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AEW Dynamite Results (April 27 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Apr 27, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results (April 27 2022)

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s time for another episode of AEW Dynamite. This time we’re live from Philadelphia and as always, this card is completely stacked. If a TNT title ladder match or a street fight between Shida and Deeb don’t float your boat, we also have Dax vs Cash in an Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Qualifier! If you love pro wrestling, AEW has something you’ll enjoy tonight! So, with JR, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the wrestling!

Dax Harwood defeated Cash Wheeler via Pinfall (15:02) to qualify for the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament

AEW bring out CM Punk to join commentary to begin the show with Cult of Personality for a change but I am hyped for this match. We get FTR’s music next and both men come out with Dax slightly ahead of Cash. The crowd erupt in appreciation of both men before the match gets underway with a lock up. Neither man gets an advantage the first time but Dax snatches the headlock the second time and both men exchange arm holds with Cash having Dax down briefly before both men get an arm drag on the other, coming up at a stalemate. They shake hands and then go back to exchanging arm locks and then Cash gets a couple of Shoulder Tackles in before Dax snatches a choke and then they exchange more arm drags, counters and Body Slams. Cash comes up with the upper hand until Dax pokes Cash in the eye and Cash pushes him off. Wheeler comes out fighting with a knee and a shoulder to the midsection of Harwood and then drops him with two huge chops. He snatches a chin lock before trying for a suplex. Dax puts Cash up top and fires in some chops of his own before he hits a Superplex which causes a double down. Dax tries to come off the top rope with a headbutt but Cash moves and then sends Dax to the outside with a Baseball Dropkick to send us to break. Cash takes Dax back in the ring and locks on a waist lock and doesn’t let go, driving Harwood down with a Mat Return when he fights to his feet. Dax does escape and both men exchange hard chops and Wheeler even fires in a Headbutt. Dax comes back with the biggest chop so far but then gets thrown into the turnbuckle sternum first. Wheeler comes in with three Deadlift German Suplexes and keeps hold.

We return to the action as Dax reverses and hits a German Suplex of his own and then both men run the ropes before colliding in the middle with both men hitting Crossbodies. They both beat a double down count before exchanging shots back and forth and then Dax almost gets the win by reversing a Jack-knife pin cover and then Cash gets his own two count before Dax goes for the Slingshot Powerbomb and Cash reverses with a Hurricanrana roll up for two but Dax finally hits the Slingshot Liger Bomb for two. The crowd chant for FTR as Cash goes for a victory roll but Cash rolls him up for two and then Cash hits a Piledriver for two! The crowd ask these two to fight forever as Wheeler climbs up top but Dax cuts him off and then Cash reverses to go for an Avalanche Back Drop only for Harwood to reverse in mid-air into a slam and nearly gets the win. Both men spill outside and Cash holds onto his knee. The referee almost counts them both out but they both roll in at two before Dax targets the leg of Cash and goes to lock in the Sharpshooter but hesitates and then both men exchange roll ups and Dax gets the win with his! This was a fantastic wrestling match.

Both men embrace after the match and that’s just a nice way to end.

CM Punk vs Hangman Adam Page Announcement

Commentary mentions their face off last week and then announce the match before CM Punk grabs a microphone and walks down the ramp. He starts off by celebrating Dax and Cash. He says the AEW locker room is the most talented he’s ever been in and he asked himself months ago before he came back if he can still do this. He says that he can say now he can still do this before he says Hangman Adam Page is great but he’s just warming up. He can’t promise a win against Page but he promises he gives everything to the fans and in Las Vegas, he will always bet on himself and he’ll keep fighting till the wheels come off.

Scorpio Sky Promo

Dan Lambert says Scorpio having a title match isn’t a coincidence and then Sky runs down his achievements and then says the Philly crowd aren’t here for Sammy, they’re here to see him win the TNT title.

Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson & Wheeler Yuta) defeated The Factory (QT Marshall, Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto) w/ Anthony Ogogo via Pinfall (8:47)

The Blackpool Combat Club make their entrance, William Regal joins commentary and they attack The Factory before the bell as is becoming their calling card to get the advantage. Moxley eventually becomes legal with Aaron Solo and beats him down before bringing in Wheeler Yuta who gets a huge ovation but Solo escapes to tag out to Nick Comoroto who hits a huge Back Body Drop to send us into break. Comoroto attacks in the corner then brings in QT with a tag. He doesn’t stay in long as the Factory exchange quick tags to keep Wheeler stuck in their corner. QT gets a one count with a knee drop after a while and it’s clear Wheeler isn’t anywhere near done as QT targets his abdomen like his team mates do. Solo tries a pin for two also and Moxley storms in to break it up and Solo attacks him from behind when the ref makes him leave.

We return to the action as QT Marshall tags in and Yuta hits a huge German Suplex and tags out to Danielson whilst QT tags in Solo. Danielson attacks with chops and kicks in the corner before taking out QT and Nick with a Tope Suicida then takes out Solo with a Shotgun Dropkick from the top rope. He fires in the kicks to the Sternum but the head kick leads to Solo rolling him up. Danielson transitions to the LeBell Lock and Comoroto breaks it up before Moxley hits him with a Half and Half Suplex and then Mox and Danielson take them down and Mox removes Nick. Danielson takes out Solo with a Dropkick from mid-air before both men tag out and Yuta takes on Comoroto. Nick takes over with some huge Beells and then goes for a Stampede but Yuta counters with a Dragon Sleeper and then Normal one before dropping Comoroto with Hammer & Anvil Elbows and pins him with the Seatbelt whilst Danielson and Mox deal with Solo & QT.

Tony Schiavone Interviews....

We get another three-way interview with Britt, Jamie and Toni and Toni introduces Ruby Soho who says she’s noticed that they pick on the new people before they argue. Heading towards a tag match.

Jurassic Express Interview

Jungle Boy explains that he should have won last week and Christian says he sounds like a loser and he isn’t so he puts out a challenge to any top 5 team and Team Taz step up. Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs, let’s go!

Wardlow defeated Lance Archer w/ Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts via Pinfall (5:30)

Lance enters, MJF’s music then hits and he and Spears disparage Philly women and says Lance Archer is going to beat Wardlow before bringing him out with no music. The crowd chant his name and then he’s unhandcuffed by the ring and is surrounded by security so Lance Archer lands on them all with a senton. He returns Wardlow to the ring and then the bell rings so Wardlow hits a huge Hurricanrana and then hits some big shoulders on Archer in the corner. He slams Archer to the mat and goes for the Powerbomb but Lance counters. Lance tries for a Chokeslam, Wardlow fights out and both men hit simultaneous Clotheslines for a double down. They get up and exchange huge strikes in the middle of the ring back and forth and Wardlow wins out but Archer comes back and then walks the rope before flipping onto Wardlow to take him down. He follows that with a Chokeslam but Wardlow kicks out at two. Archer sets up for the Blackout and manages to hit it but Wardlow counters the pin with a crucifix at two. Archer goes for a second Blackout but changes his mind and Wardlow fights back with Headbutts before he hits a huge Senton for two. Wardlow pulls the straps down and the Powerbomb Symphony begins. The crowd love it and he hits four before getting the pin for the win, much to Maxwell’s disappointment. The crowd chant Wardlow's name as he leaves to get Handcuffed again and escorted backstage.

Jericho Appreciation Society Sit-Down with Santana, Ortiz & Eddie Kingston

The JAS make their elaborate entrance looking like prime years N-Sync and commentary tell us that any physical contact in this “sit-down” will result in fines and bans. Angelo Parker says Sports Entertainers are best for business and then calls the crowd the AEW Galaxy. He reiterates to the crowd that there’s going to be no violence. Santana, Ortiz & Eddie come out and then Jericho tells us we’re lucky to be in the Chris Jericho era and bemoans getting kicked out of the building last week and demands an apology. Ortiz responds with a middle finger and so does Santana. Santana says Jericho turned his back on the two dudes that know him best before Garcia gets involved begging them to hit him.

Eddie says he doesn’t care about any of the Sports Entertainment crap and he begs them to fight him now and he doesn’t care that it’s 5 on 3. Jericho says he’s taking them out one by one and puts a hit on them. Eddie says in his world, a hit means something else. Jericho says he can’t hit him because no other company wants him. Eddie says he can smell the fear on Jericho and Eddie says he’s put people in the ground but Jericho isn’t ready to go there before they leave.

Sammy Guevara Promo

Sammy says Scorpio is the most boring man in AEW and nobody cares about him. He says he doesn’t know what’s brighter, Tay, the TNT title or their future. Excuse me while I throw up.

Serena Deeb defeated Hikaru Shida via Submission (11:40) in a Philly Street Fight

This one gets underway quick and Shida attacks with her Kendo stick but misses and then the brawl begins. Shida gets on top with a big Missile Dropkick and then grabs a chair on the outside for her knee strike. Deeb rolls back into the ring to avoid and Shida beats her down on the top rope before she hits the Knee Strike. Shida tries for a knee strike from the apron and Deeb counters with the chair. They head back into the ring and Serena hits a Kneebreaker on the chair to send us to commercial. Serena attacks Shida’s knee and tries to re-injure Shida. She uses the ropes to do more damage and Hikaru tries to fight back. Deeb stomps her down on the apron but she kicks Serena to the apron. Deeb comes back with a leg sweep and then Deeb smashes the knee with a chair.

We return to the action and Serena sets up the chair in the ring again but Shida fights out to catapult Deeb into the chair face first. Serena rolls out and goes under the ring before throwing powder into Shida’s eyes to blind her and attacks with a Kendo Stick. She goes for the Deebtox but Shida counters with a Back Body Drop and blindly swings with the Kendo stick, catching Deeb. Shida finds water to clear her eyes and spring boards off the ring steps with a Dropkick before hitting her with the Kendo stick. She attacks with some knee strikes but then Deeb counters the Katana with a chair. Deeb tries to Pillmanise Shida’s knee but Hikaru counters and then hits an Avalanche Falcon Arrow for two! Shida takes Deeb down with the Kendo Stick and tries to choke her out and Serena gets out with a roll up. Serena takes over with an Eye Poke before she hits the Deebtox on the chair and Shida kicks out somehow. Serena locks in the Serenity Lock and hammers Shida’s knee into the chair when she won’t tap and then she locks in the Texas Cloverleaf to force Shida to tap. This was brutal and messy but fun.

We see Thunder Rosa watching the match backstage

MJF & Shawn Spears Interview

Lexy asks MJF why he’s so calm and after shouting at her he says he has a good plan and then makes a phone call when he makes an offer of 5 figures before teasing W Morrisey, formerly Big Cas.

House Of Black Segment

The lights go out and when they come back on, Fuego’s left lying on the ramp. The House of Black go to unmask him and then Alex Abrahantes interrupts them, they march to the ring to deal with him (not that it is him) and then Penta and PAC emerge on stage, followed by the real Alex and then we see Fenix return as Death Triangle wipe out The House of Black.

Swerve vs Darby interview

Swerve & Darby are facing off on Rampage in an Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Qualifier. They have a little back and forth here ahead of it and I’m looking forward to this one!

The Undisputed Elite (The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson), ReDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) & Adam Cole) w/ Brandon Cutler defeated Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr & Griff Garrison), Dante Martin, Brock Anderson & Lee Johnson w/ Arn Anderson & Julia Hart via Pinfall (6:32)

We begin with Dante in the ring but the UE jump them to get the upper hand. Matt is legal and tags out to Kyle but Dante fights back and takes Matt out with a Dropkick before Dante brings in one of the Varsity Blonds and they both come in before everyone comes in with move after move. The young kids take over the match and send us to break with all of them in the ring and the Undisputed Elite arguing. Kyle enters the ring with Brock Anderson and then tags out to Bobby before they manage to isolate Brock and make tags between each other to maintain the control through the break.

When we return, Brock has just hit a DDT on Bobby Fish and both men tag out. Lee Johnson takes on Kyle O’Reilly but the Young Bucks take over with Superkicks before everyone gets in the ring and then Nick Jackson runs wild on everyone and Kyle tags out to Matt who helps do the same. Matt brings Nick in legally and everyone tags in together to hit a 4-way BTE trigger and Cole lowers the Boom for the win.

Cole makes the Bucks put on Undisputed Elite shirts and they pose.

Backstage Attack

Matt Menard pulls a camera over and we watch Jericho blow a fireball into Kingston’s face and it goes so much better than it ever did with Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior or Keith Lee in NXT. This Sports Entertainment shtick is fucking hilarious.

Scorpio Sky w/ Dan Lambert defeated Sammy Guevara w/ Tay Conti (13:45) in a Ladder Match to become the NEW TNT Champion

Championship time! Sky comes out with Dan Lambert and Ethan Page but Ethan doesn’t stay whilst Sammy comes out with Tay and shoves his tongue down her throat. Sky starts the fight on the ramp and tosses Sammy into the barricades as the bell rings. Scorpio lays into Sammy with body shots and then drops him on another barricade face first. He tosses him into the barricade once again before he heads to the top of the ramp to grab a ladder. Sammy tries to attack with a Baseball Dropkick and Sky avoids and hits him with the ladder in a really smart looking counter. The crowd beg Scorpio to “Fuck him up” so Scorpio goes to attack Sammy with a Suplex on the ramp only for Sammy to counter with a German Suplex then toss him into a barricade. Sammy heads into the ring with a Ladder but Sky stops his climb and nearly reaches the title himself only for Sammy to drop him and drive Sky into the ladder. Sammy climbs again but can’t reach the title so Sammy hits a crazy flop but he misses Sky mostly and gets an awful landing to send us to break. Sammy is down and Sky mocks him and repositions the ladder. He climbs up and Sammy shoves the ladder from his knees to make sure he doesn’t get close. Tay attacks Scorpio to buy Sammy more time and Sky repositions the ladder again but Sammy brings in his own ladder then cuts him off before he can climb. Sky sends Sammy back down with a big kick.

We return to the action and Scorpio climbs before Sammy goes for a Cutter like he hit on Cody and Sky hits his own cutter to reverse it. Sky brings out a barbed wire wrapped ladder and then tries to hit Sammy with a TKO onto it but Sammy counters with a Spanish Fly and its Sky who’s in the barbed wire. Dan Lambert gets pulled into the ring by Sammy and Tay enters to hit him with a low blow and Paige Van Zant comes out to save Lambert. She beats down Tay whilst Scorpio takes down Sammy until Tay and Sammy come back with Pump Kicks. Sammy and Tay kiss then retrieve the Barbed Wire Ladder, leaning it against the ropes only for Sky to hit him with a Flatliner out of nowhere then begin to climb the ladder. Tay jumps on Sky’s back to stop him and Sammy begins to climb so Paige does the same to Sammy and Paige and Tay fight atop the ladder. The women drop and fight to a draw on the mat before Sammy and Scorpio fight atop the ladder. Sammy knocks Sky off the ladder and then tries to retrieve the title but takes too long so Sky tips Sammy off onto the Barbed Wire and climbs. Sammy comes back one last time but Sky drops him and retains the title to become the TNT Champion again.

I’m not too sure about that main event result. That TNT title has changed hands a lot recently. I guess AEW needed to do it at some point because otherwise early title defences become obvious but I need some time to digest that. Regardless, an awesome show. Let us know what you think in the comments. Find me on Twitter @Knapphausen and see you on Friday for Rampage. So long & goodnight!

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