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WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (April 25, 2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Apr 25, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (April 25, 2022)

The following are the ongoing live results of tonight's edition of Monday Night RAW, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Randy Orton's 20th Anniversary Celebration

We open straight on the ring, with Riddle standing center and the ring surrounded by the locker room. Riddle welcomes us to Raw and throws us to a video that takes a look back to Orton's debut exactly twenty years ago today. It includes memorable moments from various matches over his career, all set to the tune of "Voices" by Motionless in White. After the video, we cut back to Riddle on the live mic. The crowd chants for Randy and Riddle calls for Orton to come on out to huge fanfare, garnering a standing ovation from the crowd. Orton soaks it up and thanks Riddle for the awesome event. He reminds the crowd that he was born in Knoxville, TN for a cheap pop. He goes on to name several legends that he's fought, and credits Mick Foley for helping Orton become the Legend Killer. He says there's "one thing that's different these days," regarding his career, stating he's having more fun than he's had in his entire career. He tells Riddle "I love you, man," and the two hug. The crowd rips off an RK-Bro chant. "And I gotta let you all know, WWE Universe, we've had our ups and downs, twists and turns, too haven't we?" He credits the WWE Universe for always coming back to support him, and tells us he loves us all. He states that, like without Mick Foley, there'd have been no RKO without the WWE Universe. Riddle hops back on the mic.

"So Randy, I have a surprise for you! This man wanted to come out, he said you're a mentor to him. It is a surprise, he's a second generation superstar and you're a third generation. He looks up to you as a locker room leader and he even said you guys were friends. So Knoxville, let me introduce you to 'the American Nightmare' Cody Rhodes!" Big pop as Cody Rhodes enters the ring. Seth Rollins is then shown at commentary, wearing a bright green suit like a Lucky Charms reject. Seth Rollins cuts a promo about Rhodes making everything about himself. Eventually, Ezekiel, Elias' younger brother, comes out and introduces himself to Orton--someone both he and Elias loved watching as they grew up. He's wearing arm tassels like old-school Warrior/Macho. Kevin Owens comes out yelling about Ezekiel being a lying piece of trash, and finally SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos make their way out to add their two cents. The ring is pretty crowded.

Raw Tag champs RK-Bro stand alongside Cody Rhodes and Ezekiel, whereas the Usos, Owens and Rollins stand opposite them. The Usos cut another promo about beating RK-Bro in their upcoming tag unification bout. WWE Official Adam Pearce comes out and tells all eight men will be in action tonight, "the biggest match that I can make tonight here on Raw," he states. He then states the Usos, Rollins, and Owens will take on Rhodes, Ezekiel, and RK-Bro in our main event match. All eight men talk trash to each other in the ring. Owens strikes first, punching Ezekiel. Orton hits an RKO on Owens and the Usos back off. Orton's music plays us out and to our first break of the evening!

Raw Championship Match: Bianca Belair(c) vs Sonya Deville

We return and find Sonya "the Snack" Deville in the ring awaiting Belair's entrance, which is rushed. We're shown a very short clip from the contract two weeks ago, during which Deville blind-sided Belair and manipulated herself into a title match tonight. We return to the ring and we're ready to rock. Belair takes the fight immediately outside and throws Deville across the commentary desk. Deville is then counted out in less than a minute.
Your Winner by Count-Out and STILL Raw Women's Champion, Bianca Belair!

After the Match: WWE Official Sonya Deville Addresses the Match Outcome

Now as a WWE Official, Deville blames her loss on water on the floor. She demands a new match that's a no count-out.

Raw Championship Match: Bianca Belair(c) vs Sonya Deville II: No Count-Out

Again the two clash and, again, the two battle to the outside. Belair hits Deville with her braid at one point, so Deville hits Belair with a steel chair, getting disqualified.
Your Winner and STILL Raw Women's Champion, Bianca Belair!

After the Match: WWE Official Sonya Deville Again Addresses the Match Outcome

And, again, Deville assumes power as an Official. She justifies her use of the chair by stating Belair used a foreign object--her hair braid. She demanded another match.

Raw Championship Match: Bianca Belair(c) vs Sonya Deville III: No DQ, No Count-Out

And as proof that there is no god, we get our third start. Carmella & Zelina Vega (who are friends again) ends up in the ring, assisting Deville. We cut to a break to heavily pad the time length of this match. When we return, Carmella restrains Belair as Deville attacks her. Belair attempts to fight back but Queen Zelina hops on her back. Belair weathers the offense of all three and sends Carmella and Zelina both to the outside. She ducks a Deville attack and looks for the KOD, but spends too long keeping Deville suspended above. Deville counters by sending Belair face-first into the turnbuckle. Deville positions a chair and executes a DDT to Belair on the steel chair! Bah gawd, her career might be over! Belair gets her arm up just in time, proving that she is, indeed, tougher than a $2 steak. Belair fights off Deville even after taking a chair shot and starts her comeback, dropping Carmella on the apron to prevent her interference before finally hitting the KOD on Deville. Belair covers and retains for the third time tonight.
Your Winner and STILL Raw Women's Champion, Bianca Belair!

Backstage: Sonya Deville, Zelina Vega, and Carmella

We return from break to find Queen Zelina and Carmella arguing again backstage, their friendship seemingly on the rocks again. The weekly tradition continues. Deville shows up and the three women all end up slapping each other.

Promo: Edge with Damian Priest

Edge shows off the renovations he's made to Aleister Black's room, then cuts a promo insulting the Tennessee crowd. He makes multiple jabs, including at Knox County voting Kane it's mayor, and states the fans can't chew on "that" (knowledge) b/c they'd rather chew on chips and a cheeseburger or the such. He then addresses the attack on Styles, ultimately stating their attack was meant to take out an arm as Edge doesn't believe Style scan hit his finishers with only one good arm. He then adds, "and Finn? See you later." Priest speaks, stating that Finn has been judged and found guilty or something, and he (Priest) is the punishment, and his (Finn's) judgement day has arrived. Okay.

Singles Match: Veer Mahaan vs Sam Smothers

Veer makes his way out--his match against an unnamed, most likely local talent, is up next! After a quick video post-commercial that showed us Veer dominating a local talent last week, Veer proceeds to dominate a local talent this week, too. Mr. Smothers gets no offense in and taps within half a minute. Mahaan, again, continued to torment his victim post-match just as he did against Dominik Mysterio two weeks ago and the jobber last week.
Your Winner, Veer Mahaan!

Backstage Interview: Bobby Lashley

Lashley is shadow boxing backstage when Megan approaches him. She questions him if that's the best way to warm up for an arm wrestling match. He states he's getting ready for a fight as he doesn't trust MVP; he knows he's stronger than Omos.

Arm Wrestling Match: Bobby Lashley vs Omos w/ MVP

The giant Omos is out with MVP first, and we go to a break ahead of this contest. When we return, MVP cuts a promo. He's angry that Lashley did WrestleMania without him, as he "made" Lashley. When the fans chant "What?" he tells them to shut up. He states Lashley is strong, but that's compared to your average WWE Superstar. Omos is no average man. MVP continues to prattle on until Bobby Lashley makes his entrance. The fans are behind Lashley and both men take position at a pedestal with an arm wrestling get-up. Circle pads for their elbows, hand grips, nifty. Omos starts off in control. Lashley struggles but gains the upper hand. MVP yells insults on the mic, trying to get in MVP's head. Omos gets their arms even again. Suddenly, Lashley powers through and wins! Afterwards, Omos attacks Lashley and hits Bobby with his big executioner clothesline. The crowd boos, the ref checks on Lashley, and MVP decides to direct further chaos. MVP orders Omos to pick up the arm wrestling table. He asks Bobby on-mic if he's great now, then has Omos bang the table into Lashley and choke him with it. He continues to use it as a weapon against Lashley as multiple refs hit the ring and attempt to beg him off.
Your Winner, Bobby Lashley!

Mixed Tag Match: Tamina & Tozawa vs Reggie & Dana Brooke with Special Guest Ref R-Truth

We start with Tamina and Brooke. The two briefly struggle as Graves talks smack, and Saxton reminds Graves he's recently married himself. In case Graves forgot he married Carmella. Brooke and Tamina tease kissing, and then men then tag in. A short match ensues with the usual 24/7-fare of crap that sees Tozawa pick up the win over Reggie.
Your Winners, Tamina & Tozawa!

Becky No-Belts is Back on Raw!

Lynch comes out, still dressing her best to rip-off David Bowie's style. Her black...vinyl, plastic?...outfit is accented by her new hairstyle and affinity for shades. The digital crowd boos her as the in-house crowd gives her a mixed welcome. We head to break. We return and Lynch takes a page out of the Rousey playbook, putting on a pouty face. "Three years. It's been three years since I've walked out on Raw without my championship. Three years and nobody was able to beat me for the title." She states she wasn't sure how to face Raw because she doesn't know who "Becky Lynch is without the title." She didn't recognize herself any more and she's hit rock bottom--will Happy Corbin intercede? She states again that she's hit rock bottom and that's all she has to say. She starts to put down the mic but stops. "But if I've hit rock bottom, that means there's nowhere else to go but up! This isn't the end, no-no, this is just the beginning...of a legendary Becky Lynch comeback!" She states no one does a comeback better than her. She tells the WWE Universe that they get to witness, and be inspired by, her rise as she overcomes the hometown girl. She claims she'll become the champion again and no one will ever beat her again. She names off the roster, stating none of them can stop her...until Asuka's music plays!

Asuka is Back!

The Empress of Tomorrow returns to Raw after a lengthy injury and recovery phase. The crowd welcomes her back appropriately and Lynch is in "shock." Asuka screams some stuff on the mic in Japanese, then dances as the fans chant her name. She tells Lynch, "I will stop you! Because no one is ready for Asuka, woo!" She dances and Lynch squares up to her. Asuka boops (the technical term) Lynch on the nose, so Lynch takes a swing. Asuka ducks and Lynch flees the ring. Asuka continues to dance in the ring.

Singles Match: Finn Bálor vs Damian Priest

Bálor is out first and we go to break. When we return, Edge and Priest are out together--Edge on a throne, surrounded by dry-ice fog, purple-hued lights and Edge's latest Altar Bridge theme. Priest takes control early, sending us into a break, as Edge watches on. We return from break and Edge continues to watch on from the throne at the top of the ramp. Priest continues to batter Bálor in the corner, working over the smaller opponent. Bálor starts his comeback sequence, dropping Priest with a snap strike and follows it up with a standing stomp. Bálor looks for a cover but Priest isn't ready to give up yet. Bálor takes control for a few moments, working Priest's arm. Priest and Bálor both exchange blows. Bálor with a snap Sling Blade! Bálor sets up the Shotgun Dropkick but Priest intercepts him! Bálor counters Priest's reversal and nearly steals a pin. Bálor uses the ropes to bounce around and avoid Priest. Bálor eventually turns his attention to Edge instead of going for the Coup de Grace, allowing Priest to hit the Reckoning followed by an inverted Urinage to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Damian Priest!


Miz TV featuring United States Champion Theory

Miz is out first and as is the custom, we head to break. When we return, our newest US Champ is out to many boos. The Miz congratulates Orton on his 20-year career and states that maybe, someday, Orton's career will measure up to the Miz's. He then calls for the new US champ to come out. Theory comes out to boos, mostly digital as the in-house crowd is mostly indifferent. He and the Miz embrace. The Miz states "it's kinda like looking in a mirror." He goes on. "When I was a young Miz, I had to earn 'the' with a capital 'T'." Theory quips in that McMahon made it clear his name is "just Theory" in case we forgot. The Miz states that 12 years ago, he upheld the title to a prestigious level that he knows Theory can live up to. Theory tells the Miz that he grew up watching the Miz and he was an inspiration. He tells the fans to shut up because they continuously "what" him. Theory lists a few of the Miz's accolades, then states he'll stand up to the standards the Miz expects of him and that he'll also prove to be the best investment Vince McMahon's ever made. The Miz and Theory discuss the "jealousy" of others, who can't stand to see "handsome young trendsetters like us" succeed. He calls out the United States title being passed around like a participation trophy and wants to see prestige restored to it. So..cue Mustafa Ali.

The Miz asks who he is, and Theory states he knows who Ali is--"you're the guy who took his ball and ran home." The Miz cracks some jokes about Ali. Ali states that "if I wanna laugh, all I need to do is watch you wrestle." He then gets down to business, announcing his return to Raw. He states he discussed some matters with Adam Pearce "but when I heard the new United States Champion Theory was going to be a guest on Miz TV, I had to come out here, I just had to come out here. I mean, I had to, because I'm kind of hoping Theory is here to announce that he's holding an open challenge" so Ali can accept it. He then challenges Theory for the title tonight. The crowd loves this idea. Theory states "You know what? I'll think about it. No!" Ali mocks Theory with a McMahon voice, asking if he's supposed to be McMahon's protege? He asks, "Do you have any spine? Are you all biceps and no balls?" He then states Theory's out here running away like the Miz. Theory defends the Miz and the Miz begins to talk as Miz starts to text on his phone. The Miz would love to embarrass Ali but he doesn't have "a magic wand where I can just make some match." Theory tells him not to worry, he does and he just texted Vince to get this match--and it's official, the Miz versus Ali! The Miz is taken aback but accepts it. He tells Ali that when he's done with Ali, he'll wish he'd taken his walking papers. We head to break.

Singles Match: Mustafa Ali vs the Miz w/ Theory

Ali and the Miz lock hands but Ali twists the arm, using an arm wrench to try to take an early lead. The Miz successfully slips out of it and reveres the hold on Ali, wrenching his arm. Ali attempts to escape but the Miz slaps on a side headlock. The Miz finds himself in a side headlock from Ali. Both men go move for move, countering each other. The Miz takes control for the bulk of the match, using working holds to ground the agile Ali and strong strikes, including the It Kicks, to soften up Ali. Ali starts his comeback sequence several minute sin and drops the Miz with a dropkick. He hits a beautiful rolling cutter, through the ropes, and nearly picks up the win. The Miz looks to counter a suplex but both men disengage. The Miz with a kick to the knee followed by a DDT for a close win. The end of the match sees both men fire up, battling on the turnbuckles, and it culminates with Ali rolling up the Miz to steal the win! After the match, Tommaso Ciampa attacks Ali at the top of the ramp.
Your Winner, Mustafa Ali!

Backstage: Liv Morgan Brawls with Rhea Ripley; Owens, Rollins & the Usos

Rhea Ripley's attempted interview is interrupted when Morgan attacks and the two brawl until they're separated by officials. Owens, elsewhere, questions Rollins' loyalty to Owens and suggests Seth take a truth detector test. The Usos walk up and tell them to get their shit together as they aren't taking the L. The Tribal Chief doesn't take to loss well.

Eight-Man Tag Main Event Match: Raw Tag Champs RK-Bro, Cody Rhodes & Ezekiel vs SmackDown Tag Champs the Usos, Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins

Cody Rhodes is out first to a great reaction. We head to a break ahead of our "huge" eight-man tag main event. After about twelve minutes of useless crap, all our competitors are out and we get our match started. Jimmy and Ezekiel brawl for a bit, during which Ezekiel hoists up Jimmy for a lengthy Stalling Suplex--easily seven, eight seconds. Riddle and Orton work together to double-team Jimmy Uso, with Orton stomping on Jimmy's fingers and hands, tormenting him. Orton brings in Rhodes to a good pop, and Orton holds Jimmy in the corner for Rhodes to stomp a mudhole in. Rhodes follows it up with a suplex toss. Rollins hops in the ring and rolls out, distracting Rhodes, but Rhodes takes a page out of Goldust's playbook with a sliding uppercut. The Usos manage to take control with quick tags, and use them to keep Rhodes cornered in the heel side of the ring. Rollins asks to be tagged in and stalks a vulnerable Rhodes, who can barely prop up in the corner. Rollins looks for a forearm splash in the corner but Rhodes moves and makes the hot tag to Ezekiel!

Ezekiel comes in and hoists up Rollins, yelling "who wants to hear Zeke speak?" Rollins squirms free but Riddle tags himself in. Riddle drops Rollins but is crotched on the top turnbuckle when Jimmy Uso cuts his legs out from under him. Rollins executes a Superplex off the top rope, sending Riddle crashing hard into the canvas--and adjusting his trunks as we go to break quickly. We return to find the heels in control for several minutes. Apologies for the truncated recap as we've had some technical difficulties. We return in time to watch all hell break loose as everyone hits their popular finishers on each other, culminating with Orton intercepting Jey Uso mid-air with an RKO to pick up the win! After the match, the faces celebrate in the ring, surrounding Orton on his 20th.

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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