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WWE NXT Results (10/11/2022)

Posted By: Guy Incognito on Oct 11, 2022

WWE NXT Results (10/11/2022)

Here are your WWE NXT results for October 11th, 2022: courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan @ Rajah.com!

WWE NXT Live Results (Oct. 11, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Singles Match: NXT Champion Bron Breakker vs Javier Bernal

We open and get straight to this match with Vic Joseph joined by Booker T on commentary (though he's not a commentator.) JD McDonagh comes out as Javi does, after Bron, to watch this match from the commentary table. We get the bell at 8:04 and our NXT champ starts quick with a rear waistlock and a trio of take-downs! Bron throws Javi in the corner and Javi begs him off as Bron and the crowd woof. Both men back up and circle in the ring. Bron catches Javi's left wrist and uses it to manipulate Javi, dragging him down to the mat for a working hold. JD (Jordan Devlin) McDonagh, on commentary, serves as heel commentator and denigrates Ilja Dragunov, one of his opponents at Halloween Havoc. Breakker continues to dominate in the ring. Snap suplex nearly seals the deal early on. Javi attempts to fight back at 8:06pm, catching the champ with a kick to the face. Javi unloads multiple right forearm strikes, battering the champ against the ropes until the ref warns him. Javi takes a moment to taunt the crowd and shoves Bron. Bron angrily approaches Javi. Javi throws a right; Bron blocks it Hogan-style and starts his comeback sequence, culminating in a huge Spinebuster in shades of Rick Steiner! Breaker stalks Javi to the corner, eats a kick to the face, then tosses a rallying Bernal across the ring. Bernal finds himself in a press hold as Bron circles before completing the powerslam and picking up the win at 8:07pm!
Your Winner, Bron Breakker! (3 minutes)

After the Match: Bron & JD Make Eyes; Jealous Ilja Dragunov Interjects

As Breakker celebrates, JD McDonagh enters the ring and stares him down. The other participant in their triple-threat for the title at Halloween Havoc, Ilja Dragunov, makes his way out to the ring and the three stare-down for a few moments. Finally they all come to blows and it's Ilja Dragunov left standing in the ring over a downed Breakker and a fleeing McDonagh!

Best-of-Three Series Finale Match: Nathan Frazer vs Axiom

Axiom and Nathan Frazer make their way out for this third and final match and we get our bell at 8:17pm! We have to apologize, folks, as we had some technical difficulties here due to inclement weather. When we return, Frazer finds himself in a lengthy series of holds from Axiom (fka A-Kid). Frazer stays resilient and, after a few near-falls, finally picks up the second and final win over Axiom at 8:30pm! Frazer will be added to the North American Championship Ladder Match.
Your Winner, Nathan Frazer! (13 minutes)

Singles Match: Indi Hartwell vs Valentina Feroz

Feroz and Hartwell are out and we get our bell at 8:40pm. Early on, Sanga is pulled to the back by his sharp-dressed pal whose name escaped me. The two women continue on in the ring, with Valentina chaining together a series of strikes, unaware that Sanga (her "support network" while her tag partner is out on injury) isn't around. Feroz with a jawbreaker and looks back, finally noticing Sanga's absence. She seems upset and the distraction allows Hartwell to take her into the corner, hit a Superplex, and pick up the win off the two moves at 8:43.
Your Winner, Indi Hartwell! (3 minutes)

After the Match: Pretty Deadly Harass Indi Hartwell, Setup Next Match

Indi has no time to celebrate when NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly show up. They heckle her briefly then address the NXT Universe, stating they're here to see the triple-threat match to determine their opponents. They're dressed with ridiculous "redneck" gear, including a foam cowboy hat and a hard hat with a bear can rig on it. They make SEC jokes and southern jokes and then chant "two four six eight, who do we think is great? Pretty Deadly! Gooooo Pretty Deadly!"

Triple Threat Tag Team No. 1 Contenders' Match: Enofé & Blade vs Briggs & Jensen vs The Diyad

Edris Enofé & Malik Blade make their way down to the ring to a good welcome and we head to a break! We return and our other teams are out, with Joe Gacy escorting the Diyad. We're using tag rules here for this triple-threat. The Diyad are effective at isolating random opponents by way of frequent tags and double-team maneuvers. Both Diyads--formerly known as the Grizzled Young Veterans--easily handle members of both teams until Malik Blade takes down Jagger Reid with a jawbreaker! Edris Enofé tags in and takes down Reid and an entering Briggs as the ref loses control a bit. Fowler tags in blindly as Reid is whipped against the ropes, and the Diyad send him outside. Briggs and Jensen start using quick tags, sending both the Diyads and Enofé & Blade to the outside, where Jensen tags in and hits a diving attack, wiping everyone out! We head to break at 8:56! We return at the top of the hour and find the chaos quickly return. Briggs and Jensen take control, pounding both opposing teams with big slams from Brooks and a standing splash. Jensen and Briggs take turns alternating corner splashes on Enofé and Fowler, many times, until they work together to hit a pop-up Atomic Drop + Big Boot combo! Jensen covers but Enofé makes the save and brings in his fresher partner, Blade, who quickly cleans house!
Jensen, Briggs, Blade and Enofé continue to go at it as the Diyad are still down. Briggs uses a Cactus Jack Clothesline to send himself and Blade over the top to the outside. Fowler hits the ring and attacks Enofé and Jensen, unloading fists on Jensen. Fowler charges but Jensen dodges and Enofé hits a Superkick! All hell breaks loose as every opponent hits the ring and begins taking each other out with a variety of signatures and fun spots. The Diyads nearly hit each other at one point before Briggs & Jensen send them outside. Blade & Enofé rally, sending the former NXT UK tag champs out with a stereo dropkick! Both men hit diving attacks to the outside, opposite sides of the ring, wiping out everyone! As Reid distracts the ref, Jagger sucker punches Enofé! Both men look to work together to finish it when Cameron Grimes hits the ringside area! Grimes attacks Reid without being seen and Gacy and flees, allowing Enofé to reverse Reid's Piledriver attempt into a roll-up win! Enofé & Blade win at 9:05pm!
Your Winners and NEW No. 1 Contenders, Edris Enofé & Malik Blade! (13 minutes)

Singles Match: Alba Fyre vs Jacy Jayne w/ Gigi Dolin

After a very short backstage word from Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin, we cut to the arena where Alba Fyre makes her entrance to a great pop. We head to break at 9:08pm! We return and get our bell at 9:13pm. Fyre looks for her Gory Bomb early on but Jacy escapes and counters with an arm drag. I guess we can't call the "KLR Bomb" the "Fyre Bomb" eh? Jacy takes a short stretch in control, dropping a knee across Fyre's face and stomping away at a seated Fyre in the corner as Gigi Dolin taunts her. Jacy with a running hip attack in the corner, then covers and hooks the leg for a short two. Jayne throws a right and Fyre blocks it, firing off a slap in return. Again Jayne goes for a right and again Fyre responds with a slap! Fyre begins to unload with kicks on Jayne until Jayne gains some separation, whipping Fyre into the corner and catching her with a neckbreaker on the rebound. Jayne covers for another two. Jayne pulls Fyre up and Fyre immediately hits a sit-out powerbomb for a close two. Fyre climbs up the turnbuckles but Dolin pulls Jayne out of the dropzone! The ref yells a warning to Dolin and Fyre hits a suicide dive, wiping out both members of Toxic Attraction! Fyre looks for another Gory Bomb but Dolin distracts her by hopping up on the apron. Fyre headbutts Dolin and Jayne rolls her up for a close call. Fyre escapes, hits her Gory Bomb and picks up the win at 9:17pm!
Your Winner, Alba Fyre! (3 minutes)

After the Match: Fyre and Desire

Alba Fyre celebrates her win, heading up the ramp until someone from the crowd grabs her head, slamming it into the guardrail! The hoodie is removed and lo and behold, it's Raw's Sonya Deville! The former "Fire & Desire" tag partner of Mandy Rose helps Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne beat down Fyre and put her through the commentary table with a triple-powerbomb.

Singles Match: Wes Lee vs Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo

Wes Lee is out first, sending us to a break! When we return, Stacks is out and we get things started at 9:27! Lee and Stacks start off in high gear, with Lee flowing around the ring almost like liquid mercury. Lee seems to have a counter for everything Stacks can throw at him in the opening moments until a misstep opens up Lee's left knee to a vicious, targeted series of attacks! Stacks kicks Lee's knee out and pounds it with his fist, trying to take the high-flyer's legs out from under him. Stacks with a calf breaker! Stacks continues to chain together working holds, including a modified Shooter and others, targeting the knee. Lee begins to throw rights, breaking the hold finally and rocking Stacks. Lee starts his comeback early on, unloading forearm and elbows to Stacks as Lee fights out of one corner and batters him across to the opposite! Lee with a facewash forearm strike! Lee looks for his signature but his knee gives out as he attempts to leap, and Stacks hits his spinning neckbreaker (looks like an upside down F5) for a close two! Lee rallies and drops Stacks, climbs up top and hits a corkscrew dive to pick up the cover and the win at 9:32!
Your Winner, Wes Lee! (5 minutes)

After the Match: Hayes & Williams Attack, Mensah Saves

As soon as the match ends, Trick Williams & Carmelo Hayes attack Wes Lee, stomping him down! Oro Mensah hits the ring to make the save, and Lee hits a tope con giro to wipe out Hayes & Williams!

Backstage Interview: Jacy Jayne w/ Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne

Sonya Deville is asked about why she's here tonight. She states that while she and Rose have had their differences, Mandy's still her girl and if Gigi & Jacy are her girls, well, they're Sonya's too. She puts Alba Fyre on notice, challenges her to a match next week, and promises that if Fyre accepts, she won't make it to Halloween Havoc. We head to break.

Video: the Diamond Mine Reunite

Julius & Brutus Creed are shown in a pre-recorded video in what looks like a clinical environment. Roderick Strong is wheeled out by an assistant, and he's wearing a medical gown and a neck brace. The Creeds apologize to him and vow to get revenge. Strong apologizes as he's the one who brought Damon Kemp into the Mine. He makes Julius promise to beat Kemp at Halloween Havoc "because it's Diamond Mine..(insert awkward pause)...forever!" Remember, if Julius loses, Brutus Creed is out of NXT.

Singles Match: Kiana James vs Thea Hail w/ Chase U

James is out first to a very muted reaction from the NXT Universe. Out next is her opponent, Chase University's Thea Hail, who comes out...well, excited is an understatement, and she's escorted by Bodhi Hayward and Andre Chase to a good pop. We get the bell at 9:42! Mr. Stone of the Robert Stone Brand immediately slides into the ring and gets on the mic. He laments that the world is laughing at him because of Thea Hail. He's mad that she slammed him last week, and the crowd chants "you got slammed!" He threatens to ruin Thea's night and charges her, but she pops him up over and begins to stomp him away in the ring! Finally he rolls out and she yells at him, unaware that James is setting her up from behind. James attacks Hail from behind and rolls her up, stealing the win in seconds!
Your Winner, Kiana James! (< 1 minute)


Main Event Match: Ilja Dragunov vs Grayson Waller

Dragunov is out first and we get a break ahead of our main event match. We return and Grayson Waller makes his way out to a chorus of boos. Say what you will, the man knows how to piss off a crowd. We get the bell at 9:52pm and both men lock up and Dragunov takes an early, short lead, relying on his technical skills until Waller resists a wristlock and applies one of his own! We head to a picture-in-picture break. During the break, Waller takes a firm control and drastically slows the pace, using working holds on Dragunov's neck, taking him down to the mat. We spend the bulk of the break on this. We return at 9:58pm and Waller unloads a series of knees into Dragunov before looking for a suplex, which Dragunov reverses with an inside cradle! Dragunov with a weak Thesz take-down and chops Waller. Dragunov with a clubbing forearm to the back of Waller's neck, dropping and stunning him! The crowd chants for one more! Dragunov happily complies and follows it up with a combination of fists and a jumping dragon kick. Dragunov with a running knee to the face! Ilja hoists up Waller as Grayson begs for mercy and drops him with a back driver. Waller rallies and hits his beautiful, cross-ring elbow drop off the top for a closer cover of his own! Waller mounts Dragunov in a rear position and pounds the back of his head. Waller slaps on a sleeper after another failed pin attempt.
Dragunov starts to fade but powers up to a vertical base.Dragunov rams back into the corner, pinning Waller between his back and the turnbuckles. Dragunov fires off back elbows until Waller shoves him off. Dragunov uses the momentum and the ropes to swing out and back in, dropping Waller with a snap clothesline to a op from the NXT Universe. Waller is quick to slap on a rear naked choke in the middle of the ring but Ilja struggles, forcing Waller to change position into a sleeper. Dragunov slams Waller off. Waller with a rope-assisted guillotine! Waller heads up the ramp, preparing for his finisher, when blue lights and music flood the arena. The Halloween Havoc stipulation wheel begins to turn on its own so Waller flees into the ring, where Dragunov catches him with a trio of different suplexes! Including a crotch-held one that could not have been comfortable for Grayson's Wallers, if you catch my drift. Dragunov posts up in the corner, hits his torpedo spinning strike and picks up the win at 10:04pm to a big pop!
Your Winner, Ilja Dragunov! (12 minutes)

After the Match: Bron Breakks Dragunov

Ilja celebrates as the crowd pops until Bron Breakker hits him with a spear from his blindside! Bron roars in the ring and the camera zooms in far, far too close on JD McDonagh's face as he's in the crowd, applauding what Bron did as we fade to black!

Next Week on NXT

Sonya Deville vs Alba Fyre. "Pick Your Poison" Match in which Roxanne Perez faces an opponent chosen by Cora jade from SmackDown, and Jade faces a Raw Superstar of Perez's choice. Stacks vs an opponent of Tony D'Angelo's choosing. The right to choose seems to be next week's theme.

Halloween Havoc, Saturday October 22nd

NXT Champion Bron Breakker defends in a triple-threat against JD McDonagh and Tyler Bate. Edris Enofé & Malik Blade challenge Pretty Deadly for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Source: rajah.com
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