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AEW Dynamite: Road Rager Results – June 15, 2022 

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Jun 15, 2022

AEW Dynamite: Road Rager Results – June 15, 2022 

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s time for another episode of AEW Dynamite, this time we have Road Rager in St Louis, Missouri (Shout out to Michael who’s there live) and boy is this card stacked! We have a Tag Team Title Ladder Match, A hair vs hair match and a 20 vs 1 handicap match. So, let’s not waste any time, with JR, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s get straight to the wrestling!

Chris Jericho w/ Jericho Appreciation Society (Daniel Garcia, Daddy Magic Matt Menard, Cool Hand Angelo Parker & Jake Hager) defeated Ortiz w/ Eddie Kingston via Pinfall (11:50) in a Hair vs Hair Match

We’re starting off with a man going bald. Jericho comes out first with the JAS who all accompany him to ringside. We have William Regal on commentary and Ortiz comes out alone initially. He immediately attacks Jericho with headbutts but Jericho drops him with a Shoulder Tackle and then misses a Lionsault which les Ortiz get back on top. Jericho rolls out and Ortiz follows him with punches all around the ring. Eddie comes out to ringside now to back Ortiz up and back in the ring Ortiz gets back on top and nearly wins with a Dropkick. They battle back and forth and head up to the top rope where Ortiz counters a Hurricanrana with a Powerbomb then drops the elbow from the top for two. Jericho counters a Tope Suicida with an Elbow and then suplexes Ortiz to the floor from the apron to send us to break. Jericho takes the fight back in the ring and then stays on top by chucking Ortiz to the outside and letting the JAS attack while Chris distracts the ref. Eddie chases them off with a Steel Chair but Jericho hits a delayed Vertical Suplex back in the ring.

We return to the action as Jericho shows off his hair and then slaps Ortiz until he fires back and drops Jericho with a Lariat. Jericho chops Ortiz and Ortiz rips his vest and fires up, striking Jericho into the corner. Jericho tries to counter but gets brought off the top rope with a cutter for two. Ortiz stays on the attack but Jericho rolls through with the Walls but Ortiz escapes and then hits a DDT. Jericho kicks out at two once again but Ortiz misses a springboard move and Jericho hits a Codebreaker for two. Ortiz tries a backslide for two but then Jericho locks Ortiz in the walls when he tries a Hurricanrana. Ortiz makes the ropes to escape and then the JAS jump Eddie until Santana and Yuta rush out to make the save. There's a mass brawl outside the ring and Eddie runs in and hits the Spinning Backfist behind the refs back and Jericho still kicks out at two. Jake Hager tries to get in the ring and all of a sudden, Fuego Del Sol runs in and takes Ortiz out with a Baseball Bat to let Jericho pin him.

Fuego celebrates with Jericho and Hager until he reveals it’s Sammy Guevara. Sammy is back with Jericho and joins the JAS. After the match, Ortiz cuts his own hair, Eddie tells Jericho it isn’t over and Ortiz screams Blood & Guts at him

Wardlow defeated 20 Nameless Security Guard Plaintiffs via Decimation (4:08) in a Handicap Elimination Match

Wardlow has some badass new music as he makes his entrance. The Plaintiffs are around the ring and they all jump up to the apron as the bell rings. Wardlow knocks 4 off the apron. Wardlow is attacked by the rest and fights them all off. He Powerbombs one onto a pile of them before he submits and pins another at the same time. He piles up 4 more at the same time, Powerbombs another and then another and another. One more powerbomb and then he pins three of those. This is the pattern now as he just takes them out one at a time then pins them all at the same time. 4 more go down and Wardlow is now 13 down. The remaining 7 all are pinned next including the last coming off the top rope. The case is dismissed.

Wardlow goes to attack Mark Sterling but Dan Lambert shouts out from a Sky box and says Matt Hughes and Tyron Woodley are ringside, sending them after Wardlow. Wardlow says they’re from St Louis and they’re fellow hardworking Midwesterners and shouldn’t listen to a rich asshole in a sky box. They agree and let Wardlow powerbomb Sterling. Lambert is angry as Hughes and Woodley shake Wardlow's hand and they celebrate.

Will Ospreay defeated Dax Harwood via Pinfall (13:44)

This is a dream match. Dax comes out first, all on his own and Ospreay follows, also alone. The bell rings and we get off to a slow start as neither man is able to gain an advantage. They lock up multiple times, exchange holds and then escape Dax tries a shoulder tackle and Ospreay comes back with Tijeras takedown. Dax fights Ospreay to the corner but Will flips him round and throw in some chops but Dax comes back with two of his own that echo around the arena. Dax gets a one count from a leg drop after a Suplex then hits a Back Body Drop for two. Ospreay finally fights back with a Jawbreaker and then tries to suplex Dax to the outside but they end up fighting on the apron and it leads to Ospreay taking over and then sending Dax into the steps with a Shotgun Dropkick to send us to break. Ospreay returns Harwood to the ring and stays on top with Strikes and hard Irish Whips. Dax tries a comeback and ends up in an Abdominal Stretch as Ospreay shows his excellent technique. Dax fights out of it with a Hip toss.

We return to the action and Dax hits four consecutive German Suplexes and then releases on the fifth to cause a double down. Dax is up first and Ospreay crawls away so Dax hits a huge release German Suplex but then misses the diving Headbutt from the top and Ospreay hits a 450 from the top for his own two count. Harwood cuts Ospreay off when he tries to go back up there and eventually knocks him off with strikes. Dax takes control but Ospreay turns it into a Crossbody for two then Dax rolls him up for two. They exchange pins again and Harwood has the closest near fall yet. Dax rolls out so Ospreay takes him out with a dive over the top. Ospreay hits a Diving Elbow from the top back in the ring but Dax still kicks out at two. Will goes for the Os Cutter and Dax cuts him off but eventually goes for it and Dax catches him and hits a Slingshot Liger Bomb for 2.9. Both men exchange headbutts and then elbow strikes. Dax seems to be on top but Ospreay’s kick let him fight back until Harwood hits a huge Lariat. Ospreay hits a Liger Bomb out of nowhere for two and then finally hits the Os Cutter and Dax still kicks out so Ospreay turns to the Hidden Blade and finally gets the win. What a match this was. A MUST watch.

The United Empire come down and Dax is outnumbered 5 on 1 until Cash and Roppongi Vice come down and finally we get Orange Cassidy heading down and he and Ospreay stare down.

Mox vs Tanahashi Video Package

This is fantastic. AEW video packages are on point tonight as always.

Jon Moxley & Hiroshi Tanahashi Face to Face

Moxley comes out through the crowd and heads to the ring. He’s soon joined by Tanahashi. They stare down as the crowd chant holy shit. Moxley speaks first. He tells Tana he’s been chasing him for a long time and now he’s here in all his glory. He chased him across Japan, across the pacific, NJPW Strong and all his work with NJPW has been about Tanahashi. Moxley says there’s only one man called Ace, but not for long. Moxley says he’s the best wrestler on the planet right now and that’s a fact. He says everything he’s worked for is this match with Moxley. Tana tries to grab the mic, and Moxley says at Forbidden Door he’ll be the one calling Moxley ace but before Tana can respond, out comes Jericho, Sammy and Tay. Jericho says this is his spot because he wasn’t here last week. Jericho says the last time he saw Tana, he had just beaten him but Tana tells him to shut up.

Jericho calls out the rest of the JAS to attack and they do but so do Lance Archer and El Desperado from Suzuki Gun. Whilst Mox and Tana are beaten up, Jericho says Sammy and Tay are now in the JAS. He also introduces Archer & Desperado who says they’re on loan from NJPW and it’ll be Jericho, Sammy & Suzuki vs Wheeler Yuta, Shota Umino & Eddie Kingston. Eddie and Wheeler run out with Santana & Ortiz to clear the ring and Tana & Mox end up standing tall. They face off one last time to close the segment.

Darby vs Bobby Fish Video Package

Interesting match for Rampage but Darby promises to take Bobby out like Kyle took out Sting.

Toni Storm Interview

Toni tells Britt that she’s smart but she should be smarter than she’s being. Toni says she’s going to take the women’s division to where it should be.

Miro defeated Ethan Page w/ Dan Lambert via () to qualify for the 4 Way match at Forbidden Door for the All-Atlantic Championship vs PAC vs Penta/Malakai Black vs Tomoaki Honma/Clark Connors/Tomohiro Ishii/Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Ethan comes out with Dan Lambert first before Miro makes his intimidating entrance. Ethan runs away scared twice to start the match so Miro chases him and Ethan jumps him back in the ring. Ethan tries to attack with kicks to the legs and has Miro hurting after a nasty kick to the arm. Page attacks in the corners and focuses on the arm with Arm Wringers. Miro finally fights back with a big lariat with his other arm and then stomps down on Ethan. He uses kicks of his own and then he hammers at Ethan’s left arm before tossing him into the corner to send us to break. Miro follows Ethan to the outside and follows him around the ring, beating him down. Dan distracts Miro as they head back into the ring to give Page the chance to recover and he comes back with some big kicks. Lambert hits a cheap shot behind the ref’s back but Miro hits Ethan with a nice dropkick. Miro now chases Dan around the ring but that lets Ethan take him down with a Shoulder Tackle from the apron. Miro gets up and drives Page into the barricade and back in the ring hits a Samoan Drop.

We return to the action and Miro lays in some strikes with Ethan caught in the ropes on the apron. Ethan counters on the 10th by attacking the arm of Miro then Ethan sends him into the Ring Steps twice. They head back in the ring and Page hits a Shoulder Tackle from the top rope but Miro kicks out at one. Ethan hits a Springboard Cutter for two and then makes Miro “pray to him” and that fires Miro up and he hits two huge Back Suplexes and then a Leg Lariat to drop Ethan. He sets up for his big kick and whilst doing so he takes out Dan Lambert with a punch. Miro calls for the Game Over and locks it in to get the victory.

Matt Sydal & Dante Martin Interview

Dante says he’s fighting Jon Moxley this week and he wants people to stop talking about his potential.

Toni Storm defeated Britt Baker w/ Rebel & Jamie Hayter via Pinfall (7:32)

This match gets underway quickly and Toni comes out swinging, Britt joins her as she tries to fight back but Britt rolls outside. Britt takes over with an Elbow to the jaw and then sends Toni into the ring post. They head back into the ring but Toni counters it and trips Britt, continuing the match on the outside briefly. Toni hits a Diving Crossbody back in the ring for two and then Rebel distracts the ref and Jamie trips Toni and drags her outside. Thunder Rosa runs down and chases Jamie Hayter to the back to send us to break. Britt resumes the attack back in the ring, taking over with submission holds and knee strikes. She hits a Butterfly Suplex for one. Toni fights back in the corner but Britt stops her with a kick. Britt stomps Toni down in the corner once again.

We return to the match with Britt getting a one count but Toni then fights back with a DDT and when Britt heads outside she hits another on the floor. They head back into the ring and Britt grabs her glove but Toni hits a German Suplex and then the Hip Attack in the corner. Toni drops her with an elbow strike and Britt fakes a head injury to roll up Toni for two. She puts the glove on and goes for the Lockjaw but Toni escapes with a German Suplex and the Storm Zero to get the win.

Stokely Hathaway Interview

Stokely says he’ll be on commentary for Jade’s open challenge on Friday and Willow shows up to answer the challenge.

Hangman Page Promo

Hangman Adam Page heads to the ring and begins by saying he called his shot last week by calling out Okada. He said he wanted the IWGP championship too but he didn’t think that Jay White would beat him. Hangman says the challenge still stands but before clarifying, out comes Adam Cole. Cole congratulates Jay White to begin with but Cole says he won’t challenge for the title and if anyone is challenging it’ll be him. He says Forbidden Door is about The Undisputed Elite & Bullet Club. Cole says Okada won’t be at forbidden door but does introduce Jay White.

White attacks Hangman from behind with the Blade Runner. Jay tells Hangman he’s the catalyst of professional wrestling and asks Hangman why he thinks he calls the shots after losing to CM Punk. He also says he’s 2 and 0 against Hangman. He then tells Hangman and Cole neither of them are challenging him for the title.

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) defeated Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) in a Ladder Match (14:54) to become NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions

It’s Ladder time! The Young Bucks head out first and they’re followed to the ring by Jurassic Express & Christian who heads backstage after whispering something to the champions on the ramp. The Young Bucks go on the attack at the bell, taking out Jungle Boy but Luchasaurus takes them both down and goes for the ladder. Matt Jackson takes him out with a dropkick but then Jungle Boy takes him out and then back in the ring, Jungle Boy takes Nick off the ladder and then climbs for the titles. Matt stops him and then he and Nick take out Luchasaurus. They try to hit him with the ladder but miss and Jurassic Express hit their fluid offense to take the Bucks down. The Bucks come back, sending Luchasaurus face first into the ladder with low superkicks. Jungle Boy springs off the ladder but The Bucks take him out and Matt hits his Northern Lights onto a ladder in a corner. The Bucks look to use the tables but Jurassic Express counter. Jungle Boy puts Matt through a table and then Nick puts him through one. Nick hits a Destroyer in the ring on Luchasaurus before setting him up on a table and driving him through with a 450. That’s how we go to break. Back in the ring, The Bucks hit a Senton Atomico on Jungle Boy whilst he’s on a ladder then set up some double decker tables. They head back in the ring and then attack Jungle Boy with multiple moves and point to the tables.

We return to the action as Jungle Boy counters and hits his own superkicks but the Bucks are the masters of that move and show it by taking him out when he tries a Springboard. Luchasaurus takes out the Bucks in the ring then Moonsaults onto them on the apron. Luchasaurus grabs a ladder and sets it up in the ring but Matt stops him climbing. Luchasaurus powers through with Matt on his back and Matt gets taken out by Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy adds another ladder and all four men climb. They battle atop and Jungle Boy, Nick and Matt drop but then The Bucks take Luchasaurus down with a Powerbomb and then Jungle boy eats a reverse Hurricanrana. Matt takes Luchasaurus through a table with a diving elbow and Nick climbs until Jungle Boy stops him and takes him out with a German Suplex. Matt and Jungle Boy climb and Matt’s shoe comes off but Jungle Boy catches him again and hits another German Suplex. The Bucks climb with Jungle Boy who fights them off but he ends up about to eat a BTE trigger on the ladder but Jungle Boy pushes the ladder and then the Bucks do the same to him. Luchasaurus climbs but then is pushed through the double decker tables and then Jungle Boy eats the BTE trigger. Matt and Nick climb with Nick bleeding from the face and the Young Bucks win.

Christian comes down after the match and checks on Luchasaurus as the Bucks walk past him. He heads into the ring to do the same to Jungle Boy but instead hits him with the Killswitch. Christian then hits him with a Conchairto as Jungle Boy’s mother and sister look on.

That was a great episode of Dynamite. Not a bad match to be seen. Let us know what you thought in the comments. Give me a follow on Twitter @Knapphausen and see you on Friday for Rampage. Adios.

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