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WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (April 4, 2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Apr 04, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (April 4, 2022)

The following are the ongoing live results of tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Opening Video Package: WrestleMania 38

A video opens our show, and guess what? It recaps WrestleMania 38. If you need more details, you can read about Night One here, Night Two here, or even NXT's NXT Stand & Deliver right here.

Cody Rhodes Returns to Monday Night Raw!

"The American Nightmare" makes his entrance to a great reaction from Dallas. Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves welcome us back to the American Airlines Center. Saxton harps on the six-year absence from WWE, and compliments Rhodes' return at WrestleMania culminating in a big victory over Seth Rollins. Cody soaks up the applause before being given a mic. The boisterous crowd gives him enthusiastic chants and welcomes him back. He can't help but smile and the crowd continues to show their love. Not piped-in, either. Cody attempts to speak multiple times but the crowd's reaction chokes him up. Finally he gets some words out. "So...what do you guys wanna talk about? It has been forty-seven days since the abrupt news I was a free agent. Amongst that, I chose to remain silent, and I heard stories, defamatory whispers, theories that surmised to be nonsense. Everyone thinks the decision to return to WWE was difficult. It was not." Pop from the crowd. "It was simple, really--the star that left them in the dust. The man standing here now, having a multi-year agreement with the World Wrestling Entertainment and if there was--" He's interrupted by the crowd again, loudly chanting "you deserve it!"

"If there was a glimmer of doubt, a shred of trepidation, the moment I rose up in front of seventy-something thousand fans, the moment I made the walk at WrestleMania, the moment I ...defeated Seth Rollins, that doubt was eradicated! I'm an avid reader and I stumbled across this quote. It said, 'A man often faces destiny on the path he takes to avoid it.' SO if you'll humor me, let's all take a look at the tron if you will." A picture form September 26, 1977 of Dusty Rhodes is shown and the crowd loudly chants for the American Dream. "It's so simple to say, 'that's my father,' but in reality? Yeah, he's a legend, yeah he's a son of a plumber, he's a common man. He's all those things. To me, he was my hero." Cody chokes up and has to pause. The crowd again loudly rips off a Dusty chant. "This photo was taken in 1977, Madison Square Garden. That very photo right there, he is holding the championship belt that Hulk Hogan would get his hands on," boos!, then lists Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H to pops. "This very photo was on the mantle in my parent's bedroom until my dad's last day. And as I...got hip to the industry, I worked up a little courage and I asked him--and I remembered I worded it very poorly--and I said 'I didn't know you were a champion like Hulk Hogan!'" He tears up and states that his father had won the match but because it was by count-out, he did not take home the championship belt.

Cody then decided, then and there at eight years old, that he needed to win that very championship belt. He was going to bestow it to his dad and tell him "nobody can take it away from you now." He mentions his father's passing, and laments the opportunity to win the title and give it to his dad. He chokes up again. "That opportunity passed...or did it? Yes, I cannot physically put that title belt into my father's hands...but I certainly can put it around the waist of the American Nightmare!" Big pop. Crowd rips off another Cody chant. Then they chant "you can do it!" He speaks again, stating that his intentions have been spoken and he stands before us ready, finally ready, to challenge for the title that his family deserves. Out comes Seth Rollins in a snazzy salmon and pastel suit! The fans sing along with his entrance music, just like Saturday night, and he dances to it as he makes his way into the ring. The mic is forgotten and Cody offers a hand to Rollins, and the crowd begins to cheer for the Freakin' One to shake it. He does, cackling in Rhodes' face as he shakes his hand. He then leaves as Rhodes' theme plays and Graves claims that was a sign of respect, whereas Saxton questioned the legitimacy of that claim.

Video Promos Recapping WrestleMania 38

There's a lot of 'em tonight. Read the recaps of the results or visit their YouTube to see the same 3 videos shown 37 times tonight.

Non-Title Tag Team Match: Women's Tag Team Champions Naomi & Sasha Banks vs Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley

The Boss and the Glow show some great coordination and execute double-team maneuvers fluidly throughout the match. At one point Rhea wipes out Sasha Banks at ringside, only to be downed herself by Naomi. Naomi wakes Banks up and she takes Ripley back into the ring, preventing a count-out. Naomi with a standing leg drop. We go to break. Upon returning, we're informed Rhea Ripley is a bit butthurt over losing the title match last night, so she's being a bit extra rough. Naomi and Rhea battle tot he canvas. Both women make hot tags. Banks takes down Morgan and catches her with running knees to the face before following it up with a Meteora and a single knee strike. The Boss climbs up top and hits a top-rope Meteora, nearly picking up the win. Smith praises Banks' ability to perform "better" as the champion. I don't think he knows how short those first few reigns were. Liv and Banks take a turn rolling each other up. Liv connects with a step-up Enziguri and tags in Rhea. Morgan and Ripley double-team a new move, in which Rhea throws Banks at Morgan and Morgan powerbombs Rhea's body into the mat. Rhea covers for two but Banks hangs in there. Morgan comes in and Naomi recovers and tags in Banks. Banks and Naomi neutralize Ripley and double-team Morgan, picking up the win.
Your Winners, Women's Tag Team Champions Naomi & Sasha Banks!

Frustration and Discord

Rhea is upset, apparently blaming Morgan for their loss last night and tonight. Ripley leaves with Morgan astounded and Kevin Owens music plays. He passes Rhea on the ramp, and Morgan, as we head to a break before we hear from KO.

Kevin Owens Done Lost His Mind

Owens addresses WrestleMania Saturday, admitting that he masterminded the entire buildup to get Austin onto the KO Show so he could trick Austin into his first match in nineteen years. He states he knows Austin is great, because you have to be great to beat the greatest of all time--Kevin Owens. Loud boos. He tells them to boo all they want but they know it's true. He then claims he injured his back the day prior and wants an asterisk next to the loss in the books when he's interrupted by Elias, now clean shaven and in tights and named Ezekiel! Graves hints that he knows who it is, and they ponder if it's him or not. He gets in the ring. Owens asks, "Elias, is that you?"

Elias Ezekiel claims, "I am not Elias. I am Elias' younger brother. My name is Ezekiel." Owens disputes this, stating he knows Elias' eyes. "I am Elias' younger brother, Ezekiel," he repeats with a little more force. Owens angrily states that "you're Elias! You're Elias! Stop the BS! Stop lying. I hate Liars! I hate Liars, okay?" Ezekiel states that Owens must hate himself, because on Saturday he lied to Stone Cold and got stunned. The hot crowd rips off a "you got stunned" chant. He states he never liked him and says, "Eric, Elias, Enrique" or whatever he calls himself, he has ten seconds to get out of Owens' ring or else. KO begins counting down, with the crowd chanting "what" loudly after every number. Finally Owens drops his mic and walks out, up the ramp, and that's that.

Singles Match: Dominik Mysterio w/ Rey vs the Miz

Short, short match that saw Dom lose fast before he and Rey were destroyed by a debuting Veer. The post-match beatdown was lengthier than the match itself.
Your Winner, the Miz!

NEW Raw Champion Bianca Belair Addresses the WWE Universe!

Belair makes her way out in a pink lip-print jumpsuit, wearing shades and with crimson and red in her braid. The crowd welcomes our new champ. We'll hear from "the new-EST" Raw champ after this break. Belair removes her shades and acknowledges the helluva black eye she got from her fight with Becky, presumably. The crowd chanted "you deserve it" but I'm unsure if they meant the win or the black eye. Belair goes on to state she's gone through hell and back from SummerSlam to WrestleMania in an effort to absolve herself of her twenty-six second loss last year. Belair states that Lynch did all she could to take out Belair but even with one eye, Bianca overcame it all. Bianca gets a pop. Bianca states that the fans deserved better than Lynch and gets a mix of boos and cheers. Belair states that she knows what it's like to lose that title and she won't go through it again, so she's willing to take on any woman back there. She states that no one is prepared for Belair and she'll fight anyone. She states that Becky should take this down time to heal and remember that Belair is the EST. She runs off her various -EST's but gets a noticeable amount of boos in with the cheers.


NXT Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler(c) w/ Robert Roode vs Bron Breakker

So we're getting a Stand & Deliver rematch! NXT Champion Ziggler comes out with fellow Dirty Dawg, Roode, as we're informed we're getting Ziggler/Breakker 3. Can Breakker beat Ziggler after two high-profile failures? We head to break and when we return, Breakker comes out to a great pop from the crowd, donning black tights. Graves praises Breakker's presence as a "force" on Tuesday nights. The son of the "Dog-Faced Gremlin" gets woofs from the adoring crowd, and the NXT Champ gets some applause amongst the boos. Ziggler slaps Breakker prior to the match, attempting to get under the skin. The title's hoisted, the bell's rung, and we're off! Both men look to lock up. Breakker wastes no time, charging Ziggler into the corner. Both jockey for control early on, with neither man truly taking control. Breakker avoids a kick to the face and counters a Ziggler leap-frog by swatting him out of the air with a charging shoulder. Breakker catapults Ziggler's face into the middle turnbuckle as Graves praises Bron from learning from Saturday night, thus indicating his improved performance tonight. Breakker takes Ziggler up to the top turnbuckle and looks for a FrankenSteiner! Ziggler blocks and then dropkicks Breakker, sending him crashing to the outside as we go to break!
When we return, Ziggler's still in control. Byron Saxton points out the large role played by Roode in the championship bout Saturday night, as well as an exposed turnbuckle that was used to finish off Breakker. Ziggler sets Breakker up for a Famouser but Breakker counters with a Powerbomb outta nowhere! Both men are slow to rise, and throw fists as they fight to their knees, then to a vertical base. Ziggler looks for a sleeper but Bron shrugs him off and runs him over with a pair of shoulder tackles. Breakker kicks Ziggler into the ropes and catches him with a snap overhead suplex on the rebound! Breakker with another big shoulder tackle. Breakker pulls down the straps and sets up Ziggler, but Roode causes another distraction. Ziggler attempts a roll-up but Breaker escapes. Breakker drops Ziggler with another shoulder then hits a tope con giro to Roode on the outside! Ziggler catches Breakker with a Famouser when he enters, but Breakker kicks out! Ziggler positions in the corner and starts to tune up the band. Ziggler looks to rake Bron's eyes, just like last Saturday. Breakker avoids it but eats a Superkick! Ziggler covers but Breakker gets his arm up right after two! Ziggler screams for Breakker to get up as he tunes up the band again but he delays. Breakker nearly cuts Ziggler in half with a spear out of nowhere! Breakker hits a military press slam to pin Dolph and regain his belt, all to a huge pop.
Your Winner and NEW NXT Champion, Bron Breakker!

The Return of the "All Mighty" Bobby Lashley!

Montel Vontavius Porter is in the ring upon our return from a break. He believes actions speak louder than words, and states Lashley's actions at WrestleMania spoke volumes. He breaks the unbreakable and crushes the colossal. He calls out Lashley to a great pop. He cuts a promo about beating Omos and is then promptly interrupted by Omos, who makes his way down the ramp. Omos demands his "freaking rematch" and takes off his shirt, standing chest to belly with Lashley. Suddenly, MVP attacks Lashley! Omos and MVP then beat down Lashley as the crowd boos and our commentary team are flabbergasted! MVP repeatedly yells "You don't need me? You don't need me, huh?" He yells to Omos to "make your statement" and commands Omos as he dismantles Lashley. Huge "you suck" chant from the crowd.

Tag Match: Queen Zelina & Carmella vs Shayna Baszler & Natalya

The former tag champs are out next. We see in a backstage segment that next week, Rhea/Morgan will challenge for the titles. We head to break. When we get back, Zelina snatches the mic and lays into Carmella, stating Mella's been too preoccupied with the poor sap marrying her. Zelina insults Carmella but says Graves is fine. Mella strips the mic away and the two exchange more words, with Carmella telling Zelina she's demoting her from a bridesmaid to the flower girl. Zelina physically attacks Carmella before leaving as Graves comforts Carmella and the two make out.
No Match

Backstage: the Usos Give Austin Theory a Pep Talk

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions show up with Austin Theory and point out they're disappointed in him as they thought he was Vince's boy. Theory snaps at them and states when he catches Finn in the ring, he's gonna take his anger at Stone Cold and Pat McAfee out on him.

Six-Man Tag Match: United States Champion Finn Bálor & Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro vs Austin Theory & SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos

RK-Bro are out first as we head to a break. Afterwards, the rest of our competitors take their time, obviously eating up the clock. The six-man proceeds with every person getting their time in the ring. The Usos double-teamed Riddle as the heels kept the Original Bro cornered for a good stretch of the match. Theory garnered lots of heat from the crowd. The crowd often sings the lead notes of the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army," which served as Pat McAfee's entrance theme, attempting to get into his head. Riddle looks for a springboard but the counter sends him crashing onto his shin against the apron and the mat and we head to another break. We return to find the Usos still controlling Riddle and isolating him. After some taunting by Jey, Riddle is able to catch him off guard with a step-up kick. Riddle and Jey make tags simultaneously. Jimmy Uso is take down hard with a powerslam from Orton, who fights off Jey with a back elbow. Orton missed a tag from Austin Theory, who hopped down immediately after tagging, and was caught off guard by Theory's rolling diving dropkick. Finn comes in and looks for a Coup de Grace but misses. Austin looks for an ATL; Finn counters it into a 1916. Jimmy takes out Finn; Orton RKO's Jimmy. Jey Superkicks Orton, and Finn takes out Jey, and we end up with Austin Theory alone with Finn, picking up the win amidst the chaos.
Your Winner, the Usos & Austin Theory!


WWE Hall of Famer Edge Addresses the WWE Universe

Edge comes out dressed in a more gothic outfit, with the lights blue. They remain so, with the spotlight staying blue on Edge. Edge calls the crowd idiots and sheep, and the crowd chants an enthusiastic "we are sheep" hahaha. He tells them "that's very telling, idiots" then demands they rise in respect for "the man who will be the punishment for the guilty." Out comes Punishment Martinez Damian Priest! The duo attempt to insult the crowd as they both realized they've had an epiphany that the audience doesn't care about them, so why should they care? Vintage Sami Zayn. Priest calls the crowd stupid so they chant "we are stupid." AJ Styles attempts to hit the ring and battles briefly but loses the numbers game. Edge & Priest leave Styles laid out, he smashed with steel.

Texas Tornado Tag Main Event Match: the Street Profits vs the Alpha Academy

The semi-heel Profits make their way out in what should serve as our main event match. We head to break. When we return, Gable & Otis are mid-entrance. All four men start to go at it, leading to Adam Pearce coming out. He's tired of all four men wanting to "get nuts" and do things on their own, so he changes the match to a Texas Tornado Match and calls for a restart. The Academy begin beating down Dawkins at ringside, so Ford hits a dive over the turnbuckles to wipe out everyone at ringside! The crowd chants for tables as the Profits hit a double suplex, but Gable kicks out before the ref can even get in permission. Otis comes in but Dawkins pummels him in the corner, unleashing several fists and kicks as Ford battles Gable. Gable executes a Fisherman's Suplex for a close cover, then swaps persons with Otis. Otis works over Ford in the corner as Dawkins finds himself at the mercy of Gable. Gable whips Dawkins, who reverses and hits a botched sideways spinebuster. Otis clubs Dawkins off of Gable and hits Dawkins with a standing splash. Gable covers but Ford makes the save. We go to another break.

When we return, the Alpha Academy hit stereo suplexes. Both ascend opposite corners and Gable hits a moonsault as Otis hits a body splash. Gable sends Otis outside to a huge pop when Otis gives the fans what whey want--tables! Otis sets up a table and puts Dawkins on it. Gable uses a Cactus Jack Clothesline to send himself and Ford crashing to the outside. Dawkins shoves Otis to stop him, and Otis spills to the outside. Ford and Gable end up battling on the turnbuckles before the setup table. Gable wants a Superplex but Ford slaps on the brakes. Ford ends up hitting the Superplex on Gable, through the table, and picks up the win.
Your Winners, the Street Profits!

Main Event Segment: Our NEW Unified WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is Acknowledged

Roman is announced at 10:51, reaches the ring at 10:55, and with scant minutes left, we're off to acknowledge our Head of Both Tables. At 10:57, Roman speaks and asks for Heyman to explain the Bloodline's success. He points out that the Usos are the single-longest reigning tag team champions in history of SmackDown; the largest box office receipts int eh history of WrestleMania and SummerSlam, and the first billion-dollar-grossing year in Sports Entertainment history is all the same man--Roman Reigns. He continues on with various stats, both based from live stats and streaming, and contributes it all to Roman Reigns. The crowd cheers Roman's name every time when prompted. Heyman calls Reigns the biggest, undisputed star in sports entertainment and Reigns takes the mic back. The crowd chants for Roman, with a few audible boos.
Reigns states that Heyman's saying--"what's good for Roman Reigns is good for WWE"--is spot-on, and he takes credit for the "billion dollar deals (that are) coming easy." He claims he's the last needle-mover, and he's the last because he's constantly operating at God-mode. He goes on to tell us that he's so much more than all that. "I'm a man of my word, I called my shot, and I delivered. I said I was gonna smash Brock Lesnar, and what'd I do? Smashed him! But you see, that's the past now! Other men? They hang their hat on this weekend...but I'm never content." He states that on Friday SmackDown, they're going to let us know what the next step is. He then demands that Dallas acknowledge him. They do, many hoisting one finger to the sky as Byron Saxton what Reigns' next step is. We fade to black.

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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