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AEW Dynamite: Quake by the Lake Full Recap (August 10, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Aug 10, 2022

AEW Dynamite: Quake by the Lake Full Recap (August 10, 2022)

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s AEW Dynamite night and we are back to a named show as we head tonight to Minneapolis, Minnesota for Quake by the Lake! We have one hell of a card on paper to look forward to as we get two title matches, a coffin match and a Tornado Tag/Lucha Rules match! The show will be headlined by Interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley defending against “Lionheart” Chris Jericho and that could go either way. With Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s get straight to the wrestling!

Darby Allin defeated Brody King (13:21) in a Coffin Match

Starting off with a Coffin Match and we begin with Justin Roberts explaining the simple rules to us. Brody King makes his entrance and has the Warpaint on but gets jumped by Darby from nowhere to begin the match on top. He attacks Brody with a Thumbtacked Skateboard which he uses to bust Brody open within minutes. King retreats to the outside and Allin follows him where he swings the skateboard and misses and Brody flattens him with a big right hand. Brody launches Darby over the timekeeper’s table and snaps the skateboard but Darby flies back at him and then throws him into the ring steps. Brody heads back inside and Darby climbs to the top rope but King intercepts him. Allin claws at his opponent's eyes to regain control and hits an Avalanche Code Red. Darby pushes Brody to the floor and then drags him towards the coffin but Brody drives him into the barricade the chops him down with one strike. He tosses Darby into the barricade ,where Darby lays motionless. Brody then tosses him over the barricade and that’s what sends us to our first break. Brody follows Darby into the crowd to retrieve him with a Press Slam and then he chops him on the outside. King picks up Allin to slam him down once again before a running Senton delights a small child in the crowd who apparently is not a Darby Allin fan. Brody heads under the ring and retrieves a table. He puts it in the ring then gets Darby and tosses him into the barricade once again. He heads under the ring for another table which he sets up on the outside and then pulls out, you guessed it, another table. This one doesn’t want to co-operate though as one of the legs is busted and it won’t stand up. King gives up and settles for just one table which he puts Darby on whilst he climbs to the top rope.

We come back from break and Darby rolls off the table that Brody put him on to get away from the monster and King falls through it alone instead. Darby sets up for a Tope Suicida but the lights go out. When they come back on, Malakai & Buddy have emerged to protect Brody and as Darby goes for it anyway, Julia Hart trips him from the other side. Buddy heads into the ring and takes Darby out before they help Brody out by setting up a table in the corner. Malakai leans Darby against it and holds him there and Brody sends him through it with a Cannonball Senton. Malakai sets Darby at his feet and tells Buddy to open the coffin where Sting emerges! He takes out Buddy with the Bat and the ring steps before Brody is taken out too. Malakai sits in the corner the whole time watching and Sting tosses the bat to him. Malakai drops it and then retreats from the ring, whispering to Brody as he walks up the ramp. Sting follows him and then Darby hits a Cannonball Tope on Brody and tries to put him into the coffin. Brody stops him and throws Allin into the barricades before slamming him on the ring steps. Brody repositions the coffin and takes Darby on the apron to choke him out but Darby grabs Brody's chain and hits him with it before choking him out with it and Brody falls perfectly into the coffin and the lid closes.

Jon Moxley Promo

Moxley says that his belt should be the FYI belt and he explains that the title he wears is forged by him and then he turns to Jericho and says that he’s going to test and push Jericho to his breaking point. If his fighting spirit won’t break, his body will Moxley says.

Chris Jericho Promo

Jericho gets his chance to retort and promises that Jericho will bring his worst side out for him tonight. He promises to twist, turn and stretch Moxley.

La Faccion Ingobernable (Andrade El Idolo & Rush) w/ Jose the Assistant defeated Lucha Bros (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo) w/ Alex Abrahantes via Pinfall (14:01) in a Tornado Tag Team Match

From gimmick match to gimmick match as we move to the Tornado Tag. We get a shoving match and then move to strikes as Andrade stomps down Penta whilst Rush deals with Fenix. Penta fights back and Rush stops him and then Fenix fights back and gets shut down too. Penta takes out Andrade with a Slingblade and Rush and Penta exchange big strikes and Penta wins with the Thrust Kick. Penta goes for the Tope but Andrade sweeps his legs out and then Fenix hits the Tope into Rush instead. He hits Andrade with a Tope Con Hilo as Penta hits Made in Japan onto Rush for a two count. Fenix and Penta go for the double team Fear Factor but Andrade makes a save and Dropkicks Fenix out of the air. La Faccion Ingobernable take over and both make covers but Fenix and Penta both kick out at two. They set the Lucha Bros up for their own stereo Con Hilos to send us to break. Andrade gets the pin attempt on Penta for two before Rush tangles Fenix in the cables from the cameras and whips him with them then chokes him. Andrade hits a DDT onto a chair on Penta and then they attack Penta on the outside with Fenix in the ring. They take Penta in the ring too and Andrade takes him out and then they both go for Fenix’s mask.

We return to the match as they give up on that and attack Penta but Penta comes back with Thrust kicks and then a DDT on Rush and Fenix walks the ropes to take out Rush with the Hurricanrana. They take out Andrade then hit the Double Team Splash on him for two then take out Rush with Double Thrust Kicks before a huge assisted Splash gets another two for Fenix. They hit Stereo Tope Con Hilos to the outside and then Fenix hits a Frog Splash only for Andrade to get the knees up and nearly pin him. We get huge thrust kicks and drop kicks all round and then big moves as everyone lays each other out. We get a Quadruple Down and they break the count at 7 and Penta ends up taking Andrade out with a Canadian Destroyer on the apron. He tries to hit the Fear Factor on the Apron on Rush but Rush fights him off. Fenix tries to help but Andrade trips him before they isolate Fenix by tying Penta’s mask to the rope. Fenix fights back but Rush takes him out and Penta unmasks himself to break up the pin. Alex throws a spare mask to Penta but Andrade intercepts and throws it away. Fenix nearly rolls up Andrade but can’t get it and Rush hits Fenix with the Bulls Horns and then Andrade hits the El Idolo and pins Fenix for the win.

Cutler Cam

Brandon follows The Bucks in to speak to Hangman with The Dark Order too and they thank Hangman and apologise. Matt reminisces on the times that led to AEW getting in the way before they say that Hangman won the title in this building and he says he was proud of him. They ask Hangman to be their Trios partner and Hangman says he would love to but he can’t. Hangman says that The Dark Order have been there for him and he needs to support them in the tournament so he can’t be in it. Matt and Nick leave and Brandon says he can still be their partner.

Luchasaurus defeated Anthony Henry via Pinfall (0:42)

Jungle Boy heads out to Commentary and we get Luchasaurus’ entrance. He heads to the ring to face Anthony Henry who is waiting in there. Luchasaurus takes over immediately before hitting a huge German Suplex. Henry tries an Enzuigiri but gets a Headbutt before Luchasaurus hits a Slam and pins him very quickly.

Christian appears on the screen afterwards and says he was going to attack Jungle Boy but they Minneapolis don’t deserve to see him in person but Jungle Boy sprints backstage to attack him and Luchasaurus pulls off security and headbutts Pat Buck.

Miro Promo

Miro speaks to Malakai but Julia appears and tells him to give in. He says nobody can touch him but his wife and he says he will defeat House of Black on his way to fight God.

Powerhouse Hobbs Interview

Mark Henry asks Hobbs if he’s done with Starks but The Factory interrupt to say they’ll deal with Ricky. Hobbs says don’t let your problem become mine to QT before leaving.

Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh Promo

The ROH gang head to the ring and Sonjay brags about beating up Wardlow. He says they’re not done with Wardlow yet though and Lethal says Wardlow needs to give him another TNT title match or they’ll take it. Wardlow’s music hits and he agrees to Lethal’s request before promising he’s going to kick their asses tonight but then Wardlow is joined by FTR! Seven belts between three men and they head to the ring together only for the other three to leave. Lethal tries to jump Wardlow so gets a Big Rig for his troubles.

Jericho Appreciation Society interview

Matt Menard says Jericho is winning tonight, Angelo Parker says they have a big spread for Jericho including a little bit of the Bubbly when he wins. Garcia talks to Danielson again before Anna Jay A.S chokes out a woman at random. That’s Sports Entertainment.

Ricky Starks defeated Aaron Solo w/ The Factory (QT Marshall, Anthony Ogogo, Nick Comoroto & Cole Karter) via Pinfall (2:131)

Ricky gets another pre match video package after Aaron makes his entrance and then Ricky heads to the ring. The rest of the factory are on the ramp except Cole Karter who’s ringside. Solo attacks Ricky as the bell rings and Ricky gets on top instead. He takes Solo down with a Back Body Drop then poses. Karter trips Ricky and gets ejected by the ref but it allows Aaron to take Ricky down. Solo beats on Ricky in the corner. Ricky fights back with some big right hands then he hits a Jaw Breaker and a big DDT. He hits a boot to Solo then Aaron fights out of the Roshambo but eats a Spear instead and Starks gets the win.

QT sends Comoroto and a chair after Ricky once the match ends and Ricky hits him with a Spinebuster. Solo attacks from behind and they look to hit him with the chair and Ricky escapes the ring and then escapes from QT and Ogogo through the crowd. Hobbs rips a TV down in anger after watching this.

The Gunn Club Interview

Billy says he misses the Acclaimed after his sons embarrassed him last week and then Stokely Hathaway appears to offer the Gunns his card. Billy stops him and says that his boys have a match on Rampage and then Danhausen appears to say see you on Friday. FINALLY!

Orange Cassidy Interview

Tony Schiavone says that Orange invited him here to show them something. He starts playing Patty Cake with Trent & Chuck before the Trust Busters interrupt to recruit Orange. He turns them down so they threaten him.

Jade Cargill w/ Stokely Hathaway & Kiera Hogan defeated Madison Rayne via Pinfall (9:59) to retain the TBS Championship

TBS title time. Madison heads out first and is followed by Jade. The bell rings and Jade pushes Madison to the mat but Rayne fires back with strikes. Jade stops her with knee strikes then takes Madison to the corner but then eats a Dropkick. Cargill rolls outside and then catches Rayne on her shoulders but Rayne hits the Hurricanrana and then beats on Jade outside the ring. Madison rolls Jade inside but is distracted by Kiera so Jade spears her to send us to break. Jade spends the break beating on Madison, Beelling her across the ring and then doing push ups before continuing the attack. Madison fires in a boot but Jade stops her with a delayed Press Slam. She follows up with kicks and an Uppercut before hitting the Crossover Splash in the corner. Rayne fights back again and Jade just shuts it down.

We return to the match as Jade lands a Delayed Vertical Suplex for two. Madison fights back with a desperation Jawbreaker then fires in shots and chops to Cargill. She hits the champion with a Hanging Neckbreaker before heading to the middle rope for a Flipping Neckbreaker but Jade kicks out at two. Madison tries for a Front Choke, Jade counters out but then Rayne gets a 2.9 count from a big DDT. Kiera gets on the apron and Madison lets Jade hit her own Baddie with the pump kick and Madison gets a roll up for two. Jade comes right back with the Pump Kick. Jade goes for Jaded, Madison counters to try for Cross-Raynes but Cargill counters right back with the Jaded for the win. 36 – 0.

After the match, Athena attacks Jade from behind and Kiera saves Jade. Athena takes the TBS championship and holds it up before giving it back.

ThunderStorm Interview

We’re told Statlander is injured so Toni Storm is number one contender. The team discuss this between them and they seem to still be on the same page, for now.

Jon Moxley defeated Chris Jericho via Submission (22:36) to retain the Interim AEW World Championship

Jericho comes out first and obliges Moxley as he’s in full Lionheart gear and comes out to different music. Moxley follows him down to the ring and Regal is already on commentary. The bell rings and the big fight feel is palpable. Last time we saw this match was on arguably AEW’s best in-ring PPV ever so as a TV main event, this is a treat. Both men flip each other off before Jericho starts with an arm drag. He hits another and celebrates but then lets Moxley lock up with him for a test of strength. Moxley gets a Side Headlock Takeover before both men go for their finisher and can’t hit it and Jericho takes Moxley to the mat and ties him up using techniques we’ve not seen in AEW, let alone from Jericho. Moxley comes back with strikes before Jericho rips Mox’s earing out. He sends Moxley to the floor with a Springboard Dropkick before we hear to break. Moxley’s ear is pouring blood as he sits on the outside and then Jericho goes after the ear on the outside before throwing Moxley into the barricade. They head back in the ring and Jericho stomps at the ear in the corner. Mox fires in chops but Jericho drops him again and remains in control.

We return as Jericho is celebrating and Moxley flies out of the corner with a King Kong Lariat. They exchange strikes but Jericho pulls out a Backbreaker and then hits a perfect Lionsault for two. Moxley transitions to a Juji Gatame out of the pin and manages to lock it in but Jericho fights out with elbows and then locks in a submission of his own. Mox reverses with an Ankle Lock but Jericho escapes and both men exchange German Suplexes before Jericho takes over in the corner with clubbing blows. They head up to the top rope and Jericho pulls out the Hurricanrana for a two count. Jericho rolls out and uses the ring post to attack the knee of Moxley and manages to get a Sharpshooter with the ring post but when he heads back in, Moxley locks him in a Crossface and cranks back on it. Jericho slips out then goes for the Walls of Jericho, Moxley fights it but he can’t and its locked in. Moxley is locked in the hold as we head to break with the champion at threat of tapping. Jericho holds it in for a long time but Moxley manages to get to his elbows and crawl towards the ropes. He can’t get there so he rolls through and fights back but Jericho stomps at the face then locks it back in. Moxley keeps fighting through the pain and will not tap.

We return and Moxley is STILL in the Walls of Jericho and Moxley finally crawls and makes the bottom rope. Jericho celebrates but he realises he didn’t win so goes to stomping at Moxley. Jericho goes for his Springboard Dropkick again but Moxley dodges it so Jericho lands on the floor. Moxley fights to the top rope for a diving double sledge to Jericho and then lays in ground and pound strikes. He rolls Jericho back in and heads up to the top again but this time leaps into a Codebreaker. Jericho rolls into a pin and Moxley kicks out at literally 2.99. Jericho starts exposing turnbuckles and Aubrey leaves the ring and Sammy tosses Jericho his bat from the crowd. He throws it too far and Jericho manages to retrieve it and land the bat shot for two. Moxley comes back with a roll up for two and then Moxley locks in a Rear Naked Choke. Jericho pushes Moxley into the exposed turnbuckle and then manages to hit the Judas Effect! He rolls into the pin and Moxley is the first man to kick out of the Judas Effect! Jericho goes outside and tries to hit a belt shot but Mox avoids it and locks in a Rear Naked Choke and transitions to the Bulldog but Jericho fights out and this time locks in the Lion Tamer. Jericho is now pouring blood too and Moxley escapes and locks in a deep choke and Jericho manages to last in it for so long but he has to tap. Jon Moxley retains in one hell of a main event. Wow.

After the match, Sammy Guevara and Hager sprint out to attack Moxley before Kingston, Ortiz, Cesaro & Wheeler make the save. Matt Menard, Angelo Parker and Daniel Garcia follow and the JAS take over. UNTIL.... CM Punk makes the save! The champion has returned and he clears house before Mox and Punk go face to face in the middle of the ring. Moxley flips him off and Shoulder barges past him to leave. Unification at All Out. Let’s go.

AEW is hitting form at the perfect time once again. We continue to head to All Out after this absolutely fantastic show which was a 9.5 if not a 10 out of 10 in my opinion. Let us know what you thought in the comments or let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen. See you all on Friday for Rampage. Adios.

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