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AEW Dynamite Results (March 30 2022)  

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Mar 30, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results (March 30 2022)  

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! Time for another episode of AEW Dynamite! We have a stacked card as per usual featuring CM Punk vs Max Caster who I’m sure won’t mention anything about Will Smith or Chris Rock in his rap as well as a grudge match which has been months in the making as “The kid” Darby Allin faces off with the man who wants to buy him, Andrade. That plus a new AEW signing in the women’s division! With JR, Tony Schiavone, and two-time commentator of the year, Excalibur on the mics, let’s get straight to the wrestling! 

CM Punk defeated Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens via Submission (7:08) 

We’re starting the show with a little bit of Cult of Personality and what better tool do AEW have to try and convince those American viewers who are carrying over from watching Big Bang Theory on TBS than CM Punk? None. Although Max Caster’s rap gives them another reason as he obviously does bring up Will smith but it’s not that great compared to some of his efforts. 

The match begins and Punk starts off on top with some excellent grappling before dropping an elbow on young Max and making him retreat to the ropes. Caster backs Punk into the ropes but Punk comes out and attacks the shoulder of Caster which is all taped up. He runs away to come up with a plan with Bowens and that plan is kick Punk in the stomach. It works and Caster takes over but only until Punk counters out and then hits a Shoulder Tackle to drop Caster and goes for an early pin attempt. Punk tries a Cross body so Max catches it and hits a Rib Breaker and drives his knees and elbows into the same area before he goes for a pin. Caster tosses Punk sternum first into the turnbuckle and then back first into the opposite corner as he takes over but Punk reverses the third one to hit Caster with an Elbow from the top. He follows that with a Snap Suplex but Punk is an old man and has a bad back so it hurts him too. Caster dodges a Knee Strike but Punk counters out of a Fisherman Buster and then goes for a GTS. Max gets out and hits a Fisherman Suplex for two. Caster goes up top for the Mic Drop so Punk has to stop him and then brings him to the mat with a Hurricanrana. He hits his Knee Strike in the corner and then his Bulldog out for two. Punk goes up top and Bowens makes him fall behind the refs back and Caster hit a Springboard Dropkick across the ring for two. He then misses the Mic Drop and Punk hits the Piledriver and locks in the Anaconda Vice to end Caster's night quickly.  

Tony Schiavone heads to the ring and asks CM Punk about him gesturing to the title around his waist last week. Punk knows Tony is smarter than that and asks the people what the gesture means. They chant his name. Punk says he doesn’t know if the champ will be Cole or Page but he does know before his time in AEW is over he’ll have more grey in his beard and more scars on his head but also, he’ll be the World Champion.  

MJF & FTR Interview 

Alex Marvez goes to interview MJF but Mark Sterling interrupts pinning posters up banning Wardlow from ringside. Max says they don’t say his name and then says that with Wardlow out the way, The Pinnacle will finally get some wins. FTR say they like Wardlow and that MJF should sort it out with him but MJF then guilts them into putting their hands in for the Pinnacle motto. They oblige very reluctantly. 

Jon Moxley defeated Jay Lethal via Pinfall (11:01) 

Jay Lethal told us there had to be a better way last week but, Jay, I don’t think this is it bro. Moxley comes through the crowd, following Lethal to the ring and once the bell rings Lethal offers a handshake and Moxley bats it away, this isn’t ROH! Lethal begins with some technical wrestling so Mox tosses him out of the ring. Jon tries to follow but Lethal comes back in quickly, wanting to stay in the ring for this match. Mox obliges him with a Side Headlock Takeover and Lethal escapes so Mox does it again. Jon eventually ends up on top on the mat but Lethal gets to his feet and is sent to the outside again after going for the Figure 4 multiple times. Lethal wants none of it and heads back inside and a frustrated Moxley initiates a striking exchange which he dominates. Lethal tries to come back but can’t and ends up hitting 10 punches in the corner and going for a Superplex but Lethal tosses him off the top and then follows him to the outside with a Tope Suicida as we go to break. He hits a second one to start picture in picture and Mox goes down this time. Lethal takes him back between the ropes and tries a pin but Mox kicks out at two and now Lethal begins to attack the leg of Mox that he hurt falling from the top. Lethal makes Mox hop on one leg before hitting a nasty Dragon Screw and then begins to work on the knee on the mat. Mox escapes using a bite but Jay drops him again with a Back Elbow. Jay heads to the top and goes for the Elbow but Moxley follows him up and hits the Superplex. 

We return with both men struggling to their feet and when they do, they both go for a Crossbody at the same time to send them both down again. Mox initiates another strike exchange and Lethal loses out again when Moxley hits his King Kong Lariat and turns Jay inside out. He gets Lethal up for the Piledriver but Jay escapes and hits the Lethal Combination for two. He positions Mox on the mat and heads back up top but Mox gets up too quick and then Lethal escapes a Paradigm Shift but Lethal escapes and goes for the Lethal Injection. Mox counters with a Rear Naked Chokehold and Lethal nearly pins him whilst getting choked out. Lethal drops Mox again and finally hits the big elbow drop for 2.9. Lethal argues with the referee about the pin and then goes for the Figure Four but nearly gets rolled up by Mox and then Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift to end a fantastic match. Well done to both men. 

Moxley offers the handshake after the match and Lethal shakes it despite being visibly gutted.  

Marina Shafir Video Package 

Marina Shafir has been dominating on AEW Dark and that gets shown here. I like this a lot.  

FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) defeated Gunn Club (Austin & Colten Gunn) w/ Billy Gunn via Pinfall (11:25) 

Both teams enter before MJF’s music hits the air and he joins commentary. The bell rings and Dax locks up with Colten and gets the better of him at first but Colten manages to drop Dax before bringing Austin in. Austin also gets the better of Dax before bringing in Cash who manages to drop Austin but Gunn drives him into the corner. They go back and forth until Cash catches a Deep Arm Drag and a Dropkick. He deals with Colten too and brings in Dax who lays in some shots to Austin but tags in Cash quickly. Aubrey becomes distracted so Gunn Club bait Cash outside where Billy Gunn drops him as we go to break. Gunn Club dominate throughout the break and stop Cash from making a tag although he gets close a couple of times. Billy lays in a Stomp behind Aubrey’s back once again which allows Gunn Club to maintain their dominance all the way till the end of the commercial. 

When we return, Cash finally fights back to his feet and tries for the tag after a Back Body Drop on Austin. Austin makes the tag first and Colten cuts off Cash one last time and he hits a Splash in the Corner and Dropkick for two. He goes for another Splash but misses and then Austin tags in but messes up the cut off so in comes Dax who dominates Austin and Colten with multiple shots before a huge Lariat gets a two count on Austin. Austin has to use the ropes to guillotine Dax but when Dax tries to suplex him back in, Colten sweeps Dax’s leg and Austin almost pins him.  

We cut to Wardlow who’s entered the building and ploughs through AEW Security as he heads towards MJF. He eventually gets stopped and dragged away as we go back to the match and Dax almost rolls up Austin but Billy distracts them and the end of this match is a clusterfuck where Cash stopped Billy who was helping Austin pin Dax right in front of Aubrey and then FTR hit the Big Rig and get the win.  

MJF joins FTR in the ring to celebrate and Dax is furious about MJF’s treatment of Wardlow but eventually calms down. The Pinnacle is about to be over. 

Powerhouse Hobbs vs Keith Lee Video Package 

This is apparently the main event for Rampage and Friday can’t come soon enough! 

Jericho Appreciation Society Promo 

Jericho says he is the influencer because everyone wants to join the JAS and there’s only 5 and tells everyone else to GFY. Garcia says they future endeavoured Silver & Reynolds and ended the careers of Santana, Ortiz and Eddie Kingston. 2Point0 then do their curtain gimmick but when Jake Hager opens the second one, there are Eddie, Santana & Ortiz.

They beat down the JAS and Eddie drags Jericho to the ring for a Spinning Back Fist and the Santana kicks off Garcia’s head whilst Ortiz tosses Matt Minard into the stairs. Eddie beats down Garcia outside whilst Santana & Ortiz sent Jericho up for the Street Sweeper but then Angelo Parker and Jake Hager stop them and the JAS take over.

Jericho beats all three down with a bat whilst the other 4 pin them down and beat them up. Jericho then whips them with his belt. Kingston tries his best to fight back but can’t and Jericho drops him with the Judas Effect.  

Jade Cargill Interview 

Mark Sterling says Leva will be Jade’s 30th opponent and she declines so Mark says it’ll have to be Marina Shafir who we saw earlier. Tony, Cut this shit.  

Bryan Danielson defeated Wheeler Yuta via Submission (10:09) 

William Regal once again joins commentary for an American Dragon match. Yuta has Josh Woods at ROH this week in a title match so he needs to show off here. Danielson starts well as per usual and backs Yuta into the rope before he then outwrestles his opponent as per usual and takes them down to the mat as usual. What’s not usual is Wheeler Yuta using his own technical ability to escape. Danielson quickly locks in a Cross Arm Breaker but Yuta makes the ropes. Danielson then becomes more violent as he paintbrushes Yuta, drops him with a Brainbuster and then kicks Yuta in the chest but Wheeler fights back and gets an Inverted Figure Four but Danielson makes the ropes. Danielson takes over with kicks as we head to break. Bryans kicks pepper the abdomen of Wheeler but Yuta comes back with chops. Danielson hangs Yuta on the top rope and then drops the knee on him from the top rope for a two count. Danielson almost always chooses wrist control when he locks up and he does so again as he kicks at Yuta. Yuta comes back with some weak kicks so Danielson drops him with a very hard kick to the ITB. Danielson chops at Yuta as the sound echoes around the arena but Yuta takes it and fires back with some of his own.  

We return to the action and Yuta counters an Uppercut with a roll up but Danielson escapes and hits a Rolling Elbow and Yuta comes back with a German Suplex with a bridge for two. Danielson hits a Dragon Suplex with a bridge for his own two count before Danielson uses the Hammer & Anvil Elbows and Yuta fades before Danielson goes for Cattle Mutilation and Yuta gets out to hit his own Hammer & Anvil’s and then locks in the Seatbelt Pin but Danielson kicks out at 2.9 and then comes back with the Busaiku Knee. He grabs both wrists to stomp on Yuta’s face but Wheeler spits at him so he does it twice as hard and hits a Piledriver before he then locks on the LeBell lock to get the win. Danielson celebrates and Regal puts over Yuta on commentary. 

Darby vs Andrade Video Package 

This is a shorter version of what we saw on Road To but it’s a good video. 

The Elite “Title Celebration” 

Adam Cole and ReDRagon head to the ring with the AEW titles that they stole. There’s a random box in the ring and it’s labelled Party Supplies. They grab it and out comes some Helium Balloons, 5 of them float away. Cole says Hangman and Jurassic Express aren’t here tonight because they’re ashamed and embarrassed. He says that they took them, not stole because the titles belong to them. He says AEW need a crew to run the show and that them. Kyle says that ReDRagon keeps hearing that they don’t have enough wins but has to stop because he had too much champagne so Bobby takes over and says they’re the three baddest dudes in the company.

Hangman's music hits and out he comes in a Tesla with Bullhorns and he comes to the ring and takes down all three of The Elite. He sets up for the Buckshot on Cole but O’Reilly saves him but they don’t see Jurassic Express & Christian come from behind and they clear house before taking their titles back.  

Thunder Rosa Interview 

Tony introduces Thunder Rosa to the ramp once again and let’s hope this goes better that last week. Rosa says it’s a shame her celebration was cut short but she’s the first ever Mexican born AEW champ. Rosa says she doesn’t want to be the face or Pillar of AEW, she wants to be the face of all of women’s wrestling. She tells Nyla that she didn’t go through hell to lose the title straight away. That match will bang. 

FTR Promo 

Cash says they take this seriously and they are gonna become the ROH tag team champions on Friday and then they become the first ever two-time AEW tag team champions. Dax then calls out the Young Bucks for a rematch to see who’s the best of all time. LFG. 

Toni Storm defeated The Bunny via Pinfall (8:40) to qualify for the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament 

Toni Storm is All Elite and she comes out to a huge pop. Toni couldn’t look happier to be here and then she squares up to The Bunny. Both women battle for supremacy early on as strikes go back and forth. Toni almost takes over but Bunny pokes her in the eye but Storm comes back to take Bunny down for a two count before she works over the left arm of her opponent. Bunny tries to come back again and manages to hit a rising Knee Strike from the apron to take the match outside and then she follows that with a Lariat to send us to break. Toni fights back with some big elbow strikes but Bunny sends her into the ring post to cut her off immediately. Bunny brings her back in the ring and stomps her down in the corner and hitting her Sliding Elbow Strike for two. Toni almost rolls Bunny up twice but then eats a clothesline to return the advantage to the female member of the AFO. Bunny goes for a pin and gets a two count but Storm comes back with some big chops. Bunny drives her into the corner with her shoulder to shut her down though and then hits a Knee Lift only for Storm to hit a Side Slam. 

We come back to the match with a double down and then both women exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Storm wins out and then drops The Bunny with a Lariat then dodges a Thrust kick and lands a Headbutt and then a Hip Attack in the corner. She hits a Fishermans Suplex with a bridge for two and then the Bunny comes back with a Death Valley Driver but can only get a two. Bunny hits two Superkicks and Toni kicks out at two once again. Bunny tries to take her down the Rabbit Hole but Toni hits a Release German Suplex to counter and then she finishes it with Storm Zero.  

Nyla Rose Interview 

Vickie Guerrero says that she’s scared of Nyla and then Nyla says she’s the foundation, she’s been in AEW since day one and now she’s going to cement her legacy with Thunder Rosa’s blood. She says Rosa has a death wish so Nyla will be her genie. Abracadabra Bitch! 

Andrade El Idolo w/ Jose the Assistant defeated Darby Allin w/ Sting via Pinfall (10:30) 

Looks like it’s time for the main event. Darby sends Sting to the back and then Andrade hits a Tornado as Darby makes his entrance. He throws Darby’s skateboard onto him and then throws him over the Timekeeper’s Table and then drops him face first on that table and then on the apron. Darby finally shows some life as he throws Andrade into the ring steps and then uses his skateboard to hit El Idolo and Ollie onto his back. The match still hasn’t started as Darby is tossed over the barricade and then Andrade throws Darby onto the ring steps that he turned on their side. Andrade rolls back in the ring and then Darby follows him and finally the bell rings. 

Andrade tosses Darby into the turnbuckles to start the official match and then does it again in the opposite corner. He hits a running knee strike in the corner and Darby causes a rope break at two on the pin. Andrade then continues to beat up on Darby, hitting a back body drop to send us to our final break. Andrade slowly makes his way around the ring, toying with and bullying Darby. Andrade locks Darby in a Standing Bow & Arrow and drops him on his knees in an innovative bit of offence and then Andrade goes outside to drive Darby spine first into the ring post. Andrade tosses Darby’s dead body into the ring and then continues to dominate.  

We return to the action with Darby dragging himself around the ring like Herbert from Family Guy’s dog, Jessie, but he shows signs of life and catches Andrade with a Code Red from nowhere for a two count. We get a double down and Darby continues to fight back but Andrade is just too big and strong as he hits a high boot in the corner. Darby and Andrade engage in a full-on slap fight and both men go down after one big strike at the same time. Another double down ensues but Andrade rises fastest and takes his belt of. Referee Bryce Remsburg confiscates it but Darby trips Andrade into the Turnbuckle then hits the Cutter for two. Andrade comes back with a Backbreaker for his own two count. He tries to take Darby to the top rope and succeeds in getting him up there before he tries to get Darby up but Darby counters into a Crucifix Bomb and a Fujiwara Arm Bar. Jose the Assistant tries to go and distract Darby so Sting appears to stop him and then Butcher & Blade come out and beat down Sting. Darby breaks his hold to take them out with a Dive from the top rope to the outside but back in the ring the Coffin Splash is countered into a Brillante Driver and then Andrade hits the El Idolo to get the victory. 

After the match, Andrade sets his men on Sting and Sting manages to put up a fight when it’s 3 on 1 but when Private Party also emerge, he can’t stop them all so gets beat down until The Hardys make the save. They hit Marq Quen with a Twist of Fate & a Swanton Bomb as we get a great ending to the show 

See you all for Rampage on Friday. Follow me on twitter @Knapphausen. Adios.  

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