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WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (July 11, 2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Jul 11, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (July 11, 2022)

The following are the ongoing live results of tonight's episode of Monday Night RAW, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Brock Lesnar Returns to Raw!

We open our program straight to the fun bits, with "the Beast" himself making his way out. Corey Graves, Jimmy Smith and Byron Saxton are our commentary team tonight and hype the Last Man Standing title shot Brock gets at Roman at SummerSlam at the end of this month. The San Antonio crowd shows Lesnar love as he makes his way in, removes his cowboy hat and bows to the crowd who give him a standing ovation. Brock pays the crowd fan service for the love. He then goes on to compare Roman Reigns to a hog, and points out that Farmer Brock slaughters hogs on his farm. He threatens to give Roman a beating he's never seen but is interrupted by Paul Heyman!

Heyman takes some week boos and then states that "We, on the Island of Relevancy, are booing, too," at Lesnar. Lesnar quips, "speaking of hogs..." Heyman brushes off the insult and a loud "you suck" chant from the crowd. "Despite our differences, Brock Lesnar does not suck," he adds before being interrupted by Brock again. We see the Usos watching from the back.

"Three little piggies went to town. Oink, oink, oink. Are you gonna say something of worthwhile here, Paul?" Heyman states that what peeves him is we've gone from one of the most stupendous WrestleMania of all times to "the most barbaric SummerSlam of all time. And that plays right into your hands. The odds on favorite, if you're a betting man, who are you betting on for SummerSlam in the Last Man Standing Match? Brock Lesnar. Why is that? Because Roman Reigns defined his greatness by...beating down, smashing the opposition and pinning them." He then states Lesnar's 20-year legacy with Heyman was defined by annihilating people, putting them down "for good" and ending careers. "So if Brock Lesnar has to put Roman Reigns down for the count of ten, that's what Brock Lesnar's gonna do."

Heyman goes on to praise Lesnar as an annihilator and "an avenging badass that wants revenge against my tribal chief!" Heyman gives Lesnar his word. "We are approaching 700 days of Roman Reigns as the champion and Brock Lesnar? This is one streak you will not conquer. Because I will have Roman Reigns ready for you at SummerSlam to put you down! If I have to train Roman Reigns to stick his hand up your ass and pull your heart out through that whole, that is what my tribal chief is going to do to something like you!" Lesnar starts to ask him what he just said but "Mr. Money in the Bank" Theory makes his way out with case and mic in hand!

Theory cuts a short promo on Lesnar and puffs out his chest, claiming he'll cash in after the carnage of SummerSlam's main event and he'll be triumphant. Lesnar invites him on down if he wants to tangle now.

Theory refers to Elimination Chamber back in February, and we get clips where Lesnar uses an F5 to toss Theory off the top of a chamber and to the hard floor between chambers. The crowd pops at this as we get multiple replays. Theory speaks. "Oh, yeah yeah yeah--shut up! Mr. Heyman, that footage--that could be Roman Reigns," he starts to play up to the Special Counsel of the Tribal Chief. He then states the footage was to remind Lesnar that Theory didn't forget what happened all those months ago. The Alpha Academy make their way out and Lesnar quips that all the cockroaches are coming out because he's around.

Otis gets in the ring with Lesnar and distracts him so Gable can hit a chop-block from behind. Lesnar's still on his feet, however, and runs over Otis with a huge clothesline! Lesnar unleashes the Beast and clotheslines Otis over the top rope! Lesnar heads to the outside and uses the steel steps to ram both members of the Academy! Lesnar uses the steps and a steel chair to completely punish Chad Gable and Otis at the commentary side of the ring floor. Lesnar with a belly-to-belly suplex that sends Gable tumbling halfway down the walk-way. Lesnar hoists big-boy Otis up and hits him with an F5 through the commentary table! The crowd loves Lesnar and cheer him off.

Pre-Match In-Ring Promos: Rey Mysterio w/ Dom; the Judgment Day

Rey and Dom are out first to a nice pop, sending us to our first break. We return to have the Judgment Day entrance, sans the still-injured Rhea Ripley. Priest wears a suit and Bálor has changed his look, slightly, to a black leather pair of pants to match his jacket and with a purple sash hanging from his belt. Priest gets on the mic and demands all rise for Bálor. He then addresses Dom and states what the Judgment Day have done has been justified. He points out that Rey's coming up on his 20th WWE anniversary and states Rey is done and washed over. Priest appeals to Dom, stating Rey has nothing else to offer--"no wisdom, certainly no strength. All he has is an ugly mask and some old, tired circus-like tricks that aren't even yours. However, we have something more to offer--a whole new set of rules, Dominik!" Priest states the future of the industry will be determined by the Judgment Day then implores Dom to join them, to blaze his own path (deja tu huella) and encourages him to join them.

Bálor gets on the mic next, appealing to Dom directly again. He states that Rey is a legend, yes, but so is Edge and we "all know what happened to Edge." We're shown clips from last month, during which the newly-joined Bálor executed a takeover of the Judgment day, leading Priest and Rhea Ripley to mercilessly beat Edge. Bálor declares "Edge is gone, and not coming back. Goodbye. Adios. Do you know why? Because he was ab ad leader." He then calls Rey a bad leader and a bad father. The crowd really does not like the Judgment Day. Rey contemplates his words then strikes Bálor; Rey and Dom turn to hit a double-dropkick to Priest to send him out of the ring. Rey and Dom attack Bálor and whip him into the ropes, but Priest makes the save by dragging Bálor out of the ring wisely. Rey's music plays us out and we head to break ahead of this singles match!

Singles Match: Rey Mysterio w/ Dom vs Finn Bálor w/ the Judgment Day

Rey and Finn go back and forth early on, but Bálor quickly takes control with a wicked suplex. Bálor focuses his attack on Rey's knee, looking to take out the legendary cruiserweight's legs. After the break, Rey attempts to rally but his knee gives out when he looks to ascend the ropes for a Frog Splash. Bálor starts his own comeback in quick fashion. Rey attempts to block a 1916 but Finn goes for a second, connects, and heads up top for a Coup de Grace to put away Rey. Dom checks on Rey afterwards and, again, Finn and Damian attempt to recruit him. Finn notes the ref's raising his hand, not Rey's. The ref urges them to go away so he can check on Rey and that's that.

Your Winner, Finn Balor!

Becky Lynch's Big-Time Whine

Lynch comes out ahead of our title match and complains about never getting a rematch after WrestleMania. She also takes exception with having to "earn" another title shot then declared whomever wins tonight, she wants a piece of them at SummerSlam.

Raw Women's Championship: Bianca Belair(c) vs Carmella

We get our champ and challenger, with Corey Graves of course defending Carmella. Both women start strong and Lynch is quick to distract Belair as the two talk smack outside, opening up the champ for a sucker attack from Carmella and sending us to break! When we return, both women continue the back-and-forth nature of the match, with each woman exchanging control quite frequently. Belair impresses with her agility and often teases Carmella with butt-slaps after agile moves. Belair looks for a KOD but Carmella hooks her foot on the top rope, blocking it, and setting up a driver of her own for a close call. Carmella looks to unload on Belair in the corner but the champ will have none of it, turning the table sand fighting out of the corner. Belair looks for a Powerbomb but Carmella floats out--only to take a clothesline from hell for her efforts. Belair with a sloppy Spinebuster and a close cover. Lynch factors in, distracting the champ and ultimately leading to a count-out loss--but the title stays on the champ.

Your Winner, Carmella! But STILL Raw Women's Champion, Bianca Belair!

Miz TV, featuring Tommaso Ciampa

The Miz and Ciampa make their way out and we head to break! They're scheduled to take on AJ Styles in a two-on-one handicapped match and spend their short time on Miz TV running down Styles. Ciampa has clearly aligned with the Miz and also denigrates Styles. Styles has had enough and makes his way out, confronting the two. Ezekiel then made his way out, announced Elias sung the praises to him of how phenomenal Styles' matches are, and then announces he spoke to management to make this handicapped match a tag match! We head to break!

Tag Team Match: Ciampa & the Miz vs AJ Styles & Ezekiel

Styles starts off aggressive, looking for any opportunity to get his hands on both Ciampa and the Miz. Both teams use frequent tags to give each man a decent amount of time in the ring. Pairings change, as Styles and the Miz give way to Ciampa and Ezekiel. The Miz interferes when the ref's back is turned, hitting a sneak attack and drawing the ire of Styles. Styles attempts to enter the ring, distracting the ref again and allowing for Ciampa to hit a running knee to Ezekiel's temple and sending him out of the ring. Ciampa takes the action back into the ring only to tag in the Miz who proceeds to take Ezekiel back outside! The Miz slams Ezekiel's face into the commentary table and roars as we go to break! We return and the action goes back and forth until Ciampa snaps, refusing to heed the ref's warning count and attacking Styles as the illegal man, causing a DQ. After the match, Styles steps up, beats down Ciampa and sends the Miz feeling up the ramp.

Your Winners by Disqualification, AJ Styles & Ezekiel!

Tag Match: Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H.

Bliss is out first with Lily and we cut to break. Three minutes of Bliss rockin' out in the ring to her own theme and we're back, and ti's time for Asuka's entrance! She wears her hockey mask, but modified with color pops now. Finally, Dou and Nikki make their entrances and we can get this match started. Asuka starts with Nikki and the two lock up, jockeying for position. Niki surprisingly takes the first lead, whipping Asuka down into the mat. Nikki runs of the ropes and attempts to run over Asuka. Asuka yells at her and has her try again, but this time Asuka runs Nikki over. Bliss comes in and immediately looks for a series of roll-up pins on former tag partner Nikki A.S.H. Nikki and Bliss go back and forth as Doudrop makes a blind tag without Bliss' awareness. Bliss looks for Insult to Injury on Nikki and is leveled by an entering Doudrop. The action goes back and forth but Bliss picks up the win for her team and she and Asuka celebrate and dance afterwards. The two worked together decently well.

Your Winners, Alexa Bliss & Asuka!

The Usos, the Street Profits, R-Truth, MVP & Omos All Talk Smack

The Usos are out first to a field of one fingers held up (they the ones, after all). The Usos will hit the one-year mark next Monday on Raw, as they're at day 358 of their title reign. We're reminded that Ford's shoulder was not down at Money in the Bank, continuing their rivalry. We head to break. Prior to the match, both teams take verbal shots at each other. R-Truth makes his way down, showing his multiple certifications--marriage counselor, divorce attorney, tag team counselor--but the Usos warn him to get his butt out the ring unless he's a ref. He pulls of his shirt and reveals a ref shirt under it and shows his official referee's certificate. He exhibits how he can count 1-2-3, then demonstrates his ability to do a count-out while adding his own funny narration. The Usos yell to take off his shirt and "take your clown-ass back to the back where you belong." R-Truth takes exception with being called a clown-ass. "Y'all wanna fight this clown-ass? San Antonio, y'all wanna see this clown-ass fight?" He gives the mic to Dawkins and takes off his ref shirt--or attempts to but his arm is stuck and the Profits have to help, briefly. R-Truth states he'll take on both Usos then adds "I'm talkin about with my partners! it's even now, now it's even!" Cue the music--here comes Omos & MVP. MVP makes a case for Omos to be the special guest referee instead of R-Truth. The Profits and Truth decide to team up and attack Omos and the Usos. Omos and the Usos make quick work of them as Omos whips both Profits into a pair of Superkicks. We head to break with commentary questioning if this match will, indeed, take place.

Six-Man Tag: The Street Profits & R-Truth vs The Usos & Omos w/ MVP

The six-man tag saw plenty of back and forth, but focused on "the Nigerian Giant" Omos who dominated every chance in the ring. The Usos went toe-to-toe with the Profits at one point as commentary continuously pointed out Ford's shoulder was not down at Money in the Bank, strongly hinting at a rematch at SummerSlam. Omos picked up the win after a rather bland match.

Your Winners, Omos & the Usos!

Tag Main Event Match: United States Champion Bobby Lashley & Riddle vs Seth Rollins & Theory

After a rather lengthy break and entrance, we get things started with an aggressive Theory and Rollins double-teaming Riddle as they use quick tags to keep him in their corner. Theory takes a moment to taunt Lashley, flexing, but wastes precious seconds that give Riddle time to recover. Riddle counters a whip attempt with rapid-fire kicks to Theory in the corner. Lashley takes the tag in and easily handles Theory. Theory tags in Rollins and Lashley easily uses a single-leg takedown to drop Rollins for a cover. Riddle comes in off a quick tag and hits a standing Bro-ton for a close cover. Riddle and Lashley show some veteran tricks as they use frequent tags, separated often by only seconds, to completely cut off Rollins from his partner. Lashley wears down Rollins in the corner and calls for a stalling brainbuster suplex. Rollins kicks his legs to fight out of it and sends a charging Lashley over the top rope to the outside. Rollins hits a Suicide Dive on Lashley, who absorbs it and uses Seth's momentum to pick him up into a Fireman's carry, where Lashley rams Rollins' head into the ring post. And enter a short-haired, suit-dressed Dolph Ziggler! The former NXT Champ is back! WE head to break!

We return from break. Rollins and Riddle are our legal men, with Lashley desperately seeking a tag after we're informed that Rollins and Theory have dominated Riddle throughout the match. Ziggler's now seated at ringside, in front of the commentary table, watching the match carefully without saying a word. Riddle and Rollins struggle in a headlock as Riddle attempts to power over to Lashley for the hot tag. Rollins looks for a running neckbreaker but Riddle dodges. Theory looks for a springboard cutter but Riddle counters with a Bro-mission! Theory rises to his feet and Riddle keeps it cinched on until Theory uses a standing, leaping back drop to break the hold! Both men are down, briefly, but both make hot tags to their partners.

Riddle is down as Lashley lays into both Rollins and Riddle, taking turns decimating them both. Lashley with a single-handed spinebuster to Theory to send him out of the ring. Rollins uses the opportunity to attack Lashley, use a revolutionary knee to drop the All Mighty one, then heads up top for a beautiful, full-extension Frog Splash on Lashley! Close cover! Riddle and Theory get hot tags of their own and come in quick, with Riddle using an Orton Powerslam to drop Theory. Riddle then uses Orton's classic spike DDT/draping DDT to lay out Theory! Riddle calls for an RKO but Rollins yanks Theory out of the ring, saving him.

Lashley, however, hits Rollins with a spear from outta nowhere through the barricade! Theory uses the top rope to assist a neckbreaker and looks for an -Town Down! Riddle counters with an RKO but Theory counters that with a roll-up! Theory puts his feet up on the rope and the ref doesn't see it! Ziggler interferes, throwing Theory's feet of the rope to a huge pop! Riddle uses it to hit an RKO outta nowhere on Theory and picks up the win!

Your Winners, Riddle & United States Champion Bobby Lashley!

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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