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WWE NXT 2.0 Results - March 1, 2022

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Mar 01, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Results - March 1, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (March 1, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


Cross-Brand Tag Match: NXT Champion Bron Breakker & Tommaso Ciampa vs Raw's the Dirty Dawgs

We start our program with our champ and his partner, both wearing matching Steiner-style ring gear. Breakker and Ciampa bump fists and we get the entrance for the Dirty Dawgs! Robert Roode is out first to his "Glorious" music, followed by Dolph Ziggler. Tommaso Ciampa & Bron Breakker attack them as they enter, with Roode & Ciampa battling down to the ring as Ziggler and Breakker fight their way down. Ciampa uses a top-rope senton to wipe out the Dawgs! He and Breakker sit on the apron and pat their backs in unison, a page out of vintage Ciampa's playbook. Ziggler starts us off with Ciampa. Ciampa brings in Breakker and the two work together to hit a tandem Spinebuster for a close fall early on. Breakker pulls down the straps and hoists Ziggler up for a press slam. Roode distracts, allowing Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag on Breakker! Ziggler covers for a close two.
The Dirty Dawgs start to use quick tags as they isolate the NXT Champion, cutting the ring in half. The crowd loudly chants "go back to Raw" as Ziggler focuses on Breakker's neck with a sleeper. The crowd rips off a "you don't go here" chant as Breakker powers to his feet. Breakker looks to gain separation but Ziggler shut shim down with a textbook neckbreaker. Roode tags in and hits a suplex, followed by a middle-turnbuckle elbow smash, covering for two. Roode tags in Ziggler as the crowd hotly chants for Ciampa. Ziggler and Roode continue to use quick tags, up until Roode whips Ziggler at Breakker--and Breakker dodges! Ziggler crashes into the turnbuckle as Breakker explodes out of the corner and drops Roode.

Ciampa takes the hot tag in and runs across the ring, hitting Ziggler with a clothesline, then one for Roode, then a double-clothesline on them both for good measure. Ciampa pulls down the straps and looks for a Fairy Tale Ending. Roode counters by shoving Ciampa back into the Dawg corner. Roode with a snap spinebuster to lay out Ciampa for a close two. We head to break! When we return, we find Ciampa and Ziggler battling it out as Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph explain that Ciampa's been at the mercy of the Dawgs throughout the break. Ciampa sends Ziggler out of the ring and the crowd attempts to power Ciampa to the corner on its sheer force of will. Roode attacks Breakker on the apron, leaving Ciampa with no one to tag in.
The Dawgs double-team Ciampa, and Roode covers for two. Roode toys with Ciampa, standing over him and yelling smack before yelling smack at the crowd, who loudly boo. Ciampa with a desperate strike, dropping both men, and the crowd cheers him on as both men attempt to make tags. Breakker and Ziggler get tags nearly simultaneously and clash in the middle of the ring! Breakker sends Roode out of the ring and drops Ziggler with a belly to belly! Roode re-enters the ring and gets a belly to belly of his own for his efforts! Bron with a huge uppercut forearm on a rebounding Ziggler that drops the wily veteran! Ziggler looks for a Superkick but Breakker ducks under and catches Ziggler with a speedy Spear on the rebound!

Breakker tags in Ciampa, then Breakker hoists Ziggler up in an Electric Chair position, allowing Ciampa to hit a Bulldog off the top turnbuckle, covering for a near-fall--only Roode's intervention saves the day! Ziggler attempts to roll up Ciampa off a Roode distraction but Ciampa escapes. Ciampa ducks a Superkick, hits the Fairy Tale Ending, and covers Ziggler for the hot win!
Your Winners, Tommaso Ciampa & NXT Champion Bron Breakker!


In the Ring Promo: LA Knight on the Mic

We cut to the ring after a break and find Knight on the mic in the ring. "Yeah," he starts us as the crowd does call and return. Knight addresses Grayson Waller, stating that they've been going at it since before Halloween Havoc when they fought to determine who'd host the HH special episode. Knight goes on to point out that they put each other through hell in WarGames. The crowd chants, with a small group chanting for Waller, and Knight congratulations for his three fans in attendance. Knight addresses Waller's attempt to take Knight out in the parking lot, followed by Waller's hiring of Sanga the bodyguard and acquisition of a restraining order. Knight throws us back to next week when the two fought, and Waller used a handful of trunks to steal the win. Waller calls Knight a "roadblock on (my) path to greatness." Knight tells Waller he can't hear a word he's saying and we get an audio blip as the crowd heckles Waller. Waller tells them they all suck.

Knight calls for a video from last week, showing Waller's cheating, and the aftermath of the match that saw Waller down and Knight standing. Knight points out every time he's been in the ring with Waller, he leaves his ass laid out. Knight tells Waller that everyone's been calling Grayson out for "the punk you are" on social media. Knight reminds him that every single time, Knight's the one left standing and he challenges Grayson to a last man standing match! Grayson claims he's going viral one more time next week as "Grayson Waller will be last man standing!" Knight is excited for his third chance to take on Waller. Knight tosses the mic aside and that's that!

2022 Women's Dusty Classic Quarter-finals Match: Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta vs Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo

Kai and Choo make their way out, with Kai continuing to play the "crazy kiwi" character as Choo carries her pillow out. We'll be back after this break with this Dusty Classic match! When we return, we've got Pirotta and Hartwell in the ring as Toxic Attraction are once again watching the tournament from the Toxic Lounge. We start with Persia and Wendy. Choo and Persia grapple up to no effect, so Persia brings in Indi. Choo takes the upper hand with a set of kicks and brings in Kai, who's talking to her invisible friends on the apron. Kai and Choo double-team Hartwell in the corner with nearly-stereo running corner facewash's! Kai uses a side headlock and tags in Choo, and both women use some very unique tandem offense as they both drive Hartwell's face into the canvas with a modified inverted bomb.

Choo looks for a corner strike but Hartwell dodges and drops Choo with an elbow. Persia tags in and hoists Choo up for a Samoan drop but Choo wiggles free!

Persia looks for a pin on Choo as Toxic Attraction are shown watching on. Hartwell and Pirotta work together to double-team Choo, and Indi covers for another two count. Hartwell starts to work the left shoulder of Choo with a rear head elbow lock. Kai and the audience try to cheer on Choo. Choo tosses Hartwell off and attempts to make the tag. Hartwell cuts Choo off but Choo rolls her up for an inside cradle. Choo crawls between Indi's legs to tag in Kai! Dakota hits the ring hot and drops Hartwell with a running corner kick, followed by a close cover. Persia and Indi take control with a quick tag followed by a Lawn Dart to Kai. Pirotta with a big facebuster to cover, but Choo makes the save!

Choo and Hartwell battle in the ring. Choo sends Hartwell out of the ring. Pirotta grabs Choo, and Kai drops Pirotta with a running kick. Choo tags in and Kai tags immediately after as Choo ascends the top. Kai & Choo both dive off the top, taking down Hartwell to pick up the win!
Your Winners and ADVANCING to the Semi-Finals, Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai!

Singles Match: Amari Miller vs Lash Legend

After a very short clip that set up this match--Lash & Amari's failing effort last week quickly dissolved their one-and-done tag team--we get on with the match. Amari Miller impresses as she takes an early control over the former WNBA star, Lash Legend. Legend picks up the win off a wicked modified Death Valley Driver to end the quite short match.
Your Winner, Lash Legend!

Singles Match: Solo Sikoa vs WALTER

Solo Sikoa is out first to a great digital audience pop and the in-house crowd chanting "Use-oh!" WALTER is already out and ready to rock, solo. The ref calls for the bell and WALTER immediately drops Solo with a forearm. WALTER lays into Solo with a boot and several strikes, knocking the Solo Uso to the mat twice. WALTER takes it into the corner and pummels Solo in the corner. Solo fights out of the corner with a series of chops but WALTER drops him with a big chop of his own. WALTER talks smack to Solo, demanding he get up. WALTER stands over Solo and starts to focus his offense on Sikoa's neck and chest. Wade Barrett & Vic Joseph remind us that Solo Sikoa is still currently undefeated as he came into this match.

WALTER takes Solo to the mat and slaps on a prone side headlock. The crowd chant for the third Uso and Sikoa powers to a vertical base. Solo attempts to break the headlock with a whip but WALTER hangs on, stopping them a few steps in. Again, Sikoa fights to a vertical base. Solo whips WALTER into the ropes, but WALTER puts on the brakes. Solo looks for a Samoan Drop but WALTER counters by slipping free and hitting the Samoan warrior with a huge pull-back clothesline. WALTER cinches in a Boston Crab and holds it for several long moments as Sikoa slowly drags himself across the ring. Solo reaches the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. WALTER with a set of huge chest chops to Solo, pissing him off and insulting him.
Solo starts to angry-face himself up, taking multiple hits from WALTER as he tries to get to his feet. Solo fights back, finally, throwing fists. WALTER chops Solo in the chest again, dropping Sikoa to a knee. Again, Sikoa starts fighting back, unleashing fists and chops. Sikoa counters a whip into a running forearm that staggers WALTER. Sikoa runs off the ropes, WALTER leap-frogs him, and Sikoa catches WALTER on the rebound, dropping him! Sikoa looks for a Superkick but WALTER blocks and looks for a pile driver. Sikoa counters and both men are down! WALTER rolls to the outside to compose himself. Sikoa moves to the apron and hits a running splash off the apron to WALTER! Sikoa sets up WALTER and connects with a Superkick, covering for two but WALTER gets the right shoulder up.

Sikoa heads up to and looks for an Uso Splash but WALTER moves, avoiding the move. WALTER slaps on a sleeper but Solo breaks it with a jawbreaker. WALTER again cinches on a sleeper hold and Sikoa's fading! The ref checks on him. WALTER transitions from Sleeper to Powerbomb then hits two, rolling up Sikoa after the second and ending Solo's undefeated streak.
Your Winner, WALTER!

Next Week: NXT Roadblock!

Next week's episode of NXT 2.0 will be NXT Roadblock! Bron Breakker will defend his championship belt in a triple-threat bout against Dolph Ziggler & Tommaso Ciampa. Also, LA Knight battles Grayson Waller in a Last Man Standing match. Also on tap, the Creed Brothers challenge Imperium for the NXT tag straps.

Singles Match: Harland w/ Joe Gacy vs Draco Anthony

Very short squash match that saw Draco get in a couple of moves before Harland completely dominated the remaining sixty seconds.
Your Winner, Harland!

2022 Women's Dusty Classic Quarter-finals Match: Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez vs Yulissa Leon & Valentina Feroz

We get Jade & Gonzalez's entrance and head to a break. We've still got two matches to go after this, our sixth match of the night! When we return, we get a short video showing Ivy Nile working out backstage before cutting to the ring, where Feroz & Leon are awaiting us. Toxic Attraction continue to watch from the Toxic Lounge. We start with Cora Jade and Leon. Yulissa Leon slams Jade face-first into the mat and mocks her. Jade tags in Gonzalez. Raquel breaks a rear waistlock and uses an arm wrench to attempt to control Ferroz. Leon effortlessly transitions it into a side headlock and backs into her corner, bringing Feroz into the match. Jade comes in and the two battle briefly before Jade hits a single-shot Bronco Buster. Cora with a running step-up knee before attempting to tag in Raquel. Feroz sends Jade to the outside and tags in Leon.

The two work together for a massive tope con hiro followed by a dive from Feroz! Back int he ring, Jade and Feroz battle briefly. Jade's alone as Gonzalez is still down. Feroz looks for a cover and gets two. Feroz and Leon again double-team Cora Jade, picking up another two. Leon and Feroz use frequent tags to isolate Cora Jade. Gonzalez is still down ringside as Jade attempts to fight back. Raquel reaches the corner just in time for the tag from Jade. Gonzalez catches Feroz and Leon off guard, dropping them with a Fallaway Slam and a clothesline. Raquel hits the Chingona Bomb, tags in Jade, hits a big boot followed by a cover from Jade to pick up the quick win! Leon and Feroz's teamwork is coming along impressively despite the losing effort.
Your Winners and ADVANCING to the 2022 Women's Dusty Classic Semi-Finals, Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez!

Singles Match: Andre Chase w/ Bodhi Hayward vs Von Wagner w/ Robert Stone

Our seventh match is ready to go as Chase University holds a banner for Chase to run through with Bodhi Hayward, college football-entrance style. We head to a break ahead of the bout. When we return, Wagner and Stone are already out. As soon as the bell rings, Chase comes out of the gate swinging, battling the larger man across the ring. Wagner rocks with each blow, staggering back and weathering the offense until he can drop Chase with a body slam. Wagner pounds on Chase before hitting a seated Big Boot to Chase's face. Chase again attempts to fight out of the corner but Wagner shuts it down, pummels him for a few more moments as Robert Stone directs, and tosses Chase across the ring.

Wagner works Chase's neck as the crowd cheers for Chase U, attempting to fire up Andre. Wagner shuts it down with a rib breaker then throws Chase into a corner. Wagner charges but Chase moves and kicks Wagner, staggering him again. Wagner looks for a Big Boot but Chas catches the leg and attacks the left knee! Chase immediately goes on the offense, targeting Wagner's knee, chopping and kicking it! Chase drops Wagner with a clothesline. Chase points to the Chase University fan section and, borrowing a page from Orton's page book, he performs the Orton ground stomp combination as he spells out "C-H-A-S-E U" with each kick. Chase heads outside and confronts Robert Stone. Wagner has time to recover off a lengthy distraction and plants Chase, stealing the win from an impressive Chase.
Your Winner, Von Wagner!

North American Championship Main Event Match: Carmelo Hayes(c) w/ Trick Williams vs Pete Dunne

It's time for our eight and final match of the night! Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams make their way out ahead of our main event and we head to a break. Dunne makes his way out with six minutes left in our program--overrun incoming! The crowd's solidly behind Dunne but Melo's got his fair share of supporters, too. Official introductions are made and we're on! Melo and Dunne seem equally matched as they go toe-to-toe immediately. Dunne and Hayes jockey for control until Dunne floats over a suplex attempt and connects with a modified X-plex, sending us to a break! When we return, Dunne and Hayes are still going at it strong. We're informed that throughout the break, both men have continued to brawl almost equally. Dunne is sent to the outside and Williams attempts to distract. Melo looks for a cover but Dunne is out at two. Hayes takes the lead, dropping Dunne with a shoulder block before attempting to wrench the neck of Dunne. We're past ten o' clock now--overrun time!

The crowd gives it one last gasp as Dunne takes big blows from Melo but stays on his feet. Dunne throws back with a right fist so loud the whole arena gasps. Dunne drops his knees on Hayes elbow, then looks to stomp Hayes' hands. Hayes moves and looks for a middle-rope springboard strike but Dunne intercepts him mid-air with a huge right! Dunne covers for a close two. Dunne and Hayes, both showing signs of exhaustion, again alternate blows. Even Barrett comments both men go "hold for hold, reversal for reversal." Hayes counters Dunne's suplex by floating over and firing off a modified blockbuster to cover for two. The crowd chants for the two to "fight forever!"

Dunne slaps on an ankle lock, holds Melo's leg up and kicks him in the face. Dunne looks for a punt kick but Hayes dodges and drops Dunne, covering for a two. Dunne snaps a Bitter End outta nowhere! Dunne stretches an arm to cover but Hayes wisely rolls out of range. Dunne straddles Melo's chest and puts on a modified Triangle lock. Hayes escapes and takes Dunne down, locking on a crossface! Dunne repositions and breaks the hold, snapping Hayes' fingers in the process. Dunne looks for another Bitter End but Hayes counters with a cutter! Hayes climbs the middle turnbuckle but Dunne is up fast, clocking Hayes! Trick Williams climbs the apron, distracting Dunne. Dunne snaps Williams' fingers, but the distraction gives Melo time to recover. Melo shoves Dunne off the top and follows it up with a top-rope leg drop, picking up the win!
Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes!


After the Match: Carmelo Hayes' Announcement

Carmelo Hayes gets on the mic before our program ends, stating that at NXT Stand & Deliver on WrestleMania weekend, he'll defend his title in a ladder match against an as-yet-unnamed Superstar.

Source: rajah.com
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