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WWE NXT Results (10/25/2022)

Posted By: Guy Incognito on Oct 25, 2022

WWE NXT Results (10/25/2022)

Here are your WWE NXT results for October 25th, 2022: courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan at Rajah.com!

NXT Live Results (Oct. 25, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome to NXT!

We open with a video recapping Saturday's Halloween Havoc which saw no change to the status quo regarding titles. We're welcomed to the arena by Hall of Famer Booker T and our commentary team. Our opponents for our first tag title match are out and we get our official introductions!

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: KC2(c) vs Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark

We start with Lyons and Carter and both teams get a great chant to start the action. Lyons hits a Johnny Blaze split, taunting the champ, before bull-rushing Carter into the corner. Stark tags in and drops Carter with a lariat. Chance comes in and takes control over Stark, briefly, but Lyons rushes her and shoves her down upon re-entering the fray. A big right from Lyons lays out Chance for a weak cover for two. Lyons with a modified back rack submission on Chance, bouncing in place routinely to increase the pressure on Chance's back. The crowd pops for the champs, cheering her back into this, and she escapes and tags in Carter! Carter attempts to unload kicks but Lyons takes her down and looks for an ankle lock, dragging Carter back from the ropes. Carter escapes and makes a blind tag to Chance, allowing Chance to hop up on Lyons back and attempt a roll-up for a near fall. The champs send the challengers ring side and look for a double aerial attack, but Stark & Lyons catch them mid-air and slam them hard to the floor! We head to break at 8:09!
During the break, Lyons takes control over Carter and resorts to working holds targeting the neck. Our pace slows as Lyons continues to work the chin-lock until Carter powers to her feet, attempting to break free. Lyons catches her on a whip rebound but Carter counters with a crucifix lock, eventually looking for a crucifix pin attempt. Lyons again powers to her feet and again, Carter slaps on the crucifix lock. Lyons struggles, inch by inch, towards her corner as the ref checks on her. Lyons breaks the hold after many long moments, when we return from break, but Carter quickly tags in Chance. Chance with a middle-rope attack but Lyons snatches her out of mid-air and slams her down with an inverted Impaler for a close two. Lyons hoists up Chance and fails to notice Carter make a blind tag. Carter with a hair mat slam to Lyons and attacks Stark. Stark attempts to enter and run interference but Carter punishes her for it, dropping her and using her as a step-up for a kick to Lyons. Carter with a roll-through stomp before tagging in Chance. Carter flips Chance back and over onto Lyons. Chance covers but Stark rushes Carter back and they crash into Chance and Lyons, disrupting the pin attempt.
Lyons recovers and literally pops up Chance and throws her across the ring, tagging in Stark. Stark with a pop up face-buster on the turnbuckle and a half-and-half suplex toss! Stark fires up, looking for the Knockout, but Chance counters with a roll-up!
Stark breaks free and clotheslines Carter on the apron. Stark attacks Chance, rolls her up and at 8:15pm we have new tag champs.
Your Winners AND NEW NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark! (11 minutes)

Press the Restart Button

As the new champs celebrate, a second ref hits the official. He argues with the first ref and ring announcer Alicia Taylor starts to make the official announcements of new champs. She's interrupted and informed that the illegal person was pinned and this match will be restarted.

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Restarted Match: KC2(c) vs Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark

The ref calls for the bell and both teams begin slugging it out! All hell breaks loose as both teams fight in and out of the ring, with Chance nearly picking up a pin over Stark. Carter comes in and eats a German Suplex from a desperate Zoey Stark as commentary are all a-buzz. Lyons takes the tag in and drops Carter with a roundhouse, then hits her Clam Slam finisher for a close two! Chance makes the save! Lyons and Carter again clash in the ring, with Lyons looking for a Powerslam. Carter escapes an d hits a trio of low-angle kicks to Lyons' head then tags in Chance. Chance and Carter hit their double-team spinning cannonball finisher and pick up the win at 8:19pm!
Your Winners AND STILL NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Kayden Carter & Katana Chance (4 minutes)

Video Promo: T-BAR/Dominic Dijakovic

We're treated top the same short teaser for whatever DD/T-BAR will become...but he's coming soon!

In the Ring: New North American Champion Wes Lee

Lee makes his way out to a standing ovation. Lee tells the crowd to chill so he doesn't get emotional again. He states he never expected he'd get to WWE, let alone as a singles champion. He says that winning the title "gave (me) a sense of validation I've been looking for my entire life." He feels loved and that there's a place for him, and what he stands for, and for that he's forever grateful. The crowd again with a chant for the new champ. He addresses the "you deserve it" chant he received when winning the title Saturday night and he thanks the NXT Universe. "In all honesty, we don't deserve the love you all share for us all the time." The crowd loudly chants "yes you do" haha. He continues. "So, to go along with that, I will make sure that I continue to exceed any and every ex--" He's cut off by that bitch-face, Grayson Waller! He gets heat as fast as Dom Mysterio. Lee tells Waller not to come out here and run his mouth off as he lost the match. Waller claims that "technically (he) won" and tells lee, "you climbed a ladder? Congrats lad, I did that at Home Depot the other day and no one gave me (anything)." He's interrupted by...R-Truth!
Truth has the crowd on their feet as he makes his way to the ring, dressed in a Joker suit. He welcomes everyone to Halloween Havoc and Lee scratches his head, confused. Waller interrupts Truth to big boos, asking what he's doing. "Wait a minute, y'all, naw that's cool man! You're coming with that British accent, man," Truth says to Waller and a pop--and a "British accent!" chant from the hot NXT Universe! Truth continues. "Are you excited about Halloween Havoc, mate," he asks in his best British accent? "Excuse me, governor?" Waller tells him he's Australian and he's not excited for Halloween Havoc, leading the crowd to loudly chant "no he's not!" Truth asks why he's not ready and Waller explains Halloween Havoc was three days ago and he was already there. Truth doesn't believe him until Lee explains he was there, too, and he won the North American Title. Truth is excited for Lee and congratulates him. "my bad! Bro, that's wassup man!" He asks Waller in his British accent, "how did you do mate?" The crowd loudly chants "he lost" over and over and Lee reminds us that Waller lost to Apollo Crews in a casket match.
Truth says Crews is nice, so he ain't mad. He asks Waller about being in the casket by himself and if he was scared. Waller states he's not scared of anything, he just rolled into the coffin. Truth asks, "you rolled one out here? Yeah dog, I"m coming here! I'm coming back!" Waller states he'd love to beat Truth's ass but he's not ready tonight, so he'll give R-Truth a week. "On second thought," Waller adds, and attempts to attack Truth! Truth ducks under and Lee smacks Waller! Truth easily dispatches Waller, getting on the mic one last time. "I'll see you next week! Happy Halloween!" Great pop from the NXT Universe and a "wassup" chant to play him out.

Backstage: Edris Enofé & Malik Blade Get Hyped

Backstage, Malik and Edris are preparing and psyching up for their match. Malik expresses some doubt so Edris quotes the opening monologue/lyrics from Eminem's "Lose Yourself." Malik picks up and Edris reminds him they've been a team since they signed, and they've got this.

Backstage Interview: Apollo Crews

Crews is asked about his win over Waller at Halloween Havoc. Crews is glad to have Waller in his rear view mirror and state he's R-Truth's problem now. Crews wants to get back to his original vision--he wants the NXT Championship. He states Bron Breakker returns next week and he'll be "very interested to hear what he has to say."

Singles Match: SmackDown’s Shotzi vs Lash Legend

"The Super Diva" Quincy Elliott welcomes Shotzi out and we head to break! Lash Legend is in the ring when we return and we get the bell at 8:43! Legend starts off with a hair-mat toss, sending Shotzi across the ring. Legend dumps her over the top but Shotzi lands on the apron. Shotzi catches Legend with a knee to the face, enters the ring and hits dropkick to the knee. Shotzi attempts a drop toehold but Legend blocks it and stomps on Shotzi. Shotzi escapes a back suplex attempt and catches a charging Lash with a big boot. The two battle in the corner, with Shotzi attempting an over-the-ropes hanging thigh submission on Legend! Big pops all around for everything Shotzi does it seems. As Shotzi attempts to enter the ring, Legend catches her with a big boot! Quincy Elliott checks on Shotzi and Lash warns him off, talking smack off camera. Quincy blows her a kiss, flaunts his butt and distracts her enough to allow Shotzi to recover. Both women brawl on the outside and back into the ring. Legend takes a turn in control in the ring, looking for a stretch muffler submission. Shotzi fights it, pulling up and attempting to escape via ropes. The ref forces the break and Shotzi gains a little bit of separation. Shotzi with a kick to the face followed by an elbow thrust. Legend rams Shotzi into the corner and positions her on the top turnbuckle. Shotzi with a huge slap to the face that rocks Legend! Oh! Shotzi with a right and a leg-hooked DDT! Shotzi calls the new finisher "Never Wake Up" and picks up the win at 8:47!
Your Winner, Shotzi! (5 minutes)

In the Ring: the Creed Brothers Address Damon Kemp; Suited Men Object

We return from break at 8:52pm and find the Creed Brothers in the ring. Julius' knuckles are busted up and have sores from his match with Damon Kemp last week. Julius states he had to win because he couldn't live with himself if he lost, as the special stipulation was that Brutus' career would end. Brutus wants his five minutes with Damon Kemp. Kemp appears on the video board and states he's not medically cleared to fight tonight, but he's still got "five minutes of hell"--Brutus prize being five minutes with Kemp if/when Julius won--for the Creeds. Brutus tells Damon every day he makes Brutus wait, the ass-whoopin' is gonna get worse and worse. Their music plays and Sanga and Veer Mahaan attack! Spiffy suits for the two big men, love the rebranding and look.They lay waste to the Creeds, leaving them laid out after double-teaming both members and beating them senseless. They stand on the ramp and Ivy Nile walks up to them, telling them to go on, before she attends her fallen Diamond Mine comrades.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Pretty Deadly(c) vs Edris Enofé & Malik Blade

After a few random, pointless promos and commercials we return for our next tag title match! We get our bell right at 9:05 sharp and Blade starts off fast, taking it right to Kit Wilson and sending Prince off the apron! Edris comes in and they hit a double-team movie to Kit, covering for a two right out the gate! Elton Prince again is sent outside so Enofe and Blade can double-team Wilson! They battle him outside and back in, with Blade the legal man taking it to Wilson until Prince gets the tag and comes in, clotheslining Malik. Prince with a back elbow to drop Malik Blade. Prince gives way to Wilson but Wilson fails to contain Blade, who brings in Edris Enofé. Enofé with a double axe handle. Enofé with a roll-up for a close cover. Wilson and Enofé fight from the corner to the middle of the ring as Wilson starts to chain together offense. Several forearm uppercuts rock Enofé and Prince tags in. Prince and Wilson look to double-team Enofé but he avoids it. Enofé catches Prince with a punch to the gut as he jumps off the top and tags in Malik Blade. The two double-team Prince. Prince with a whip to Blade in the corner and follows it up with a sidewalk slam for a close two! Enofé and Blade rally on a hot tag, hitting stereo dropkicks to the champs followed by stereo clotheslines sending the champs over the top rope and to the floor! We head to break at 9:08pm with the challengers in control!
We return at 9:11pm. Enofé and Blade are still in control and we're told they've maintained control throughout the break. Prince and Wilson take control over Enofé, slowing the pace briefly, until Enofé uses a jaw-breaker to gain some separation. Wilson comes in and attempts to shut it down but fails despite tagging in Prince. Enofé scurries over and tags in Blade, who comes in and chops down the champs left and right. Blade with a running cross-body to Prince! Blade fires up, clotheslining Prince before climbing up top. Prince wisely rolls out of the ring, hoping to avoid Blade, but Blade hits a tope con giro over the corner turnbuckle to wipe out the champs! Blade takes Prince back into the ring as a loud "holy shit" chant wipes out our audio! Blade covers for a close two but Prince gets the shoulder up. Blade hoists up Prince but Prince wiggles free and uses a rear rolling attempt to set up a blind tag. Wilson and Prince look to double-team Blade and do just that with a modified lung buster. Enofé is shown on the apron, exhausted and unable to make the save, but luckily Blade gets the arm up.
Malik Blade and Kit Wilson slug it out, starting with back and forth blows on their knees all the way up to a standing position, where they continue to exchange fists. Blade gets several in a row before Wilson attempts a backslide. Blade tags in Enofé who drives Wilson down and covers for yet another close fall. Wilson with a mule kick to the chin of Enofé, but Enofé fires back with a knee to the jaw and covers. Malik Blade spears Prince as he enters the ring but Wilson gets the shoulder up! Enofé and Blade look to double-team Wilson but he fights out of it. Blade hoists Wilson and Enofé runs against the ropes, only to be drug out the ring by Wilson! Prince sends Blade into the ring post and Pretty Deadly look to double-team Enofé. Enofé sends Wilson out of the ring and rolls up Prince for what appears to be...if that's not a three, folks, it's a damn 2.99! Both teams are in shock but no bell! Wilson capitalizes on the confusion and hits a spinebuster on Enofé to pick up the win at 9:17pm!
Your Winners AND STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly! (12 minutes)

Backstage Interview: Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons

Stark is shown backstage in the locker room and asked about the heartbreaking tease earlier tonight. Stark is upset and claims KC2 are the luckiest women on the planet. Lyons comes up and profusely apologizes to Lyons; Lyons assures her it's not her fault, they simply just didn't see the tag. They're looking forward to their rematch next week.

The Schism's Joe Gacy & the Diyads Welcome a New Member

Love is blind, the grass is greener on the other side... The creepy tunes of Gacy's music plays out the Schism, consisting of Joe Gacy and the artists formerly known as the Grizzled Young Veterans, now known as the Diyads (also spelled by the WWE as Dyads, too). They're in the ring with their red-hoodied mystery partner. Gacy gives a speech about togetherness being the greatest accomplishment and that their mission statement is clear--"remove your mask and join the Schism or be torn down." Gacy's sporting a jeans jacket and a slightly modified look. First to remove his mask is Rip Fowler, fka Zack Gibson of the GYV, now bald and clean shaven and featuring two different color eye contact lenses. He speaks about roots growing and drying out, blah blah. Evil this, evil that. Next is James Drake, now known as Jagger Reid, who's growing his beard back, thank god. He speaks about Wrath affecting our well being through negativity and states we must learn to control negativity. "Anger divides, and pain brings pain. But love brings love." Yep, expect an Emmy nod for this stellar writing. Gacy speaks next, stating that there are people in this world who appear to have everything they want yet are empty on the inside. Gacy states Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler have understood that, and he addresses the new member, stating its time for them to take their next step, "to sit under the Schism's Tree you must do the same and reveal your true self. But remember--there is no going back." The hoodied person, wearing a leather skirt, unzips the hoodie to reveal red and dark hair. The mask is off next and it's...the Rock's daughter, Ava "Simone Johnson" Raine! She states the Schism is her family and it completes her. The four pose as one, holding up the Two's (as her cousins are the One's, it makes sense.) The crowd pops good for Ava and welcome her to her NXT broadcast debut!

Backstage Interview: Sol Ruca

Sol's interviewed about her upcoming match with Indi Hartwell. She's excited and pumped. Hartwell walks up and tells her that tricks and stuns will only take her so far in NXT as it's all about winning, "and you're about to learn that right now." Her music plays her out!

Voicemail Left at NXT Headquarters

We get a video showing the exterior of NXT, and a voicemail left for them. A distorted voice with creepy music says the following: "Leg go of all your pain, washing away your deepest fears. Listen with your eyes, speaking with your ears. Awaken from the pits you call the dark, opening up to my soliloquy is just the start. Watch as I come and leave my mark, as I plan to rip all of NXT apart. Sincerely, SCRYPTS."

Singles Match: Indi Hartwell vs Sol Ruca

Hartwell is out first followed by Ruca. Hartwell picks up the match in about a minute, quickly taking Ruca down with a running forearm to the back of the neck after a super-short engagement.
Your Winne, Indi Hartwell! (1 minute)

After the Match: Elektra Lopez Returns, Attacks Hartwell & Ruca

Elektra Lopez returned after the bell, attacking Indi Hartwell and Sol Ruca. She backed up the ramp stating she's back and got a decent reaction from the crowd.

Vignette: Chase U and Duke Hudson

We see the Chase U classroom. Bodhi Hayward is missing, which Andre Chase notices, and feels disappointed. Duke Hudson shows up and takes Bodhi's seat. Thea Hail writes notes but Duke Hudson doesn't as he doesn't have a pen, leading to Chase snapping at him. Hudson apologizes and Chase goes over the historic moments of Survivor Series and other November events. Hudson discreetly reaches over and steals the pen from an African American Chase U student.


We get a still of "NXT Deadline" with the i stylized with a red one--similar to the Day One premium live event that was cancelled earlier this fall. Perhaps Deadline replaces Day One?

Odyssey Jones Picks up Edris & Malik

The tag challengers are seen nursing wounds as they leave the building. Odyssey Jones shows up in a vehicle filled with women and tells them to cheer up, invites them to go along with him, and drives off. We'll be seeing Jones soon!

Singles Main Event Match: Ilja Dragunov vs JD McDonagh

Dragunov is out first ahead of our main event to a great welcome, and we head to break at 9:44pm! We return after the above NXT DEADL1NE promo and get JD McDonagh's entrance. Dragunov attacks McDonagh as he poses and the ref calls for our bell at 9:51pm! Dragunov opens with a pair of German Suplexes. JD attempts to fight free and Dragunov hoist shim up, hold shim, then hits a delayed German Suplex with a bridge for a short pin. Dragunov starts to chop JD across the ring, from corner to corner, and the crowd woo's with him. We return from the break right at ten o'clock and find McDonagh relentlessly taking it to Dragunov, using working holds and targeted strikes to soften the bandaged midsection of Dragunov. The triple-threat match from Halloween Havoc took its toll on both of these Superstars, with JD appearing the fresher man as he maintains control for a large part of the match. Dragunov repeatedly attempts to escape McDonagh continues to take him down to the mat, focusing on the side.
Dragunov attempts to rally, powering to a vertical base as he exchanges slow fists with JD. Dragunov picks up speed and fires off chops and strikes left and right, battering JD left and right! Dragunov looks for a back drop suplex but his ribs won't allow it; JD attempts to capitalize on this but Dragunov drops him with a beautiful step-up kick! The crowd's on their feet for Dragunov as he posts up in the corner. Running knee to JD int he corner! Dragunov follows it up with a knee drop off the top rope. Dragunov climbs up again, ignoring the pain, shaking his head no before diving off for a senton! JD gets the knees up! Dragunov collapses and writhes in pain as McDonagh rises and stomps Dragunov's weakened side. McDonagh climbs the turnbuckles but is too slow, and Dragunov follows him up as they chop each other. They exchange headbutts and Dragunov climbs all the way up to the top ropes, dragging JD to the top with him. Dragunov with a Superplex off the top rope! Dragunov with a falling knockout fist! Dragunov holds his ribs and fails to follow up on the cover.
The crowd with a "this is awesome" chant for our athletes. Dragunov posts up in the corner--looks like he's locking target and ready for the Torpedo Moscow. JD recovers, though, and the two brawl briefly more. JD busts open Ilja's face--looks like the nose. McDonagh slaps on a sleeper submission, leaping in the air to land on the back of a charging Dragunov and locking his legs around the waist! JD takes Dragunov down to the mat and Ilja can't escape! Dragunov's fading! Dragunov's fading! He's out and the ref calls for the bell at 10:05pm! We watch as medical staff check on Ilja and prepare a stretcher for him as JD watches, and we fade to black.
Your Winner by Referee Stoppage, JD McDonagh! (14 minutes)

Next Week on NXT

Raw's R-Truth vs Grayson Waller. One-year anniversary of Mandy Rose's NXT Championship reign. Bron Breakker returns after the week off.

Source: rajah.com
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