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AEW Dynamite: Third Anniversary Full Recap (October 5, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Oct 05, 2022

AEW Dynamite: Third Anniversary Full Recap (October 5, 2022)

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s National Scissoring Day! It also just so happens to be the third anniversary of AEW Dynamite and they’re back where it all began in Washington DC! We have a stacked show with a 15-minute overrun planned so with Wardlow defending the TNT Championship and MJF back in action against Wheeler Yuta, let’s waste no more time and get straight to the wrestling! Commentary tonight begins with Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone.

MJF defeated Wheeler Yuta via Submission (15:04)

MJF enters first for the first time in 129 days and is followed by Wheeler Yuta before we learn that William Regal is also on commentary. The bell rings and Wheeler Yuta is the fan favourite early on so MJF struts after dodging a lock up. The second lock up goes better for Yuta as MJF backs him into the corner and he’s able to turn the table and land a few strikes before nailing MJF with three deep arm drags. He follows with a Dropkick and a Suplex but MJF rolls away when Yuta goes up top. MJF pulls Wheeler into the turnbuckles by his trunks and gains control. He stomps Yuta down then locks him in a chin lock. Wheeler fights out of it and MJF responds to a jawbreaker with a backbreaker and gut wrench slam to send us to break. Max spends the break on top and using underhanded tactics to keep Wheeler down on the mat like pulling his hair.

When we get back to the action, Wheeler just flips the tables on an Irish whip into the turnbuckles and gets a two from a roll up. Yuta tries for a German but Max fights out of it, Yuta does his comeback in the ropes to hit the German Suplex and then he hits another and bridges on the third for two. He keeps hold of MJF and hoists him up for a release German Suplex. Yuta heads up top again and MJF rolls away again. He fires in a quick elbow from the corner but Yuta fights back looking for another German but he instead ends up going for a hurricanrana and he gets caught with a powerbomb/backbreaker hybrid. Max begins to take over with slaps but ends up getting caught with a big enzuigiri. Both of them counter roll ups with roll ups and we get constant one and two counts before they get back to their feet and begin to counter there too into more roll ups and we finish an absolutely breath-taking exchange with a double down from both men hitting clotheslines. They beat the count at 9 and then Yuta manages to nail Max with a punch before heading up to the top rope again and this time Max cuts him off with the top rope then looks to hit Yuta with an Avalanche Piledriver only for Yuta to gauge the eyes and bring Max down with a hurricanrana and then follow him outside with a Tope Suicida. Yuta puts Max back in the ring and heads up top and MJF rolls away again but this time, Yuta dives after him and nails a splash for two! The crowd sound their appreciation as Yuta nails the hammer & anvil elbows and looks for the Seatbelt pin but Max catches him with the Salt of the Earth arm bar. Yuta almost gets to the rope but MJF pulls him back to the middle and makes him tap out with a modified version of the same hold. Fantastic match.

Yuta offers MJF a handshake after the match and MJF refuses, pretends he’s going to do it and then Lee Moriarty jumps Yuta from behind. MJF tells Moriarty he didn’t tell him to do that and Stokely gives him the diamond ring. Max looks conflicted as Lee holds up Yuta before William Regal leaves commentary and meets Max in the ring with his brass knuckles. Lee and Stokely run away before Max joins them.

Main Event Preview Video Package

A really cool video package with the history between Jericho, Sammy, Garcia & Danielson. This is followed by a JAS interview where they tell Garcia off for leaving. I smell a swerve.

Darby Allin defeated Jay Lethal via Pinfall (10:14)

Next up, Jay Lethal comes out on his own like he promised and is followed by Darby without Sting. The bell rings and we begin with a series of standing switches and then we get some lovely mat wrestling as both of these men show off their amateur wrestling. They go back and forth to the outside before Allin hits a springboard arm drag and then Darby offers a handshake and Lethal uses that to take advantage. Darby is fighting back until Lethal lands a low dropkick and begins to work over Darby’s leg. He manages to do a lot of damage early as Darby can’t even run on it. Darby tries a dragon sleeper; Jay tries to muscle Darby up but Allin manages to reverse into a scorpion death drop for two to send us to break. As soon as we go, Darby gets caught going for a Coffin Splash and Lethal takes over, working over the leg once more throughout the commercial. Darby manages a cradle about halfway through but other than that, it’s pretty much all Lethal attacking that leg.

When we return, it’s more of the same as Lethal looks to attack Darby in the corner and manages to hit a German suplex out of the corner and make Allin flip all the way over. Lethal takes Allin to the top and Darby fights back with elbows but Jay hits Darby with an avalanche dragon screw and locks in the figure four in the middle of the ring straight away. Darby is in all kinds of trouble but fights through the pain to get out. Darby tries a cutter but Lethal dodges it into a Lethal Injection that Darby dodges and then Allin hits the Code Red for two. Satnam and Sonjay appear on the stage as Darby heads up top and that lets Jay stop Allin. Lethal tells them to go away which lets Darby hit a Hurricanrana and then the two men exchange roll ups before Darby sneaks in the Last Supper to get the victory.

Jay seems despondent after the match and Darby tells him he doesn’t need Sonjay and Satnam before making him shake his hand.

The Embassy Promo

More ROH stuff. I like them all (except Brian Cage).

Wardlow defeated Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana via Pinfall (10:05) to retain the TNT Championship

We head straight into the TNT title match and Cage comes out with Prince Nana. Wardlow follows and he looks too good in that belt to lose it. The crowd agrees as they chant his name but Cage backs Wardlow into the corner and uses big shoulders but Wardlow flips the script and fires in some big strikes to Brian. The two huge men meet in the middle but neither backs down before they exchange huge strikes in the ring. Wardlow wins out with a hurricanrana and Cage answers with a tijeras. Cage tries a Tiger Feint Kick but Wardlow catches it and hits a big slam to regain control. Wardlow looks for a Powerbomb and Cage counters into a Water Wheel Slam to send us to break. Cage counters with his own press slam before Cage shuts Wardlow down with a pump kick. Cage talks trash to the champion as he gets a one count from a body slam and leg drop. Cage locks in a rear chin lock, the champion fights out of it but Cage hits him with a knee and then a right hand. Cage retains control with a low dropkick and keeps it for the rest of the break.

We return to Wardlow trying to fight back and he manages it with a Springboard Senton in the corner. He follows it with a release German Suplex. Cage gets up into another then gets up into a belly-to-belly suplex. Brian stays down this time so Wardlow goes up top but Cage stops him to Suplex Wardlow back into the ring from the apron. The crowd sound their appreciation as Cage looks for a Drillclaw and Wardlow manages to counter into a Spinebuster for two. Wardlow tries his wind-up lariat, cage counters into a neckbreaker for two. Cage goes for the Powerbomb but wastes too long and Wardlow fights back with two headbutts and the wind-up lariat. He drops the straps on his singlet and then nails Brian Cage with a powerbomb. The crowd call for another and the TNT champion obliges. The third is followed by a quick fourth before the pin. Wardlow retains in his best defence thus far.

After the match, Toa Liona & Kaun, Gates of Agony come out to attack Wardlow with Cage as The Embassy come together. Samoa Joe tries to make the save but it’s four on two and then FTR make the actual save and The Embassy run away.

Britt Baker Announcement

Britt says Saraya won’t be wrestling in AEW because doctors won’t clear her and Britt says that makes it her house. By doctors, I think she means herself.

Toni Storm, Athena & Willow Nightingale w/ Saraya defeated Jamie Hayter, Serena Deeb & Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian, Britt Baker & Rebel via Pinfall (9:19)

The women sneak on in the first hour as Penelope, Serena and Jamie make their entrance first. Jamie gets a big pop as she comes out and is followed by Britt & Rebel who join Kip in the team's corner. Saraya’s music follows and out she comes to accompany Willow, Athena and Toni. Saraya stares a hole through Britt as the bell rings. Jamie and Willow start but Jamie tags out to Penelope instead. Willow brings Athena in and both women show off their athleticism as they reverse and counter. Athena gets ahead with a dropkick and then catches Penelope on a Crossbody for a big press slam for two. Penelope backs Athena into her corner and hits her backspring elbow as Serena and Jamie hold Athena. Serena tags in next and gets on top of Athena early but Toni Storm soon tags in and takes control as the women’s world champion should. Storm splashes Serena in the corner and calls in Willow and Athena to do the same followed by a Hip Attack by Toni. Storm looks for Storm Zero but Serena gets out and her team help her take over to send us to break. Penelope, Serena and Jamie dominate throughout the break, isolating Toni and exchanging tags to keep the advantage.

We return to the action and it’s Serena and Toni in the ring, Storm creates an opening to make a tag but Serena nails an inverted dragon screw and takes Willow off the ring. Athena rushes in a Serena suplexes her as Jamie does the same to Willow. Penelope tags in but Toni kicks her away and then Serena tags in but gets the same treatment. Willow and Jamie tag in at the same time and a brief exchange ends in a Willow Spinebuster broken up by Deeb at two. Serena tags in and takes over before distracting the ref. Rebel tries to pull out a crutch to hit Willow and Saraya stops her before Willow hits a pounce in the ring. Penelope hits a Back Heel kick, Athena drops Ford, Toni comes in and Jamie hits her with a backbreaker and somehow in all of that, Penelope hits Willow with a cutter for two. I missed about four moves there but I didn’t miss Willow managing to take over and nailing Penelope with a huge Doctor Bomb and getting the win.

After the match, Britt and Saraya get in the ring to argue and then brawl. Saraya looks fine to me. Especially as she drops Rebel with a thrust kick to end the segment.

Rush Promo

Tony Schiavone is supposed to interview Rush but Jose takes over to berate Private Party for not helping Rush. Jose and Rush tell Private Party to start helping or end up in court.

National Scissoring Day with the Acclaimed & Daddy Ass

The Tag Team Champs come out and start the party with a Max Caster rap. They head to the ring with a podium set up and balloons in the corners.

The crowd love The Acclaimed as Bowens welcomes us to National Scissoring Day. He puts them over as being the best and then lets us know that 2022’s best-selling t-shirt is their own scissor me daddy ass shirts. He says that AEW stands for Acclaimed Every Wednesday. Anthony Bowens proclaims himself the Sultan of Scissor before he turns onto Keith Lee & “Sneaky” Swerve and tells them they don’t deserve to be the champs and tells Swerve this isn’t his house. Daddy Ass takes over and presents his boys with a present, a giant pair of golden scissors. Max then tells everyone in the audience to scissor before discussing greatness. He says Washington won the Superbowl 40 years ago with his dad on that team before saying that his Superbowl ring is like Caster's title. Bowens then says that there’s no arguing tonight and as they’re about to do the big scissor for peace, Swerve’s music interrupts them.

Swerve gets booed out of the building and says this is stupid and runs down The Acclaimed & Billy. Swerve challenges Billy to a match next week. Then out comes Mark Sterling with his petition again who ask The Acclaimed to sign it. He tries to get The Acclaimed to let Sterling represent them legally but they beat him up instead. Billy accepts Swerve’s challenge and then completes the scissor.

Dark Order Promo

Alex Reynolds discusses the fact that Friday is a year since Brodie Lee’s last match and they’ll represent him by winning the Trios championships. John Silver does an impression of PAC that sounds more like Drew McIntyre.

Madison Rayne Promo

Madison discusses being a coach and then Tay and Anna turn up to laugh at her and we get a tag match between Tay and Anna and Madison & Skye Blue who was there for no reason too.

Hangman Adam Page defeated Rush w/ Jose the Assistant via Pinfall (9:05)

This match begins with an unsurprising exchange of heavy strikes leading to chops before Hangman ends up getting nailed off the apron when Jose grabs his ankle. Rush attacks Hangman outside and then uses the camera cable to whip and choke Page. He continues his assault with the barricade and ring steps as we go to break. Rush rolls Hangman back into the ring and keeps him down with more strikes and a dropkick to the spine. Hangman tries to fire back with some chops and Rush beats him down in the corner and distracts the ref so Jose can choke Adam in the corner. Rush hits a delayed vertical suplex out of the corner and Hangman fires back only to get a punt from Rush.

We return to the match and Hangman fires back again and catches a crossbody to hit a fall away slam to get some separation. He pops up and Rush shuts him down again as we see MJF watching backstage. Hangman fights back with a springboard lariat followed by a dive over the ropes to the floor where Rush ended up. Hangman rolls Rush back in and then catches Rush on whatever he was planning to nail a Death Valley driver for two. Hangman and Rush end up exchanging strikes again and Rush wins out but Hangman fights out of getting stomped in the corner with a jack knife cover for two. Jose stops Hangman hitting a Buckshot Lariat and Rush counters with a Knee and a Straightjacket piledriver for two. Rush goes for the Bull’s Horns but runs into a Hangman Lariat instead followed by one of the Buckshot variety to pick up the victory. This was excellent strong style wrestling.

Private Party head to the ring after the match and so does Jon Moxley who makes them back off and grabs a mic. He rolls into the ring and tells Hangman he’s been waiting for this match for three years and he knew Hangman was coming and the two of them have beaten everyone in AEW except each other. After October 18th, there will be one last man standing in AEW and Mox promises to break Hangman’s face and choke him until he’s blue because Page is the one man standing in his way. He says he respects and admires Hangman but once the bell rings, that all goes out the window. Page responds as Moxley is leaving to ask him where he’s going if he’s been waiting so long. Moxley comes back and tells Hangman he’s a sweet kid but his mouth gets him in trouble and he’ll let it slide just this once.

Willow Nightingale Interview

Willow is asked about her victory and asks to challenge Jade at Battle of the Belts. Jade and the baddies appear and brush her off but Willow won’t back down and wants to be the 1 in 38 and 1.

Luchasaurus w/ Christian Cage defeated Fuego Del Sol via Pinfall (0:26)

Chokeslam. Cut Throat. Pin. The dinosaur wins.

Christian demands Luchasaurus continues after the match and Jungle Boy saves Fuego with a chair. Jack grabs a mic and tells Luchasaurus he was his best friend and he chose Christian and broke his heart. Jack promises to break Luchasaurus in return and he can pick the time and place. Christian says he told Jack to not come back and says that the match will be next week in Canada.

PAC vs Trent Video Package

A lot of talking. This match should slap though.

Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara defeated Daniel Garcia & Bryan Danielson via Pinfall (14:25)

The main event hitting the ring at 4 minutes to the top of the hour would normally be a source of concern but we have an extension to this special anniversary edition. Jericho & Sammy come out first before Garcia and then Bryan Danielson join them. Garcia and Jericho begin in the ring as the bell sounds and Jericho offers a handshake. Garcia shakes it and Jericho gets an early arm drag before Garcia begins to outwrestle the ROH world champion. Garcia lets him up and Jericho begins a heavy chop exchange between the two before Sammy sweeps the leg of Garcia away and tags in to beat on Daniel. Guevara mocks Danielson before returning to Garcia who responds with a low dropkick. Danielson tags in, takes Jericho off the apron then beats Sammy into the corner where he kicks him into the chest. Danielson leaves Sammy to hit Jericho with a Tope Suicida, Sammy tries to follow with one of his own but Danielson cuts him off with the elbow to send us to our final break. Danielson kicks Sammy in the chest repeatedly before Guevara escapes and tags out to Jericho who comes in and gets put in Cattle Mutilation. Jericho fights out and locks in The Walls of Jericho but Danielson escapes and Jericho knocks Garcia off the apron.

When we return, Danielson manages to take back over but Sammy tags himself in only for Danielson to continue on offense. Guevara and Danielson end up on the top rope and Sammy brings them down with a Spanish fly for two. Jericho tags in to pose after he and Sammy drop Danielson before Sammy tags back in and he and Bryan both collide in the middle. They both make tags and Garcia and Jericho stare down. Sammy is dismissed and then the two men brawl. Garcia takes over with stomps in the corner and gets a two from a Suplex and then hits a PK. He tries for another, Jericho counters, Garcia counters back and locks in the Dragon Tamer. Sammy makes the save with a thrust kick then takes out Danielson with a dive before Jericho tries to pin Garcia but only gets a two. Jericho initiates another strike exchange which ends in Garcia getting his knees up on a Lionsault. Jericho tags out and Guevara gets caught with a LeBell lock. Jericho gets the same from Danielson before stereo hammer & anvil elbows. They get rid of Jericho and take Sammy up top. Sammy lands on his feet and hits a corkscrew kick to Garcia and a Spanish Fly to Danielson. He pops Garcia up to kick him in the back for two before he tries for a GTH. Garcia blocks it and nails a piledriver. He goes for the pin; Jericho breaks it up before a Danielson knee strike deals with him. Garcia and Sammy go back and forth with strikes until they both go down. On the outside, Jericho suplexes Danielson through the timekeeper’s table after they brawl on the floor. Back in the ring, Sammy hits the rising knee and the GTH. He beats him down some more then climbs to the top rope and goes for a Shooting Star but Garcia gets his knees up again and then locks in the Dragon Tamer but Jericho breaks it up with a title belt to Garcia’s head. Sammy crawls over to the lifeless body of Garcia and picks up the victory. Boo. Great match though.

Pretty good show tonight. Once again, the in-ring stuff in unquestionably great but they still need to work on their storytelling to get back to their best again. An 8 out of 10 for me regardless but what did you think? Let us know in the comments, let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen and see you all here on Friday for Rampage AND Battle of the Belts 4. Adios.

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