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WWE WrestleMania 39 News


WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (April 18, 2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Apr 18, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (April 18, 2022)

The following are the ongoing live results of tonight's edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Previously on Raw...

We open with a short video highlight Cody's return to Raw and the eventual rematch between he and Rollins finally being made official. Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, and Jerry "the King" Lawler--filling in for Graves, who's on his honeymoon with Carmella--welcome us to Raw in Buffalo.

Seth Rawlins Addresses Cody Rhodes & the WWE Universe

Seth comes out to a great reaction and welcomes us to Monday Night Rawlins. "It is a party out here tonight and nobody wants to party alone! So I've got an invitation to make, haha, an invitation to my WrestleMania: BackLash opponent himself--Mister Nightmare, the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes come on down (and) let's have a chat!" The lights go out and here comes Mister Nightmare. Cody Rhodes is shown love by teh crowd and Rollins encourages the crowd to "give it up for the Nightmare!" Rhodes speaks, asking to stand on ceremony "beacuse this all feels so...familiar." The fans pop. "Familiar as in, you and I in this ring, in this city"--insert pop here. "For those that don't know the story, I'd say taht Buffalo is Rhodes Country. But familiarty and admiratrion are certainly strangers. YOu've invited me out here. Please, what do you want to talk about?"

Rollins takes his turn on the mic, acknowledging Buffalo might be Rhodes Country "but this is about respect, man." He's drowned out by another loud chant for Cody, then continues--but not before Rhodes plays up to the crowd for another cheap pop. "Don't ever do that to me again," Rollins sternly warns Rhodes. Rollins looks to continue but again, Rhodes plays to the crowd despite the warning! "Ah, this was gonna go one direction--now it's gonna go another," Rollins goes on, getting angry. "I was gonna tell you how much respect I had for your family name, for your brother, for your daddy the American Dream Dusty Rhodes...how much respect I had for you and your long journey. You went away, you worked hard and you came back as the American Nightmare. But instead I want to remind you all that hard work you put in is nothing because Seth 'Freaking' Rollins made you a star in one night at WrestleMania, baby!" Rhodes asks to dispense with the pleasantries, wanting Rollins to get to the point. "The point," Rollins replies, "is that at WrestleMania you had an unfair advantage. You came in as Mister McMahon's surprise opponent...I didn't have the proper time to prepare, so I...I lost." The crowd heckles him as he pauses. "That's a tough pill for me to swallow but is even tougher is (that) some of these people out here--and maybe even you--think that means you're better than me." He states that's something he can't live with because he's better than Cody in every way imaginable. "You may be the 'flavor of the month' but you are not the future of this industry," Rollins continues, stating he is better than Rhodes as he's been to the top of the industry.

Rhodes corrects Seth, stating that he's been tot he mountaintop four times. "Four times, and me? None. But if all of that, that whole diatribe, that whole tantrum...it doesn't change what happened at WrestleMania. And in my absence the last six years, Id id have a management position and I learned a little something called mediation." He states that they could go back and forth about who's better but, instead, elects to ask a "neutral party"--the "good folks" of Buffalo. Another cheap, but loud, Cody pop. Cody asks if they think he's better than Seth and gets a very vocal, excited response with a still audible booing section. The crowd does a yes chant for him. Rollins objects, and instead they "put the shoe on the other foot" and "in the main event tonight, you stand in the middle of this ring and you wait to face a surprise opponent hand picked by Seth...Rollins." he asks Rhodes about that, as it's "so easy" and the crowd again pops for Rhodes, chanting yes. Rhodes tells Rollins that he (Rollins) and they (the crowd) already know the answer. He states he didn't come to the E to run from challenges so the answer is yes. His music plays him out!

Women's Tag Team Championship Match: the Boss & Glow(c) vs Liv Brutally

Our champs, Sasha Banks & Naomi, are out first. We head to our first break of the night before returning. Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley are out next. It's nice seeing Ripley more comfortable on the main roster finally. We start with Ripley and Banks. Ripley with a dropkick to Banks to start us off before taking her into the corner. Rhea with three shoulder thrusts as Liv tags in. Ripley whips Morgan into Banks then assists Morgan with a wheelbarrow slam. Banks begins to fight back against Liv, dropping her with a kick, and tags in Naomi. Both women double-team kick Morgan to the head and Naomi covers for two. Banks & Naomi use quick tags of their own to put the challengers on guard. Ripley is wiped out by the commentary table. Banks and Naomi sends Liv into the ring post then attempt to hit a cross-body on Ripley. Ripley catches her and uses her as a weapon, knocking down Naomi and slamming Banks into the barricade then the floor. We go to break with the champs down. When we return, we find Ripley with a waist lock around Naomi. Naomi leans back to force a break via threat of pin fall. Ripley breaks free and tags in Liv Morgan, then hoists Naomi up in the Electric Chair. Morgan miss-times and botches, slightly, a middle rope blockbuster. Morgan attempts two covers but Naomi hangs in there. Naomi fails to notice a blind tag as Rhea tags herself in. Morgan, assisted by Ripley, hits a powerbomb. Rhea hits a Riptide to Naomi as Banks enters the ring and desperately hits a backstabber on Liv Morgan just in time to make the save! The momentum is on the side of the champs. Banks hits a rolling cutter into a Naomi sit-out spinebuster then follows it up by rolling into a cover, stealing the win as Liv remains down on the ramp outside the ring.
Your Winners and STILL Women's Tag Team Champions, the Boss & Glow!

The Circle of Life: Ripley Betrays Morgan

And, just how Nikki A.S.H. turned on Ripley after blaming her for a string of losses, Ripley has thus turned on Morgan for the same reason. Morgan took a beating and a Riptide as the crowd boos and Ripley walks off. Jimmy Smith tells us he "did not see that coming" meanwhile, granny who's never seen Raw before tonight, totally saw that coming.

WWE Official Sonya Deville Addresses Her Actions

Deville tells us that she didn't want to become an official; it was forced upon her until she could return to action. So she wants to take on Bianca Belair as she wants "the best, nothing less" and that's Bianca Belair. She tells us Belair wanted a challenge and that's her. Raw Champion Bianca Belair makes her way out wearing a bow-tie as a top. Deville tells Belair she knows the EST is excited about her match, so she reminds Belair that she's standing there as a WWE Official "and if you so much a lay one finger on me, well, you'll be subject to repercussions." The crowd chants for her to "do it." Instead, Belair gets on the mic. She tells Sonya she's eager to get her hands on Deville and suggests we have the title match right here and now. Deville states she didn't wait three years to have her opportunity in "this rusted-out suburb of NYC!" Big boos. She tells Belair it's gonna happen "somewhere you're really gonna hate losing. How about next wee, in your hometown of Knoxville, TN?" She states she's helping Belair out because "when you lose the title, you'll have your friends and family there to console you! Have a shoulder to cry on! I mean, Bianca, at this point they're so used to watching you lose titles quickly." Belair seems upset and Deville taunts her. Belair hoists her up in the KO and Deville threatens to suspend her, fine her, and strip her title so Belair throws her down instead of executing the move.

Singles Match: Veer vs Jeff Brooks

Veer Mahaan is out ahead of this match--his opponent will be announced after this word from their sponsors. When we return, the short local talent--Jeff Brooks--stands no chance as Veer Mahaan spends approximately a minute squishing him before tapping him out in a cervical clutch. After the win, Mahaan again put the clutch on and refused to break it until officials forced him off. And, like last week, he again broke through the officials to lock the clutch in until they broke him off a second time.
Your Winner by Submission, Veer Mahaan!

Adam Pearce Thinks Belair's...Fine

A card shows on the screen and WWE pulls a Marvel, as the card lists Adam Pearce as a WWE Official but not Sonya Deville (#JusticeforBlackWidow amirite?). Deville is then informed that the higher-ups are going to investigate her for abuse of power and she may face a fine. He then allays her worries by telling her Belair will be fined for laying hands on Deville. Belair then shows up and pays her fine in front of Deville--the entire one-dollar fine. We head to break.

The KO Show, feat. Ezekiel (Elias' Younger Brother) & a Lie Detector Test

KO makes his way out ahead of this segment and a break. We return to clips covering the entirety of the short squash match by Veer and its post-match beatdown. Gotta love recapping something we literally saw five minutes ago. KO addresses Ezekiel, Elias' younger brother, and claims he's the only one smart enough to see through "Elias'" act. He then states he's going to administer a lie detector test. The man administering the test is also Ezekiel's opponent right afterwards, Chad Gable! Chad wants to a-thank yew for being back and states he'll find out if "this so-called 'Ezekiel'" is who he says he is and threatens to beat the truth out of Ezekiel afterwards. Out comes Ezekiel with, of course, his own music. As he's not Elias. Ezekiel takes a seat and tells Owens, again, that he's not Ezekiel. He reminds us that Elias does the "walk with Elias" gimmick and had a guitar, et ceter. Ezekiel states before they start, he's got a question to ask--"who wants to hear 'Zeke speak?" Owens compares it to the "walk with Elias" gimmick. Chad Gable is ready to get things started but states the crowd's babbling is interfering with his machinery "so please kindly shoosh!" He asks control questions as the tron shows the same "test" as on Gable's laptop. He uses control questions to establish readings for truth and lies. Kev gets confused, and Gable has to remind him that he told Ezekiel to lie. He then asks if Gable Steveson is a "spoiled little brat" and rants on him until Owens chastises Gable, stating he paid him "160 Canadian dollars" for this. When asked if his real name is Ezekiel, Zeke speaks. "Yes," he replies, and Gable confirms he's "not lying."

He attempts another question. "Yes or no, is Elias your older brother?" Ezekiel pauses then answers, again with a "yes." Gable tells him it's true. KO doesn't accept these results and demands Gable "ask it better." Owens asks, "is your real name Elias?" Ezekiel answers no, and Gable exclaims "that's true, too!" KO accuses Gable of begin bought by Ezekiel, but Gable tells him he's a man of academic integrity and "all signs point to he is, in fact, Ezekiel." KO sends Gable out, refusing to pay him. Ezekiel tells KO he's tired of being called a liar "by you, the biggest liar in WWE." Ezekiel tells KO this is a big night for him as he gets to "have my first ever match in the WWE right here and now!" KO tells Ezekiel to admit he's Elias "or else." Ezekiel questions, "or else what?" KO leaves and Gable attacks Ezekiel from behind as Owens walks off, laughing. Their match is up next!

Singles Debut Match: Ezekiel vs Chad Gable

We return from a break and get the bell immediately. Ezekiel comes out of the gate aggressive, taking Gable down twice and looking for covers early. Ezekiel punishes Gable with chops to the chest. Gable takes control with a seated dragon leg screw then digs deep into his technical playbook as he focuses his assault on Ezekiel's left knee and leg. Ezekiel sends Gable over the rope at one point and Gable hangs on, using impressive core strength to prevent from falling over the ropes and lower himself back in. Both men go back-and-forth with short spurts of offense. Gable hits a running cross body and looks for a Moonsault off the top but Ezekiel gets a foot up, catching Gable in the chin. Ezekiel with a huge Spinebuster, yells "who wants to speak with Zeke?" then looks for a straight ankle submission. Otis arrives, attacking Ezekiel, causing the DQ.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Ezekiel!

Non-Title Tag Team Match:Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro vs the Street Profits

The champs are out first to a decent pop and we head to a break after some hype for WrestleMania: BackLash's tag title unification bout. The Profits are out second after a break to a mix of cheers and boos. We get the bell and start with future Hall of Famers Orton and Angelo Dawkins. Orton uses a side headlock on Dawkins but is whipped into the ropes. Orton drops Dawkins with a shoulder block on the return and taunts. Dawkins executes a sequence that drops the veteran and mocks "stirring the pot." Dawkins and Orton look to lock up but Orton issues a kick to the gut. Riddle is tagged in. Orton uses a snapmare to drop Dawkins then works with Riddle to execute a two-man version of the Orton Stomps. Orton gives a literal hands-up assist so Riddle can hit a standing Moonsault. Dawkins escapes and tags in Ford, who drops Riddle and immediately goes for a cover off the dropkick, not even garnering a one. The battle continues through another break and as the champs take the lead, Ford starts to wave to the back and suddenly, the music for The Usos plays. No one comes out, however, and the distraction allows the Street Profits to pick up the win.
Your Winners, the Street Profits!

Edge and Damian Priest Attack AJ Styles!

Backstage, Styles is shown in the locker room and is questioned about Edge's words earlier. The lights flicker, go out, and when they return only a blue light is on. Edge and Priest flank Styles. He throws fists but they're too much for him and leave him down on the floor, holding his shoulder and rolling in pain.

United States Championship Match: Finn Bálor(c) vs Theory

Theory is out first ahead of this match, and we get a break. Afterwards, we get a promo video hyping "Just call me Theory", the protege of Mr. McMahon. We get clips of his recent actions, all showing him in a good light, as he constantly name-drops Mr. McMahon. Finally we get the champ's entrance. Bálor plays to the audience on his way out, as usual. Finally we get the official title presentation and the introductions. We get things under way with Bálor taking an aggressive early lead against recent-rival (Austin) Theory. Bálor weathers through Theory's initial strike and pummel shim in the corners, chopping and punching him from corner to corner, beating him to three different corners before Theory fires off with a backbreaker to take control. Theory mounts and pounds Bálor then looks for working holds to wear down the champ. We head to break.

We return and Bálor starts his comeback sequence, dropping Theory with a Sling Blade but fails to follow up due to his injured neck. Theory shuts down Bálor's offense with a spinning back breaker and follows it up with a close cover. Theory pulls Bálor up and nearly decapitates him with a clothesline. Theory again pulls Bálor up and sends him right back down with a clothesline to the neck. Theory takes his time to work the crowd and it costs him as Bálor powers-up and hits a Sling Blade outta nowhere. The champ positions Theory on the apron for a suplex but Theory continues to put on the brakes. Theory uses the ropes for an attack then vaults into the ring and executes his springboard attack--but Bálor counters with a sit-out Powerbomb for a close cover! Bálor throws chops and kicks at Theory, who fights back with a two-hand thrust to the throat. Theory mocks Bálor's neck hurting, annoying the champ. Bálor starts to stomp Theory into the ground and starts his comeback! Bálor with a Sling Blade followed by a Shotgun Dropkick! Bálor rushes up top and looks for a Coup de Grace. Theory quickly intercepts Bálor, blocking it and driving him into the mat with a leaping modified springboard Spanish Fly for a close two! Theory looks for the "A-Town Down" but Bálor counters and sends Theory to the outside! Bálor hits a suicide tope to Theory on the outside and sends the challenger into the ring. Bálor climbs up, again looking for the Coup de Grace. Theory moves! The jarring impact somehow hurt Bálor's neck and Theory uses the temporary reprieve to hit the A-Town Down and pick up the win! After the match, Theory was held up on the shoulders of Azeez, Crews, the Hurt Business and the Alpha Academy before Mr. McMahon greeted the new champ and let him take a selfie with him.
Your Winner and NEW United States Champion, Theory!

R-Truth Attempts to Marry Akira Tozawa & Tamina and 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke & Reggie

R-Truth makes his way out and explains that the rules of the 24/7 Championship have been suspended for this ceremony. He fires up the crowd as best he can and calls out the couples. Los Lotharios and others are shown in the ring, including Sasha Banks and an unhappy Nikki A.S.H. R-Truth welcomes everyone to join the "union of Dana Brooks" and is corrected by Dana it's "Dana Brooke," twice. "Y'all,w e are gathered here for Dana Brook-k," strong k-sound, and introduces Reggie and the other couple--Tozawa and Tamina. The crowd what's R-Truth and he tells them not to "what" him, haha. He tells Dana to read her vows and they have to come from the heart. He warns her to mean what she says. She reads from paper. "Reggie." The crowd starts getting raucous and R-Truth tries to settle them down and give her a minute. She continues. "Reggie, you are my knight in shining armor (what) and since the first time you showed your willingness to sacrifice yourself for me (what) you proved a man of honor (what)." This continues, with R-Truth calling Reggie friend-zoned and the NY crowd heckles her with what's every few seconds. Reggie recites his vowels and the crowd continues to heckle--they are not happy with this wedding shit. R-Truth implores the crowd to settle, stating they're making him look bad and he wont'[ get any more gigs after this. He tells them to let Reggie finish "then y'all can hey-a-heya," and they call back the same chant to him. This is a shit show.

Reggie reads his vows with the what-treatment, loudly, from the crowd. When Tamina is asked her vow, she point at Dana and says "what she said!" Dana takes offense. Tozawa points at Reggie, adding "same!" R-Truth announces that before he finalizes this thang, if anyone has objections they need to speak now or "forever shut your trap." The crowd loudly boos. Tamina objects then swaps Reggie and Tozawa, leaving new couple Brooke & Tozawa confused. Tamina then takes Tozawa back to the left, puts him near Reggie, and then stands next to Dana--the women are getting married apparently. The crowd finally fires up. R-Truth yells "y'all gonna get me fired, I don't even know if that's PG!" He asks for any more objections and the couples reset back to their original coupling. The crowd boos them. R-Truth reminds them "y'all with the person you wanna be with, right?" He tells everyone to keep their objections to themselves and "with the power in my vest, I'm certified to pronounce y'all committed. Y'all can get your smooches on!" He He then asks for rings, and the men put rings on women's fingers. R-Truth then is "certified to announce y'all committed. Now get to smooching." Tozawa and Tamina kiss and she has to keep from laughing, but Reggie and Brooke outdo it as he lowers her down to kiss her--and pins her!
Your New 24/7 Champion, Reggie!
Tamina then rolls up Reggie, picking up the win!
Your New 24/7 Champion, Tamina!
Tozawa digs through the different layers of Tamina's dress and rolls her up, winning the title!
Your New 24/7 Champion, Tozawa!
Brooke then rolls up Tamina and wins back her title, fleeing up the ring on Reggie's back.
Your New 24/7 Champion, Dana Brooke!

Singles Main Event Match: Cody Rhodes vs Kevin Owens (Seth Rollin's Choice)

Cody is out first, followed by Seth who introduces his opponent--"a man of valor, a man who never backs down from a fight. He is a former world champion and that's no lie, hahaha!" And outcomes...Kevin Owens. We start and Owens shows disrespect early, mocking Rhodes by mimicking Goldust's gesture. Owens takes the fight to the outside and uses a DDT to drive Rhodes skull into the floor. We head to a break. We return and KO takes the lead, using working holds and a variety of suplexes to keep the American Nightmare under control. Rhodes attempts a Cross Rhodes but KO counters and the battle heads outside. Rhodes is battered around the ringside area and thrown into the commentary table. He battles KO at the commentary table as Seth Rollins makes his entrance, looking to cause a distraction. We head to our final break of the night.

We return and find Owens and Rhodes slugging it out on the top turnbuckle. Owens sends Rhodes crashing down and dives off, covering him for a two. KO heads back up top and hits a Swanton for a close two. Rollins, at ringside, smacks the commentary table angrily. Rhodes looks for an inside cradle but KO kicks out. Rhodes counters a pop-up Powerbomb and both men exchange Superkicks, with Rhodes laying out Owens with a snap clothesline. The crowd weekly cheers for Cody as he holds his lower back. Rhodes charges Owens--right into a pop-up, sit-out Powerbomb for a close two once again! Owens and Rollins both look frustrated, questioning what else will it take. Owens positions Rhodes perpendicular to the corner and climbs up top again as Rollins encourages KO. Rhodes pops up and attacks KO. Both men fight as Rhodes climbs up to the middle rope. Rhodes pummels Owens' lower back and favors his own. Rhodes looks for a middle-rope superplex but KO fight shim off. Rhodes charges back up, this time climbing to the top rope. KO quickly uses Rhodes' momentum to hit a top-rope spinning Superplex! He covers for two but Rhodes gets a foot up on the rope to make the save.

Rhodes dumps KO over the top to the outside as we overrun. Rollins yells for KO to "get your fat ass up" and such. KO has had enough and walks off, pissed with Rollins and taking the count-out loss. Rollins pursues KO up the ramp. Rhodes seems confused but a W is a W. He plays up to the crowd until Seth Rollins attacks him from behind, shoving him off the top turnbuckle to the floor. Cody lands hard on his knee and we fade to black.
Your Winner by Count-Out, Cody Rhodes!

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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