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AEW Dynamite Results (April 13 2022) 

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Apr 13, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results (April 13 2022) 

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s time for AEW Dynamite. Usually this is where I tell you how stacked the show is but this week might be a record. With 7 matches on the card featuring CM Punk vs Penta Oscuro and two title matches, we’ve also been informed that, should they need it, TBS have allowed AEW to over-run by up to 30 minutes. Let’s see with that last one but this should be one hell of a show regardless to kick off Championship Week. So, with Excalibur, JR and Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s get straight to the wrestling!  

CM Punk defeated Penta Oscuro w/ Alex Abrahantes via Pinfall (13:37) 

AEW once again start off hot with the familiar opening static of Cult of Personality. Punk is welcomed to the ring by a loud New Orleans crowd. Penta follows him with the shovel which Punk makes sure is removed from the ring before the match starts. We start slow with CM Punk & Cero Miedo chants that become duelling before the two even lock up. Punk gets the first strike in but they take it in turns trading chops before transitioning to punches and Punk fires in a kick and then Penta fires in the superkick as both men take their blows on their feet. Punk ends up getting Penta down first with an arm drag before dropping the elbow for an easy two. Punk continues with chops and looks for an easy GTS but gets reversed into an Ankle Lock by Penta. Punk fights out by sending Penta into the corner then hits his rising knee but gets caught with a Slingblade and another and that gets Penta a two. The crowd make themselves heard again as Penta sends Punk to the outside but he takes too long on the Sliding Dropkick and Punk slides in before meeting him with a Tope Suicida to send us to break. Punk rolls Penta in for a two count to begin picture-in-picture before Penta fires in two chops from his knee so Punk hits back with some kicks and then a Suplex for two. He locks Penta in a modified Bow & Arrow but Penta gets to the ropes. Punk tosses him into the corner then fires in a brutal kick to the collarbone of his opponent. Penta tries to come back but Punk takes him to the apron and then climbs up top. 

We return as Penta catches him with an enzuigiri and then they battle for supremacy atop the turnbuckle. Punk goes down selling his knee and Penta pushes the ref away to continue the assault on Punk. Penta tries to toss Punk across the ring but Punk can’t run and goes down. Penta takes him up top and Punk fights back to reverse it with a hurricanrana. He hits the rising knee again and goes for a GTS. Penta fights out and he goes to snap the arm of Punk but he gets reversed into an Anaconda Vice and Penta makes the ropes once again. Both men look battered by this stage, really selling the fight and they end up on the apron exchanging strikes until Penta goes for the Fear Factor but Punk fights out then teases his own Piledriver and Penta fights out. Punk wins out with a kick to send Penta back into the ring and then he follows him with the Springboard Clothesline. He hits the Rising Knee and then a short arm clothesline before he calls for the GTS. Penta blocks it and then almost hits a Feat Factor but can’t get it. He settles on the Enzuigiri and then goes for the arm snapper but can’t get it as Punk rolls him up. Penta rolls back then hits a high kick but Penta gets caught in mid-air to eat a Go to Sleep to earn the win for CM Punk. 

Jericho Appreciation Society Video Package 

We see JAS appearing from a private jet but Eddie Kingston turns up with Santana & Ortiz, and when the car they’re in leaves, we see Matt and Angelo lying on the ground.  

Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) w/ Christian Cage defeated ReDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) via Pinfall (13:44) to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships  

We head straight into our second match and it’s the Tag Titles time to shine. The champs follow the challengers to the ring and we begin with Jungle Boy facing off with Bobby Fish. The crowd remain loud as they lock up and Fish gets an immediate advantage but Jungle Boy reverses to hit a shoulder tackle and then follows that with some Drop Kicks. Fish stops JB making the tag and sends him towards his corner before making the tag to bring in Kyle O’Reilly but Jungle Boy brings in Luchasaurus who clears the ring to put Jurassic Express back in control. He attacks O’Reilly but gets caught in the ropes and ReDRagon hit him with two Dragon Screws to keep him grounded. Fish gets one on a pin attempt and then brings in Kyle to hit a double team. O’Reilly locks in a Knee Bar but Luchasaurus makes the ropes. Bobby and Kyle exchange rapid tags but Luchasaurus fights out with a Knee Strike and tags out. JB comes in and takes both of ReDRagon to the outside before hitting them with multiple Tope Suicidas. They move out the way of something so Luchasaurus hits them with one and then when fish attacks him, JB makes the save with a Tope. Fish and O’Reilly combine to get JB stuck in the ropes and it’s his turn to have his legs worked over as Jurassic Express are in trouble as we go to break. ReDRagon continue their offence throughout the break, working over the knee of Jungle Boy and exchanging tags whilst making sure to cut off all of his fight backs. 

We return as Jungle Boy tries to fight back again but gets caught in a Cross Arm Breaker. Jungle Boy escapes via a roll up and then makes the tag and it’s Luchasaurus time as he runs wild with strikes and Dino Splashes in the corner. He hits O’Reilly with a Release German Suplex before hitting a Double Chokeslam and nearly pinning Kyle with a Standing Moonsault Press. O’Reilly kicks out at two and then when Luchasaurus goes for the tag, Bobby removes JB from the apron. Kyle attacks Luchasaurus from behind then tags in Bobby before somehow Bobby Fish kicks out of a Double Team Elbow Drop and Sidewalk Slam. Bobby gets near his corner and O’Reilly catches a tag and then they take JB down with some double team move before O’Reilly locks in the Cross Arm Breaker again and JB makes the ropes. Kyle drags him and puts JB up on the top rope but JB fights back and Luchasaurus takes out Bobby but when they go for the Doomsday Device, ReDRagon regain control and Bobby hits an Avalanche Falcon Arrow for a two that Luchasaurus breaks up with O’Reilly hanging around his neck. The two illegal men fight it out before the legal men get involved and they take turns hitting a move before Bobby eats the Thoracic Express to allow Jurassic Express to retain the titles.  

O’Reilly snaps and attacks with a chair after the match before ReDRagon leave but they’re cut off by FTR who have seen enough and they argue on the ramp. 

Blackpool Combat Club Interview 

We see how Yuta joined and then we learn it’s a trios match vs Gunn Club on Rampage and they all explain why they’re fired up for the match. Wheeler concludes the interview by saying the real work begins Friday.  

Jamie Hayter vs Toni Storm Announcement 

Jamie vs Toni is signed off for the first round of the Owen Hart tournament and Jamie explains to Toni that this is her crowning moment in AEW, not hers and Toni remains silent to get into Jamie’s head.  

Capt. Shawn Dean defeated MJF w/Shawn Spears via Count Out (4:02) 

Max gets an entrance and is met with Shawn Dean already in the ring. The bell rings, the crowd call for Wardlow and Max can’t get his jacket off. Spears distracts Dean and MJF attacks, it was all a ruse. Shocking. MJF tosses Dean into the corner and then celebrates but once again we find out that some security have been beaten up backstage.  

MJF takes Dean outside and tosses him into the barricade before Wardlow appears behind him and MJF runs away. Spears makes the save with the chair and Wardlow eats it without selling before security attacks and despite Wardlow fighting off several of them, they restrain him. MJF can’t get back in the ring and gets counted out despite begging the ref not to. MJF tries to fight Bryce after the bell but Spears calms him down.  

Backstage, Wardlow fights off Security to tell us that he’s coming for MJF until he’s released. 

Darby Allin Video Package 

Darby challenges Andrade to a Coffin Match in the artistic way only Darby can. 

House of Black Video Package 

Malakai talks to Fuego and tells him that maybe one day he’ll appreciate what the House is. He says he’s alone because he wants Fuego to fear the shadows. 

Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia & Jake Hager) defeated Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz via Pinfall (11:45) 

JAS make their entrance and out come the sports entertainers to Judas. They’re followed by Eddie and Eddie comes out in a Junkyard Dog inspired shirt. The bell rings and Jericho flips off Santana and then Santana takes control of the match beating Jericho down in one corner and tossing him across the ring to another. Jericho replies with chops to start a strike exchange that Santana wins and then Kingston attacks Garcia and Ortiz goes for Hager (but loses) as Santana chases Jericho around the ring with nobody to tag to. Santana continues the attack in the ring and then tags out to Ortiz and we get some triple team moves before Ortiz continues the attack on the Influencer. Jericho fights back and then tags out to Hager and they flatten him with a double team move. Big Jake continues the attack on Ortiz but he fights back valiantly and almost rolls him up before Hager fights back and tags out to Garcia. He lays in some offence before Jericho tags back in and we go to break with Jericho celebrating. The JAS beats down Ortiz in their corner, exchanging quick tags and cheap strikes from the apron when Aubrey isn’t looking. Things threaten to break down and Aubrey almost disqualifies Hager. Jericho argues with her and that almost lets Ortiz make the tag. Jericho hoists him up top and Ortiz fights back before a Diving Cross Body earns him a two but Jericho stops him before he can make the tag.  

We return to the action and Jericho hits a Drop Kick to fully regain control but he misses the Lionsault and Ortiz goes to make the tag. Jericho stops him but he gets a Lariat from Ortiz but the tag is cut off by Garcia who Jericho tagged in but he manages to escape Garcia and tag in Kingston. Eddie beats up Garcia and hits a Suplex before tagging in Santana and hits the Three Amigos before hitting the Frog Splash for two. Santana tags in Eddie who lays in the machine gun chops and then Ortiz tags in to hit his Leg Drop. Eddie takes out Hager and hits a Tope Suicida. Santana & Ortiz look for Street Sweeper but it gets interrupted and then Ortiz takes out Matt Menard and Angelo Parker as soon as they emerge with a Cannonball. Eddie tags in and looks to have the match won but then Jericho catches Eddie with the bat and Garcia pins him. 

Post-match, the JAS continue the beat down, back to 5 on 3 and 6 if you count Floyd the bat and have no issues in standing tall. 

MJF Promo 

Alex Marvez laughs at Excalibur calling him a rat and MJF takes the opportunity to get straight into his promo. He hands over to Mark Sterling who says that Wardlow's contract means MJF can make him fight anyone so he books him in a match with the Butcher. 

Marina Shafir defeated Skye Blue via Submission (2:23) 

Marina makes her way to the ring and Skye is waiting for her. The bell rings and we see Mark Sterling making notes as Marina takes control of the match. Skye fights back with a Front Chancery but Marina muscles her to the floor. Marina hammers Skye to the mat with some strikes and we see that Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan are in Jade Cargill’s “Baddie Section”. In the ring, Skye fights back once more and Shafir just muscles her down and then hits a Palm Strike before locking in a Triangle and forcing Skye to tap. 

Hook Interview 

Lexy asks Hook about his Dynamite debut and Mark Sterling appears with Tony Nese and they berate Hook before they walk away. Danhausen tries to curse hook again and fails. I need them to team up. Not Tony Nese, Hook & Danhausen, to clarify.  

Men of the Year Promo 

Men of the Year say that Sammy didn’t get the match he wanted despite begging Tony Khan but we find out that at Battle of the Belts it will be Sammy vs Scorpio for the TNT title.  

Team Taz (Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs) defeated Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee via Pinfall (12:32) 

Ricky Starks is emotional on his entrance as he comes out in his home town but it’s soon time for the niceties to be over as the bell rings and we get Swerve facing off with Ricky. Ricky immediately retreats and brings in Powerhouse Hobbs. Swerve outwrestles Hobbs but then Hobbs makes his strength count with a Shoulder Tackle and a Fall Away Slam. Ricky tags in and he goes to work on Swerve. Swerve comes back with a Tijeras from the floor and then a Drop Kick before he brings in Keith Lee. Keith goes for the double chops and Starks avoids and hits his own chops. Mistake. Swerve traps him in the corner and Keith hits the big chop before Swerve comes back in. He hits a Moonsault from the chest of Keith Lee to hit Team Taz on the outside to send us to break. That was incredible. Swerve ends up getting wiped out on the outside by Hobbs and that allows Ricky to resume control when Strickland is returned to the ring. The crowd are firmly in Ricky’s corner as he brings in Hobbs and Team Taz hit splashes in the corner before Starks comes back in and hits a Dropkick for two. Hobbs tags in once more and he keeps Swerve grounded. Swerve hits Starks with the elbow and Hobbs with the Low bridge. 

He hits a dropkick and tags in Keith Lee as we return to the match and Lee ruins wild on Starks but Hobbs attacks from behind and Lee leapfrogs Hobbs so he hits Ricky then Beells Ricky into Hobbs. He brings in Swerve and Ricky kicks out at two from a Double Team but Starks counters a half and half with an Arm Drag and Swerve goes for a Rolling Flatline but Starks catches him with a Spear and a Canadian Destroyer for a two count. Keith Lee makes a tag and Swerve tosses Ricky from the top rope into a Lee Pounce and Hobbs breaks up the pin. Lee and Hobbs go chest to chest and then Ricky tags out to Hobbs. Taz appears as Ricky goes for the Roshambo but can’t get him up and then Hobbs cuts off Swerve and Lee before tossing Swerve into the ring post. Starks catches Lee with a Spear and Swerve breaks it up with a 450 and then Hobbs comes back in. The two big men square off and it takes Taz grabbing to boot of Lee to allow Hobbs to hit the Spinebuster and get the win. Great match.  

Thunder Rosa Interview 

Nyla and Vickie interrupt as expected but Rosa uses the cake that Nyla has brought to fight back but Nyla stands tall. 

Hangman vs Adam Cole Video Package 

This match was so good last time and they’re gonna leave it all out there on Friday. I can’t wait.  

Samoa Joe defeated Minoru Suzuki via Pinfall (11:39) to become NEW ROH World Television Champion 

Enough talk, Main Event. Bobby Cruise is back to announce the ROH title match again and Joe comes out first with Jay and Sonjay spotted at ringside. He’s followed by the new ROH World Television Champion, Minoru Suzuki. No Suzuki incident this time as we get a loud Kaze Ni Nare. Both men square off before exchanging strikes as soon as the bell rings. They go back and forth for longer than Punk and Penta did in the opener as these two alpha males slug it out for dominance. Both men have deep red chests within 60 seconds and continue to throw brutal chops and neither man has left their feet as we hit the three-minute mark. Finally, Suzuki staggers and Joe follows suit but still both behemoths are standing until Joe lures Suzuki in and then hits a huge shoulder tackle to take advantage. Suzuki uses the ropes to fight back with a Juji Gatame as we go to break with both men having received more punishment than many will in a lifetime. The striking exchange resumes outside the ring before they agree to return inside and resume once again. Suzuki manages to get Joe down and locks in the Fujiwara Arm Bar but Joe won’t tap so he manoeuvres and gets the other arm till Joe makes the ropes with his legs. We return to the strikes and Joe wins out with Headbutts before Joe gets a Powerbomb for two and then locks in a Crossface. 

We return to the match with Suzuki on the mat and Joe on top and Suzuki reaches the ropes with his leg. Suzuki sends Joe into the corner and brings him out with a Snapmare and drops him with a kick for two. Suzuki goes for the Gotch Style Piledriver but gives up in favour of another Strike Exchange. Joe begins to get on top but Suzuki switches into a Sleeper hold but Joe just picks him up and slams him down to get out of it. Joe lays in some chops but Suzuki catches him with a Dropkick. He goes for the Gotch Style Piledriver again and can’t get it again so he goes for the Sleeper once more and Joe fights back with an Enzuigiri. He tries for the Muscle Buster but Suzuki fights out only to get caught when Joe goes for it the second time and Joe gets the win and the title. 

Sonjay Dutt immediately hits the mic and Jay Lethal says they have a present but it’s just Lethal flipping the bird but the lights go out as they laugh and when they come back on, some giant called Satnam Singh who’s an Indian that was drafted to the NBA appears behind Joe. He lays out Joe and helps Jay Lethal hit the Lethal Injection to close the show. This isn’t going to end well for them. Joe is gonna kill them. 

What a show. In the end we got a two minute over run but that was more than enough to get everything in that was needed. We’ll be back for a live Rampage on Friday and Battle of the Belts on Sunday or you can find me in 280 characters or less on Twitter @Knapphausen. So long and goodnight. 

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