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AEW Dynamite Full Recap (October 26, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Oct 26, 2022

AEW Dynamite Full Recap (October 26, 2022)

It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s time for another episode of AEW Dynamite, this week emanating from Norfolk, Virginia and with another awesome looking card of wrestling! Tonight, we have an impromptu AEW World Championship match as Jon Moxley takes on Penta El Zero Miedo as well as two JAS vs BCC battles when Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli tag against Daniel Garcia & Chris Jericho whilst Bryan Danielson takes on Sammy Guevara. With all that to get to, let’s waste no more time and get straight to the wrestling! Commentary starts with Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone.

Blackpool Combat Club (Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli) defeated Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho & Daniel Garcia) w/ Matt Menard, Angelo Parker & Jake Hager via Pinfall (11:42)

Chris Jericho and his appreciation society head out first to Judas before being joined by the BCC. Regal joins commentary as usual and the match begins with Jericho and Claudio legal. Jericho flips off the crowd before giving Claudio a few words and the BCC member answers with some huge strikes. Garcia comes in from the tag and eats a backbreaker before Wheeler comes in and continues the offence as the crowd get behind him. He hits a dropkick then works over Garcia on the mat. He moves to the corner to land some big chops but Garcia answers with a headbutt and then some chops and strikes of his own but Wheeler responds with a body slam and senton for two. He locks Garcia in a submission and Jericho is cut off by Claudio who land hammer and anvil elbows until the JAS make the save. Yuta and Claudio take the fight to the outside where they regain control and then return to the ring where Claudio tags in and almost pins Garcia before Daniel starts to fight back. He fights out of a swing and then tags Jericho and now Claudio & Jericho go back and forth but Hager distracts Claudio and Jericho hits a Springboard kick to send us to break. The JAS remain on top throughout the break, all 5 members getting involved by either distracting the ref or getting a strike in outside the ring thanks to a distraction as Claudio is isolated. Claudio fights back once but Jericho makes the tag to Garcia before Claudio can get to Yuta and Garcia regains control.

We return to the action and Claudio fights with Garcia on his back to make the tag and manages to give Garcia a suplex. Once again, JAS make the tag first and Jericho knocks Yuta off the apron. Jericho gets a Codebreaker blocked but manages to almost get into the walls but Claudio escapes and slams Jericho before tagging Yuta to hit a Frog Splash for two. Yuta jumps all over Garcia when he comes in and Yuta takes Jericho down for a two count as Wheeler runs wild. Yuta tags out and BCC hit a double team for two before Jericho evades a Neutraliser and then hits the codebreaker for two as Yuta saves the match. Garcia comes in and Yuta throws him back out to take him, Menard & Parker with a dive. Jericho grabs the bat, Claudio hits him with a Powerbomb and then swings Jericho with Garcia on his shoulders. He hits Hager with a Boot then a Cannonball to the outside as he runs wild on everyone in the JAS. He finishes with an uppercut and a neutraliser on Jericho to get the win. Fantastic opening match, especially down the home stretch.

Bryan Danielson Interview

Renee asks Bryan how he feels after losing a few weeks ago. Danielson says he’s frustrated at Garcia, Jericho and Yuta and he’ll take it out on Sammy Guevara. Yuta comes in and begins rowing with Danielson and Claudio and Regal break them up and make peace.

The Elite Video Package

Oh My God! A video of The Elite vanishing from AEW is shown! Finally!

JAS Interview

Plenty of audio issues here, just like the good old Dynamite days but Jericho is mad and he offers any former ROH champ a match next week and Sammy then promises to beat Danielson’s ass.

Swerve In Our Glory (Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee) defeated FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) via Pinfall (15:07)

Straight into another tag match, Swerve & Keith are followed out to the ring by the triple champs, FTR. The Gunns are sat front row for this match where the winner should face The Acclaimed at Full Gear. The Acclaimed come out to watch from the ramp with their belts and daddy ass. Cash & Swerve start the match slowly with neither man wanting to make the first mistake. They lock up to a stalemate before they break apart again. Cash gets the better of the second lock up but Swerve comes back with some excellent athleticism. Cash tags out to Dax once he’s back on top and Dax comes in hot but Swerve fights out to bring in Keith Lee who refuses to be arm dragged. Cash is tagged in and they go for big rig early but Keith won’t go down. FTR land elbows on Strickland and Lee but Keith hits a massive leapfrog and drops FTR with a crossbody to send us to break. Swerve in our Glory isolate Cash and exchange tags throughout the break to stay on top.

When we come back from commercial, Swerve is still swarming all over Cash before Keith comes in to do the same. Cash tries to fight back with strikes and leaps for the tag but Keith stops him but then Swerve tags in to stop Cash getting the tag after he deals with Keith. Cash manages to hit a back body drop and in come Dax like a house on fire, firing strikes in to Swerve repeatedly and the Keith Lee when he comes in to help his partner. Keith is sent to the outside before Swerve almost rolls Dax up, then Dax replies, then Swerve and then Cash once more, all earning a two count. Harwood pulls out a high German suplex and then Cash tags in. They both pepper Strickland with strikes then Cash hits him with a Dragon Suplex with a bridge for two. Cash and Swerve exchange strikes and then Strickland tags Keith when Cash is wobbly before they hit him with a double team. Swerve deals with Dax before Cash gets hit with a Keith Lee Powerbomb and kicks out at 2.9. Keith elevates Cash for the stomp but instead Cash hits a Hurricanrana. Dax comes in to take out Swerve with a slingshot powerbomb before Keith pounces him then almost falls into the cover on Cash following a headbutt. Keith stays on the attack in the corner on Cash, he climbs up top and pulls Wheeler with him but Dax tags in and then Cash does too as they manage to hit the Powerplex on Lee but it’s only worth two because the elbow strike hits Keith on the back. FTR try for the Big Rig but Swerve saves the match by getting rid of Cash only for Cash to come back and hit the big rig with Dax. Swerve breaks the pin up at 2.9 and then Swerve manages to throw Cash into the Gunns. They hold Cash and back in the ring, Keith is almost rolled up but kicks out and Swerve hits a low blow behind the referee and Keith’s back. Keith manages to get the win off the back of it. SIOG vs Acclaimed 3 at Full Gear it is.

After the match, The Gunns swarm Dax but The Acclaimed chase them off.

Saraya Interview

Renee and Saraya are catching up until Britt comes in to argue with Saraya and Renee says they’ll talk about this properly.

MJF Promo

Renee introduces MJF on the ramp and out he comes. The crowd chant his name and Renee goes to ask a question but Max cuts her off and says he has it from here. He opens up with his usual shtick before letting Renee ask about facing Jon Moxley at Full Gear if he beats Penta tonight. MJF does an impression of Mox and then MJF says Moxley is mid. Max says he’s going to earn it like he said but he overstated when he said he’d wrestle the match clean. MJF then calls out Regal for saying he only used his brass knuckles because he wanted to. MJF then promises at Full Gear he won’t use the Dynamite diamond ring because all he needs is a grudge and he has plenty of them. He promises to become the AEW World Champion and shove it down the throats of everyone who told him that he wasn’t good enough. Stokely Hathaway once again interrupts MJF and Max cuts him off to tell him not to touch Moxley if he wins tonight.

The Kingdom Promo

Matt Taven accepts WarJoe’s title offer and will face Wardlow. Wardlow tells Taven his career so far doesn't matter and him retaining the TNT title is inevitable.

Bryan Danielson defeated Sammy Guevara w/ Tay Conti via Referee Stoppage (15:00)

Sammy comes out with Tay hanging off his lips as always before Danielson comes out to face him. He’s followed by Regal who joins commentary again. Regal refuses to speak about the earlier row as Sammy hits an early knee strike and tries to get on top. He lays in chops and strikes in the corner before landing an enzuigiri and the springboard cutter for two! Sammy almost grabbing the early shock win! Sammy tries for a GTH but Bryan fights out, Sammy continues to fight with Bryan until he’s caught on the mat and put in the Romero Special. He follows that with knee strikes and then an uppercut that drops Guevara. Danielson hits chops and kicks in the corner but Sammy reverses and lays in strikes that Danielson takes all the way across the ring before taking over once more. Sammy gets to the ropes as Bryan tries to go to work on the mat. Sammy gets to the rope again after a juji gatame but Bryan stays on with ground and pound. Bryan goes for the stomps but Sammy escapes outside to avoid them and then Danielson follows him with a dropkick but Sammy counters Danielson with a rising knee and then follows it with a huge springboard moonsault to the outside to send us to break. Tay lands a cheap shot and then Sammy takes Danielson into the ring to beat him up throughout the remainder of the commercials.

We return to the action and it’s still Guevara in control but Bryan looks to be firing up as he takes Sammy’s kicks on his knees. He blocks the last one and paintbrushes Sammy across the jaw before landing strikes in the corner and then nailing him with the running elbow strike. Sammy is sent to the floor and followed by an elbow suicida and then back in the ring, Danielson is hit with the shotgun dropkick. Now it’s Bryan’s turn to land the kicks to a kneeling opponent and Sammy fights back to hit a standing Spanish fly for two. Sammy heads up to the top rope but Danielson stops him and then joins him up there for the avalanche back suplex. Sammy lands on his feet but Bryan avoids three moonsaults and locks on the LeBell lock to make Guevara almost tap. Sammy makes the ropes once again so Danielson gets to the top rope and now Sammy joins him for an avalanche Spanish fly for two. Sammy resorts to biting before Danielson reverses a GTH to hit a Poisonrana and then the Busaiku Knee. Danielson doesn’t go for the cover and stomps Sammy into the mat before making Sammy pass out in the triangle. This was an absolute banger.

Rey Fenix Promo

Renee asks Fenix about Penta’s match and after he and Alex talk a little, Luchasaurus and Christian walk in to argue about who’s going for the All-Atlantic title. Orange walks in and gives them a three-way next week.

Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker & Rebel defeated Riho via Pinfall (10:52)

Ladies put in the death segment again as Jamie and her gang head out before Riho follows her. AEW loves both of these women but Jamie’s pop is louder. The match begins with a lock up and Hayter immediately takes Riho to the corner. She lets her out before doing it again on the second lock up. Jamie throws Riho down on the third lock up and Riho now tries to use her speed but Jamie keeps knocking her smaller opponent down. Riho manages to bridge out of a pin and then Britt gets involved after Riho hits a DDT. Riho takes Jamie to the floor and then hits a crossbody but Jamie comes back, using the apron and the barricade to hurt Riho before they head back into the ring. Jamie gets a two with a Snap Suplex and then does it again with the same result. We head to break with Hayter completely in control. Throughout the break, not much changes as Jamie controls the match both inside and outside of the ring.

We return to the match and Riho is fighting back but Jamie shuts her down with one strike but Riho carries on and fights through with more strikes and then a stomp to Jamie. She recovers then follows up with a knee strike in the corner. Rebel is removed from the apron the Jamie blocks a tiger feint kick. Riho fights back with a Northern lights suplex with a bridge for two and then heads up top for a crossbody. Hayter catches her and rolls through for a sheer drop brainbuster but Riho kicks out at two. Riho tries to fight back again but Jamie cuts her off only for Riho to counter a backbreaker in mid-air to crossbody Jamie. She hits a tijeras and then Britt grabs Riho’s boot again and Jamie recovers to block the knee strike. Riho tries for a sunset flip and is blocked but pulls out a code red for two. Jamie avoids the stomps to hit the backbreaker but Riho pulls out a Dragon Suplex when she counters a clothesline and gets a two count. Riho pulls out a roll up for two but Jamie kicks her and nails the ripcord lariat to get the win. Excellent wrestling.

Toni Storm heads out after the match to wave at Jamie, Britt & Rebel and hold up her title.

Eddie Kingston Interview

Eddie is asked by Renee how he’s doing and Eddie said he’s great and he fakes a smile and asks Renee about Jon’s match and Renee flips the script and Eddie puts Penta over but says Mox will win and tells everyone else to leave him alone.

Darby Allin Video

Darby says Sting isn’t around right now because Darby says he needs to prove himself by himself. This is typical Darby Allin. He speaks about Jay Lethal and his friend who knows his weakness. Jay immediately responds and says a bunch of words.

Jon Moxley defeated Penta El Zero Miedo w/Alex Abrahantes via Pinfall (12:19) to retain the AEW World Championship

Main event time and Penta comes out with the human embodiment of ADHD, Alex Abrahantes. He’s followed by Moxley making another defence of his title making it two in two weeks. He makes his way through the crowd as always and we get this match underway with Penta’s usual theatrics. They lock up and Penta backs Mox into the corner but Moxley reverses as the two exchange chops to the chest. They move to a hockey fight before they both exchange positions and reversals in the middle. Penta stops for more theatrics and Moxley has none of it but is met with a thrust kick and sent to the outside before Penta sends us to break with a tope suicida. Penta and Moxley brawl on the outside and Penta manages to get on top by smashing Mox’s head into the ring steps. Penta misses a chop and Moxley turns the tables to take control briefly until back in the ring, Penta pulls out a Backstabber.

We return to the match and Penta fires in a kick to Moxley’s ribs and then runs into a high boot and then a release belly to belly suplex into the turnbuckles. Moxley fires in strikes, Penta hits a thrust kick, Moxley a big boot and then Penta gets a two off of a slingblade. Penta tries for the fear factor but Moxley pulls out a cutter and a piledriver for two of his own. Moxley transitions to a LeBell lock and then hammer & anvil elbows before trying for a bulldog choke. Penta escapes and then tries to snap the arm of the champion but gets stomped into the mat. Mox tries a juji gatame but Penta reverses into the armbreaker for two. Both men end up fighting on the apron and Penta is on top with enzuigiris but Penta tries for a destroyer on the steps and Moxley blocks it and hits a DDT on them instead. Back in the ring, Penta kicks out of a King Kong lariat so Moxley takes him to the top rope, Penta escapes and then kicks the knee before stomping Moxley into the mat and hitting the Fear Factor only for Moxley to kick out at 2.999. Penta tries a springboard but Moxley catches him with a Paradigm Shift followed very swiftly with a Death Rider to pick up the win.

After the match, The Firm jump all over Moxley and wipe him out 5 on 1. Stokely comes out from backstage to watch on and security rush out to help but they’re getting beat up as we see backstage that the BCC are locked in their room. Moxley shows some signs of life but there are too many to fight. MJF comes out to the ramp and is clearly conflicted as to what to do before eventually running out to make the save and fires Stokely. Ethan Page then takes out MJF and The Firm swarm him too. We close the show with an Egos edge onto Max as The Firm stand tall followed by Morrissey putting Max through the timekeeper’s table with a chokeslam.

What does this all mean? This Dynamite was fun and everything in ring was excellent but I’m more excited about what’s to come next which is the exact point of episodic television. A 9 out of 10 from me but what did you think? Let us know in the comments, let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen and see you back here Friday for Rampage. Adios.

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