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AEW Dynamite Results (April 20 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Apr 20, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results (April 20 2022)

It's Wednesday, you know what that means! Time for another episode of AEW Dynamite. Tonight, we're in Pittsburgh (Brittsburgh) and the Doctor is appearing in her home town, on the same card as CM Punk vs Dustin Rhodes and a Coffin match between Andrade El Idolo and Darby Allin. All told we have seven announced matches so let’s not waste any time. With JR, Excalibur & Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s get straight to the wrestling!

CM Punk defeated Dustin Rhodes via Pinfall (17:26)

We’re starting off in what has become an AEW tradition as the familiar beginning of Cult of Personality kicks off the show. Punk makes his way out to the ring to begin the show and Pittsburgh gives him a noisy welcome. He’s followed by Dustin Rhodes who seems to look younger every time he comes down to the ring. The bell rings and we get off to a slow start before both men shake hands and the match begins in earnest with a lock up. The second lock up gets Dustin control and he follows that with a Shoulder Tackle and then an arm drag. Punk fires in a Hip Toss and Dustin keeps him away with his long legs. Both men regain composure and lock up once more, this time more cautiously but Punk wins out with a couple of Side Headlock Takeovers but Dustin counters with his long legs. Punk escapes to lock in a Bow & Arrow but Dustin doesn’t let him so Punk goes for his first pin attempt for a two count. Some more mat wrestling follows before Dustin attacks Punk’s arm and then lays in some chops in the corner. Punk tries for a GTS to end it early but Dustin fights out and gets a roll up of his own for two. Dustin utilises the arm drag but Punk ducks a Cross Body attempt and Dustin spills to the outside to gift the advantage back to CM Punk. The crowd try to cheer Dustin back into the match and Punk follows him to the outside and then rolls him back inside, targeting the leg. Dustin fights back with a kick and Punk gets more vicious as he drops his bodyweight on Dustin’s injured knee repeatedly. He continues the attack as we head to break with Dustin in all kinds of trouble. Punk chops Dustin down with kicks to the knee and then gets a two count on the pin before Dustin fights back but can’t get the Power Slam to work with his bad knee. Punk goes for a figure four and Dustin fights back to roll him up. Rhodes lands a lariat and then tries to follow up in the corner but Punk attacks the knee and down goes Dustin again.

We return as Dustin manages to send Punk to the floor but then when he slowly heads outside to follow up, Punk hits a kick to the knee of Dustin to drop him on the apron. Dustin drives Punk into the turnbuckle in desperation then drops him on the apron with an Arm Drag. Punk rolls back in and Dustin follows him. Both men land knees and kicks before we get a proper strike exchange but Dustin uses a Back Body Drop to get back on top. He takes Punk to the corner and lands his 10 punches in the corner but Dustin’s knee gives out as soon as he finishes and Punk gets away. Punk tries for his Rising Knee Strike in the corner but Dustin avoids and hits the Code Red for a two count. Both men struggle to their feet and Punk tries the GTS again but Dustin counters with his drop Uppercut and then hits the Powerslam for two. Dustin sets up for Cross Rhodes but Punk escapes and takes Dustin out with a Chop Block before he locks on the Figure Four. Dustin fights through the pain but keeps nearly staying down on his shoulders for the pinfall. Both men exchange strikes before Dustin turns the hold over to reverse the pressure and Punk has to grab the ropes and then pulls himself out to the apron. The crowd sound their appreciation and then Punk tries his Springboard Clothesline but Dustin counters with a punch and a Cross Rhodes followed by a Piledriver for 2.9. Dustin is shocked and both men are exhausted. Dustin points to the sky before he Flips, Flops and Flies like his Daddy. Punk goes for the GTS and Dustin tries to escape but as he does, Punk just sits down into the pin and gets the three count and the victory. That was an incredible wrestling match.

Both men embrace post-match and then shake hands before Dustin raises Punk’s hand and exits as Punk calls for the title once again. As he exits, out comes the man with the belt he is signalling for. Punk and Hangman Adam Page stare down atop the ramp and I have goosebumps.

Wardlow Video Package

We see security stopping Wardlow and Mark Sterling explains MJF’s special rules including handcuffs and being accompanied by security everywhere and Wardlow doesn’t care because he gets to wrestle tonight!

Blackpool Combat Club (Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta & Jon Moxley) defeated Lee Moriarty, Brock Anderson & Dante Martin w/ Arn Anderson via Pinfall (8:08)

This match got announced just before the show and what a cracker it is. Regal joins commentary and The Blackpool Combat Club attacks as soon as the bell rings jumping their opponents and sending them all over the ringside area. Yuta is alone with Dante Martin and takes control before he allows Bryan a chance to do the same. Dante fights back so Danielson tags out and Moxley ends up in trouble too. Brock Anderson comes in and beats up on Moxley until a Half and Half suplex ends that and sends us to break. Moxley brings Danielson back in and he lands an elbow from the top rope before Wheeler beats up Brock on the outside. Wheeler becomes the legal man and attacks Brock in the centre as the Blackpool Combat Club take over, utilising quick tags, double teams and some brutal tactics taught by William Regal. Danielson ends up locking in a Juji Gatame and then brings Moxley in to take over with an arm lock.

We return to the action and Mox lets it go to wind up Lee Moriarty and then he goes back to Brock but eats a Spinebuster. Both men tag out and in comes Danielson and Moriarty who go back and forth. Lee Moriarty actually manages to take control as he attacks all three men in the Blackpool Combat Club before going toe to toe with Danielson. He gets a two off a Suplex then locks in the Border City Stretch and Danielson fights out with a Shoulder Capture Suplex. Dante tags in and runs wild on the BCC, hitting Mox with a huge dive then he goes for the Nosedive and Moxley catches him in a choke. Moriarty tries to break it with a kick but Mox won’t let go and instead, Danielson stomps his head into the mat whilst Yuta deals with Brock Anderson. Moxley is left alone with Dante and hits the Paradigm Shift to get the win. Brutal victory for the BCC.

Cutler Cam

Young Bucks are subdued and Kyle O’Reilly tries to cheer them up and tells them that he’s gonna beat Jungle Boy tonight to get them back on track. Cole says they can’t be beaten as a team so he says that they should do an open challenge 10-man tag next week.

Samoa Joe Video Package

Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal go back and forth regarding Satnam Singh’s attacks last week.

Tony Khan Announcement

Tony gets a hero's welcome and then he puts on his big boy voice and then calls out the NJPW president but Adam Cole cuts him off to make the announcement himself. An AEW & NJPW Super show on June 26 in Chicago and the show is called Forbidden Door and also, before that show, Adam Cole faces Tomohiro Ishii in an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifier on Rampage and then he sends out his friend, Jay White who takes the mic. Jay says that it’s not about NJPW or AEW, it’s about the Undisputed Elite & Bullet Club because it’s still their Era

Jade Cargill Promo

Jade vs Marina on Friday and Mark gets dismissed as Jade, Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan discuss their plans for Rampage

Wardlow defeated The Butcher via Pinfall (4:18)

The Butcher comes out and then MJF’s music hits, he’s in a sky box and he explains that Wardlow is a nobody like the Pittsburgh crowd and he doesn’t get any music for his entrance. The crowd chant his name instead and Wardlow and all the security emerge with Wardlow still in handcuffs.

They’re unlocked before he enters the ring and then the match begins. Both men stand across the ring, staring at each other. They charge at each other like Bulls and neither goes down. They then begin exchanging huge strikes before Butcher bites Wardlow to take control then beats him down in the corner with Headbutts but Wardlow fires back with three huge Shoulder Tackles. The Butcher rolls outside and tosses two chairs into the ring from underneath it. The ref removes them and Butcher drags Wardlow outside before using the Apron, Barricades and ring post to soften Wardlow but he continues to fight through everything Butcher throws at him They head back inside and Butcher lays Wardlow out with a Lariat before Butcher hits a Powerbomb and Wardlow kicks out at one! That seemed to annoy Wardlow and he drops the strap before he hits his own Powerbomb. He then hits a second and a third. He struggles to get Butcher to roll through for the fourth but he hits it regardless before pinning him.

After the match, security handcuff Wardlow and escort him backstage once more.

Eddie Kingston Promo

God bless Eddie Kingston. He addresses Daniel Garcia who he faces with everyone else banned from ringside and nobody is realer than Eddie Kingston in this business.

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Jungle Boy via Pinfall (13:02) to qualify for the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament

This match which could go either way begins with an even back and forth on the mat. Neither man is able to get an advantage for longer than a few seconds. O’Reilly counters the arm drag with a Juji Gatame but JB gets the ropes immediately and then on the next exchange it’s Jungle Boy who wins out with a big Dropkick. He fires in some chops but Kyle counters and manages to get JB down once again before locking in a wristlock and JB fights out only to eat a big knee before he then gets hit with multiple Butterfly Suplexes and then a Facebuster to send us to break. Kyle spends the break on top, beating Jungle Boy down on the mat and then sending him back down whenever JB tries to get up.

We return to the action as Jungle Boy finally shows life and manages to take over with his speed and explosivity but Kyle cuts him off. Jungle Boy counters and sends Kyle outside before hitting him with a Tope Suicida. He hits a Lariat on the outside but O’Reilly catches him coming back in and hits a Dragon Screw but JB hits a DDT and then a Dragon Sleeper. O’Reilly fights out of it with a Pumphandle Exploder but JB hits another Comebacker Lariat to cause a double down. Both men pull themselves up in the corners and Kyle charges at Jungle Boy but gets suplexed into the Turnbuckles. Both men fight on the top rope and Kyle rakes the eyes to get advantage but Jungle Boy has O’Reilly in the tree of woe before stomping him down and then decides against the Snare Trap and misses the sliding Lariat. O’Reilly comes back with some kicks and then Jungle Boy nearly rolls him but Kyle comes out on top with an Ankle Lock. Jungle Boy fights out to lock in the snare trap but Kyle reaches the ropes to break it and the crowd sound their appreciation. JB heads up top but O’Reilly cuts him off and then hits a Superplex. JB nearly rolls Kyle up before Kyle hits a Brainbuster and drops the knee from the top rope to get the win!

Kyle is elated, Jungle Boy devastated and Christian comes out to get him.

MJF Promo

MJF says Butcher can’t get the job done but there’s plenty more money where that came from and MJF calls in Jake the Snake who will set Lance Archer on him. Interesting.

Hook defeated Anthony Henry via Submission (1:21)

Hook makes his Dynamite debut and picks the ankle of Henry early; Henry makes the ropes but he soon is back on top with huge suplexes and brutal strikes. Hook hits a lariat to the back of the head, hits the cross faces and pauses. Danhausen tries to curse Hook, it fails. Hook locks in RedRum and Henry taps out.

Danhausen gets on the mic and challenges Hook to a match and Hook ignores him.

Frankie Kazarian Promo

Frankie goes to call out Sammy Guevara before Scorpio Sky interrupts to ask Frankie to wait. Frankie says he’s got his back.

Thunder Rosa Video Package

Rosa talks about beating Nyla and looks forward to Double or Nothing.

Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti Promo

Sammy & Tay get Boo-ed vociferously and Sammy says that he loves the fans that supported him. Sammy says that everyone else can be mad. Scorpio Sky interrupts him and he and Ethan shut him down before Dan Lambert says some stuff and they make an agreement, Sky vs Sammy in a Ladder match for the TNT title and then it’s Sammy & Tay vs Sky & Paige.

House of Black Video Package

Trying to work through the metaphors, I think Fuego might be dead next week.

Britt Baker defeated Danielle Kamela via Submission (6:12) to qualify for the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament

Some Pittsburgh Steelers Football players accompany Britt to ringside to get an even bigger pop in her hometown. When the match begins Kamela starts out in charge surprisingly before Britt manages to fight back. She hits a Butterfly suplex and we go to break really early. Britt continues to press her advantage home until Kamela sends her into the turnbuckle and then follows with a Knee Strike. She gets a two count when she drops an elbow and then just beats Britt down on the mat. The crowd cheer for Britt but we aren’t back from commercial yet so it’s to no avail.

However, we do return from break soon after and Britt makes her comeback after Danielle steals a towel from the Steeler and chokes Britt. Britt lays in some punches and an elbow strike and then just repeats that elbow strike over and over before she hits a Slingblade. Britt follows up with a Superkick and then a Neckbreaker before the Stomp ends it but Britt isn’t done. She retrieves a glove from one of the Footballers and puts on the Lockjaw to get the win.

Britt grabs a mic and says the women’s division is a disaster without her before she runs down Ruby Soho, Toni Storm and Jade Cargill. Whilst she’s on Jade, she moves onto Red Velvet before saying she’s the future Owen Hart Foundation Tournament winner.

Shida vs Deeb Video Package

Next week on Dynamite, this ends in a Philly Street Fight. LFG.

Darby Allin defeated Andrade El Idolo w/ The Blade, Marq Quen & Jose (12:26) in a Coffin Match

Main event time. This one gets underway with the Blade trying to distract Darby but Darby has his Skateboard so he fights back only for Marq Quen to jump him and it’s now a 3 on 1 attack. Darby tries to fight back but Andrade tosses him through the barricade then throws his own skateboard at him. Quen and Blade attack Darby but Sting emerges from a Sting mask in the crowd and manages to get rid of Blade and Quen on his own.

Andrade is still in charge of Darby but Darby fights out and this turns into a 3 vs 2 match but Sting no sells a chair shot to push Quen off the stairs before he dives about 15 feet onto the AFO to wipe them all out and send us to break. During the break, Andrade takes Darby back to ringside and takes over. He throws him back in the ring and Allin tries to fight back but gets sent into a chair head first after Andrade sent it up between the turnbuckles. Andrade grabs a chair and drives it into Darby’s face in the corner and leaves it there.

We return and Andrade runs at Darby but while he does, Darby stirs, moves and throws the chair at Andrade but then he goes for a Coffin Drop but Andrade catches it and drops Darby again. Andrade takes Darby to the coffin and it’s revealed that the lid is coated in Thumb tacks and Allin fights out of the Coffin. Andrade hits a Suplex on the ramp and then a Back Body Drop. He drags Darby’s lifeless body back towards to ring and throws him into the ring steps and then the apron. He hoists Darby up again but Darby fights back on the apron and then hits a Tope Suicida which drives Andrade into the coffin but then Jose stops Darby closing the lid and gets dropped onto the tacks for his troubles before Darby closes the lid and gets the win.

That show was so full of information! I need a week to process it all! Find me doing just that on Twitter @Knapphausen and I hope everyone had a great April 20th. Adios.

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