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AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam Full Recap (September 21, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Sep 21, 2022

AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam Full Recap (September 21, 2022)

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s AEW Dynamite and it’s arguably the biggest show of the year for AEW as they take over Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York for the second time. We’ll have a two-hour episode of Rampage taped after this show too so it’s a busy night for those fans in attendance. For them, and us watching from home, we have 5 title matches and no time to waste. With Excalibur, Ian Riccaboni & Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s get straight to the wrestling!

Chris Jericho defeated Claudio Castagnoli via Pinfall (14:47) to become NEW ROH World Championship

Riccaboni being on commentary is soon explained as Judas echoes around the stadium to start the show meaning we’re starting with the ROH title match. Champion, Claudio Castagnoli follows him to the ring and Bobby Cruise announces them all. Cary Silkin is in the crowd and he’s a huge part of ROH history. We start off with a handshake reluctantly accepted by Jericho who spits in the face of Castagnoli and immediately Claudio responds with big strikes to put Jericho on the back foot before he presses him into the ropes and then kicks him over the top to the floor. Claudio soon joins him outside with an uppercut and Jericho uses Silkin as a human shield to turn the tables on Claudio. He attacks with chops and returns Claudio to the ring before heading back to the ring from the top rope into Castagnoli’s uppercut for our first pin attempt. Jericho kicks out at one and tries to go strike for strike with Claudio, not wise as the champ soon is on top and Jericho counters with a cross chop to the throat. Claudio responds with another uppercut and then we go strike for strike again, this time on the apron and Chris rakes the eyes to get on top before he suplexes the Swiss champion to the floor and sends us to break. Jericho beats up Claudio on the outside before they head back into the ring and Jericho continues with a Suplex and begins to posture to the huge crowd. Castagnoli gets up with uppercuts but misses the one in the corner and Jericho takes over again with a catapult under the bottom rope. Jericho continues around the ring with chops and Claudio heads back on the attack with uppercuts.

We return to the action and Claudio drops Jericho with a big boot out of the corner. The champion climbs to the top but Chris cuts him off and then chops him before joining him on the top rope for the hurricanrana. Castagnoli uses his strength to block it the first time but Jericho nails it the second time for two. Jericho tries for the Codebreaker and Castagnoli blocks that and hits a Pop-Up Uppercut for two before nailing him with the BCC Hammer & Anvil elbows. Jericho fights his way out of a giant swing so Claudio hits him with foot stomps for two and then Castagnoli locks in a Sharpshooter and locks it in hard. Jericho eventually makes the bottom rope and Claudio breaks the hold. Claudio turns a low blow from the challenger into a Ricola Bomb but Jericho kicks out at 2.9. Castagnoli continues to attack until Jericho nails a Codebreaker out of nowhere to get another two count and Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho and he locks it in just as hard as Claudio had. Castagnoli fights out and then stops Jericho into the mat. He puts Jericho into the giant swing. He hits a Lariat for another two count and even I feel dizzy after that. Jericho sneaks his bat into the ring but Castagnoli blocks it but Jericho pulls out the low blow behind the ref’s back and then nails the Judas Effect to become the new ROH champion. WOW. The Ocho!

The JAS come out to celebrate with Jericho and Daniel Garcia does not look happy to be there!

Moxley vs Danielson Video Package

This came from the road to video but that doesn’t make it any less epic!

The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) w/ Billy Gunn defeated Swerve In Our Glory (Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee) via Pinfall (13:44) to become NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions

Tag title time and the audience are caught between booing and dancing as Swerve comes out with yet another celebrity that he’s “nuthugging”, Fabulous. Riccaboni isn’t on commentary any longer and then it’s time for The Acclaimed who come out with Daddy Ass and Dj Whoo Kid. The crowd lap up the first Caster rap we’ve had in a while and then it’s time to go! The crowd immediately begin with the Oh Scissor Me Daddy chants as Anthony Bowens stands across the ring from Keith Lee to start. Bowens tries a take down and Keith blocks him before tossing him away. He tries a headlock before Keith throws him off and then ends up taking Bowens down with a Hurricanrana out of nowhere! Max Caster tags in but is soon backed into the corner by Lee. Keith lets him out and Caster counters a Beell into an Arm Drag before he and Bowens try to scissor and Swerve tags in to take them both down with a dropkick to send us to break. Swerve isolates Caster in the corner and works over his knee with a low dropkick before Caster is taken to the Swerve in our Glory corner and the champions exchange tags and keep isolating Max.

When we return, it’s Max Caster in the ring with Keith trying to fight back and he manages to get away from them after attacking both opponents and nailing Keith Lee with a Brainbuster. Caster finally makes the tag out and Bowens takes out both Swerve and Lee with kicks but Swerve comes back with his own kicks to drop Bowens after a kick to the knee. Swerve tags in finally to become legal but Bowens fights out of the Double Team Stomp and then fights off Swerve until he walks into a Keith Lee headbutt and his momentum stalls. Keith Lee beells Bowens onto the solid entrance ramp and then he targets Max Caster. Keith Lee heads to the middle rope but misses the Moonsault when Caster rolls in. All four men are down but Max and Keith manage until Swerve emerges with the Acclaimed’s Boombox and hits Keith with it after Swerve missed Caster. The two members of The Acclaimed scissor but Caster’s knee gives out on the Mic Drop. The pin gets only a two from Bowens then Caster recovers enough to tag in. Swerve tags in too and nails him with a kick to the jaw but Caster nails him with a Back Suplex. Caster heads up top again so Swerve cuts him off and set him up for a double team and then a double team Powerbomb but somehow Caster kicks out at 2.9. Swerve hits both of the Acclaimed outside the ring with a Springboard 450 before Swerve tries to get Billy to hit him and he does behind the ref’s back. Back in the ring, Bowens hits The Arrival, Caster nails the Mic Drop and The Acclaimed become new AEW World Tag Team Champions! Two title changes tonight already!

They celebrate and scissor with Daddy Ass. Swerve and Keith are stunned.

FTR Interview

Lexy Nair asks FTR about the title switch, FTR congratulate The Acclaimed and challenge them but The Gunns turn up to mock them. I think that’ll be the match first.

Wheeler Yuta Interview

Tony Schiavone asks Yuta about the title match on the stage and before he can respond, immediately MJF’s music hits. He gets a loud ovation and anoints the fans his devil worshippers and then he begins to run Yuta down. Yuta interrupts him and tells MJF he’s a generational talent but he has more catchphrases than friends. He congratulates Max on his engagement before he has his turn running MJF down telling him she’ll walk out on him like he did on AEW. MJF says he wants to wish the other members of the Blackpool “Cuckold” Club luck on winning the title and on losing to him in advance.

He then runs down both Moxley and Danielson before turning to William Regal. Yuta punches him, MJF responds with a Headbutt before he pushes Tony Schiavone to the floor and then Wheeler attacks until W Morrisey comes out to choke Yuta with a belt while Max loads up the ring and knocks Wheeler out.

Jade Cargill Interview

Jade answers Schiavone’s question but Diamante soon interrupts her to introduce Trina. I don’t know either.

PAC defeated Orange Cassidy via Pinfall (12:23) to retain the AEW All-Atlantic Championship

We begin the All-Atlantic title match with a slow start as always. Cassidy takes off his sunglasses before throwing them at PAC. He teases going for the pockets to goad PAC in and then Cassidy counters with roll ups for two and tries the Orange Punch but PAC avoids it and now Cassidy puts the hands in his pockets. He hits the soft kicks and nails PAC with a dropkick but PAC hits back with one of his own and he stomps Orange down in the corner. They head outside and PAC just dominates Cassidy, throwing him into the apron repeatedly before using the ring post in the same fashion. PAC heads back in the ring and hits Orange with a Tope Con Hilo before PAC hits another Dropkick, from the top rope this time for just a one count. PAC throws Cassidy into the corner and that’s what sends us to break as the Bastard maintains his dominance. Cassidy manages to fight back during the break but after he hits a Crossbody, PAC hits him with a Release German Suplex and then the same move but this time holding on and bridging for a two count.

When we return, it’s still all PAC as Cassidy seems to be almost out of it but he manages to give PAC a thumbs up to wind the bastard up. It works and he gets beaten down in the corner before PAC climbs up top and Cassidy slowly rolls away. PAC instead hits him with another German Suplex and then he heads up top again but Orange puts his feet up whilst still lying down. PAC gets down and Cassidy almost rolls him up. PAC blocks the Cassidy DDT but gets hit with the Stundog Millionaire instead. Cassidy manages to hit a Tope Suicida then back in the ring he nails him with two big DDTs but PAC still kicks out at 2.9. Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch but PAC counters with a Suplex and tries a Brutaliser but Cassidy rolls the champion up for two. Orange nails the Orange Punch but PAC grabs the bottom rope at 2.999. PAC rolls out of the ring and grabs the hammer for the ring bell and manages to nail Cassidy with it. They return to the ring and it’s as simple as covering him from there to retain his title.

Toni Storm defeated Athena, Britt Baker w/ Rebel & Serena Deeb via Pinfall (9:49) to retain the Interim AEW Women’s World Championship

Next up, in their usual slot, the women come out with the Interim title on the line. Toni and Athena take out Serena and Britt to go back and forth between themselves in the ring. They’re pretty evenly matched early on, both getting a two count from a roll up before Serena comes in for her own two count on Athena. She locks Athena and Toni in submissions before suplexing Athena. Britt comes in to try and pin Serena with a crucifix before Britt and Serena get to fight. Serena is taken down by a Slingblade and then Toni attacks Britt to take control with a couple of good suplexes. Toni goes up top, Serena stops her and joins her up top, Britt tries to help before Athena hits the Tower of Doom to send us to break. Athena is up first and then Britt takes her out, Toni hits Britt, Serena attacks Toni and then Britt begins to attack Athena with the help of Rebel. All four women end up back in the ring with Britt and Toni fighting and Athena and Serena doing the same.

When we return to the match, Toni has Britt locked in a single leg crab and Serena has the same on Athena. Toni and Serena slap each other before they let go of the holds to exchange strikes properly. Toni wins out and hits Athena with Hip Attack. Britt pulls out a Swinging Neckbreaker, Athena takes out Britt, Serena comes back in to deal with Athena before Britt and Serena battle. Deeb takes her out, hits a Dragonscrew on Athena in the ropes and a Neckbreaker in the ring to Toni Storm for two before putting Toni in the Serenity lock. Britt breaks that up but Athena takes her down before managing to hit a slam on both Britt and Serena at the same time. Athena pulls out a crazy reverse Slingshot onto Toni but Serena breaks it up. Serena fights with Athena but before Toni beats them both. Britt tries a quick roll up crucifix on Toni but Storm reverses it and holds on to retain her title.

After the match, Britt attacks Toni and then Jamie runs out and reunites with the doctor. Serena also attacks Athena. Britt hits the stomp on Athena and they look like they’re about to put Toni in the Lockjaw before they’re interrupted...

BY SARAYA! The former Paige clears the ring with just her presence as the crowd go wild!

Darby Allin Video

A typical Darby Allin movie about him and Sting vs The House of Black.

Jon Moxley defeated Bryan Danielson via Referee Stoppage (19:29) to become the NEW AEW World Champion

Main Event time. Goodness me! William Regal joins commentary. Both men make their entrances, Justin Roberts makes the introductions and it’s time! We see MJF with his chip watching on before the bell rings and we begin with a strong lock up before they roll around on the mat, only letting go of that endeavour to exchange hard palm strikes to the chest of their opponent. Danielson has Moxley down on the mat but not for long as Jon fights back to his feet. Danielson lands a headbutt and manages to get control of the match, beating Moxley down in the corner and firing Moxley up. Jon manages to fight his way out and then it’s him with control in the corner. Not for long as it’s Danielson landing another big kick in the corner, following up with palm strikes and kicks. Danielson lands a Kitchen Sink and then kicks to the back and chest of Jon Moxley. Moxley dodges a Dropkick in the corner before it’s him laying in the kicks to the spine of his teammate and opponent. Danielson comes back with heavy chops before putting Moxley on the top rope and kicking him to the floor. He follows with a knee strike from the apron and a Dropkick from the top rope. Danielson attacks the arm of Moxley and Jon fights back to bring him out the apron before Danielson nails a German Suplex on the apron and we head to our final break. Danielson begins to toss Moxley into the ring posts arm first and then just relentlessly targets the arm in the ring with submissions, kicks and stomps

We return and it’s still all Bryan Danielson with Moxley’s arm metaphorically hanging of. Moxley manages to fire back with elbows from his good arm but Danielson nails him with the Busaiku Knee and Mox kicks out. Danielson hits another throw but Moxley reverses the top rope dropkick into a single leg crab. Danielson fights out but Moxley nails him with a release suplex. Moxley finally takes control and takes Danielson to the top rope, scratching at the back and headbutting him in order to hit the Superplex but Bryan escapes to crotch Moxley and then hit the Superplex himself. Danielson clutches at the ankle but crawls for a pin but at two, Moxley transitions to a LeBell Lock. Danielson fights out and they exchange blows before they fight each other stood on their heads! Danielson wins out and locks Moxley in Cattle Mutilation but Jon fights out again and Danielson hits the Hammer & Anvil elbows before Danielson staggers Moxley with a roundhouse kick and Moxley nails him with the Lariat. Danielson pulls out yet another Busaiku Knee and Moxley still won’t stay down. Bryan kicks Moxley’s chest over and over until Moxley blocks one and then stomps at the ankle and achilles before he nails the Death Rider and Danielson kicks out! The two men have little left in the tank but fight back and forth. Danielson stomps at Moxley’s head before Mox does the same and Danielson locks in a Triangle Sleeper. They transition back and forth again until Danielson has the LeBell lock and Moxley somehow makes the ropes. They end up fighting out to the ramp and Moxley hits a Death Rider on the stage and Danielson rolls into the ring but he still kicks out at 2.9. Moxley locks in a choke and no matter what Bryan does, Moxley won’t let go and the referee calls for the bell. Jon Moxley wins and becomes the first ever three-time AEW World Champion! MJF looks on from the crowd but doesn’t cash in his chip as the show closes with William Regal joining his two warriors in the ring.

What a great night of wrestling. A solid 9/10 episode of Dynamite. Those in attendance have two more hours to look forward to but we’ll have to wait until Friday to see that. I’ll be back then but let us know what you thought of tonight’s show in the comments or let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen. Adios.

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