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AEW Rampage: Grand Slam Full Recap (September 23, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Sep 24, 2022

AEW Rampage: Grand Slam Full Recap (September 23, 2022)

It’s Friday, you know what that means! We can’t say it’s the fastest hour in pro wrestling this week but we can still say it’s time for another episode of AEW Rampage, this time a bumper 2 hour, 8 match edition! There’s plenty to look forward to on this absolutely stacked show so let’s waste no more time, with JR, Excalibur, Chris Jericho & Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s get straight to the wrestling!

Darby Allin & Sting defeated The House of Black (Brody King & Buddy Matthews) w/ Julia Hart via Pinfall (12:39) in a No DQ Tag Team Match

Two hours means that we aren’t losing out on entrances on the first match and thank God! House of Black begin to make their entrance and Darby & Sting attack from behind as we get to a hot start. Sting fights Buddy on the ramp whilst Julia is hanging on to the Icon’s back and Darby and Brody head to the ring. Eventually all four men are ringside and it’s the House of Black in the dominant position as King sets up some tables then batters Allin in the ring, chopping him hard to the outside and then turning his attention to Sting. Buddy sets up some tables whilst he does before the two men reconvene in the ring to swarm around Sting who puts up a fight until the numbers game catches up with him, or does it? Brody tries to lariat Sting but misses and hits Buddy instead, King does however escape from a Scorpion Death Drop and takes Sting to the top rope but Darby saves him with an avalanche code red for two. He follows up with a Low Tope to Buddy who catches him with a knee and then brawls up on the apron with Sting. Sting gets the upper hand and knocks him onto the table but before he can dive onto Matthews, Brody pushes him and Buddy moves to leave Sting as the only one to go through the table. Julia re-emerges with handcuffs and the House of Black put them on Sting as we go to break. Darby flies into the ring to help his partner but it’s two on one and he joins his partner as a helpless body in the ring for Brody & Buddy to demolish.

When we return, Brody and Buddy have Darby up on the ramp and are continuing the punishment up there whilst Sting is helpless in the ring. They try to hit the Dante’s Inferno and Allin finally escapes before climbing up the entrance tunnel and he nails Buddy with a Coffin Drop only for Brody to shut him down straight away and King goes to Gorilla Press Allin but Darby escapes again. He goes for a Coffin Splash but King grabs him in a choke before they both fall off the apron through more tables. Julia hands a bat to Buddy Matthews and they head to the ring. Sting laughs at them and they sit him down in a chair. Sting is about to get hit in the head when the lights go out and The Great Muta appears when the lights come back on. He heads down to the ring slowly before facing off with Buddy Matthews. The crowd chant Muta as he stares down with his old rival Sting but he chooses to stand with the Icon who dragonscrews Matthews and poison mists him. Buddy bumps into Julia and she falls from the apron through a table before Sting escapes the cuffs and hits the Scorpion Death Drop to pick up the win.

Sting & Muta shake hands in a very cool moment after the match.

HOOK & Action Bronson defeated The Jericho Appreciation Society (Matt Menard & Angelo Parker) via Submission (5:08)

The JAS make their entrance before Action Bronson raps Hook and himself to the ring in another awesome moment.

Taz joins commentary as Angelo gets off to a good start but Hook deals with everything before hitting him with the El Camino. Angelo tags out and Matt Menard begs for Action Bronson. Hook obliges and Bronson takes shoulder tackles from Menard before flattening him and then splashing both opponents in the corner. Hook tags in and hits a Northern Lights Suplex and transitions to a Bow & Arrow but Parker breaks it up to allow the JAS to attack and beat him down in the corner. They hit him with a Backbreaker and a running knee for two as they isolate Hook in their corner and continue to utilise quick tags. Hook can’t seem to get any space to make the tag but he manages it and Bronson explodes in with a Shoulder Tackle & a Lariat before hitting an Oklahoma Stampede on Parker and then just Trucking Menard. Hook tags in and hits a Release Fishermans Suplex before putting the RedRum on Parker. Bronson does the same to Menard and they both tap as Hook & Action Bronson win.

WardJoe (Wardlow & Samoa Joe) defeated Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling via Pinfall (2:24)

We return from break with Sterling and his boys in the ring and Sterling on the mic complaining about Wardlow trying to Powerbomb him. He’s soon shut up by the TNT Champion’s entrance followed by his partner. On paper, Wardjoe could take over the tag team division with ease if they wanted to. They both make a quick start to brawl with their opponents. Joe and Nese head to the floor as Wardlow and Woods become the legal men. Wardlow is on top until Woods pulls out a German Suplex but he celebrates it too hard and Wardlow grabs him for two Belly-to-Belly Suplexes. Wardlow and Woods spill to the floor and Wardlow grabs his knee. Samoa Joe and Tony Nese enter the ring and Joe just ignores Nese on a Moonsault to let him crash to the mat. Nese comes back and he begins to target the arm but Joe grabs him with a huge Ura Nage out of the corner before pulling out the Muscle Buster to get the quick win.

Woods and Nese attack Joe after the bell before Wardlow makes the save whilst hobbling. He gets Nese ready for a Powerbomb and Sterling hits Wardlow with his own belt but it has no effect. Joe stops him running away and gives him to Wardlow for the Powerbomb. He also picks him up and hands him over for the second and the third.

Jungle Boy Promo

Jungle Boy puts over Rey Fenix and discusses their past meetings.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry defeated Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes via Pinfall (17:56)

The promo leads straight into Jungle Boy’s entrance. He’s also having his name announced now which shows him becoming a more serious wrestler in AEW. Fenix tries to get off to a quick start but Jack is ready for him and manages to take over with a Tijeras and a dropkick to take Fenix down. Rey fights back with some incredible springboards into an arm drag and then the two men trade strikes. We head to break as Fenix hits a Hook Kick and then a sliding dropkick sends Jungle Boy to the floor. Fenix follows outside and uses the apron to attack the taped back of Perry whilst continuing to pepper his chest with chops and kicks. They head back into the ring and spends some time working over the arm and back of Jack on the mat with submissions. Jungle Boy tries to fight back but Fenix uses his experience to regain control on the outside and we’re sent to the blackout with a chop that echoes throughout the arena.

When we return, we’re back in the ring but Fenix is still on top. The two men exchange palm strikes before Jack turns to flying forearms to drop Rey and then he pulls out the Comebacker Lariat to keep control. He gets a two count from the Sheer Drop Brainbuster and Fenix rolls out but Jungle Boy hits an Elbow Suicida and then back in the ring he nails a Poisonrana but Fenix hits a cutter straight away for the double down. The crowd sound their appreciation as both men struggle to their feet, they meet in the middle, exchanging strikes again and then Jungle Boy pulls out a great Hurricanrana for two as Fenix tries for the Powerbomb. The two men end up on the apron and Fenix takes over with an Arm Wringer but Jack comes back with a huge Forearm. Jack tries a Powerbomb but Fenix holds on and kicks Jack in the head before he leaps from the apron into Jungle Boy Thrust Kick to send us to one last break. Both men are struggling on the floor and manage to make it into the ring eventually. They crawl towards each other before the battle resumes with another strike exchange and this one is more brutal than all of the others combined with both men on their knees throwing everything they have before both run out of gas and need a break.

When we return, the two men have just shaken hands and resumed their war of striking Fenix seems to be on top as he hits a Facebuster and follows with a Gory Cutter for a two count. Fenix lands a Corkscrew kick and heads out to the ramp before landing an Escalera Crossbody for another two. He takes Perry to the top rope but Jack escapes and then pulls out a Powerbomb for his own two count and another when he nails Fenix with an elbow to the back of the head. Fenix fights back with kicks again and then hits Jack with the three amigos except Jack counters the third with a crazy looking move Excalibur calls a Cradle Shock for another two! Jack heads up top but Fenix sweeps the legs to stop him and heads up there himself. He pulls out a huge frogsplash but he takes too long getting to the pin so it’s yet another two. Fenix stays on the attack and tries for the Black Fire Driver only to have Jungle Boy roll him up and grab the win! What a great match!!!

The two men shake hands and show respect to each other after the match. They truly gave each other everything they had but Jungle Boy’s celebration is cut off by Christian Cage’s music as we go to break for the first hour. When we return, Luchasaurus attacks Jack from behind and Christian watches on as Jack is beaten up by his former tag team partner. Christian talks down to the crowd before turning to Jungle Boy and telling him that he can’t beat him whilst Luchasaurus steps on his neck. Christian says this is his last warning and tells him not to come back before telling his henchman to finish Jungle Boy which he does with a huge Chokeslam.

Jericho Appreciation Society Interview

On Wednesday, Alex Marvez asks Jericho about winning the ROH title and Jericho announces a party next week. Garcia wants to tell Chris something but he tells him to save it until next week.

Eddie Kingston defeated Sammy Guevara w/ Tay Melo via Submission (7:44) HOWEVER, This Decision Was Reversed by Paul Turner

Eddie Kingston heads out first for our first match of the second half of the show and Sammy follows him with Tay. Sammy grabs a mic before the match and says that he’s sorry and calls him a fat piece of shit. Eddie attacks him and gauges the eyes before they brawl to the floor. Eddie is beating the hell out of Sammy and the crowd love it. Kingston gives Sammy some free shots but responds by not being moved and poking the eyes. Eddie & Sammy end up on the apron with Eddie trying for a Piledriver but Sammy reverses into a back body drop and then kicks him in the face to send us to break. Sammy does snow angels in the ring as he tells the ref to count Eddie out. Eddie gets in at 8 and Guevara swarms him straight away with strikes in the corner. Eddie fires back with a chop but Sammy goes for the eyes this time. Eddie takes everything Sammy throws at him and begs for more before the two men slap each other and Sammy bites Eddie.

We return to the match and Sammy hits a Suplex but misses the Moonsault and that lets Eddie take over until Tay tries to trip Eddie and Sammy hits a knee strike. He follows with a kick to the head before hitting the double springboard cutter for two. Sammy calls for a GTH but Kingston fights back with huge lariat and follows that with machine gun chops in the corner. Guevara tries another double springboard cutter but Kingston sees it coming and nails a Back Drop Driver but misses the Uraken. Sammy hits three big kicks but Kingston hits a Half and Half Suplex and then three Urakens to drop Sammy down but he locks in the Stretch Plum to win the match.

He refuses to let go after the bell so Paul Turner changes the decision and Eddie gets mad and beats up all the security.

Jade Cargill w/ Kiera Hogan & Leila Grey defeated Diamante w/ Trina via Pinfall (2:35) to retain the TBS Championship

TBS title match next. Diamante comes out with Trina and Jade bring her Baddies. Diamante tries to kick at the leg of Jade but Cargill takes over quickly. Diamante responds by swarming Jade in the corner and then trying to avoid Jade’s pump kick and roll her up but Jade doesn’t miss that often and hits it. Diamante fights back with dropkicks and sends Jade to the floor. The challenger follows with a Crossbody but Jade catches her and slams her on the apron before heading back into the ring and hitting the Jaded. Goodnight.

Trina gets into the ring after the match and slaps Diamante before shaking hands with Jade.

Hangman Adam Page defeated Lance Archer, Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh, Penta El Zero Miedo w/ Alex Abrahantes, John Silver, Evil Uno, Rush w/ Jose The Assistant, Cole Karter, Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana, 10, Dante Martin, Dalton Castle w/ Boy one & Boy Two, Danhausen, Matt Hardy, Jake Hager, Trent Beretta, Daniel Garcia, Lee Moriarty w/ W Morrissey & Stokely Hathaway, QT Marshall, The Butcher, The Blade, Isiah Kassidy, Marq Quen, Chuck Taylor & Ari Daivari (13:19) in The Golden Ticket Battle Royale for an AEW World Championship Match on October 18

It’s 4:20 AM and I have no idea how I’m going to keep up with a battle royale but here goes. The Butcher & The Blade attack Hangman Adam Page as he makes his entrance. Private Party join in and The Dark Order come out to make the save. Eventually everyone is out and its chaos outside the ring. Oh yeah, Paul Wight is on commentary. We return from break and everyone gets in the ring. Ari Daivari is the first to be eliminated. Cole Karter is next thanks to Danhausen cursing him and Best Friends. Danhausen curses QT who goes out next thanks to Danhausen & Hangman before Butcher & Blade remove Danhausen. Brian Cage deals with Dante. Jake Hager is removed by Best Friends but Brian Cage deals with Chuck and then fights with Dalton Castle who is saved by the Boys. Dalton then eliminates Cage and then Archer brawls with Trent and Trent is eliminated. Castle goes thanks to Garcia, Garcia thanks to Moriarty and Moriarty thanks to Matt Hardy. We go to break here somehow. Nobody is eliminated before the blackout occurs.

When we return, we’re told 10 has been eliminated before Butcher & Blade attack Private Party but Matt Hardy saves them. Matt hits Blade with a Twist of Fate and eliminates him before hugging Private Party. Rush and Butcher eliminate the three of them before they target Evil Uno and eliminated him. Hangman eliminated The Butcher next and then Silver and Rush brawl until Rush gets the elimination. Penta gets rid of Lance Archer and then he squares off with Jay Lethal. Satnam Singh saves Lethal and he comes back to get rid of him but Hangman deals with Lethal. We’re down to Rush & Hangman. They exchange heavy strikes in the middle of the ring and then show some excellent counter wrestling before they both almost get eliminated. They end up on the apron and exchange strikes again. Rush says it's over and he’s right but it’s because Hangman wins by nailing Rush with the Deadeye to eliminate him!

Mark Henry Main Event Interview

Powerhouse Hobbs interrupts Mark Henry to put Starks over but remind him that he won in 4 minutes and nothing is going to change tonight. Starks responds by telling him that the last match was a one off and tonight he’s going to close the Book of Hobbs. Looks like we’ve had enough talk, it’s time for the Main Event!

Ricky Starks defeated Powerhouse Hobbs via Pinfall (11:51) in a Lights Out Match

We haven’t had a lights out match in a while so this is exciting. Hobbs emerges first, Ricky gets another cool, artsy entrance video before his actual entrance. The bell rings and both men slug it out in the middle before Starks surprises Hobbs and takes over early on with quick movements and misdirection. Starks sends Hobbs into the steel steps before heading back into the ring. Hobbs fights back with a brutal looking neckbreaker, targeting Ricky’s weak spot early on. Hobbs brings out a table and throws it onto Ricky as Jericho calls Hobbs the Sports Entertainer of the Week. We head to break whilst Hobbs is retrieving chairs from under the ring and tossing them inside. He pulls out a chain to wrap around his knuckles whilst he punches Starks in the ribs. He sets up the table in the corner of the ring and then grabs the belt off the pants of Justin Roberts to whip Ricky with. Starks grabs the belt and manages to return fire but back in the ring, Hobbs plants him with a Sit Out Powerbomb and then sets up a chair in a different corner to the table between the turnbuckles.

We return as Hobbs hits Starks with the chair and sets it up in a third corner before charging into one of the chairs holding Ricky but Starks sends Hobbs into the other chair then pulls out a DDT for a two count! Hobbs grabs the chair this time but Hobbs pulls out a low blow. Hobbs sets two chairs up in the middle of the ring but Starks pulls out his own low blow and then repositions the chairs back-to-back. He tries to hoist Hobbs up for a Roshambo but Hobbs counters with a Back Body Drop onto the top of the chairs. Hobbs stacks up the chairs in the middle and hits him with a Running Powerslam for a two count. Ricky crawls out to the ramp and Hobbs follows, looming over him as he tries to get away. Starks throws everything he has left at Hobbs but it’s not enough until they get to the top of the ramp where he misses a spear. Hobbs rips a light out on the ramp and chases Ricky back to the ring with it but Ricky turns the tables and spears Hobbs through the table. Starks takes the light from Hobbs and hits him in the head with it before nailing the Roshambo and picking up the win!

That was a very good episode of wrestling tv at a very bad time for me as it is now 5AM and I am yawning profusely. 9/10 Rampage for me but what did you think? Let us know in the comments, let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen and have a great weekend. Adios.

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