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WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (03/07/2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Mar 07, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (03/07/2022)

The following are the ongoing results of tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

In the Ring Promo: Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens

Ohio's own Seth Rollins makes his way out with Kevin Owens first as Corey Graves and Jimmy Smith hype fellow "Cleveland icons" Logan Paul & the Miz. Byron Saxton reminds us that the winning team not only wins the title but also paves the way to WrestleMania. Rollins starts us off on the mic to a huge pop from the hometown crowd, welcoming them all to Monday Night Rollins. He's excited as they're moments away from becoming the new Raw tag champs, he exclaims, and Owens recaps the "tough year" they've had together in their entire two week team history.

They both babble on a bit about their friendship and exude promises of winning the titles. Owens states the only thing he can't stand about WrestleMania is that it'll take place in Texas. Possibly Owens & Rollins vs SCSA & ??? Just speculation! We get thrown back to a clip from last week in which Rollins defeated Riddle with a Stomp, building momentum towards tonight's triple-threat title match.

Rollins and Owens then state that what was better than two weeks ago was last week, when they took on the Alpha Academy. Rollins & Owens worked together to use a Stunner and Stomp to put away Gable and stun the reigning champs. Back int he ring, Owens screams that their momentum is undeniable. He states that tonight, they punch their ticket to WrestleMania and again states "Dallas, Texas, suck! just like its undeniable that Shorty G and Otis suck!" Out comes Gable & Otis as Gable shooshes them, then shooshes the crowd.

"Shoosh! Shoosh, please! That victory last week was erroneous! Erroneous, I say, and for the dum-dums in Cleveland let me tell you what that means!" Huge heat. He explains its a joke and claims he was reeling from a cheap-shot Stunner prior to the match. They continue the back-and-forth, then we cut to the gorilla where RK-Bro are being interviewed. Riddle asks if Orton has a word for the Bro, and Orton tells him that word is "win. Win by any cost...kick everyone's asses in that ring and take our titles back!" The crowd pops as the former champs make their entrance!

Raw Tag Team Championship Triple-Threat Match: the Alpha Academy(c) vs Rollins & Owens vs RK-Bro

With RK-Bro's entrance, all six Superstars are set in our ring. This championship triple-threat is up after this break! When we're back, we're explained one man from each team will be legal and a Superstar can only tag in their own partner. So a triple threat, tag format. Seth starts off fast, taking down Gable before hitting a Sling Blade on Riddle. Owens comes in and halts an attempted comeback by Riddle, laying out the challenger with a DDT and covering for two. Owens takes some time chopping away at the Original Bro until Gable drags Riddle out of the ring and sends him flying with an overhead suplex toss. Gable re-enters the ring and looks for a German Suplex on Owens but Owens counters with a Fireman's Carry. Gable escapes and takes Gable down in his corner. Owens with a springboard elbow drop for a short two.

Rollins brutalizes Gable for a few moments in the ring, including a spot in which Rollins and Riddle both hit leaping forearm shots to Gable's back. Their mini-alliance lasts only seconds, however, as Rollins lays out Riddle with a springboard cross body. Owens comes in as legal and works with Rollins to take down Gable and Riddle in the ring. An Enziguri sends Riddle over the top and Owens tosses Gable out. Gable hits a suicide dive on Gable and Riddle. Owens climbs the ropes and hits a top-rope senton for a close cover! Gable just kicks out and we go to break!

Back from the break. We return to find Otis legal, working over Riddle. Orton leads the crowd in a "bro" chant as he tries to fire up his partner for a hot tag. Otis shuts down any thought of it with a standing, leaping splash that flattens Riddle. Gable comes in legal and clotheslines an Otis-whipped Riddle. Gable immediately starts to focus on Riddle's left knee. The crowd rips off a raucous chant for RK-Bro as Otis comes in. Otis knocks Rollins off the apron, and Owens is finally on the apron, too. Otis stops Riddle from making the hot tag and wrenches his head to the left. Again, Orton and the crowd fire up as Riddle powers to a vertical base. Otis shuts it down, and again drops Riddle with a charging strike. Otis screams, "that's it," and climbs up for a Banzai splash. Riddle rolls and Otis crashes into the canvas! The crowd's absolutely on fire as the hot tag is made!

The arena comes unglued as Orton comes in like lava, using powerslams to drop Gable, one for Rollins. Running forearm to Owens that sends him off the apron! Riddle sets Rollins and gable up and hits a double Spike DDT! The Cleveland house is absolutely on fire! Orton pounds the mat and looks for an RKO on Gable but Gable shoves him off. Gable looks for an ankle lock but Orton escapes. Rollins attempts a Stomp; Orton counters with an RKO! Orton covers but KO pulls him out of the ring! Orton with a back drop to Owens on the commentary table! One for Gable as well! Orton struggles to get Otis up but Riddle streaks around and makes the assist as they slam Otis down hard into the desk! The crowd flips out as we go to break!

Back from the break. Riddle and Gable clash in the ring as both Owens & Rollins are still down. Riddle hits the Floating Bro off the top rope but Owens makes the save just in time. Riddle locks a sleeper on Owens, who escapes by hitting a senton across Gable--and smashing Riddle in-between both bodies! Orton tags in and drops KO, looking for a cover but only picking up one. Otis enters the ring and hits a huge powerslam on Orton, then slams riddle down into the mat. Otis returns to his corner and tags himself in. Otis rolls Riddle into the corner and ascends the turnbuckles as Gable tags himself in. Otis with a splash, followed by Gable with a top-rope Moonsault, for another close fall! Rollins makes the save! Rollins sends Otis shoulder-first into the steel ring post and attacks Gable on the turnbuckles, taking his legs out from under him. Rollins pounds and chops away at Gable up top. Rollins climbs--incoming Superplex/Falcon Arrow combination?

Gable battles Rollins off but Rollins runs and hops up with cat-like agility, latching on. Gable drops Rollins once again! Owens suddenly appears as does Otis and the four men work together to hit a double-decker Superplex, with Gable crashing from the highest point, followed by Rollins & Owens. Everyone's down. Riddle enters the ring as all six Superstars arise in the ring. Complete chaos ensues as they all brawl in the ring. We wind up with Otis and Owens in the ring as the other four Superstars battle to the outside and pair off and we head to another break! We're now 22 minutes into this match.

Back from the break! Rollins sets Riddle up in a Tree of Woe and hits a top-rope double-foot stomp on Riddle, covering for a close two. Rollins angrily glares at the WrestleMania sign then looks for a discus strike on Riddle. Riddle reverses it into a Triangle! Rollins is starting to fade! Gable with a diving strike outta nowhere to make the save. Gable drops Orton with a German Suplex, then uses a rolling German Suplex to drop Gable! Another German Suplex, this one for Riddle! German Suplexes for you, and you, and you... Gable with another on Riddle, then ascends to the top turnbuckles. OH MY GOD! Orton intercepts Gable's Moonsault attempt mid-air with an RKO! Holy shit! Rollins and Owens hit the ring and double-team Orton, sending him out of the ring. Rollins & Owens with a double Buckle Bomb on Gable. Owens hits the Stunner and Rollins hits the Stomp on Gable! We're about to have new champs folks---no, wait! Riddle hits the ring and steals the cover as Orton helps prevent any save being made! We've got two-time tag champs!
Your Winner and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions, RK-Bro!

After the Match: The F-Word

Rollins leaves, disgusted, as Owens pouts on the floor by the steel steps. In the ring, the new champs RK-Bro soak up the love from the hot Cleveland crowd. Orton and Riddle are truly ecstatic and Orton tells the WWE Universe that he's going to use the "f-word"...Riddle is his friend. He states there's no one else he'd rather be at WrestleMania with (adding that he doesn't have any other friends.) Great way to end the segment.

24/7 Championship Match: Dana Brooke(c) w/ Reggie vs Tamina w/ Akira Tozawa

Brooke & Reggie make their way out ahead of this match.When we return, the match lasts less than sixty second and sees Brooke retain easily. The post-match cringe moment, in which Tozawa attempted to use the crowd to help manipulate Tamina into kissing him, lasted longer than the match.
Your Winner and STILL 24/7 Champion, Dana Brooke!

Miz TV Presents Logan Paul's Homecoming Party for the Miz, feat. Jerry Lawler

The Miz makes his way out to the ring in a sharp, warm-hued suit. So this is apparently Miz TV + Logan Paul's homecoming party + Jerry Lawler's announcement. Three birds, one stone? We head to break. When we return, Cleveland's own the Miz welcomes Cleveland's own Logan Paul out. We're shown clips of the Mysterios accepting the Miz's challenge to team against Paul & the Miz at WrestleMania. He continues to run down the Mysterios, playing up to the crowd early on. Paul fails to get over with the hometown crowd. The crowd actually remains pretty dead when he does a cringe moment in which he states "we in Cleveland step up and step out" then growls. The digital, piped in crowd likes him, at least. Jerry "the King" Lawler makes his way out wearing a Browns jersey and carrying his crown.

Lawler gets a hot welcome from the crowd as the King returns for the first time in two years. Lawler speaks to the Miz and Logan, and tells them that he goes way back with Cleveland. "I don't know if anybody hear of a little town I started living in, Lorraine Ohio? Moved from there to...Amherst Ohio." He tells the crowd that he's wearing the Browns jersey because he was here, in 1964, when the Browns won their league championship. Lawler then states it would be awesome for WrestleMania to be in Cleveland, Ohio! The crowd goes wild! The Miz hesitates, stating he loves Cleveland but "Cleveland isn't exactly a WrestleMania city." Big heat. He comments that they were just cheering him, now they're booing him. He states that the only pyro the city can handle is when the lake "catches on fire." He then runs down touchy moments for Cleveland, including the Browns relocating to Baltimore to become the Ravens and promptly won a Super Bowl. He earns a lot of digital heat as he continues to denigrate his hometown. After a little more back and forth, we end the segment. Perhaps just a hint at Cleveland being the future host of WrestleMania?


Backstage Interview: Tommaso Ciampa & NXT Champion Bron Breakker

It's Breakker's first time on Raw. They're asked about their match against the Dirty Dawgs tonight. They're reminded that they're part of a triple-threat match for the title tomorrow, against Dolph no less, but Ciampa and Breakker go on to state that they can put it behind them as they take on the Dawgs.

Backstage Interview: The Street Profits

Sarah stops the Profits backstage, with future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins wearing a Browns' style Profits jersey, just cruising down the hall. She mentions that they don't have a road to WrestleMania right now. Both men cut a quick promo stating that they're the ones next in line for a shot and tell Gable & Otis to get back to the line. They add Rollins & Owens are moping around and need to get to the back of the line, too. The Profits say they're next in line and they want the smoke!

Cross-Brand Tag Team Match: the Dirty Dawgs vs NXT Champion Bron Breakker & Tommaso Ciampa

The Dirty Dawgs make their way out first and we head to break. Next is Tommaso Ciampa with...a new theme...aw, c'mon man. No, man. Breakker is out next and Corey Graves hypes the NXT Triple-Threat match tomorrow on NXT. Breakker gets a decent reaction from the Cleveland crowd (seriously would benefit more from the Steiner surname, though). Ciampa and Roode start us off, with Roode attempting to cut the ring in half by containing Ciampa in the Dawg corner. Ciampa and Roode drop each other, however, bringing in Ziggler. Ziggler attempts to prevent the tag but Breakker hops off the apron and drags Ciampa out, to safety, as Ziggler yells at them and we head to another break. We return to find that the Dirty Dawgs have, in fact, successfully cut the ring in half and have isolated Ciampa throughout the break and most of the match. After several long moments, Ciampa makes the tag to Breakker. Breakker clears the ring with overhead belly-to-belly suplexes.

Ziggler looks for a whip-rebound Lou Thesz but Breakker reverses with a snap slam! Breakker charges into a knee from Ziggler, but recovers and immediately clotheslines Ziggler down. Roode and Ciampa are not on the apron; presumably both men are down. Breakker looks for a military press but Roode causes a distraction. Ziggler with a roll-up and a handful of tights but Breakker escapes. Breakker again attempts to spear Ziggler in the corner and eats metal for it. Zig Zag from Ziggler for a close two, but Ciampa makes the save. Ciampa sends Roode out of the ring and tries to fire up his partner. Ziggler attempts a Superkick but Breakker counters by hoisting him up in a press, then drops Ziggler down into a Powerslam to put him away!
Your Winners, NXT Champion Bron Breakker & Tommaso Ciampa!

Singles Match: Omos vs Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez

Omos, still undefeated in singles competition, makes his way out. After a short break, Crews and Azeez make their way out. Omos easily picks Crews apart, chopping him down like a child and working on Crews' shoulders and backs with a monstrous double arm wrench. Omos yells warnings to Azeez to stay out of his way. Omos growls as he wears down Crews and tosses his limp form aside. Omos and Azeez lock eyes for a few moments. Omos pulls Crews up on the apron, only to punch him off the apron and down to the floor, crashing hard. Omos stands in the ring as the ref starts a count. Omos exits the ring, takes Crews back in, and tosses Crews into the corner. Omos misses a shoulder charge and Crews hits a step-up kick--literally his only offensive move. Crews looks for a double axe handle but Omos catches him and finishes Crews with a two-hand chokeslam toss.
Your Winner, Omos!

Edge Addresses His Assault on AJ Styles

We open with clips from Raw last week, in which AJ Styles stepped up to accept Edge's open challenge for WrestleMania. What should've been an amicable moment between the two veterans quickly degenerated as Edge demanding he not get the "tag team bitch" version of Styles, instead insisting on the "bulldog" version of Styles. Edge attacked Styles when they attempted to shake hands and after a brief struggle, dropped the Phenomenal One by kicking Styles in his phenomenal one, if you catch my drift. Edge would go on to mercilessly beat Styles with fists and a Con-Chair-To or two. Back in the arena, Edge has his entrance music play to a pissed-off crowd. After a few moments, the music stops and Edge walks out to stand in a spotlight. The Rated-R Superstar wears a suit as he makes his way down to the ring in the blue light and fog more reminiscent of his Brood Era.

Edge makes his way down to the ring, standing silently in the blue light for several long moments as the crowd cheers and heckles him simultaneously. Once, twice, Edge lifts the mic to his mouth to speak and stops, eliciting boos from the Cleveland crowd. He goes to speak a third time and actually does. "You think you know me," he asks with a grin. "Clearly, you don't AJ. And I know you're at home right now so I'm going to speak directly to you. But put the kiddos to bed. Mama probably doesn't want to see this, either. AJ, what I did last week, I-I did for you. I did to help you, AJ. You want to face me at WrestleMania? Then I need the best AJ. I need that flesh-tearing pit bull. And I did, I helped you AJ, but ironically you helped me, too! It was-it was like my brain cracked open and finally let the real me free to fly and it felt so good. It was a me that I never met before, it was a met hat I have fallen in love with." More boos from the crowd as he pauses to soak it all in and glance at the WrestleMania sign. "I finally feel in control in this ring, I feel in control of everything that will ever happen in this ring. I feel in control of everything that will ever happen within this entire industry." Edge goes on to state that he's standing on top of the mountain and the view "is phenomenal." He drops his mic and we fade to black.

Tag Team Contendership Match: Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan vs Women's Tag Team Champions Queen Zelina & Carmella

Ripley and new partner Morgan are out first. We're informed that if they can defeat the tag champs tonight, they'll be added to the title defense at WrestleMania, effectively turning it into a triple-threat tag match. We start off with Carmella, wearing her black bedazzled face-protecting mask, and Morgan. Morgan takes an early control and brings in powerhouse Rhea Ripley. Rhea connects with a beautiful low-angle dropkick and looks for a cover. Haha, Saxton calls Carmella's outfit atrocious and asks Corey if she's wearing it to the wedding. Queen Zelina comes in and attacks Liv on the apron. Rhea snatches Zelina up and hoists her up for a long, stalling suplex. Rhea kicks Carmella while maintaining the hold. Zelina escapes and sends Rhea out of the ring with a DDT. Carmella hits a running kick, smashing Rhea's face against the stairs as we head to break.
Back from the break. Zelina and Carmella use quick tags to work over Rhea, isolating her to the champ's corner. Morgan makes the save when Carmella looks for a pin. Graves is heckled by Saxton on commentary, and reminds us that his honeymoon starts right after WrestleMania. Glad we were told this crucial information. Graves and Saxton stay punchy at each other throughout the match. Carmella stays punchy on Rhea in the ring and taunts Morgan. This buys time for Rhea to hit a desperate high kick from a seated position, dropping Carmella! Rhea drags herself over to the corner and both women make hot tags!

Morgan drops Zelina with a boot and hits a dropkick to the small of Zelina's back. Morgan with a running knee strike in the corner followed by a middle-rope dropkick for a close cover. Saxton mentions Corey's attending to Carmella by the commentary desk so Zelina has no one to tag in. Zelina and Morgan jockey for control. Zelina rolls to her corner and dives for a tag--but no one's there! Carmella's at the commentary desk, chatting with Graves, and completely ignores Zelina's cries for help. Morgan drops Zelina and tags in Rhea, who hits the Riptide to easily pin Zelina. Carmella doesn't even notice that her team loss despite This is my brutality blaring over the speakers. Vega rolls on the floor in pain as Carmella just walks on off. Ripley & Morgan will battle Carmella & Zelina and Sasha Banks & Naomi for the Women's title.
Your Winners and Added to the Women's Tag Team Bout at WrestleMania, Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan!

Non-Title Singles Main Event Match: United States Champion Finn Bálor vs Austin Theory

United States Champion--not Intercontinental, my bad--Bálor is out first to a nice welcome. We're reminded that Big Van Vader will be inducted into this year's Hall of Fame, alongside the Undertaker. Nice makings of an old-school class! Theory makes his way out in his Wolverine-themed gear, talking smack the entire time down. We then get clips from the Pat McAfee show in which Vince offered for Pat to wrestle at WrestleMania. McAfee was then informed he'd face Austin Theory. Pat was fired up about the announcement last Friday! Finally we get on to our main event. Theory takes control early on and counters Bálor's efforts on offense early on. The action spills outside and Bálor rebounds Theory off the floor as we head to a break.

When we return, Theory is still in a commanding control of this match. Theory throws everything from his playbook at Finn, but the United States Champion refuses to give in. After a few minutes of domination, Theory loses control to Bálor. Bálor connects with a Sling Blade and a Shotgun Dropkick! Bálor scrambles up top, looking for a Coup de Grace, but Damian Priest strikes! The former US Champion throat-chops Bálor and causes the DQ. Afterwards, Bálor is laid out by Priest with a huge Powerbomb--just like last week, after Bálor defeated Priest for the title.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Finn Bálor!

Kevin Owens Addresses His Road to WrestleMania

Owens ends our show with a segment in which he once again disses Texas. He wants to have a KO Show at WrestleMania and use a Texan Superstar. He states he could drag out JBL to fight, as he's from Texas, but nah. He states Booker T would be possible, but he's a hypocrite for being on a team named the "Harlem" Heat and refuses to fight him. He mentions HBK, a proud Texan, but "it'd be sacrilegious" to have HBK on the KO Show (as KO is Canadian, as is Bret Hart). He has the perfect opponent in mind, because "just like the state of Texas, he is a broken down shell of his former self living on past glory. Look, we haven't seen this guy in a while." He hints heavily at Austin with carefully-chosen wording, and makes jokes about this person having shot knees and needing a walker just to get down the ramp. Owens states it would be great to give "him" a Stunner the world would remember and "then pour a nice cold glass of milk over his lifeless body. I don't think you have the guts to show up but the bottom line is I am calling you out, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin!" The crowd goes crazy over this. Owens officially asks Austin to be on the KO Show at WrestleMania. So probably not a match. We fade to black.

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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