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AEW Dynamite Results (March 2 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Mar 02, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results (March 2 2022)

It's Wednesday, you know what that means! It's time for another episode of AEW Dynamite and this is the go home show for Revolution on Sunday live from AEW's home of Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida. Tony Khan has stacked this show and alongside his big announcement, there's plenty to look forward to so let's not waste time! With JR, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on commentary, let's get straight to the wrestling!

Tony Khan Announcement

We start Dynamite this week with Tony Khan in the ring making his first ever appearance in person on AEW TV (He's been on Dark before, 9 days, lol). He's with Tony Schiavone who introduces him and TK thanks everyone for being here for keeping everything going through the Pandemic. He says this is going to be a huge week for AEW on the road to Revolution. Tony brings up AEW starting and then tells everyone he's the new owner of Ring of Honor. He says there's no Shane and then he talks about Christopher Daniels and he introduces Bryan Danielson. Danielson comes out and so does the Fallen Angel who makes his AEW return and we get this match to start.

Bryan Danielson defeated Christopher Daniels via Referee Stoppage (11:15)

The bell rings and both men shake hands as they observe the Code of Honor. They exchange holds to begin the match before Danielson gets the first upper hand and strikes a pose like he used to but the crowd chant for the Fallen Angel before they lock up again. Christopher hits a shoulder tackle and an arm drag before doing some jumping jacks in front of Bryan. They show respect again before Danielson begins to take over with some excellent technical wrestling before hitting his own shoulder tackle and then attacking the arm of Daniels. He hits an Arm breaker and then almost pins the fallen angel with a weird technique. Daniels takes Danielson to the outside with a leg lariat then hits him with an Arabian Moonsault from the apron to the outside. Danielson counters a move from the top to get back in control between the ropes though and then attacks Daniels with some viscious strikes and then a Kitchen Sink. He begins to work on the legs of Daniels a little before telling the referee he has till 5 whilst grabbing Daniels nose. Chris makes the ropes to escape the Broken Arrow hold and then both men exchange chops and strikes before Daniels gets hit with a Blue Thunder Bomb from nowhere to get back into it.

He attacks with Clotheslines and then an STO before hitting an Iconoclasm for two. He tries for Angels wings but Danielson counters with a release German Suplex and then hits a huge dropkick in the corner to drop Chris. He hits chops and kicks in the same corner before taking Daniels up top for a Superplex but Daniels fights out with a Headbutt. Daniels hits a Crossbody, Bryan rolls through and then they exchange roll ups and counter pins but neither can get the other down for three so they exchange strikes in the middle of the ring and Danielson wins that battle and then hits a huge rolling elbow for two. Danielson says it's over and climbs to the top but Chris cuts him off and then goes for another Iconoclasm but Danielson counters only for Daniels to miss a Hurricanrana and then Danielson gets countered with a Chokeslam but Danielson gets his knees up on the Best Moonsault Ever and then locks in the Triangle Sleeper and Christopher Daniels goes to sleep.

Danielson gets on the mic and says that 20 years ago he and Daniels were in the Main Event of the first ROH show and then they shook hands before and after the match and he feigns doing it to Daniel's body before saying he's in AEW now and he kicks people's heads in which is what he does before telling Mox he's getting the same treatment on Sunday.

Moxley's music hits and out he comes straight away. He marches to the ring, grabbing a mic en route. He says he can see the American Dragon is better and more violent than ever but he's got it wrong. There are two paths he can walk right now and Danielson thinks he's getting his head kicked in and Moxley chooses to walk another path and he'll walk through fire, bullets and Danielson and at the end of the path he beats the American Dragon. The story of Jon Moxley is just beginning and the first chapter is written in blood on Sunday. Moxley then tells Danielson to take his shot right now and Danielson drops the mic and then squares up to Mox before running away. This match is going to be absolutely incredible.

Darby Allin & Sting Promo

Sting says that he's not bothered that nobody else can get involved in the match on Friday and then Darby says he and Darby are stealing the show on Sunday but it's Showtime on Rampage for the TNT Triple Threat title match

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) defeated Top Flight (Darius & Dante Martin), FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood), The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens), Dark Order (10 & Alan '5' Angels), The Butcher & The Blade, The Varsity Blondes (Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr), Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson), Santana & Ortiz, Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta), Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson), The Wingmen (Peter Avalon & Ryan Nemeth), Gunn Club, (Austin & Colten Gunn), Brock Anderson & Lee Johnson & 2point0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker) in the Casino Tag Team Battle Royale (27:00) to qualify for the Triple Threat Tag Team Championship match vs Jurassic Express & ReDRagon at Revolution

FTR & Top Flight start us off and Darius Martin makes his long-awaited return from injury! The crowd welcome him back and Top Flight get us off to an excellent start, dominating FTR before we get the next entrance and out come The Acclaimed and Max raps before getting in the ring.

They finally get in the ring and they attack Top Flight before FTR attack them and the clock goes off once again and out comes Dark Order's 5 & 10 who attack The Acclaimed. No eliminations as all 8 men in the ring brawl for a while and then a fifth team enters and it's Butcher & The Blade. They come in and try to eliminate 5 but he survives. FTR rush them and then Angels gets eliminated by FTR. Out come the Varsity Blondes as we go to break. 11 men brawl throughout the break and then Bear Country come out as Brian Pillman Jr is eliminated by FTR. 12 men left as we return before Santana & Ortiz come out. Bear Bronson gets eliminated by them and so does Bear Boulder before Ortiz survives an FTR attack. Max Caster gets eliminated by Top Flight and then out come Best Friends. The ring is full of bodies now and Griff gets eliminated by Bowens before the clock ticks down to Dark Order again as Uno and Grayson come in. They come in and save 10 and then 10 gets rid of Blade. 10 takes down Butcher so Uno & Grayson eliminate him as they team up as one big Dark Order team. FTR hit the big rig on Bowens and then out come the Young Bucks as FTR hit the same move on Stu Grayson. FTR invite the Bucks into the ring and they all square off before everyone jumps them to cause the mass brawl as we head to another break.

The brawl continues before The Wingmen enter and it's Nemeth and Avalon. They join the brawl and no eliminations happen before we return to the Gunn Club entering. The Gunn club get taken out by FTR and the Bucks and eliminated straight away and our next team are Brock Anderson and Lee Johnson who immediately attack the Wingmen and then Anthony Bowens but Bowens eliminates 10. Ortiz eliminates Chuck. Nick Jackson gets rid of the Wingmen before Bowens eliminates Stu Grayson. Our next entrants are 2point0. They're the final team we're told and they enter and join the mess. Brock is eliminated by Matt Jackson and then Johnson joins him before Bowens gets eliminated by Darius Martin. Uno and Trent battle on the apron before Danhausen appears and curses Evil Uno so Trent hits a half and half suplex and eliminates him. 2point0 battle with Santana & Ortiz on the apron and Santana gets rid of Jeff and Ortiz deals with Matt and then FTR take them out to eliminate them. We're left with The Bucks, Top Flight and FTR and they battle with Top Flight being well on top but Cash takes out Dante and Dante drags him over the top rope too to eliminate both of them. Dax battles with Matt Jackson and then ReDRagon distract Dax to help the Bucks eliminate Dax leaving Matt and Nick alone with Darius Martin.

Martin tries to fight them both and does a tremendous job for a while and nearly eliminates Nick, Brandon saves him before Matt inadvertently eliminates Nick and then both Darius and Matt almost win before they battle on the apron and then when Darius has Matt in trouble, Matt hits a low blow and hits a superkick to get the win. The Bucks thank ReDRagon and then out come Jurassic Express with Christian for a face off. That was exhausting.

Chris Jericho Backstage Promo

Jericho says the world is buzzing about his match with Eddie after last weeks and then he mocks Eddie for never being a star like Jericho and reminds Eddie he has a chance to win the big one on Sunday. After he's done. Santana and Ortiz appear and Ortiz fist bumps him and suggests they're okay.

CM Punk In Ring Promo

Punk comes out to his music and then says he used to wake up every morning, splash water on his face and look in the mirror and ask if he's the bad guy and he's never had an answer. He says he always thought MJF was the bad guy till last week but Punk can't shake the feeling he's being gaslit. He says he believes Max was telling the truth but he's not sure if he's being sincere. He brings up the picture of young CM Punk and Steve Austin and Punk says he wasn't mad when Austin quit. He reminds us of all the horrible things MJF has done in AEW, knocking out Dean Malenko, talking about Brian Pillman and also Darby's Uncle. He asks if he's to blame for those things and then says people need to take responsibility for their actions and he invites the Max from last week to come out and talk.

He takes his time but he comes to the ring eventually and Punk speaks to him off mic before raising the microphone and saying he's done horrible things and he brings things up that he did in WWE and all that hate burns you up. He says his respect is earned and this is bigger than the both of them right now. He says it's about the kid at home who looks up to MJF like MJF looked up to him, Punk says he asked himself if he's the good guy when he woke up this morning and says he's trying and offers a handshake.

MJF chooses a hug instead and Punk hugs him back. They have what appears to be a touching moment till Max kicks him in the balls and then hits the Heat Seeker on CM Punk before revealing a T-shirt with the picture of him and punk on.

Spears and Wardlow appear with the Dog Collar and the ring. MJF puts the ring on before he punches CM Punk with it. FTR appear at ringside to stop security as MJF beats Punk down in the ring then tosses him out and punches and headbutts him. Spears puts him in the Dog Collar and MJF grabs the mic and calls MJF a stupid old man and tells Punk he's a Snake and says the greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world he didn't exist and then tells us on Sunday we'll see MJF is the Devil himself. Spears pulls on the Dog Collar and practically hangs CM Punk before Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin and Sting rush to the ring to finally make the save. This was incredible.

Keith Lee Interview

Keith is interrupted by Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs who tell him not to show up at Rampage but Keith says he'll be there.

Thunder Rosa & Mercedes Martinez defeated Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter w/ Rebel via Pinfall (8:33)

The action starts with a brawl before Rosa and Britt start us off officially and Mercedes jumps Britt and both of them beat down the women's champion. Eventually Mercedes comes in but Britt takes over with a Slingblade and tags out to Jamie. Jamie and Mercedes seem evenly matched until Martinez uses her experience to take over and tag to Thunder Rosa. Rosa dominates until Rebel gets involved and that allows Britt to hit a kick to give Jamie the advantage as we head to break. Jamie and Britt try to keep Rosa isolate throughout the break but she manages to fight back briefly until Jamie hits her with a Body Slam.

Rosa manages to lock Jamie in a Bow and Arrow to escape a pin and then gets a two count from the pin but Jamie fights back because Rosa wants Britt so much. Thunder Rosa hits a cutter and tags out to Mercedes Martinez as we come back to the action. Martinez runs wild on both Jamie and Britt before she gets a 2 count from a T-Bone Suplex on Jamie. Britt gets the tag and they take out Mercedes with some double team moves. Britt tries for Lockjaw but Martinez escapes and tags out. Rosa comes in and they fight it out before Rosa drops the champ and Britt tries to fight back but gets caught with a Death Valley Driver. Jamie breaks up the pin at two and then in comes Mercedes Martinez with a half and half on Britt, she brawls to the outside with Jamie and takes her and Rebel out as Thunder Rosa pins Britt Baker with the Fire Thunder Driver ahead of the match on Sunday.

TayJay interview

Schiavone tries to ask Tay about the match with Jade. Jade interrupts and then Tay tries to fight her but Mark Sterling says that Tay can't touch Jade because of the contract for the match.

Kris Statlander vs Leyla Hirsch Video Package

I'm not sure what to say about this. We need this match already.

Wardlow defeated Cezar Bononi via Pinfall (0:49)

Bononi gets off to a strong start until Wardlow catches him with the first Powerbomb. Then the second. Then the third and gets the win.

Spears looks on angrily. He goes to attack with the chair but Wardlow stops him. The two men square up and Spears backs away. Excellent facial expressions from the Canadian.

House of Black Video Package

They seem to be recruiting Penta. Watch this crazy shit.

Wardlow Interview

Alex Marvez tries to ask Wardlow about what just happened and Spears stops him and tells Wardlow MJF has something to tell him. MJF appears, wiping the blood of CM Punk from his hands. He tells Wardlow he can keep the TNT title if he wins it because it's not like he'll win anyway. Wardlow says it's because he's always making sure MJF wins and MJF slaps him before reminding him that Wardlow works for him, not AEW.

Adam Cole & ReDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) defeated Hangman Adam Page & Dark Order (John Silver & Alex Reynolds) via Pinfall (12:41)

Bryce struggles to keep the men apart before the bell but the bell rings with Page and Cole in the ring. Cole immediately backs up and Bobby Fish tags in. Bobby swings a kick but Hangman avoids and attacks with strikes and then takes over, stomping Bobby in the corner. Bobby fights back and tags out to Kyle but Hangman fights back and Suplexes Bobby onto O'Reilly to get a two count then tags out to John Silver. He tags out to Reynolds and they hit some beautiful synchronised offence on O'Reilly before Reynolds gets a one count with a Dropkick. Kyle fights back and tags out to Adam Cole who beats down Reynolds briefly before tagging out to Kyle who stretches Reynolds until he escapes and tags in Hangman. Hangman chases O'Reilly outside and back in the ring and Fish makes a blind tag on the re-entry and blindsides the champion. Adam Cole tags in and goes for a Panama Sunrise, Hangman counters to a Dead Eye but Cole stops it and then they exchange pins before Cole almost hits the Boom and Hangman almost hits the Buckshot and Cole rolls out as we go to break. Cole comes back in and tags out to Kyle so Hangman brings in Silver. O'Reilly gets the upper hand with some elbow strikes and brings in Bobby Fish. Fish hits a Senton and then attacks the leg of Silver before bringing in Cole. Cole hits a Neckbreaker and then poses before Budge stomps him down and tags out to Kyle. Kyle tags out to Bobby immediately and ReDRagon both hit Knees in the corner and then a double suplex for two. Cole tags back in and locks Silver in a Chin lock.

We return to the action as Silver fights back but Cole hits a Neckbreaker over his knee and then pushes Alex Reynolds from the apron. Cole brings in Kyle and Silver almost rolls him up before attacking with kicks but O'Reilly catches one and locks in a Knee Bar that Silver escapes from and then he tags in to Page as Hangman runs wild on ReDragon. Kyle tries to fight back but eats a Powerbomb for two and then Kyle tags out to Cole when Hangman goes down from a Double Lariat. The Champ and Challenger exchange blows and the partners enter to do the same thing. Everyone hits a big move one after another till Hangman Lariats Cole for a Double down but Hangman is up at 3. Cole finally makes a comeback but Reynolds tags himself in and he hits a couple of moves on Cole until Cole fights back with a Neckbreaker and the Boom for two.

After the bell, Cole attacks Reynolds, Hangman attacks Cole to make the save but ReDRagon save Cole. Hangman escapes them and goes for the Buckshot on Cole but Bobby takes him out on the apron. ReDRagon tape Hangman to the top rope and he's forced to watch ReDRagon hit the High-Low on Silver and Cole the Panama Sunrise on Reynolds. Hangman hits a Headbutt on Cole but then Cole hits multiple Superkicks and tells a dazed Hangman that the title is his before posing to close the show.

That really was a packed episode. What did you think of it? Let us know below. Follow me on twitter @Knapphausen and see you all back here Friday for Rampage. So long & Goodnight.


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