Deville drops the former Marine. Liv Morgan takes it to Deville; our competitors pair off but we focus solely on any given two at any given time. Deville and Morgan battle in front of commentary, with Morgan whipping Deville into the steel steps. Rodriguez is sent into the ring post. Deville and Morgan are again the focus, carrying this match right out of the gate. Deville with a drop-toehold to Morgan on the steps! We head to break at 9:07pm and return at 9:11pm. Xia Li gets a turn on-camera, taking the fight to Lacey Evans in the corner. Xia Li shows off some impressive core strength while battling the former USMC super-mom. Li with a duplex for a close two, but turns into a missile dropkick from Morgan. Liv kips-up, in shades of Drew, then hits a series of running hip attacks to both Xia Li and Lacey Evans in alternating corners, streaking across nine times. Evans looks to break the chain with a clothesline but misses. Morgan with a springboard take-down, then hits a tornado DDT to Raquel Rodriguez! Deville enters and sends Morgan outside, attempting to steal the pin on Raquel. Morgan makes the save, hitting Deville with a shoulder. Deville with a big shot that rocks Morgan, only to eat one herself from Shotzi. Lacey Evans enters, dropping Shotzi, only to have Xia Li drop her with a roundhouse. Raquel catches Li with a Powerbomb and covers for two. Deville drags Rodriguez out of the ring and attempts to steal the cover. Raquel drags Sonya out and lifts the apron as the crowd wakes up. Raquel drags out a table and the crowd pops big, finally rising to their feet! Raquel sets up the table ringside, then the steel steps. Rodriguez pulls Deville up, steps up onto the steel stops, and thinks about a Tejana Bomb. Liv Morgan attacks, diving off the nearby barricade to take out Raquel and Deville--but no one's gone through the table yet! All three are down, as are the other three competitors off-camera. Cole questions who'll recover first as the crowd loudly chants for tables. We're repeatedly told Morgan and Raquel awkwardly landed (kayfabe). Shotzi and Evans begin to battle in the ring. Shotzi ducks under a lariat attempt and hits a foot-hooked DDT to Evans, picking up the win just like that at 9:16pm. Unexpected! Shotzi will be fed to face Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series: WarGames.
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Shotzi! (12 minutes)

Backstage: Shotzi, Emma, Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey

We return from break and Shotzi's celebrating backstage. She comes across Emma and the two exchange kind words. Emma then inquires if Shotzi's seen Madcap Moss; Shotzi instantly deduces that Emma is "crushing" on Moss. Baszler approaches Shotzi and informs her that all Shotzi's ultimately won is a broken arm. Shotzi informs Baszler that Rousey's never faced anyone like her. Baszler tells Shotzi if she's got shit to say to Ronda, then she should turn around. Shotzi does and there she is, the SmackDown Women's Champion, Ronda Rousey! Shayna Baszler slaps the Kirifuda Clutch on Shotzi as Rousey taunts her, asking her what she had to say. They leave with Shotzi down and Ronda joking, "clean-up on Aisle Green."

Backstage Interview: Ricochet, Gunther

Ricochet is briefly interviewed about facing Mustafa Ali next week in a first-round SmackDown World Cup match. He's excited for the competition and to ultimately face Gunther. Gunther walks up and Ricochet offers to shake his hand; Gunther declines and walks off. Rude!

SmackDown World Cup First-Round Match: Braun Strowman vs Jinder Mahal

We head to break at 9:26pm--this match is next! We return at 9:30pm to the ring where Jinder cuts a short promo. Braun heads on out as Wade Barrett chastises Michael Cole, insisting Cole leave the cricket and football references to him while kindly leaving the American football and baseball references to white-bread Cole. Mahal wastes no time attacking Strowman mid-entrance and we get our bell about 9:33pm as Mahal takes it into the ring. Mahal gets a few moves in before Braun hits a pair of shoulder tackles that send Mahal flying across the ring! Strowman exits the ring and hits a Strowman Express on Mahal to a big pop. Mahal takes it inside the ring and gets another big pop from the crowd before hitting a clothesline in the corner. Strowman plants Mahal with a powerbomb that Wade quickly calls a "monster bomb"--unsure if that's an official name or not yet--allowing Braun to pickup the easy win at 8:34pm!
Your Winner and ADVANCING to the Semi-Finals, Braun Strowman!

Singles Main Event Match: B-Fab w/ Hit Row vs Zelina Vega w/ Legado Del Fantasma

We return and it's time for our main event match! Zelina Vega and Legado are out first, followed by B-Fab and Hit Row. Just before the ref can call for the bell, we hear viking horns and Sarah Logan returns with the Viking Raiders! Erik and Ivar attack both Legato Del Fantasia and Hit Row! They take out LDF at ringside and begin to brutalize Hit Row! Sarah Logan attacks B-Fab and sets her sights on Zelina Vega, who wisely scurries away through the crowd! Ivar and Erik continue to dismantle Hit Dow's Ashanti "Thee" Adonis and Top Dolla! Top Dolla attempts to put up a fight but the Viking Raiders beat him down easily. The two hit a double-powerbomb on Top Dolla as Sarah Logan pulls B-Fab into the ring. Finally Michael Cole realizes it's Sarah Logan, Erik's real-life wife and star of their recent vignettes the last several weeks. We never get our match as the lights cut red and the Viking Raiders pose over the downed factions of Hit Row and Legato Del Fantasia!
Your Result: No Contest!


In the Ring: Roman Reigns Has Unfinished Business...

We hear the familiar tunes of the Head of the Table at 9:46pm and out comes the Bloodline, sans Sami Uso! Cole, in an attempt to prove he's a bigger number-nerd than myself, points out Reigns 803-day reign is the longest in over thirty-five years. Stay put, folks, our lengthy Bloodline entrance is taking us to a break! We return from break and Roman demands Indianapolis acknowledge him. Heyman begins to talk, and chastises the Colts-country for not being "very Ucey." He starts to compare the Usos/New Day match to a great sports rivalry, such as the Packers and Cowboys, but snickers and says that the New Day can't compare to the Usos--no team can! He states the longest reigning "tag team champions of all time now live on the Island of Relevancy" and that the New Day were shipped off to the ocean of...I missed it. Assume it's negative. Heyman hands the mic to Roman to both pops and boos.
"It's not easy being my cousin," he begins. "Our whole lives, everyone's acknowledged me for my greatness. And honestly I never thought this moment would come but...Jimmy, Jey?" Before he can continue we hear Irish music and out come Ridge Holland & Butch of the Brawling Brutes! The crowd boos them for interfering, haha. Ridge tells them on the mic that he's sick and tired of the numbers game, then tells them "it's Fight Night and we've brought backup!" Cue the music for the Celtic Warrior because it is, indeed, Fight Night! Sheamus makes his way out, back from a fractured elbow (aka wedding and honeymoon!) Sheamus calls them legends on the mic, adding "and tonight is the start of the end of the Bloodline!" Roman cackles at that, stating "you can't even get the mic to work" after some technical difficulties. The crowd pops at this. Sheamus continues. "You know, Roman, I've no problem saying it right tot your face. The truth of the matter is..." And he's stopped as he and the Brawling Brutes hit the ring. The Brutes begin to brawl with the Bloodline but the numbers aren't in their favor. Suddenly Drew McIntyre makes his way out!
The Brawling Brutes have backup! Drew drops a charging Jimmy Uso with a Big Boot on the ramp. Drew takes down Jey as he enters the ring then begins to slug it out with Solo Sikoa! The Samoan Enforcer is dropped by McIntyre! Roman Reigns catches Drew with a boot to the face. Reigns begins to stomp on Drew until Sheamus makes the save! All hell breaks loose as the Bloodline and the Brawling Brutes battle in all four corners! Cole exclaims the Bloodline has a Brawling Brutes problem and we end our program on that note!

Next Week on SmackDown

Ricochet vs Mustafa Ali in a SmackDown World Cup first-round match. Shotzi takes on Shayna Baszler.

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