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WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (August 8, 2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Aug 08, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (August 8, 2022)

The following are the live results of tonight's edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament

We're welcomed by our commentary team of Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, and Jimmy Smith. They run down the announced matches and list the eight teams in our tournament, which are: Tamina & Dana Brooke; Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai; Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H.; Alexa Bliss & Asuka; Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah; Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark;

Video Recap: The Returns of Bayley, Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai

We get a video hyping the surprise returns of Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky (Io Shirai). We then get their entrances and it's time to hear from the trio!

In the Ring Promo: Bayley, Kai & Sky; Bliss, Asuka & Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair Join

Bayley is as great on the mic as ever. She does an admirable job, working the crowd, snapping hilariously at them--including when she mixed up the surnames "Kai" and "Sky" and snaps at the crowd that yes, she knows she mixed their names up, "dummies!" The trio talk smack about the women's division and Belair, whom Bayley says would be nowhere without her. They're interrupted by Bliss, Belair, & Asuka. The trio come out, presenting a unified front, and Belair gets a great welcome chant from the crowd. Bliss informs Kai & Sky that if they even advance in the tournament, they'll never make it pass the new team of Bliss & Asuka. Belair takes a turn on the mic, threatening Bayley. Bayley states they should "do a little three-on-three where it counts and it's definitely not here in Cleveland!" Cheap heat! Bayley then challenges the trio to a six-woman Clash at the Castle match. Belair and company accept! Belair adds that, "while you're trying to keep control? Tonight I feel like losing it!" The six woman begin to brawl in the ring and the chaos carries to the outside and over the barricade into the crowd! Bliss wipes them all out with a diving cross body off the barricade and we go to break!

Singles Match: Seth Rollins vs Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford

We return from a break and out comes the "Freakin' one himself. We get clips from last week's Raw that saw Rollins defeat Ford in singles action, then followed it up with a cowardly Stomp attempt post-match--only to be thwarted by Dawkins himself. The future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins makes his way out with Marty Jannetty Montez Ford. Commentary praises Dawkin's recent changes, including a slightly more lean Dawkins, who's been showing off more of an aggressive style in recent weeks. Dawkins and Rollins start off back-and-forth, and Ford immediately becomes a factor as he spazzes out at the ringside area when Rollins exits, distracting him long enough for Dawkins to wipe him out--and sending us to a break! When we return, Rollins spends a little too much time taunting Dawkins, allowing the big man to start his comeback sequence! Dawkins flies outside the ring and in as the takes it to Rollins, battering him back into the ring and into the corner, chaining together an impressive string of offense before hitting the Silencer for a close cover! Rollins attempts an O'Connor Roll but Dawkins escapes. Rollins hits Superkick and goes for a Stomp but Dawkins moves! Rollins goes for another Stomp and again Dawkins avoids it! Dawkins with a huge sit-out powerbomb for a 2.9! Batista would be proud. Dawkins follows Rollins to the outside and charges around the corner, but Rollins redirects Dawkins right into the steel steps! Dawkins enters the ring and again Rollins looks for a Stomp and again Dawkins avoids it! Rollins calls an audible and hits the Pedigree, picking up the exciting win! After the match, Rollins hits another Stomp on Dawkins and threatens yet another when Montez Ford--who was sent away from ringside during the commercial break, we're informed--hits the ring to make the save.

Your Winner, Seth Rollins!

Video Promo: Edge Returns; the Judgment Day; and a Spear...

A video recaps Edge's recent return, the conflict between the Mysterios and the Judgment Day, and caps off with the fateful, accidental Spear from Edge to Dominik Mysterio.

Backstage: the Mysterios and Edge

Rey & Dominik Mysterio are shown backstage. Dom's growing his hair out and has a few face pubes coming in! Edge shows up backstage and apologies to both Rey and Dom. Dom seemingly accepts Edge's apology then shoves him and Rey has to get between Dom and Edge. Edge stands down; Rey reminds Dom that he's known Edge for twenty years--heck, they were tag team champions twenty years ago this November, in fact--and Dom snaps that Rey's known him (Dom) twenty-five years. Dom takes offense that Rey is "sticking up" for Edge and storms off. Rey talks to Edge and states he'll talk to Dom and smooth it over. We go to break.

Backstage: the Miz and Ciampa

A short promo that allowed Ciampa to show off his mic skills. He invoked the memory of Harley Race and dedicated his title shot to the legendary performer.

Singles Match: Kevin Owens vs Ezekiel

We return from break with Ezekiel in the ring. Kevin Owens quickly comes out and immediately destroys Ezekiel, squashing Elias' younger brother as the commentary team notes the new, more brutal style of Kevin Owens. As medical staff check on Ezekiel, Owens laughs. WWE Official Adam Pearce checks on Ezekiel and we head to break.

Ezekiel is unable to perform. Your Winner by TKO, Kevin Owens!

Singles Match: Finn Bálor w/ the Judgment Day vs Rey Mysterio

Prior to the match, Finn & Damian are out first and cut a quick promo. Ultimately, Damian Priest challenged Edge to a singles match in two weeks in Edge's hometown of Toronto. We're also shown Rey in the back with Edge; Rey's hoping Dom will escort him out for the match but his son fails to do so After a break, we get Rey's entrance--solo--and it's time for our match! Rey takes it to Bálor right away. Rey often looks up the ramp throughout the match, keeping an eye out for his son. While Rey comes out the gate in control, Bálor quickly takes the lead back. Bálor punishes Mysterio with a kick to the ribs and stomps to the midsection. Bálor strings together offense aimed at wearing down the lucha legend, keeping the high-flyer grounded. Bálor positions Rey on the apron and clubs his chest then looks for a charging strike. Rey counters with a springboard Sunset roll-up. Bálor hits the Dagger (what Corey Graves called it, not my term) and covers for a close two. Rey and Bálor go back and forth for a few more minutes, with Damian Priest shown ominously at ringside, looking for any chance to interfere.

Bálor looks to counter a ten-count corner punch, but Mysterio counters that with a wheelbarrow bulldog for a close cover of his own! Rey sets up the 619 on Bálor, but Priest stands up against the ring to take the hit for Bálor! Bálor attacks Rey, shoving him into the ring post and sending the legend outside of the ring--and us to a break! When we return, it's Rey's time to fire off some offense. Beautiful arm drag by Rey, leveling Bálor. Rey starts to stalk Priest around the ring. Bálor causes a distraction to the ref, allowing Priest to attack Rey. Edge hits the ring suddenly and takes out Damian Priest! Edge battles Priest over the barricade and into the crowd. The two brawl through the fans and back deep into the crowd! Rey capitalizes on the chaos, nearly picking up a win with a Sunset roll-up on Bálor for a close call. Rey pulls up Bálor and the two throw slow fists as the crowd cheers them on. The action goes on in Rey's favor until Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio are shown up the ramp! Ripley stands over a downed Dom, taunting Rey as she hovers over his beaten and slightly-bloody (for the WWE, that is) son. Bálor uses this distraction to hit a 1916 then follows it up with the Coup de Grace to pick up the win.

Your Winner, Finn Bálor!

Backstage Interview: Dana Brooke & Tamina; Bayley, Sky & Kai Show Up

Brooke and Tamina are talking to Sarah Schreiber about the tournament for the vacated tag titles. Bayley, Sky & Kai walk up and Bayley tells Brooke she's not after her 24/7 title. She reminds them that the tag titles belong with her faction as she was one-half of the inaugural Women's Tag Team champions. She then takes a slight at Brooke, explaining Brooke wouldn't know what it's like )to hold a real title, presumably). The women exchange words with Kai & Sky threatening the duo, and Tamina threatening to take them out before the tournament begins. We head to break.

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament, Round One Match: Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky w/ Bayley vs 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke & Tamina

We get our introductions and it's time for our first first-round match! We start with Dakota Kai and Dana Brooke. Corey Graves praises Kai's reputation and in-ring acumen while also pointing out Kai's a two-time NXT Women's Tag Team champion. Kai and Brooke go back and forth. Brooke sends Kai outside, where she takes out Sky & Kai with a diving cross-body. We head to an early break! We return and the pace picks up as Tamina gets a hot tag and begins to clear house. Outside the ring, Bayley helps Kai avoid a charge into the barricade. Tamina nearly secures the win but Dakota Kai hits a Scorpion Kick to make the save! It goes back and forth until Iyo Sky hits her finisher to secure the win! The duo will face the winners of the Bliss & Asuka/Doudrop & A.S.H.

Your Winners and ADVANCING in the Tournament, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky!

Backstage Interview: Kevin Owens

Jonathan catches up with KO backstage, who's wearing a Dusty Rhodes shirt as he makes his way through the parking lot. He's asked about the vicious beating earlier tonight. Owens states unlike Ezekiel, Owens knows himself. He puts the entire roster on notice that he's going to remind them who he is and that Raw is the KO Show.

Backstage: Rey & Dominik Mysterio in WWE Medical

We get a non-audio glimpse of Rey and Dom in the back, as medical staff check on Dom.

>Video Package: The United States Championship in All it's Glory

We get a beautiful package that hypes the historic legacy of the United States Championship, showing off the various belts and a plethora of legendary champions from times past. It looks like they're really wanting to push the US title again!

United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley(c) vs Ciampa w/ the Miz

The Miz, in a great suit and shades with a beautiful pocket square, escorts out Ciampa wearing a Harley Race robe. Why, you didn't ask? Ciampa was trained by the legendary performer. United States Champion Bobby Lashley makes his entrance once we return from a break. Ciampa sports new ring wear in red, white and blue colors akin to the Harley Race robe. We get our announcements and it's time to rock! The bell rings and Lashley draws from his ECW playbook and hits a beautiful stalling suplex/brainbuster. Lashley takes Ciampa into the corner and mounts the ropes, raining down hamhock-sized fists to Ciampa's skull. Lashley with a big elbow in the corner. Ciampa looks for a Lou Thesz Press off a rope rebound but Lashley caches him! Ciampa wiggles free and uses a chopblock to take out Lashley's knee. Ciampa makes a mistake by firing of fa pair of chops to Lashley's chest, enraging the Almighty One! Lashley flattens Ciampa and threatens a spear but Ciampa rolls to the outside! Lashley pursues and the Miz attempts to distract Lashley, but the Bobby throws Ciampa Lawn Dart-style into the Miz and sends us to a break!

Back from the break. Both Ciampa and Lashley continue to go back and forth. Ciampa takes a short lead as we return, driving Lashley into the mat and covering for a two before slapping himself on the back (an old thing from NXT he does, if you're new to Ciampa). Lashley looks for a Powerslam but Ciampa escapes. Both Ciampa and Lashley slug it out until Ciampa hits a Spike DDT for another close cover! The Miz continues to encourage Ciampa from ringside. Ciampa pulls Lashley up as Corey Graves wonders if Ciampa can get in touch with the Blackheart inside--first time we've heard him called that by anyone but me in ages! Ciampa undoes a turnbuckle cover behind the ref's back. Lashley ducks under a clothesline attempt and hits a big Spear off the rebound, covering for two! The Miz puts Ciampa's foot up on the bottom rope, making the save! AJ Styles hits the ringside area and takes out the Miz! Styles and the Miz battle into the crowd and off camera! Ciampa finds himself down as Lashley threatens a Hurt Lock. The Miz hits the ring, followed by Styles, as the two fight out of the ring. Lashley again goes for the Hurt Lock but Ciampa sends Lashley face-first into the exposed turnbuckle twice, hits a running knee and covers for two! Ciampa sets up a Fairy Tale Ending but Lashley powers out of it! Lashley looks for a Hurt Lock and Ciampa slaps on a modified side cross face! Lashley powers to his feet and escapes it. Lashley and Ciampa brawl at the apron and Lashley is sent to the outside. Lashley enters and Ciampa immediately hits the Widow's Bell rope-hung DDT! (The famous Orton Spike DDT). Cleveland comes alive as Ciampa sets up for a finisher but Lashley connects with a Spear out of nowhere! Lashley slaps on the Hurt Lock! Ciampa can't escape! Ciampa hangs in there as long as he can but he finally has to tap!

Your Winner and STILL United States Champion, Bobby Lashley!

2-on-1 Handicapped Squash Match: Omos w/ MVP vs Andrea Guercio & Spencer Slade

Omos took on two local talent whom Corey Graves didn't bother to learn the names of because, let's face it, it's Omos. Omos completely destroyed the two local talent in a dominant squash fashion to pick up the win.

Your Winner, Omos!

Backstage Interview: Seth Rollins

Jonathan asks Seth about the just-announced news that we'll hear from Riddle next week. Rollins is angry that, once again, Riddle is brought up. He mocks what Riddle may say--mostly "bro" and other pothead talk--and claims he's the gatekeeper of the WWE. He states that Riddle's career is going down the toilet and tells us to ask Dana White. Rollins states Riddle is going to announce "bro< I'm hanging up the flip flops" and predicts Riddle will retire for good. He then states if Riddle doesn't retire next week, Rollins will end his career like he tried to do to Cody Rhodes.

Singles Match: Chad Gable w/ Otis vs Dolph Ziggler

Shoosh! Shooooosh! A-thank yew! The Alpha Academy make their way out as Jimmy Smith hypes this match--coming up next! When we return, Ziggler makes his way out to a great welcome from the Cleveland crowd, who chant for Dolph often throughout the match. Both veterans show off their technical skills as the former collegiate superstars engage in a very technical match to start us off with. Both men jockey for a grapple and take down, lowering their center of gravity as each man attempts to get the upper hand. This goes on for quite some time--more of a Greco-Roman match to start with than a Sports Entertainment one. Gable looks for a backpack driver, finally, and Ziggler escapes. We finally get to "real" wrestling! Ziggler and Gable lock up, both men twisting and each looking for a backslide attempt. They stand locked up that way for several moments. Finally Gable rams Ziggler into the corner and combines it with a German Suplex rolling release for to dump Ziggler on the back of his neck! Gable unleashes fists as he takes Ziggler into the corner. Referee Brad Maddox counts a warning and Gable switches to stomping Ziggler in the corner. Again the ref count a warning. Gable with a wicked Dragon Screw out of the corner! Gable hits multiple knee strikes, working on Ziggler's left leg before taking him back into the corner.

Ziggler starts a stretch of offense after hitting a big knee that rocks Gable and nearly picks up the win. Ziggler looks for a Superkick but Gable counters and converts it into an Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring! Ziggler punches Gable's left knee until it buckles and attempts to escape. Gable does an impressive job of rolling to the mat and back to his feet while keeping the Ankle Lock on! Ziggler finally escapes and attempts a Famouser but Gable ducks under and slaps on another Ankle Lock! Gable converts the lock into a standing Powerbomb pin for a close two, then again converts it back into the Ankle Lock! The hometown crowd tries to get behind Ziggler as he continues to attempt to escape the hold. Gable seems to have an answer for everything Ziggler tries. Ziggler looks for a Superkick but Gable pops him over. Ziggler spins and fires off a second Superkick immediately, catching Gable on the jaw! Ziggler covers! Otis hits the ring and Ziggler escapes, then attends to his left knee at ringside as the referee tends to Ziggler. Ziggler taunts Otis to "come on" but finally heads off and we head to break.

Singles No Disqualification Main Event Match: AJ Styles vs the Miz

It's finally time for our main event match. Tonight's show's been excellent and if you have a chance to watch the matches on demand or YouTube, I'd highly recommend it. Styles and the Miz make their way out and we're off with the action as both men immediately clash in the middle of the ring. Both veterans pull out all the stops as they attempt to take a commanding lead over the other. Styles shows flashes of his off-the-charts middle-aged agility as he takes the Miz down with a smooth suplex. The action goes back and fourth through our final commercial break of the night with neither man truly establishing a commanding lead for too long. Carnage ensues as Styles and the Miz battle over the barricade and back. Styles finally retrieves a table from beneath the ring and sets it up at ringside. He looks to retrieve the Miz, but the Miz has a kendo stick and ambushes him! The Miz takes it back into the ring and unleashes multiple kendo strikes to Styles. Remember, it's no DQ so it's all perfectly legal. The Miz uses a kendo-assisted crossface on Styles but the Phenomenal One powers to a vertical base. Styles throws elbows into the Miz's guts to gain some separation!

The Miz with a swing and miss with the kendo; Styles doesn't miss with a Pele Kick, however, and both men are down!

Styles retrieves a kendo and the Miz attempts to beg him off, but Styles refuses to capitulate and unloads on the Miz with the kendo! Styles crotches the Miz with the kendo! Styles uses the kendo to assist with a Side Russian Leg Sweep for a close cover. Styles checks a steel chair, which had been previously wedged into the corner. Styles attempts to whip the Miz into the chair; the Miz hits the brakes and looks for a Skull-Crushing Finale! Styles counters with a roll-up for two. Styles positions for the Phenomenal Forearm and fires it off, connecting with the Miz's chin! Styles covers for two--but pulls the ref out of the ring right at three! And it's all legal! Ciampa holds his neck, now featuring keno tape, and Styles attacks Ciampa at ringside! Styles takes Ciampa into the ring and thinks about putting him down with the Styles Clash but instead attempts to whip Ciampa to the outside and through the table. Ciampa positions on the apron and attempts to suplex Styles out of the ring and through the table. Styles fights it off and this a running forearm that sends Ciampa through the table!

The Miz attempts a roll-up as we build towards our finisher. A big right from Styles rocks the A-Lister. Styles positions for another Phenomenal Forearm but the Miz throws a steel chair into Styles face! The Miz hits the Skull-Crushing Finale and nearly picks up the win but Styles gets a shoulder up at three! The Miz gets one last spurt of offense in before Styles manages to put him down, picking up the win! Great match!

Your Winner, AJ Styles!

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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