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AEW Dynamite Full Recap (August 17, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Aug 17, 2022

AEW Dynamite Full Recap (August 17, 2022)

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! It’s time for another episode of AEW Dynamite and building from last week’s Quake by the Lake, we have another excellent card on paper where AEW are centring the show around CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and the potential return of Kenny Omega. This show is being presented by the new Game of Thrones show, House of the Dragon so expect lots of dragon references, including Ricky the Dragon Steamboat as a guest timekeeper. So, with Excalibur, JR, Taz and Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s get straight to the wrestling!

CM Punk Promo

After a cool looking video to promote the House of the Dragon show we begin with the familiar static of Cult of Personality and CM Punk emerges to open the show. Punk lets the crowd chant his name before he begins to speak. Punk says he tried to put his tough guy face on but the crowd make him smile and he doesn’t have the prettiest one of those but he does have the prettiest belt. Punk then says he wants to challenge someone to a rematch and he calls out Hangman for a rematch right now! He sits in the ring awaiting a response but we don’t get one. Punk calls Hangman a coward and then says he needs an apology for that and if anyone else has a problem with him to come out now. Nobody answers this either and Punk says he’s number one in this ring even if Moxley is their favourite. Punk says Moxley has always been number two and Punk has his number. He says Mox is the third best guy in his group and that seems to be a reoccurring theme for him. Punk keeps talking about Moxley and says he’s only been the temporary champ but Moxley isn’t willing to test himself against Eddie Kingston and he’s the third best Eddie and the second-best Kingston he’s been in the ring with. Punk says he’s missed the crowd and Punk says he’s looking forward to All Out and Moxley won’t even be the first John he’s beaten in Chicago and he’s not the best either.

Moxley’s music finally hits and CM Punk says he has time so he’ll make snow angels and sings along to Wild Thing. Moxley takes his time and proves Punk right as he slowly makes his way through the crowd and into the ring. He grabs a mic on the way and when the music stops Moxley tells everyone to watch out because Punk is dropping Pipe bombs and writing cheques with his mouth his body can’t cash. Moxley says Punk isn’t the best wrestler in catering and he says that all the words he says means as much as both of their belts do until they can settle who the real champ is. Moxley says he’s the heart and soul of AEW and Punk responds that he’ll be the dollars and cents. Moxley says Punk only came here for the money and they both know Punk is out of fighting spirit which is a key part of being a champ. Moxley challenges Punk to prove him wrong and Punk says he’s afraid Mox will bleed all over him and they end up exchanging strikes until their broken up. They keep trying to brawl until we move on.

Powerhouse Hobbs Interview

Schiavone asks Hobbs why he attacked Ricky and he says Ricky is okay with losing and Hobbs isn’t. Hobbs was hired to keep Starks as FTW champ and Ricky couldn’t do it so now, he’s here to break backs and necks. He also sends a warning message to the Factory.

Bryan Danielson defeated Daniel Garcia 2-1 (25:57) in a Best Two Out of Three Falls Match

Chris Jericho joins commentary first with a full entrance. Bryan Danielson then heads out and I’m not ready for the anxiety attack that he’s about to induce on me. He shakes Ricky the Dragon Steamboat’s hand on his way to the ring, the first time we see the guest timekeeper. Garcia then makes his entrance complete with his new Dragon Slayer moniker. The bell rings and Danielson gets an early takedown but Garcia matches him but then Danielson begins landing strikes. Garcia escapes again and tries another takedown but Danielson lays in body shots and gets a knee bar before kicks to the head from both men on the floor. The two men roll to the ropes and they break apart. Garcia backs Danielson to the corner and then lays in a slap to send us to our first break of the show, 24 minutes into the show. Garcia and Danielson exchange strikes until Bryan drops him with a palm strike to the face then a brainbuster earns him a two count. Danielson goes straight into the Romero Special and then transitions to land in Rabbit Punches to punish Garcia. He lands a kick to Garcia’s chest but Daniel lays in a chop and the two men take turns exchanging those. Garcia transitions to chops and then disrespectful kicks. Danielson fires up with huge strikes.

That’s how we return with Danielson in the driver's seat with kicks in the corner then a dropkick before Garcia rolls through from a Hurricanrana from the top for a near two count. The two men exchange strikes again and then have a great back and forth until Garcia hit the Butterfly Suplex into the Juji Gatame and has Danielson in trouble but he escapes with an Arm Capture Suplex for a two count. Bryan locks in another submission but Garcia makes the ropes and rolls out the ring so Danielson hits him with a Dropkick but then Garcia lands a Back Suplex on the floor. Garcia rolls a groggy Bryan back in the ring then lands Hammer & Anvil Elbows before locking on the Dragon Tamer but Danielson fights out with up kicks into the Dragon Suplex but Garcia lands a Piledriver and then makes Danielson pass out with a Dragon Suplex to go 1-0 up. Garcia demands that the ref counts Danielson out and he gets to 9 before Bryan makes it and Garcia jumps all over him in the corner. Garcia props Bryan up in the corner to land chops as we head to break number two and Garcia lands a Dropkick. Garcia mocks Danielson and then Danielson shows life by elevating Garcia over the top rope but Garcia pulls Bryan out with him and uses the barricade to do more damage. Garcia exposes the concrete again and lands a DDT and demands the ref count Danielson out. The crowd tells Garcia he sucks and Danielson is all over the place but makes it.

We return and Garcia swarms Danielson to take over and Danielson is bleeding and starts to fight back but Garcia locks in another Dragon Suplex and Danielson escapes by pinning Garcia to tie the score. 1 all. Garcia swarms Danielson again and lands more strikes before missing a Dropkick and trapping himself in a tree of woe. Danielson lands kicks then goes for a Superplex. Garcia fights back, Bryan lands a Spider German Suplex then a Missile Dropkick. Garcia rolls out so Danielson hits a Tope Suicida then lands kicks to the chest and back of Garcia then throws him into the ring post. They both use the ring post to their advantage and Garcia ends up landing the final blow. We see Steamboat checking the time and the ref is counting but Danielson beats the count at 9 before one final break. Garcia is now bleeding too and the crowd chant this is awesome. The two men exchange words on their knees and it’s heated but we don’t know what’s said. Danielson welcomes Garcia to hit him over and over again and keeps taking it in a seated position. Finally, he comes back with a huge elbow then flips him off before landing huge kicks. Garcia begs for more and Danielson obliges him till Garcia blocks one then takes Danielson to the floor with a lariat from behind.

We return with Danielson locked in the Dragon Tamer and Danielson escapes into the LeBell lock and after a grapple he locks it in but Garcia escapes with a roll up. Garcia lands a Dropkick and pulls out a Busaiku Knee but Danielson kicks out at two. We get another strike exchange and both men are visibly drained but keep fighting. Danielson looks to take over and ends up dropping Garcia and going to stomp his head into the mat but Garcia flips it and does it to him! Danielson fights out and lands headbutts before Danielson gets his stomps in. Danielson locks in the Triangle Sleeper and this time Garcia can’t seem to escape it. Danielson transitions to the LeBell Lock and then hammer fists before Garcia passes out and Danielson gets the win. What a war.

After the match the two men seem to respect each other more and Danielson offers a handshake but before he can take it, Jericho leaves commentary to attack Bryan. Garcia stops him and slaps Jericho’s hand away from his face before Jericho leaves as the crowd tell Garcia he’s a wrestler.

Swerve in our Glory Interview

Well, it’s also Private Party but they're not introduced. They have a title match on Rampage and they go back and forth but nothing that’s particularly riveting here.

Moxley Promo

Tony Nese heads out for a match with Smart Mark Sterling but they’re attacked from behind by Jon Moxley. Moxley crawls into the ring and calls out CM Punk for a match right now. Punk comes out and is followed by the staff from before who try to keep them separated. This was awesome.

Jericho Appreciation Society Interview

Jericho says he’ll give Garcia a pass for tonight after his match but next week on Dynamite he needs to know whose side Garcia is on. Ricky Steamboat interrupts to tell Jericho that Garcia doesn’t need him or the JAS. He says Danielson would be a better choice of mentor. Dragon ends up laying out Angelo Parker after Jericho leaves.

The Gunn Club (Austin & Colten Gunn) w/ Billy Gunn defeated The Varsity Blonds (Bryan Pillman Jr & Griff Garrison) via Pinfall (0:33)

This is such a Rampage feeling match but we move. Griff and Austin start but Austin takes out Pillman then tags in Colten who lands a Colt 45 and that’s it. Wow. Gunn Club win.

Billy gets in the ring and says he’s proud of his boys. They hug. Stokely Hathaway comes out to the ramp and then Austin & Colten attack Billy. The Acclaimed make the save. They scissor and reunite.

Sonjay, Jay & Satnam Promo

Sonjay calls Wardlow & FTR out for a trios match at All Out.

Death Triangle Promo

PAC does the talking to call out fellow Englishman Will Ospreay before their match next week. Let’s go Bastard.

Jungle Boy Promo

Jungle Boy heads to the ring without Luchasaurus and he says that he came out with a T-shirt from a couple of weeks ago and he got told off for it. But the shirt was right and Christian is a pussy because he won’t fight Jungle Boy. He says he can keep chasing or Christian can fight him at All Out. Christian interrupts Jungle Boy with his music and out comes Christian Cage to respond. Christian says no and says that Luchasaurus got himself suspended and this is getting out of hand. Christian says he’s proud of Jungle Boy, speaking for himself when he couldn’t talk last year.

Christian gets as far as the apron and keeps talking as he gets into the ring as he begins to carry on “apologising”. Christian calls Jungle Boy family and tells him he loves him like a son. Jungle Boy considers it but then attacks instead and he beats him down. Christian can’t seem to escape until he rolls out and hits a low blow. Jungle Boy uses the ring steps to attack Christian and then stomps on his arm. Security breaks them up and we go to a break.

FTR & Wardlow Promo

Cash says they’re here to support with Wardlow and accepts the challenge of Sonjay. Wardlow says he’ll powerbomb Satnam and Dax Harwood says he’s the best wrestler in the world before challenging Jay Lethal to a match next week.

Toni Storm defeated KiLynn King via Pinfall (6:49)

KiLynn King returns to AEW and I’m so happy to see her. Toni heads to the ring after her and this is a big match for Storm. Thunder Rosa watches from backstage. The bell rings and KiLynn takes over with a mat return and then a roll up for one. Toni gets her own roll up for two then goes for a Headlock but KiLynn takes over with one of her own. We get a lovely back and forth of dodges from kicks from both women before Toni lands a Dropkick and then a Springboard knee strike. Kilynn tries to follow to the outside when Toni rolls up and ends up sending her into the barricade to send us to break. Back in the ring, KiLynn stays on top with strikes in the corner. She earns herself a two count from a Northern Lights Suplex. Toni eventually fights her way out of a corner but KiLynn’s size and strength shuts her down immediately and then Toni ends up on the top rope and KiLynn tries a back Suplex but Toni turns it into a Crossbody for a Double Down.

We return to a strike exchange and Toni grabs a Fishermans Suplex for two before KiLynn lands two big kicks and then lands a huge Spinebuster for a two count. Toni fights back with a release German Suplex then lands the Hip Attack followed by the DDT and Pendulum DDT to earn the win.

Thunder Rosa does not look happy to see Toni win.

Trustbusters vs Best Friends Preview

Sigh. Please let Best Friends win.

Hook vs Zack Clayton Preview

Bigger sigh. No comment your honour.

The Biggest Match in AEW Dynamite History?

Okay, so I don’t usually cover what’s coming up on next week's shows when Excalibur does his run down but this one is too big to ignore. Next week on Dynamite, because Tony Khan can’t keep them apart until All Out. Moxley vs Punk title unification. Inject this episode of Dynamite into my veins already because God damn!

The Elite (The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) & Kenny Omega) w/ Brandon Cutler defeated La Faccion Ingobernable (Andrade El Idolo, Rush & Dragon Lee) w/ Jose the Assistant via Pinfall (20:52) to advance to the AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Semi-Final

It’s time. La Faccion Ingobernable come out first. Everyone waits with baited breath. The Young Bucks come out first with Brandon Cutler. He isn’t announced as a competitor but they all head to the ring together. Suddenly silence falls and Cutler passes a note to Justin Roberts. IT’S KENNY!

He emerges with Don Callis and Michael Nakazawa. Callis joins commentary. I take a minute to compose myself and the bell rings with the excitement still palpable in the air. Kenny is in a shoulder brace but it’s so good to see him. Nick and Dragon Lee start the match and Dragon Lee gets the early advantage but Nick fights back, using his athleticism before tagging in Matt where the Bucks take over with Double Teams on all of their opponents. Kenny asks for the tag and he gets it and Omega comes in with an elbow. Kenny lays in chops to Dragon Lee and then lands punches in the corner. Kenny goes for the You Can’t Escape but messes it up so Matt tags in and Kenny hits the Kotaro Crusher on his way out as the Young Bucks take over. Kenny tags in once again and continues the isolation but Dragon Lee tags out to Andrade. El Idolo comes in and Jose jumps on the apron to let Rush cheap shot Kenny. La Faccion Ingobernable take over to send us to break. Kenny now becomes the one who is being targeted and isolated from his partners as they all make quick tags and keep the momentum. The Bucks and Cutler get taken out by Rush and Andrade and even use the belts to attack the bucks when the ref is distracted.

Kenny finally escapes to tag out to Nick Jackson as we return and then Matt comes in too as The Bucks take over. We end up with all three men in the ring fighting over the suplex and Kenny lets his team get the move before Nick Jackson lands a flip onto all three opponents. The Elite get a near fall and then La Faccion Ingobernable take over once again and Dragon Lee nearly pins Matt. They take over the match and we head to yet another break after they hit Matt with Triple Dropkicks. Matt is attacked on the outside, the barricades coming into play and Nick has to break the pin up. Andrade spits at Nick and then stomps Matt down before Dragon Lee heads into the ring and Rush does too. They begin to lay move after move on Matt Jackson who kicks out of every pin attempt.

When we return it’s Rush who fakes the Bulls Horns on Matt to hit a cheap shot. Nick comes in to help and that lets Matt land a Superkick and Kenny is ready for the tag. Matt makes it and Kenny comes in with Polish Hammers before hitting Dragon Suplexes on all three opponents following a beautiful Enzuigiri. Kenny brings Matt back in before we get all six men in the ring and The Elite show off their combination offence. The Bucks isolate Dragon Lee once again and hit him with a Superkick Party with Kenny too but Andrade breaks the pin up. Matt tags Kenny in and we get dives from the Bucks before Kenny goes for the Terminator Dive onto Dragon Lee but he gets stopped and Kenny goes down with an injured knee. He tries to power through but Jose the Assistant stops him and then Dragon Lee lands an insane dive to Kenny Omega over the barricade. Wow. They drag Kenny back to the ring and Dragon Lee pins him but Kenny kicks out at two! Andrade goes up top, Nick grabs the leg to stop him but Dragon Lee deals with him and Andrade lands the Moonsault at the second attempt. Andrade lands El Idolo and Matt Jackson breaks up the pin. Dragon Lee tags in but Kenny pulls a knee out of nowhere and then the V Trigger. Kenny tries for the One-Winged Angel and he nails it after a struggle to get the win! This was a messy masterpiece.

After the match, Andrade and Rush turn on Dragon Lee and unmask him.

That show was an absolute whirlwind in the best way possible and I loved almost every second. That’s a 10/10 for me tonight but what did you guys make of the most eventful AEW Dynamite in weeks? Let us know in the comments, let me know on twitter @Knapphausen and see you all back here for Rampage on Friday! Adios.

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