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WWE RAW Results - May 23, 2022

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on May 23, 2022

WWE RAW Results - May 23, 2022

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (May 23, 2022): Ford Center - Evans, IN, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


Previously on SmackDown...

We open with a video covering the "big-time fight" that was the tag title unification bout this past Friday. We see clips of Heyman and Roman speaking, and have audio clips of Riddle bragging that the Usos can't beat RK-Bro. And it was true--Roman Reigns' interference is the only reason the Usos won. After a clip showing the finish--an interrupted Super RKO thanks to Roman--we're shown our new WWE Unified Tag Team Champions and Michael Cole loudly proclaims the Bloodline has all the gold. Except all three women's titles. And the Intercontinental Championship. And the United States Championship. But mostly all the gold! 8:00-8:04pm.

Are You Ready For a Good Time?

We're welcomed to Monday Night Raw by Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves. They welcome us to the Raw Center and mention we'll have a six-man tag match, during which Riddle and the Street Profits take on the Usos and Sami Zayn.

Riddle Addresses the WWE Universe

Riddle makes his way out and gets a great pop from the crowd before hopping on the mic. Riddle mentions he's out tonight with a heavy heart, and talks about Orton being his bro. He pauses for a loud RK-Bro chant. "And to be honest, the last couple of years have been hard for Randy. The last couple of months, even though Randy (and RK-Bro) have been having a real hard time. And his back's been giving him a really hard time lately. Last Friday, before the Unification title match, Randy could barely walk. I knew we had the match, and I knew Randy wouldn't let me down because he knew how much it meant to me." The crowd pops for this. "And he knew how much it meant to you," and another pop. "And uh, you know, we lost. RK-Bro lost to the Usos. ...Don't get me wrong, the Usos are one hell of a team--they're tough, they've done it all, my hat's off to the Usos. But for the Usos to win that way, to have Roman--that backstabbing piece of trash, that piece of garbage, that guy who considers himself a mountain? That guy is nothing but a tribal piece of trash! I assure you, I assure you, I will get my vengeance on Roman, on Jey, on Jimmy and anybody who is part of the Bloodline. By the end of my career I swear I'll get my vengeance!" He pauses for cheers.

He goes on to address Randy via the camera, stating he loves him and appreciates everything he's done for Riddle. "I know you're watching from home. I love you, Randy, I love you." Another big chant for Orton. "But to be honest? I don't know what the future holds for RK-Bro." Boos at this. "I don't know if RK-Bro will ever be a thing again, but I know Randy's at home watching and I think the WWE Universe, you guys can help me with one thing! If everybody can get on your feet, make some noise, and say it with me--RK-Bro!" He leads the crowd in an RK-Bro chant and points to the audience, and the camera, telling everyone he loves them. The six man match is up next.

Six-Man Tag Match: Riddle & the Street Profits vs Sami Zayn & Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, the Usos

After a break, we return. Riddle's ready and the Profits make their entrance. Zayn is out next, followed by the Usos with their first official introduction as undisputed champs. During the Usos entrance, all hell breaks loose and all six men brawl on the entrance ramp and stage. Corey Graves if we'll ever see RK-Bro again as we head to another break before we get our first match. We return and finally start our first match of the night, twenty-three minutes into the program. Dawkins and Zayn start us off. Dawkins uses his size and power advantage to take control, then brings in Montez Ford. Ford wrenches Zayn's arm and backs up to the corner, letting Riddle tag in. Riddle immediately goes after the Usos! Riddle attacks both Usos, sending them flying from the apron and opening himself to a blind attack from Sami Zayn. Zayn takes control at this point and kicks, stomps and focuses working holds on the lower of Riddle's previously-injured ribs. Zayn uses a variety of working holds for about a minute. Zayn gives way to the Usos, and Riddle takes the upper hand over Jey Uso. Riddle tags in Ford who takes it to Jey but fails to notice a blind tag during a whip. Jimmy Uso intercedes, dropping Ford. The action spills outside the ring and Jimmy nails Ford with a Superkick, kicking us to some super commercials.

Back from the break. We find Zayn firmly in control of Montez Ford. Sami slows the pace drastically, taking his time approaching Ford. Zayn looks for a back drop but Ford counters and both men are down. The crowd livens up as both men need that hot tag. Ford inches forward but Sami Zayn attacks Dawkins while Jey Uso rips Riddle's legs out from under him, causing Riddle's injured ribs to crash into the barricade. Zayn levels Ford and tags in Jey. Jey rolls Ford over and pounds him with rights. The Usos hold up "the ones" finger and the crowd loudly boos while also holding up "the ones." Jey whips Ford into the Uso corner but Ford attacks Jimmy and Zayn, then wipes out Jey with a step-up Enziguri! Riddle's up on the apron as is Sami and the crowd goes wild as both men get the hot tag!

Here comes Riddle, dropping Zayn with a kick to the chin. Jimmy enters the fray but eats a ripcord knee for his efforts. Riddle hits both men in the corners with running forearm strikes. Riddle with an Exploder on Uso, and one for Zayn, followed by a double-bro Bro-ton! Riddle ducks under a Jey strike and Dawkins joins the fray, taking down Jey with a flying elbow. Montez Ford hits the ring and hits a tope con giro that wipes out the Usos! Riddle sets up Zayn for a Spike DDT and the crowd are on their feet, loud! Face down goes Zayn! Riddle plays up to the crowd and spins, slapping the canvas and setting up an RKO. The Usos cause a distraction then hop off the apron and leave the ringside area, walking up the ramp and abandoning Sami Zayn. Riddle catches Zayn with an RKO (yes, from outta nowhere) and picks up the win! After the match, the Profits and Riddle pose Orton-style as we're left wondering many things about Orton and RK-Bro.

Your Winners, the Street Profits & Riddle!

Bobby Lashley's All Mighty Challenge for Omos & MVP

After a video recapping last week's cage match--that saw the All Mighty defeat the Nigerian Giant--we get Lashley's entrance. Graves speculates as to what Bobby may have in store, and we head to a commercial. When we return, Lashley addresses his victory last week while acknowledging that they've got one more fight in them. Lashley announces he'll take on Omos at Hell in a Cell. "However, tonight is the All Mighty Challenge! So I am sure that MVP and Omos would like to know a little more about this." Lashley calls for MVP and Omos to come out and hear his challenge, and out they come. MVP gets on the mack, comparing himself and Lashley to "Maverick" and "Top Gun." He then claims that last week, the world saw the Nigerian Giant "beat your ass all over the cage." He blames Lashley's victory on faulty equipment and filed a complaint. Lashley tells him to shut his mouth, to a pop. He states he (Bobby) and Omos are "not over. And you know that just a regular match with regular stipulations will not be enough to finish what we have. SO my challenges, I want a match tonight. And in that match, the winner will pick the stipulations between myself and Omos at Hell in a Cell." Lashley states that he still has some unfinished business with MVP. "So my challenge is easy--the All Mighty versus MVP tonight and the winner will pick the stipulations between Omos and myself at the HiaC." Lashley accuses MVP of being scared; MVP puffs his chest out and states he's going to beat Lashley's ass tonight. He takes credit for "making" Lashley, to which Lashley asks MVP when was the last time he won a match? He then goes on to promise to put MVP in a Hurt Lock tonight.

Backstage: Becky Lynch and WWE Official Adam Pearce

Becky Lynch implores Pearce to strike last week's match from the record book. Pearce offers Lynch a match against Asuka, stating that if she wins she'll be added to the Raw Championship match (making it a triple threat).

The Judgment Day Address the WWE Universe

Edge leads Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest down the ramp to the tune of Alter Bridge, with swirling blue lights. Edge stands on the apron and the Judgment Day pose together, sending us to a break ahead of his match. Priest goes on about Edge's offer while insulting the audience. Rhea calls the audience simps, then tells other superstars to "save yourself like I saved myself...by joining the Judgment Day." Edge tells us TJD is truth, "A truth that is right in front of most of your faces but you're just afraid to see it. The truth will set you free. The Judgment Day is power." He states TJD is an opportunity to rewrite a career "while sitting under my learning tree," Edge states, as he promises to teach them all that he put in into being the best. He compares himself to Tom Brady and Michael Jordan. He states then that he wasn't chosen to sit atop the mountain like John Cena. Oooo. Edge then insults the crowd, telling them all they sit on "your lazy asses eating Cheetos in a cubicle. You're all sheeple, afraid to grab life by its throat and wring it for all its worth." He offers again, to all of us, to join TJD. A third time, he offers for anyone to join. The crowd starts a "you suck" chant, to which he refers them to look in the nearest mirror. He asks who'll next join TJD--"Tommaso Ciampa? Could it be Corey Graves? Alexa Bliss? Drew McIntyre? Boy you didn't see that one coming, did ya! Liv Morgan? Finn Balor? What about you, AJ Styles, surely by now you have to understand that standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder with us, is far better for your health than standing eye to eye." He implores Styles to join them an d states AJ's kids can call him "Uncle Edge." Enter Liv Morgan and AJ Styles!

Mixed Tag Match: AJ Styles & Liv Morgan vs the Judgment Day

We get a break ahead of this match. Wes tart with Styles and Priest circling. Priest closes the gap and immediately goes after Styles' left arm, dropping a knee across the elbow joint. Priest looks for an early cover then goes right back to Styles' left arm. Styles fights to a vertical base and ducks under a pair of swinging arms. Styles locks on a side headlock and we're shown Edge watching from ringside. Edge counters a whip with a rope-brake (not break) but fails to capitalize on it as Priest lays back into him with kicks. Styles hits a single-leg dropkick that staggers Priest back, causing Rhea to tag herself in. Morgan hits the ring, using a Hurricanrana immediately on Ripley! Dropkick from Morgan to Ripley before countering a lariat with a flying Crucifix pin attempt that Rhea counters into a slam. Ripley begins throwing Morgan across the ring like a doll.

Morgan again looks for a flying attack, only to be caught mid-air by Ripley. Ripley hoists Morgan up into a stalling Brainbuster suplex, lowers her, and executes a second! Morgan wiggles free and Ripley rolls to the outside where Priest checks in on her. Morgan hits a suicide dive to Ripley, and Styles streaks along the apron to kick Priest in the face! Styles yells "You ain't nothin'" before the faces pose in the ring. Edge rallies his troops and Ripley rolls in. Morgan mounts and pounds Ripley. Ripley drops Morgan with a big floor kick. Ripley goes back to the stalling suplex, executing it this time and covering for a two. Ripley slows the pace down, taking her time stalking Morgan. Morgan attempts to fight back and uses a middle-rope Hurricanrana to send Ripley flying! Morgan scrambles over to cover but only garners a two. Styles and Priest become legal. Styles exchanges words with Ripley, allowing Priest to club him in the back. Styles spills to the floor and Priest "provides the Punishment to AJ Styles", per Graves, as he drops Styles across the apron and we head to break!
We return as Priest is still in control--but only for moments! Styles rocks Priest with a kick and tags in Morgan. Morgan unloads on her former tag partner, Ripley, battling her into the corner. Step-up knee from Morgan rocks Ripley again, and a middle-rope dropkick drops the powerhouse. Morgan hits double-knees to the face and covers. Edge places rhea's foot on the rope, unseen by the ref, making the save. AJ Styles attacks Edge outside the ring until Priest attacks. Styles then unloads on Priest as he sends him into the ring and uses a Cactus Jack Clothesline to send them both outside the ring! Ripley takes advantage of the chaos and puts Morgan away, picking up the win! After the match, Styles fought the Judgment Day but was outnumbered as Edge and Priest beat him. Edge hits a spear as Morgan crawls over to check Styles--only to get attacked by Ripley herself. Edge uses a headlock to make Styles watch Morgan eat a Riptide. Rhea mocks her former tag partner and the Judgment Day pose to huge boos.

Your Winner, the Judgment Day!

The King's Corner w/ Jerry "the King" Lawler, feat. Veer Mahaan

Lawler makes his way out, regal as always, and sends us to a break. We return and Lawler calls Veer's debut one of the "most anticipated" debuts. No, just no. He calls out Veer and we're reminded that Mahaan's been successful in squashing local talents for weeks. Lawler asks for Veer's secret (hint: they're local talent). Veer stays silent, so Lawler states it's a dumb question. He asks Mahaan as to why he's targeted the Mysterios. Again, Veer says nothing, he just grimaces as if Lawler cut a silent-but-deadly. Lawler states that "Rey told me, you're so hairy that when you walk your dog, people pet you! Maybe it's the fact that Dominik said you're so hairy, Big Foot took a picture of you!" Veer speaks, telling Jerry he's not here to joke around. "Rey Mysterio is a legend...but he's too busy worrying about his little boy Dominik...and that made him weak and I took both of them out!" Veer then asks if that's fear he smells on Jerry, who states he thinks it's just his cheap cologne. Veer demands an end of the jokes. "Instead of me explaining to you who I am, how about I show you who I am?" Veer drops the mic and rips of his shirt as Lawler backs up. They Mysterios hit the ring to make the save! Veer exits the ring and the three brawl at ringside. Veer shoves off Dom then hoists Rey over his head. Holding Rey, Veer kicks Dom back and throws Rey into the ring. Next, Veer throws Dom into the ring and attempts to follow. Rey with a dropkick, sending Veer back. Dom uses one of his own to keep Veer out of the ring. The Mysterios use the ropes and kicks to keep Mahaan from entering the ring! Veer refuses to go down and climbs up the apron, yelling at the Mysterios. Finally Veer screams some more and we end our segment.

Backstage: Alexa Bliss

Bliss sis asked about Deville's recent actions. Bliss admits Deville's had a rough few weeks, losing her power and being defeated in Bliss' return. Bliss states Deville needs to get therapy. She then addresses her opponent tonight, Nikki A.S.H. "And now I get to be best friends with a doll and Nikki dresses like a super hero." She then ends the oddity with "it's great to be back" before entering to her new music!

Singles Match: Alexa Bliss vs Nikki A.S.H. w/ Doudrop

Bliss is out first and we head to break! We return as the Scots make their entrance. Graves reminds us that Banks & Naomi have been suspended indefinitely and a future tournament will be held for the Women's tag titles (not holding my breath). Bliss and Nikki battle briefly, with Nikki looking to be more aggressive than normal. Bliss withstands the initial onslaught and breaks a sleeper attempt, giving her some separation with elbows and a jaw breaker. Bliss hits a shotgun dropkick to Nikki and pulls her up. Nikki counters by ramming Bliss into the corner then hoists her up to the top rope. A.S.H. climbs the middle rope and poses, allowing Bliss to fight her off. Bliss hits the Twisted Bliss off the top rope to pick up the win! Bliss picks up her third victory in a row.

Your Winner, Alexa Bliss!

Adrenaline in my soul... Cody makes his way out to a decent pop from the Ford Center. Rhodes removes his white weight belt and presents it to a child in the audience, a la Bret Hart. We head to break! We return and finally start our match. Both men use the same band for their entrances, fyi. The Miz starts off in control, going right after Rhodes' arm. The Miz blocks a possible suicide dive with a big right, then climbs the turnbuckles. The Miz looks for a double axe-handle but Rhodes counters it with a suplex facebuster. Rhodes kneels on the Miz's back and slaps on a Surfboard submission, briefly, but the Miz easily escapes. The lock was done sloppily. The Miz proves he's just as sloppy when he attempts a middle-rope Sunset Flip. Both men are unusually sloppy tonight. Both Superstars jockey back and forth until the Miz sends Rhodes outside and sends us to a break. Back from the break. The Miz gives control to Cody, who quickly locks on a leg submission and holds the Miz in it for a lengthy period until Seth Rollins interferes, causing a DQ. After the match ended, the Miz and Rollins destroyed Rhodes.

Your Winner by Disqualification, Cody Rhodes!


Singles Match: Ezekiel vs Chad Gable w/ Otis

We return from a break and find Kevin Owens at the commentary table. Gable and Ezekiel, WWE Superstar Elias' younger brother, are in the ring for this rematch. Throughout the match, Owens yells insults at Ezekiel and continues his #fakenews false allegations that Elias is Ezekiel despite evidence to the contrary. Gable takes an early lead but Ezekiel quickly overpowers Gable. Ezekiel hits a big kick to the face after both men repeatedly rebound off the ropes. Otis tries to trip Ezekiel when the ref's out of position, allowing Gable to take control. Gable focuses on Ezekiel's left knee, using multiple screw attacks before giving the crowd a "A-thank yewwww!" Owens continues to yell insults. Beautiful German Suplex with a bridge into a pin by Gable for a close two. Gable ascends the ropes and looks for a Moonsault. Ezekiel gets both legs up! Ezekiel with a big Spinebuster on Gable! Ezekiel chops away at Gable. Gable lures the ref out of position, allowing Otis to hit a running clothesline along the apron. The ref turns in time to be suspicious and ejects Otis from ringside! Kevin Owens slips in the ring but is caught by the ref before he can do anything. The ref then ejects Owens from ringside, too! This series of distractions allows Ezekiel to immediately roll up Gable and win the match. Ezekiel flees through the audience!

Your Winner, Ezekiel!

Singles Match: Bobby Lashley vs MVP w/ Omos

As announced earlier tonight, the winner of this special stipulation match will pick the special stipulation match type for Lashley vs Omos at Hell in a Cell. We go to break. MVP makes his entrance and the Nigerian Giant, Omos, stalks around the ring. The bell rings and MVP immediately slips to the outside so he can stretch his legs. He enters the ring and ducks under the top rope to avoid a lock-up. The ref forces Lashley back, counting a warning. Lashley looks to lock up again and, again, MVP slips out of the ring--to boos this time. Lashley exits the ring and chases MVP. MVP enters the ring and stomps at Lashley but Lashley dodges it. MVP fakes a knee injury so the ref will check on him, allowing Omos to attack Lashley in the ref's blind spot. MVP takes it into the ring and hits a Helluva kick to Lashley in the corner! MVP yells insults at Lashley, repeating over and over that he made Lashley until he pisses off Lashley. Lashley uses a huge inverted Urinage to lay out MVP. MVP slips to the outside again and Lashley follows. Lashley puts MVP in a Fireman's carry and rams his head into the ring post! Lashley then begins to brawl with Omos, who just takes what Lashley throws at him until the ref's count-out hits ten.

Your Winner by Count-Out, MVP!

Singles Main Event Match: Asuka vs Becky Lynch

As announced earlier tonight, if Lynch wins then she's in (the women's championship match at Hell in a Cell). Raw Champion Bianca Belair makes her way out to watch this match from commentary. After another break, we get the entrances for both Asuka and "Big Time" Becky Lynch. Saxton states Lynch is lucky to get a second chance this week, and Graves takes exception to it as "this is the woman that's on the tongues of the entire WWE Universe." Lynch gets a healthy mix of boos and cheers. Belair smiles from ringside, belt over her shoulder as we get the bell to start our main event! There's more action between Graves and Saxton on commentary in the opening moments than in the ring. Finally, thankfully, Asuka starts off a streak of offense that sends Lynch to the outside. Lynch ducks a punt kick and shoves Asuka into the ring post, causing the Empress of Tomorrow to crash to the floor. We head to another break.

Back from the break. The ref counts Asuka, who's down on the outside, but Asuka slips in right before ten. Lynch runs off the ropes and attacks Asuka, again dropping her at ringside so the ref will attempt to count her out. Again, Asuka barely slides in before ten. Lynch pounds on her then throws Asuka outside the ring and hits a running apron forearm to Asuka. Lynch whips Asuka into the steel steps before taking the action into the ring. Big-time Becks climbs the top rope and hits a Leg Drop off the top for a close two! In the ring, both women have the same idea and clothesline each other simultaneously. The crowd starts up a loud dueling chant! "Lets go Becky" is just as loud as "Let's go Asuka." Lynch with a Dragon Screw. Asuka hits a corner splash and unloads her Asuka comb of strikes, then hooks the leg and looks for a cover. Kick-out at two.

Asuka and Lynch are slow to rise and again, the crowd fires off a dueling chant. Lynch looks for a corner cover and places her feet on the ropes, but Asuka manages to kick out. Lynch dives off the top and right into a double-knee jawbreaker from Asuka! Lynch kicks out at two. Asuka rolls through and into an arm bar but Lynch gator-rolls them to the ropes, forcing a break. Lynch uses the middle rope to guillotine drop Asuka and climbs the corner ropes once again. Asuka slaps her and climbs up, looking for a middle-rope Superplex. And she gets it! Asuka is slow to cover but fails to pick up the pinfall. Asuka looks for a Hip Attack but Lynch dodges and Asuka gets stuck in the ropes (as always when she misses). Lynch applies an arm bar on the top rope! The ref counts a warning and she breaks just at five. Asuka with another Hip Attack and this one connects, sending Lynch outside the ring. Asuka with a baseball slide and looks for the Asuka lock outside. Lynch attempts to counter but Asuka drops her. Asuka looks for a roundhouse kick but Lynch moves and Asuka lays out Belair! Asuka has to run and slide into the ring as the ref does yet another count-out. Asuka slides in and right into a pin by Lynch, picking up the win for Big-time Becs. Becky Lynch has been added to the Hell in a Cell Raw Championship match. Belair is still laid out at ringside, Asuka cries in the ring, and Lynch talks about making a comeback as we fade to black!

Your Winner, Becky Lynch!


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