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AEW Dynamite Results – May 4, 2022

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on May 04, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results – May 4, 2022

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s time for another hot episode of AEW Dynamite, tonight live from Baltimore, Maryland! We’re getting closer and closer to the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament and we have another couple of qualifiers as well as an ROH Champion vs Champion match between Mercedes Martinez amongst plenty more so with Excalibur, JR & Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the wrestling!

Jeff Hardy w/ Matt Hardy defeated Bobby Fish w/ Kyle O’Reilly via Pinfall (10:10) to qualify for the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament

Adam Cole kicks off the show by joining commentary for Bobby Fish’s match up with Jeff Hardy. Jeff is second out of the tunnel and he’s accompanied by Matt and finally comes Bobby with Kyle O’Reilly. The entrances take up their time but the bell soon rings and both men lock up with Jeff getting the early advantage with wrist control and then drops him with a Shoulder Tackle. He then reverses an Arm Drag with one of his own, gets a one count on the pin and locks in a chin lock. Jeff moves the fight to the corners as he attacks Bobby where he can’t escape but soon Bobby misdirects Hardy and puts Jeff in the corner to lay in some strikes, finishing with a Dragon Screw. He follows that with a Sliding Lariat for a two count and then goes back to body shots in the corner. He tries his outside in Senton but Jeff rolls out of the way before the match transitions outside the ring where Fish lands yet another Dragon Screw to send Jeff into the Barricade as we see Darby and Sting watching from high above the arena to send us to break. Bobby lays in stiff combinations strikes with his hands and feet on the outside, occasionally breaking the referee’s count and Jeff tries to fight back, getting some success and getting away to recover momentarily whilst Bobby argues with Matt. Bobby rolls back in and lays in some more strikes to keep Jeff down and Jeff manages to roll Fish up for a two in between Fish’s attacks. He gets a two count from a Back Drop and stays on top.

We return to the action and Jeff causes a Double Down with a move and then both men go back and forth until Jeff hits a Jawbreaker only for Bobby to drop him with two big kicks back-to-back but then Jeff fires back with a Back Elbow and a Clothesline before a Manhattan Drop and then a Hardy Leg Drop get a two count as both men struggle to their feet. Jeff drops Bobby again and climbs up top for the Swanton Bomb but Fish cuts him off and joins him up there to hit the Avalanche Falcon Arrow but somehow Jeff kicks out at two. Bobby immediately transitions to a Knee Bar and Jeff somehow drags himself to the ropes to force the break. Jeff hits a Back Elbow before Jeff hits a flip from the top and then sets up for the Swanton and hits it this time which earns him the win.

The Young Bucks emerge post-match and they stand face to face with The Hardys to set up the potential dream match before they join Kyle in checking on Bobby.

William Regal Promo

If you have watched Road To this week, you’ve seen this, but it’s worth seeing again! Regal is so good. What an under-rated pick up he’s been for AEW.

Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson & Wheeler Yuta) defeated AFO (Angelico,The Butcher & The Blade) via Submission (7:42)

Regal’s words lead into his men in action as Danielson, Yuta & Regal and then Moxley come out in that order and Regal joins commentary as he has become accustomed to do. The Butcher tries to jump Moxley as he makes his entrance but it backfires and all the men split off with The Blade beating down Danielson as the match starts officially. Angelico tags in and he locks Danielson up in a hold to show off. Danielson escapes and lays in kicks and then chops in the corner as The Blackpool Combat Club take over. He follows up with a Dropkick in the corner and then tags in Wheeler Yuta. Angelico escapes with a left-hand strike and then tags Blade back in but he meets two Yuta Arm Drags after a big Back Body Drop and then Butcher tags himself in. Yuta tries to fight him off with some success until Angelico and Blade trip him from outside and Butch flattens him with a big cross body to send us to break. The AFO spend the break keeping Yuta in their corner, exchanging tags and taking cheap shots. Yuta looks to be in real trouble as Butcher & Blade break out some new double teams but Wheeler is very resilient, even kicking out at a one count at one point.

We return to the action and Yuta scrambles to make the tag; Butcher stops him but he eats a beautiful German Suplex to cause a double down and both men get tags. Moxley finally explodes into the match and is all over The Blade, beating him down then tossing him around outside the ring, into the timekeeper’s table and ring steps before he hits a big cutter. Butcher intervenes and gets bit for his trouble but that lets Blade tag in Angelico but Moxley overwhelms him and then brings Danielson into the match who hits the big Dropkick from the top rope and then stomps Angelico’s head in whilst Yuta and Moxley overwhelm The Butcher & The Blade and then Danielson taps out Angelico with the Triangle Sleeper to earn the win.

Team Taz Interview

Schiavone mentions the Tag Team Championships challenge last week. Before Ricky Starks can properly answer, Jurassic Express enter the scene and tell Starks that if they want a Tag Title shot, he needs to give Jungle Boy and FTW title match. Starks accepts.

Keith Lee & Swerve Interview

Swerve says that Team Taz should finish their business with them before going for the Tag Titles. Keith Lee backs him up and says Taz getting involved in their last match was unacceptable and when they’re finished, they’ll Swerve in their Glory.

Wardlow defeated W. Morrisey via Pinfall (5:32)

Warlow is escorted to the ring by Security in silence, other than the crowd chanting his name very loudly. He’s uncuffed and then enters the ring before MJF comes out with Shawn Spears in tow and then runs down the Maryland crowd before introducing William Morrissey. Morrissey reluctantly high fives MJF and blanks Spears before making his way to the ring.

The bell rings and the two giants in the ring square off before they lock up and for once Wardlow begins to get overpowered in the ring. He tries it again and the same thing happens. Wardlow manages to muscle Morrissey into the corner but the big man fights back and grounds Wardlow with a kick and some big Sledges to the back.

Morrissey hits a Splash but Wardlow comes back with a Shoulder Charge and then Morrissey gets away with a Leapfrog and drops Wardlow with a big boot. Wardlow rolls outside and tries to fight back but Morrissey is just too big and overpowers him, slamming him into the apron headfirst repeatedly before they head back in the ring. Wardlow tries to fight back with some big shots but runs into a Bossman Slam from Morrissey for two. Morrissey takes him up to the top rope and tries for a Superplex but Wardlow fights him off and then lands a Moonsault. He drops his slaps and sets up for the Powerbomb and this time he only needs one to get the job done. Wardlow gets a win.

Security tries to retrieve Wardlow but this week he sends them all flying and stands in the ring. MJF and Spears send man after man into the ring for Wardlow and he fights them all off until he tosses one onto the pile of them.

Wardlow grabs the mic and tells Max he’s not stopping until he gets out of his contract and gets his hands on Max. MJF goes to respond and the crowd tell him he’s going to get killed. MJF shuts them down and offers Wardlow a match with conditions which he’ll reveal in a contract signing when AEW go back to Long Island next week.

Tony Schiavone Interviews....

Jamie, Britt, Ruby and Toni are with Schiavone who reveals their tag match will open Rampage and Britt says it's no surprise she’s the first woman to open an AEW show. Ruby says some fighting words including reminding Britt she has a receipt coming and then they all bicker before we go to break.

Hangman Adam Page in Ring Promo

Tony Schiavone is a busy boy and introduces the champ to the ring to finally respond to the fact he has to face CM Punk next at Double or Nothing. Tony asks him about just that and Hangman tells us it would be easy for him to come out here and tell us how much he can’t wait to wrestle him or how much he respects him but that’s not going to happen. Hangman says at DoN there’s no handshake or Brett Hart Tribute match and Hangman says he’s going to destroy CM Punk. The crowd chant the name he just mentioned and then he tells a CM Punk fan that he’ll want a refund after DoN. Hangman says Punk isn’t here tonight and it’s probably because he’s off filming another TV show which is ironic. Hangman tells Punk he’ll embarrass him and give him the fight of his life.

Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh & Sonjay Dutt Promo

We see an introduction video for Konosuke Takeshita and Jay Lethal and co get mad he gets the red-carpet treatment so Jay challenges him for Rampage.

Chris Jericho w/ JAS (Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, Jake Hager & Daniel Garcia) defeated Santana w/ Ortiz via Pinfall (9:04)

Jericho and his cronies come out after Santana & Ortiz and we learn that Jericho is now “The Wizard”. Santana jumps Jericho before the bell and hits him with a dive, beating Jericho down around ringside until Jericho manages to get back on top only to waste time with the camera and Santana takes over once again. Santana finally rolls Jericho into the ring and the match starts properly. Matt Menard tries to get in an early advantage by grabbing Santana’s ankle and that allows Jericho to hit a Springboard Dropkick and Santana falls onto the ring steps to send us to break. Chris maintains control despite wasting a lot of time. He hits a Back Suplex before Santana tries to fight back to no avail Jericho takes him corner to corner and then takes him up to the top rope but Santana manages to kick him off. Both men drop to the mat and Jericho hits the Catapult into the bottom rope.

We return to the match as Jericho comes off the top rope but Santana counters. Jericho tries to stay on top with chops in the corner but Santana fights back with punches. Jericho tries a Bulldog but Santana counters once again and then he finally takes over with the three amigos as the crowd chant Eddie. Santana heads up top for the Frog Splash but Jericho cuts him off and joins him up top but Santana drops him with a Headbutt and gets a two when he manages to hit the Frog Splash. Both men counter each other in the middle until Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho and Santana makes the ropes. Jericho nearly gets rolled up whilst arguing with the ref and then both men exchanged chops back and forth and then Santana gets the Stunner for a 2.9. The JAS all try to get involved and Ortiz deals with most of them using Jericho’s bat and Santana drops Hager before Santana gets a two from a Discus Lariat but then Matt Menard jumps on the apron and the ref is distracted so Jericho hits the low blow and then the Judas Effect to get the win.

As soon as the match ends, the 5 on 2 allows the JAS to take out Santana and Ortiz.

Samoa Joe Promo

Samoa Joe tells Jay Lethal that challenges are for brave men and if Jay is brave, he should think about the fact that Joe is coming for him on Rampage this Friday.

Gunn Club Promo

Gunn Club give The Acclaimed gifts, scissors. They’re all joining forces. This will be fun.

Varsity Blonds call out House of Black

Brian says that he’s humbled by the encounter with the House of Black and says everything he’s worked for be torn apart and then Brian brings up American Football Coach John Harbaugh who we see ringside and knew Brian's dad and he quotes him before saying that he lost sight of whatever it was and he says he’s enthusiastic about keeping the Varsity Blonds together and then calls out the House of Black. That was an awful promo ngl.

Anyway, the House obliges him and makes their entrance. They surround the Blonds in the ring and then they attack. They leave them battered in the ring before Malakai approaches Julia and lead her to Griff, hand her a chair and let her attack but she can’t do it until he removes the eye patch to reveal her make up being just like his. Until anything is resolved, House of Black are run off by Death Triangle.

Jade Cargill Promo

Jade and the Baddies pose whilst Sterling says they’ve been celebrating since they won in Pittsburgh and then he congratulates Red Velvet for qualifying for the Owen Hart tournament. She says she’ll win because that’s what baddies do.

Rey Fenix w/ Penta El Zero Miedo, PAC & Alex Abrahantes defeated Dante Martin via Pinfall (9:40) to qualify for the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament

The previous segment was Fenix’s entrance, Dante joins him in the ring and the match begins with a lock up before they start going back and forth with the high-flying counters. Fenix drops Dante with a dropkick before he dives onto him on the outside to send us to break. We return to both men in the ring exchanging pins. I couldn’t begin to name every move but Dante manages to drop Fenix with a Tijeras and then both men show off avoiding each other's moves until Dante lands a Canadian Destroyer and dives onto Fenix with a Tope when he rolls outside. He sends Fenix into the ring post then lands a dropkick as we get an early this is awesome chant.

The two men return to the ring as we return to break and Fenix takes control and gets a two from a Back Flipping Russian Leg Sweep (Thanks Excalibur) Dante fights back and hits an Enzuigiri and a Hook Kick before a Cross Body gets a two count. Dante gets a two from a crazy looking suplex. Dante lays in kicks and punches before Fenix explodes with a Rolling Hurricanrana for two. Dante sends Fenix outside with a strong kick out and then they fight with Fenix coming back in until Fenix hits a Pop-Up Cutter for two. The crowd chant fight forever and Fenix sets up for the Black Fire Driver but Dante counters with a Roll Up for two before he heads up top and Fenix cuts him off. Both men end up on the top which ends in a Double Moonsault with both men landing on their feet and then Dante lands a Poisonrana and goes for the Nosedive, Fenix avoids and ends up flattening the top of Dante’s head with a brutal looking Piledriver for the win. This match was absolutely breath taking and absolutely a must see if you like high flying.

Darby Allin Promo

Darby speaks about the fact he’s facing Jeff in the Owen and both he and Sting say it’s going to be special.

Thunder Rosa Promo

Rosa heads out to the stage and says her story is full of good guys, bad guys, failure & success. She says that she’s the champion because she worked hard and she’s elevated the women’s division. She says she’s the champ and wants to fight the best. She says she went to see a wrestler before she wrestled herself and that was the Number one contender. She calls out Serena Deeb and Deeb greets her by saying she earned where she is and respects her. Serena says she believes that they can make the women’s division the best in the world but she needs the title to do that. She says she’s on another level and it’s about time she gets the title to show it. This match is going down at Double or Nothing.

John Silver Promo

Silver says he can’t wait to wrestle CM Punk in his home town next week. LFG!

Mercedes Martinez defeated Deonna Purrazzo via Submission (10:33) to become Undisputed ROH Women’s World Champion

It’s another Bobby Cruise entrance time as he introduces both of the Ring of Honor Women’s World Champions. Deonna turns down the handshake that is part of the code of honor but the bell rings regardless. Both women lock up to begin the match with neither gaining the advantage until Mercedes grabs wrist control but Deonna fights back with the Side headlock before they break up in the corner. Deonna sends us to break with an arm breaker which is to facilitate her Fujiwara Arm Bar finisher. She continues her attack in the corner but Mercedes fights back into the match with her striking. Deonna uses the ropes to escape and then further target the arm of Martinez, utilising the ring post too. Deonna fights with Mercedes on the apron which leads to a Martinez Spear. They slug it out on the outside and then Martinez gets posted and the ref begins to count out both women.

We return to the action as both women break the count at 19 and then they slug it out again in the middle. Mercedes wins out with a Back Body Drop and follows with a splash and a sliding Dropkick in the corner but Purrazzo kicks out at two. Deonna comes back with a Russian Leg Sweep and goes for the Fujiwara arm bar but can’t get it so transitions to a pin for a two count. Mercedes counters a Piledriver to hit a running boot and then gets a two from a Fisherman’s Buster. Both women exchange dominance until a clothesline from each woman simultaneously causes a double down. Mercedes gets Deonna in position for a Curb Stomp and hits it but can’t lock in the Romero Special properly so she goes for a Dragon Sleeper instead and forces Deonna to pass out. This match was much better than this crowd seemed to think it was.

And thus, another episode of Dynamite is in the books. Let us know what you thought in the comments below and give me a follow on Twitter @Knapphausen if you like tweets about wrestling and the Blue Jays. So long and goodnight!

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