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AEW Dynamite Results – May 11, 2022

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on May 11, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results – May 11, 2022

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s time for another episode of AEW Dynamite, this time from MJF-town, Long Island, New York with the most stacked card we’ve seen in a while, including multiple Owen Hart Foundation matches in both the men's and women's tournaments as well as CM Punk in action and Danhausen’s debut. I’m pumped and I hope you are too, let’s not waste any more time, with Excalibur, JR and Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s get straight to the wrestling.

Adam Cole defeated Dax Harwood via Submission (15:34) in the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarter Final

We start off with an unusual occurrence, a Dynamite with CM Punk on it not starting with Cult of Personality but the song replacing it is just as good as Adam Cole enters to All About the Boom and we have the first Owen Hart Foundation Tournament match starting us off. Cash follows him and his song isn’t half bad either as we see Martha Hart in the crowd. The bell rings and the crowd make a lot of noise with no real favourite as Cole backs Dax into the corner and pie faces him before backing away. Dax doesn’t react and tries to wrestle with Cole, countering wrist control with a side headlock takeover. Cole backs Dax into the corner again but Dax drops him with a punch and lays in chops before he runs into a Kitchen Sink from Adam. Cole hits a Hanging Neckbreaker and then attacks Dax in the corner before laying in a forearm but Dax comes back with some good strikes and then goes for a Sharpshooter before both competitors exchange roll ups. Cole tosses Harwood into the ring posts and he falls to the outside where Cole follows him to send him into the ring steps twice. He follows with a kick to the ribs and then follows him around the ring, laying in strikes and using the barricades before he sends Dax into the ring post once more to send us to break. Cole takes him back into the ring and applies pressure to the torso of Dax via multiple holds and stretches. Dax tries to fight out and Cole just puts him backdown with a Snapmare before locking in a Chin Lock which he grinds in deep. Cole drops him again before laying in further shots in the corner.

We return to the action and Cole fires Dax sternum first into the turnbuckles and then both men exchange elbows and Cole is on top until Dax hits a German Suplex and holds on for another but Cole counters the third for one of his own and then Dax counters back to hit his third with a release. The crowd chant FTR as Dax climbs up top but Cole cuts him off and joins him up there only for Dax to drop Cole. Cole dodges a diving Headbutt but gets caught with the Slingshot Powerbomb for a 2.9. Cole regains control with a Brainbuster on his Knee for two and then he calls for Sweet Chin Music. Dax counters it with a Roll up but then when he escapes, he rebounds into a springboard cross body for two and then when he goes for it again, he eats a Superkick for two. They exchange roll ups and then Cole tries for the Panama Sunrise but Dax catches him and then tries for the Sharpshooter. Cole escapes and goes for the Panama Sunrise but Harwood rolls through instead and hits a Piledriver for two. Dax finally locks in the Sharpshooter but Cole gets out because his ribs give out. He rolls to the apron and Cole pushes him to the floor as Cole goes for the count out. He makes it at 9 and then Cole ties to lock in his own Sharpshooter and Dax is forced to tap out.

Jeff Hardy vs Darby Allin Video Package

This is about getting crazy Darby says before saying he wants to end up in the hospital. Darby also says he asked Tony Khan to let it be no DQ. Let’s go.

CM Punk defeated John Silver via Pinfall (8:11)

Hangman Page joins commentary before CM Punk makes his return to Long Island wearing a New York Islanders jersey which has Tavares on the back and he gets booed after what he said last time. He’s followed to the ring by John Silver, hometown hero of course. The bell rings and Punk manages to back Silver into the corner early before he retreats out of the ring to listen to the crowd's duelling chants. He returns and locks Silver in a headlock but Silver counters and drops Punk with a Shoulder tackle and then Punk’s arm drag is countered into a Backslide for two. Punk heads outside, Silver follows him and then Punk jumps him coming back in only for Silver to batter him down in the corner. He lays in an elbow strike but his swinging DDT is countered and then Punk hits a Clothesline to send us to break. Punk hits a backbreaker, and then stares at Hangman whilst the crowd tell him he hates Pizza. Punk responds to the crowd as he hits a Russian Leg Sweep but Silver comes back with Chops and Uppercuts but a Knee Strike to the mid-section of John ends the comeback. Punk follows with the Manhattan Drop and the Neckbreaker for two before he locks in a Chin Lock and the crowd call him PG Punk.

Silver dodges a splash in the corner as we return before Silver begins to take over with punches, chops and then kicks. Silver counters a Backslide with kicks and then hits a Brainbuster for two. Silver lays in more strikes and then Silver hits a Springboard DDT that he nearly misses and earns a two count once more. Silver calls for the Spin Doctor and hoists Punk up but he escapes and hits a Roundhouse Kick. He hits the rising knee in the corner and the short arm clothesline before following with a Leg Lariat. Punk spends a long time staring at Hangman again and then hits a Buckshot Lariat which earns him the win. Shout out to Michael Hamflett for calling the finish, kind of.

Hangman is livid and marches to the ring, he goes head-to-head with Punk before Punk asks him if he’s mad. He says Hangman seems to think this is personal but it’s just business. He goes back to asking himself if he’s a good guy and this morning he asked if he’s the champ and the answer was yes. He says that Hangman will shake his hand after their match at Double or Nothing whether he’s conscious or not before offering one now. Hangman responds with a middle finger.

Jamie Hayter Promo

Britt Baker takes over by saying that she shouldn’t have to fight a joker and then says Storms end. Schiavone says if they both win, they fight in the semis and they both try to ignore that before Britt says it will be a fair fight.

Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling defeated Danhausen via Pinfall (0:36)

Straight into the next match, Danhausen enters and Tony Nese awaits him in the ring. The bell rings and Tony shows Danhausen his biceps. Danhausen tries to curse him and Nese squashes him into the corner and lays him out with the running knee in the corner and pins him.

Mark Sterling berates the fact that Danhausen got an entrance and Nese didn’t before telling Tony to hit the knee again. Hook’s music hits and he makes them run away. Hookhausen are left in the ring and Danhausen offers the handshake, Hook accepts and we’re rolling. If Danhausen had to lose for Hookhausen, it’s fine by me.

MJF & Wardlow Contract Signing

Wardlow is dragged to the ring handcuffed by security and there's even more security, Mark Sterling (again) and Shawn Spears awaiting him. MJF rolls a fake Dark Side of the Ring trailer and it’s fucking incredible.

MJF gets his heroes welcome and I still don’t get it. Be better Long Island. He grabs the mic and the crowd serenade him and he tells them he loves them but now he has to talk to Wardlow. He calls himself David against Goliath which he strings out and then says if Wardlow wins a DoN he gets out of his contract. MJF lets Wardlow speak after instructing the crowd to not boo whilst winking. They catch on and stop Wardlow from speaking for a while and then MJF says he’s not going to let him. Max says that these stipulations are for what he did to Cody. The crowd react and MJF says he won’t talk about 2024. He says he’s going to get whipped 10 times then wrestle Shawn Spears in a cage, Wardlow is 0-2 in a cage and MJF will be the ref this time. If Wardlow manages to get past that he gets his DoN match. But if Wardlow loses at DoN he’s barred from signing an AEW contract ever. Wardlow tries to sign but the handcuffs stop him so they take them off.

Wardlow proceeds to stand up, sign the contract and then he takes out the security, the table and then Spears and MJF are all that remain. Wardlow drops Spears and then MJF tries to run but Wardlow catches him. The powerbomb Symphony is about to begin before Mark Sterling jumps on his back and Max runs. Wardlow sets the table back up and puts Sterling through it.

Samoa Joe Promo

Joe says he’s going to face the Joker in the Owen Hart Tournament and all he’s seen so far in AEW is jokers. Sonjay Dutt says that it’s not Jay Lethal of Satnam Singh but he does insult Joe in Indian before Joe says he’ll deal with them soon.

Ricky Starks defeated Jungle Boy via Pinfall (9:59) to retain the FTW Championship

Taz joins commentary as we get a rare FTW title match. The bell rings and we start with a lock up and some fantastic back and forth mat wrestling with neither man able to gain an advantage. This carries on for a good minute or two until Starks grounds Jungle Boy with a Knee to the Kidneys. He hits Jungle Boy’s arm drag on him so Jungle Boy hits an even fancier version and follows with a Dropkick to send us to break. JB hits Starks with a Sliding Dropkick and follows him outside as he chops him up against the barricade. They head back inside and Starks drops JB on the top rope to take over before laying into him with stomps. Starks lays in some punches in the corner but Jungle Boy hits a Manhattan Drop and another Dropkick for a one count. Ricky comes back with an Overhead Throw for two.

We return to the action and Jungle Boy comes back with a back elbow and then his Comebacker Lariat. He hits a Gaman Giri and then tries for the Swinging DDT but Ricky stops him only for Jungle Boy to fight back and hit it. Starks comes back with a Backslide and the Roshambo and then Jungle Boy counters it twice and hits a Thrust Kick for two. Jungle Boy tries another Comebacker Lariat but eats a Spear for two instead but then manages to lock Starks in the Snare Trap and Ricky makes the ropes. Ricky rolls out to grab the title and Swerve runs down to stop him and the ref is distracted when Jungle Boy rolls him up only for Starks to hit the Roshambo and pick up the win.

Christian and Luchasaurus come down to get Jungle Boy and barge past Swerve, Swerve argues with them and then Hobbs appears. They walk towards Swerve so Keith Lee comes out and they stare off. Jungle Boy is upset and then Christian gets rid of Luchasaurus and walks slowly up behind Jungle Boy but it’s just to hug him.... this time.

Jericho Appreciation Society Victory Speech

The Wizard (TM) comes out with his appreciation society and Angelo addresses the AEW Galaxy (also TM) to welcome them to the victory speech. Matt Menard takes over and says being a part of the JAS makes his nipples hard.

Jericho follows and says he’s a home town hero because he was born down the road but moved away because it’s a dump. He then threatens an audience member with a fireball. He then says that Santana, Ortiz and Kingston are gone and Jericho 2:16 says I just burned your face. Jericho then tells Eddie’s wife to call him. Daniel Garcia then says Sports Entertainers win every time against Pro Wrestlers.

Jon Moxley’s music hits and he makes his way through the crowd. Jericho addresses him and tells him to go on sabbatical for 3 months again because it’s 5 on 1. So out comes Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta and William Regal. Jericho says it’s still 4 on 5 so Eddie, Santana & Ortiz jump up behind them. Suddenly it’s 5 on 8 and the JAS gets demolished. Regal lays out Jericho to close the segment and this was GREAT.

Serena Deeb vs Thunder Rosa Video Package

This is basically a hype video for Serena with talking heads and then the same for Rosa. This match has so much potential.

Toni Storm defeated Jamie Hayter via Pinfall (8:34) in the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Quarter Final

This match has so much potential too. Teased for weeks, it’s time for both of these women to show out. Australia vs England in America by way of Japan. Both these women can be the AEW champion in the next 5 years. We start off with a proper scrap for dominance in a headlock and on the mat. Both of them show off with some nice transitions and glide overs before they break apart. They lock up again and Jamie shows her strength to power Toni down to the mat but Toni hits a dropkick to come back. Jamie rolls out, Toni retrieves her and then is dropkicked to the barricade from the apron for her troubles to send us to break. Jamie hits a Snap Suplex on the outside then attacks Toni as soon as she re-enters. She throws her into the turnbuckle but can only get a one count from the subsequent cover. Jamie hits another Snap Suplex, in the ring this time and it’s still only a one count so she locks on a head lock and wears Storm over.

Toni fights back as we return and we get a strike exchange which drops them both. Toni gets up first and hits the Hip Attack and then a DDT and Jamie gets out of the ring. Toni follows her with another DDT and then rolls her back in and climbs to the top. She hits a big Crossbody Press for two and then Hayter hits a Backbreaker out of nowhere for two. Hayter gores for the Ripcord Lariat and eats a Release German Suplex from Storm instead before both women exchange strikes on the apron and Hayter just hits a big Ura Nage on it. Hayter puts Storm up top, hits her with a Superplex after a Headbutt but Toni rolls her up for two. Jamie kicks out and goes back on the attack but gets caught in the Storm Zero which earns Toni Storm the victory.

Scorpio Sky vs Frankie Kazarian Preview

Sky reminds us of his history with Frankie but promises he’ll come out on top in a Video Package and then Lexy Nair asks Frankie about it. Sammy Guevara interrupts with Tay Conti and says he can’t trust Sky and Frankie shuts him down.

Jeff Hardy w/ Matt Hardy defeated Darby Allin w/ Sting via Pinfall (10:16) in an Anything Goes Match in the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarter Final

Time for the main event. This is anything goes, what are these two crazy humans going to do to each other and to themselves?! We get a handshake before the bell but Darby jumps as soon as the bell rings with a Dropkick and a Tope Suicida when Jeff retreats. Darby goes under the ring, lining up 8 chairs in two rows facing each other but Jeff counters by sending Darby into the ring steps face first. He tosses Darby towards the steps after moving them but Darby jumps over. Jeff follows him with a huge diving lariat and then Darby uses the ring post top come back but Jeff hits a Twist of Fate in the ropes then pulls out a massive ladder as we go to break. Darby and him fight over the ladder and Jeff drops it to kick Darby only for Darby to come back with a Code Red for two. Darby tries for a Coffin Splash but Jeff catches him and then hits a Jawbreaker and a Dropkick in the corner and Darby rolls out. Jeff follows him and forces his head into the chairs before setting the ladder up in the ring. He climbs it carefully and poses at the top.

We return as Darby gets back to his feet and Pulls Jeff off the ladder, replacing him atop it before crashing down onto Jeff with a huge Senton Bomb and both men crash through Darby’s chairs. Darby drags Jeff back to the ring once he’s recovered and then climbs to the top rope for the Coffin Drop. Jeff rolls to the apron so Darby readjusts and tries it again but he misses when Jeff rolls away. Jeff sets him up on the upturned steps, hits a Twist of Fate and then climbs to the top. He goes for the Senton Bomb and Darby rolls out the way this time. Darby rolls Jeff back into the ring and goes up top, he hits the Coffin Drop and Jeff turns his pin into a Crucifix for the victory. This was great.

Jeff and Matt celebrate after the match and Jeff salutes Darby before The Undisputed Elite emerge on the ramp to close the show with a stare down.

That, in my humble opinion, was an all-time great episode of Dynamite. From start to finish the quality was sky high in the ring and out of it and we have taken several big steps forward towards Double or Nothing. Let me know what you thought in the comments below and follow me on Twitter @Knapphausen. See you on Friday for Rampage! Adios!

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— Ben Jordan Kerin May 12, 2022 07:58AM

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