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WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (June 6, 2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Jun 06, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (June 6, 2022)

The following are the live results of tonight's edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Last Night on Hell in a Cell

We open with a video highlighting Cody's injury and the fact that he fought Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match with his right chest and arm mostly covered in bruising from the pectoral muscle that completely tore off his bone. We get clips of Seth's psychological warfare, including wearing a Dusty Rhodes-stylized polka dot ring gear, as well as his wearing Cody's jacket and using a Dusty-themed, polka-dotted belt to beat Rhodes with. We get more clips of the action, including the use of weapons, multiple finishers--and Rhodes picking up his third consecutive win over Seth "Failin'" Rollins.

Cody Rhodes Addresses His Injury

Rhodes makes his way out to a decent pop as commentary repeatedly go over his injury and show social media praise for Rhodes' performance despite the serious injury. Rhodes is shown lots of love by the crowd and he lightly panders to them, yelling back "I love you too, buddy." Rhodes states he's done with Rollins; he briefly touches on his injury but immediately segways to the Money in the Bank premium live event coming up! Enter Seth Rollins, who limps down to the ring in a pretty black and white floral suit. Rollins...actually compliments Rhodes, praising his performance and tells Rhodes he has respect for him. He adds that Dusty would be "proud of his (son)" right now. He then hugs Rhodes and says something off-mic to Rhodes before leaving. Rhodes will have surgery on Wednesday but aims to return by Money in the Bank. Damn! Rhodes takes his time leaving up the ramp, waves to the crowd--and is immediately attacked by Rollins with a sledgehammer! Rollins clocks Rhodes on the neck then rips his shirt open, exposing Rhodes' injured pec. Six officials attempt to break it up but Rollins threatens them with the sledgehammer. Rollins positions Rhodes' injured arm and hits the Stomp on it! Rollins uses the sledge to choke Rhodes and pauses as officials yell for him to go. The crowd loudly chants "you suck" to the "Freakin'" one and we go to break! After the break, we spend a few moments as officials get Rhodes to a stretcher and stretcher him out.

Singles Match: Becky Lynch vs Dana Brooke

We get a recap video of last night's triple-threat that saw Belair pin Asuka after throwing Lynch out of the right right after she used a Manhandle Slam on Asuka. We finally get our bell and Lynch starts off aggressive, grabbing Dana by the throat and pounding her. Ah shit...of course, out comes the 24/7 Crew/Catering. Tozawa, the current champ followed by the usual 24/7 fair. Brooke uses the confusion to roll up Tozawa and win the title back. Lynch then challenges Brooke for the 24/7 title and tells all the catering crew at ringside that she'll beat the holy hell out of any of them who try to interfere! We go to break!
No Contest; Also, welcome your NEW 24/7 Champion, Dana Brooke!

24/7 Championship Match: Dana Brooke(c) vs Becky Lynch

We're back from break and hell has surely frozen over, as Lynch is challenging for the 24/7 Title. Well, no one saw that coming! Lynch uses a lock to send Dana flying, then starts to kick her on teh mat and yell at her. Becs with a Bexploder Suplex, followed by a second. Asuka's theme plays and out comes the Empress of Tomorrow--sadly, not sporting her Jason Voorhees mask from last night. Becs hits another Bexploder on Brooke, then a third. Lynch charges the corner but Brooke dodges and fires off a trio of kicks that send the challenger into the corner. The Champ unloads on Big Time Becs in the corner, then sends her across the ring with an Irish Whip. Brooke drops Lynch and ascends the top ropes. Brooke looks for a Senton but Lynch moves! Lynch with a kick to the face, followed by an attempted suplex. Brooke rolls through to pin Lynch--and Asuka holds Lynch's foot down, helping Brooke steal the win!
Your Winner and STILL 24/7 Champion, Dana Brooke!

The Miz TV "Premiere Edition," feat. Maryse, Riddle, and Ciampa

They came to play, and out they come--the Miz and Mrs. themselves! We head to break but not before getting a teaser for the new season. We go to break. When we return, they hype their show. The crowd heckles Maryse a bit as she speaks so the Miz does his "when my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut" bit--and the crowd absolutely hates it! Eventually Riddle comes out to a big pop. He starts talking in some mixture of Spanish and not-French. Maryse replies to him in French and it didn't sound pleasant; Riddle replies with "gesundheit" and immediately gives shout-outs to Orton, who's at home recovering, and states that "I hope you come back soon, unlike my stepfather." Hahaha! The Miz cuts Riddle off and Riddle angrily yells "shut the hell up!" He then ticks up the aggression, stating he's going to beat the tar out of the Usos then he's going after Roman Reigns! Big pop! Riddle then takes a jab at Miz, stating "there's a reason John Cena's playing Peacemaker and you're playing homemaker!" He then states Maryse drags the Miz around by tiny balls, and the crowd begins to chant it! The Maryse interjects, stating "my husband as average balls!" The Miz then nudges her and she upgrades his "average sized balls" to above average, then large, then huge. Riddle demands he prove it--Maryse challenges Riddle to a match on behalf of her husband! Riddle grins, adding "that's fine bro. Riddle 4:20 means I just smoked your ass(es)!" The Miz then states he won't fight tonight. Riddle yells off-mic when Ciampa attacks! Ciampa drops Riddle and then heads off up the ramp as the Miz watches on...and states "on second thought, let's have that match right now." That's coming up after this break!

Singles Match: Riddle vs the Miz w/ Maryse

Extremely short match that saw the Miz fail to take advantage of Riddle's weakened state and fall victim to his own wife's purse used as a foreign object, unbeknownst to the ref. Riddle quickly fires off an RKO and picks up the hella-fast win!
Your Winner, Riddle!

Championship Contender's Match: the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions the Usos vs the Street Profits

After a short video hyping NXT In Your House--which was filled with great matches unless you're Helen Keller--we get the Profits' entrance to a great pop. Out next are the Undisputed champs, who hoists their titles as they make their way down the ramp to a great mix of boos andcheers. The match starts slow, with both teams taking a few moments on offense. Future two-time WWE Hall of Famer Angelo "Big D" Dawkins is the only bright spot before the first commercial break, as he puts on practically a clinic in the ring to the point even CM Punk would have to acknowledge him. No team establishes any form of dominance for the first four minutes, until Ford finally dump Jey Uso over the top and take him down with a leaping strike from the steel steps. We head to a break and return to find the champs in control. Jimmy especially takes his time with His Honorable Dawkins. Jimmy finally wakes up the beast, however, when he yells one too many insults. Dawkins fires off blows to Jimmy in the ring and Jey on the apron near him! Finally, he's knocked down.

The Usos waste a lot of time during this portion, and whip Dawkins into the steel steps as we go to yet another break. We return to find Jey battering Montez ford around the ring until Dawkins makes a blind tag! Jey drops Dawkins to the ringside; Ford takes out Jey with a suicide attack; Jimmy then takes out Ford with one of his own; and, finally, Dawkins wipes out Jimmy with his own diving attack. The action goes back into the ring and the Profits use tandem offense to lay out the Uce; Montez then does his sky-scraper Frog Splash and commentary accurately states he almost gets as high as the hanging Money in the Bank briefcases! A cover is broken up, though, and Ford begins brawling with Jey Uso. The action spills outside and both men crash through the barricade. Ford slips in just as the ref is about to hit ten, and Jey fails to make it in--giving the Profits the W! Riddle congratulates them afterwards and yells smack at the Usos, setting up a future six-man match, probably.
Your Winners and Number One Contenders, the Street Profits!

The "All Mighty" Bobby Lashley Addresses the WWE Universe

After defeating Omos and MVP in a two-on-one handicapped match last night the All Mighty one was full of smiles as he made his way out prior to a break. When we return, Lashley is still the All Smiley...until United States Champion Theory comes out, angrily accusing Bobby of taking his spotlight. He accuses Lashley of needing help (from Cedric Alexander) to win his match, whereas Theory didn't...he just slightly cheated. He then tells Lashley to get the hell out of his ring and wants tot take a selfie; Lashley tells him to be a man about it and challenges him. Theory states he'll give him a match "but first, check out my bicep!" He pops his bicep, flaunting it...until Lashley shows his is bigger. Lashley states "if you're so confident you can beat me, why don't you put that United States Championship on the line, kid?" The crowd pops at this. "Is that what you guys want," Theory asks smugly, then adds "you don't deserve a title match, Bobby! Sure, you've beaten Brock Lesnar. Sure, you've eaten Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton to name a few. But you haven't beaten me, Mr. McMahon's protege, the youngest United States Champion in WWE history...Theory!" He laughs and just as his music is about to start, Lashley kicks him in the butt and Theory falls to the floor. Lashley tells him to get on along and his theme plays us out!

Singles Match: Dominik Mysterio w/ Rey vs Veer Mahaan

Our next match is up! The Mysterios, freshly returning from injury, are eager to be injured again apparently. We have a short break before Veer's entrance. When we get the bell, Veer starts off strong but Mysterio reverses a hold, then mocks Veer by bowing the way Mahaan does. Veer charges Dom and the youngster side-steps, letting Veer crash outside. Dom begins a game of cat-and-mouse, sliding out the ring and getting Veer to chase him in, back out, and in...a few times, really. Commentary state Dom's attempting to wear out Mahaan by depleting his stamina. Because if you don't have at least one bar in stamina, you can't use reversals! Dom looks to get some offense in but Veer shuts it down with a huge leaping body splash to a charging Dom! Some great height there. Veer taunts the crowd and Rey, then stalks Dom around the ring. Veer fires off kicks and we're informed the Judgment Day will announce their new member at 10pm Eastern.

Veer continues to dominate Dominik, beating him around the ring while talking smack, inaudibly, to the rookie. Mahaan takes the carnage to the outside, destroying Dominik, delivering a big boot to Rey's face, and sends Dom crashing into the barricade as we head to another break. Back from the break. Mahaan maintains control--as he's done throughout the break. Dominik looks for a comeback, sidestepping a Veer spear into the turnbuckle. Dom hits a 619 and heads up top for a Frog Splash, but Veer kicks out at one! Dominik again charges Veer, right into a clothesline from hell. Veer drops his weight on Dominik and looks for his cervical clutch submission hold. Rey Mysterio intercedes, attacking Veer and causing a disqualification. Rey attacks Mahaan, fighting him to the outside! Graves actually compliments Rey for stepping in to spare his son from the brutal lock. Veer seems shocked, holding his head as we end the segment.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Veer Mahaan!

The Judgment Day Adds a New Member

We get a short video highlighting last night's win for the Judgment Day. We're reminded that their ranks are about to grow, and outcome the trio to their awesome entrance as Alter Bridge's "The Other Side" plays them in. We head to break--we'll know who the new member is at the top of the hour! We return four minutes prior, however, and Damian Priest tells us "You know what time it is! All rise for the Judgment Day!" Rhea adds, "Control is an illusion, an illusion that led AJ Styles, Liv Morgan, and Finn Bálor to believe they were going to succeed last night at Hell in a Cell. The Judgment day was always destined for victory. WE cannot be controlled and our message is spreading like wildfire. Our destiny has no limitations," she adds. Priest points out the "truth spoken by Rhea Ripley" then tells Ripley that her destination is to become the Raw Women's championship--after winning the fatal four-way tonight and defeating Belair at Money in the bank. Edge gets on the mic. "now the adult in the room speaks so please be quiet. I've been doing this for thirty years so you can close your mouths. Last night, the Judgement Day did exactly what we said we were going to do...What I have to do before I go any further is publicly tell these two individuals just exactly how proud of them I am." He praises their growth and "blossoming" under his tutelage.

He calls Ripley a "superstar wrecking machine" and says Priest "is oozing confidence"...all because they listened to Edge. He continues, stating that he told us all someone else was hearing his message and as we come up to the top of the hour, Edge welcomes the newest member of the Judgment Day....dramatic pause as the crowd cheers...and out comes Finn Bálor! The crowd boos but still cheers somewhat, clearly confused. Bálor enters the ring and hops on a mic, too. Bálor and Edge shake hands. "Finn, last night--last night I saw the look in your eyes change during our match...so when Rhea and Damian told me you reached out, I was ecstatic because you, my friend, are a game changer. You are one of the most talented me to ever step foot in the ring" and reminds Bálor he's said it over again. Bálor speaks, stating the look Edge saw was the "clarity that joining the Judgment Day wasn't a choice, it was a calling. And it's a calling I refuse to fight any longer." He states he's tired of pretending to be someone he's not, and instead extends a debt of gratitude to Damian and Rhea. He praises Priest for his focus, conviction, then praises Ripley for standing between Bálor and Priest/Edge at several points. Bálor goes on to say he has a lot more in common than he realized with Edge--and that's that he is tired of being told what to do.

Priest gets on the mic, praising Edge and his leadership and accrediting their win to his leadership. Priest states that he's realized something was hold them back, however, "and that was you (Edge)!" The Judgment Day then attack Edge!

Bálor takes his spot as the leaders as the trio pose. Edge recovers and lays into them again, but the numbers are definitely against him. Priest then uses an Outsider's Edge to put Bálor through the commentary table! Edge weakly reaches up for Bálor's leg but Bálor and Priest unload more on him. Ripley brings some chairs to the ring, wearing a kick-ass vest (Much better than the purple atrocity from last night). Bálor and Priest set up Edge in the ring as Rhea breaks off a metal support bar from the chair. And in shades of Edge/Orton from a year or two ago, Bálor uses the bar in Edge's mouth for an assisted Crossface! The crowd loudly boos and the digital crowd really hates this. Several officials hit the ringside area but Ripley holds them at bay with a steel chair. The crowd wakes up a bit and showers the (new) Judgement Day in boos as we fade to black.

Squash Match: Omos vs Cedric Benjamin

Omos literally destroys Cedric in single-digit seconds, squashing Cedric like no one's been squashed before. After the match, the Dirty Dawgs made their return and seemingly are going face--they hit MVP with a Superkick.
Your Winner by Squash, Omos!

Singles Match: Otis w/ Chad Gable vs Ezekiel

It's time for our penultimate match of the night! Otis and Gable are out first and we head to a break. Otis starts off strong, battering Elias' younger brother in the corner and out with stiff suplexes, including a beautiful suplex toss. Otis switches to a working hold, wrenching Ezekiel's head. Ezekiel uses a drop toehold to send Otis' face into the turnbuckle, then starts his comeback with a series of chops. Ezekiel runs off the ropes and clotheslines Otis but he shrugs it off! Ezekiel does it a second time! The third time, however, Otis catches Zeke but Zeke squirms free, hits a step-up kick, then flattens Otis to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Ezekiel!

Ezekiel Challenges Kevin Owens to a Rematch

Zeke calls out KO, upset that he lost to Owens last night. KO comes out, telling the Alpha Academy he's "got this." Owens says he feels great and he'll give Ezekiel a rematch if he tells "the truth" that he's, supposedly, Elias. KO yells "shut up, you idiots" as the crowd implores Zeke not to. "Okay, you got me, Kev. I admit it," starts Ezekiel. KO demands him to "say it and look at me when you say it!" Zeke gets on the mic again. "I admit my name is Elias." Owens excitedly exclaims "i told you idiots!" over and over. He calls Elias a liar, and Zeke confirms they've got their rematch. KO says he does. "I didn't think it would be that easy! I mean Kev, I knew you were thick headed but that's embarrassing. All I had to do was take a page out of the Kevin Owens playbook!" When KO questions it, Zeke exclaims "I lied! I'm really Ezekiel!" He then hits Owens with a jumping knee and heads up the ramp, avoiding the Alpha Academy who stand guard over Owens.

Fatal 4-Way Contender's Main Event Match: Liv Morgan vs Alexa Bliss vs Rhea Ripley vs Doudrop w/ Nikki A.S.H.

Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair is out first, ahead of our main event, ready to watch and see who she'll face at Money in the Bank. Bliss is out first, Doudrop is out second, accompanied by Nikki A.S.H.; Liv Morgan is out third to a light pop from the quiet crowd, and Rhea is out last. After a break, we finally get our main event started. Rhea and Doudrop quickly clear the ring and the two powerhouses go at it. Rhea's got new ring gear--and not the purple monstrosity from last night. Rhea battles Doudrop to the ropes, and Bliss & Morgan work together to drag her out by the feet, leaving her laid-out at ringside! Bliss and Morgan hit the ring; Ripley kicks Bliss "In the soul" per Corey Graves. Morgan battle Ripley into the corner and hits a step-up knee. Rhea looks for a back suplex; Morgan attempts to fight out of it so Ripley audibles to a ripcord Clothesline! Ripley loses track after sending Morgan outside, allowing a recovered Doudrop to smash and stack her on the outside. We go to our final break of the night!

We return from our final break and each Superstar gets a few moments of offense in after the match heavily featuring Doudrop and Ripley earlier on. Doudrop uses a sit-out Powerbomb to attempt a cover on Morgan, but Alexa Bliss makes the save as Rhea Ripley begins to recover at the ringside area. Commentary attempt to guess who Belair wants to face; Graves believe Belair wants another go at Doudrop, whom she's already beaten twice. Speaking of, Doudrop climbs the turnbuckles, looking for a splash or bomb on a downed Bliss. Rhea Ripley climbs up and unloads fists into Doudrop's side as the two jockey of control on the top turnbuckle! Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss position beneath them and double-powerbomb Doudrop which causes Rhea to eat a Superplex, hard. All four women are down and the ref checks on everyone. Morgan hops on Ripley as Bliss hops on Doudrop, simultaneously covering--but both only garner a two. Doudrop and Rhea are sent outside, allowing Bliss and Morgan to take each other on directly. Both women look for quick roll-ups and cradles. AT one point the two roll a few circles around the ring as each attempts to reverse the other's roll-up. Bliss breaks the sequence with a beautiful DDT, then drags Morgan into position.

Bliss heads up top, calling for Twisted Bliss, but Morgan gets the knees up! Doudrop hits the ring and throws Bliss out of the ring. Morgan uses the distraction to hit a springboard double-knee drop on Doudrop! Morgan goes for the Oblivion but Nikki A.S.H. interferes to make the save! Bliss and Nikki fight at ringside as Morgan takes it to Doudrop. Morgan goes flying but Doudrop catches her and uses Morgan's momentum to turn it into a Michinoku Driver! Ripley makes the save right at three, then hits the Riptide on Doudrop! Wow! Ripley covers and gets the three, and will now face Bianca Belair at Money in the Bank. The Judgment Day--Finn and Damian, that is--join Ripley in the ring, posing as we end our program

Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Rhea Ripley!

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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