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WWE RAW Results - February 28, 2022

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Feb 28, 2022

WWE RAW Results - February 28, 2022

The following are the live results of tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Show Opening Video

We open with our brand new show "intro video" package, set to the tune of "Greatness" by Vo Williams. Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and the wonderful Byron Saxton welcome us to Columbus, Ohio, our next stop on the road to WrestleMania!

The KO Show, featuring Seth Rollins and Raw Tag Team Champions the Alpha Academy

We start off with KO, who puts on a cowboy hat...sideways. He stands at the top of the ramp and introduces his tag team partner and his "best friend," Seth Rollins. Rollins makes his way out to the stage and the two new besties embrace. Owens and Rollins make their way to the set-up ring and Owens gets on the mic, crying about "the two biggest WWE Superstars in History not on WrestleMania, that's a travesty," he complains. Rollins chimes in, adding that they've been screwed at every turn. But Rollins states they've got a golden ticket via the Raw Tag titles, which they challenge the Alpha Academy and Street Profits for next week. Owens goes on about his disdain for Texas. Owens then declares that they'll go on to WrestleMania to defend the Raw Tag Team titles and he refuses to let the people of Texas distract him. He runs down Texas legends such as JBL and states he won't let them distract him. He stomps on the hat. Rollins reminds Owens they're not in Texas tonight...they're in Columbus, Ohio, and Rollins gets the cheap pop as he calls out the champs--Alpha Academy

The Academy and KO bicker over how to say the word "thank you" but the point Gable wanted to make is that they're happy to be at the show. "It's a nice show but so far all I have heard is a couple of asses making a couple of ass-umptions about next week...talk all you want, boys, but the current defending tag team champions are Alpha Academy. Ah, thank you!" Owens states he's well aware that they're the champs, but next week the tag straps are coming home with Owens & Rollins. (Potential Owens/Rollins defense against RK-Bro at WM?) Gable insults the crowd, calling Ohio State University a sorry excuse of a college. The crowd hates that and get very loud with boos before ripping off a loud "You suck!" chant. Gable demands they "shoosh."

Gable starts his Gable Math, explaining that their odds of winning went down from 50% to 33.3% due to Rollins/Owens being added to their title defense. Owens and Rollins explain its not personal, but the belts are their ticket to WrestleMania. They then state that after they beat the Academy next week to take their title, they'll allow the Academy to challenge them at WrestleMania. Gable shooshes Rollins. And so begins a drive-by shooshing as Gable shooshes both men, Owens demands he stop, then connects with a stunner. We head to break, but I bet we've got a tag match coming up!

NON-TITLE TAG MATCH: Raw Tag Team Champions the Alpha Academy vs Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens

We return and find this match in progress. Rollins battles Otis briefly before KO comes in. Otis absorbs Owens' opening spurt of offense then begins to use powerful slams to drive Owens down into the mat. Otis misses a leaping elbow, allowing Owens to connect with two standing Sentons before tagging in Rollins. Rollins battles Otis into the Alpha Academy corner. Otis pops Rollins over the rope, and Rollins lands on the apron. Gable grabs Rollins' foot while the ref is distracted by Otis. Rollins breaks free just in time to be sent flying off the apron as Otis charges him. Otis batters Rollins at the ring side and rams his ribs into the hard ring-side edge. Otis takes it into the ring and whips Rollins into the corner. Gable tags in and Otis whips Rollins into a strike from Gable.

Gable starts to stomp and attack Rollins' left arm. Snap suplex by Gable before tagging in Otis, who continues stomping on Rollins' arm. The Alpha Academy are effective at cutting the ring in quarters for the bulk of this match. The crowd is behind Owens and Rollins, FYI. Rollins uses a missed diving splash from Otis off the top to tag in KO. Owens clears house, hitting Otis with a cannonball that sends the champ rolling to the outside. Otis hits a running apron cannonball that wipes out both members of the Academy! Owens with a diving splash on both! Otis recovers and clubs Owens to the ground, sending us to a break!

Back from the break. We're informed the AA have kept control throughout the break, and in the ring they utilize frequent tags to dismantle Kevin Owens and contain him to their corner. Gable comes in and hits a beautiful German Suplex. Gable holds on, looking for another, but Owens uses the ropes to break the hold and drops Gable with a step-up Enziguri. Rollins gets the hot tag and drops Gable with a pair of clotheslines, followed by a Sling Blade! Rollins with an elbow to Otis, dropping him off the apron. Springboard knee from Rollins to Gable, followed by a Falcon Arrow for a close call! Rollins looks for the rolling elbow but Gable ducks under. Gable fails to notice Owens make the blind tag. Owens plants Gable with a shoulder-buster knee drop and covers, only for Otis to make the save.

Otis counters a Stunner and drags Owens back into his own corner. Gable executes a top-turnbuckle Moonsault, covering for two. Rollins makes the save then battles Otis to the outside. In the ring, Owens rolls up Gable for a close call. Gable fires off another German Suplex but fails to bridge, and looks to cover but thinks otherwise. Gable drags Owens into position in the corner and looks for another top-rope Moonsault. Owens dodges and tags in Rollins, and gives an assist to Rollins on a Buckle Bomb! Owens then hits a Stunner on Gable, and Rollins finishes Gable off with a Stomp to pick up the win.
Your Winners, Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens!


Omos addresses us briefly, stating the 6'9" T-Bar is the largest opponent he's had yet but he's been dominating and doesn't plan to stop. We go to break. When we return, the 6'9" 270lb T-BAR makes his way to the ring to face the 7'4" 400lb Omos. As TB attempts to enter the ring, Omos shoulder charges him and sends him flying off hte apron and into the barricade. Omos takes TB into the ring and drags TB to the middle of the ring. The ref tells Omos she can't start the match if T-BAR is unconscious. Omos picks up TB and throws him into the corner. The ref checks on him, and TB--despite being battered--wants the fight. The bell rings and T-BAR dodges a charge from Omos but fails to duck under a huge clothesline that sends him flying. Omos finishes T-BAR off with a two-handed Spinebuster toss.
Your Winner, Omos!

SIX-WOMAN TAG MATCH: Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan vs Nikki A.S.H., Doudrop, and Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch

After a short promo backstage stating that they've put their differences aside, Lynch, Doudrop and Nikki make their way out and we head to a break. We return to find Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan backstage, with Morgan giving Rhea a butterfly badge to pin to her vest. Morgan asks what their strategy is, and Rhea responds simply with "brutality." Morgan likes it. Bianca joins them, hypes them up, and begs them to let her in if Lynch tags in. Rhea is the first to make her entrance, followed by the other two Superstars. We start with Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch. Lynch asks for Bianca. Belair and Becky circle but Becky ducks under and tags in Nikki without a single strike.

Liv Morgan takes the tag back in and engages in a series of standing witches with Nikki. Morgan with a headscissors takedown that sends Nikki scrambling into her corner, tagging in Doudrop. Morgan and Dou lock up but Dou throws Morgan back. Morgan connects with a step-up Enziguri then tags in the EST of WWE! Belair and Doudrop lock up and Belair can't seem to get her up. Belair tags in Rhea Ripley and the powerhouses work together to double-suplex Doudrop! Becky and Nikki hit the ring but are sent out to the floor by Rhea and Bianca. Morgan dives off the top turnbuckle, with some assistance from Rhea, and takes out all three opponents! Morgan returns to the ring and embraces Belair and Ripley as we head to break!

Back from the break. Belair looks for a stalling suplex on Lynch, but Becs counters with a roll-up for a close two. Belair whips Lynch into the corner and the two battle on the apron and in the corner. Lynch with a middle-rope springboard high kick. Lynch grabs Belair's braid and uses it to drag her head into the ring post hard. Lynch uses the braid to tie up Belair's hair on the top rope. Lynch kicks away at Belair as the ref warns her. The ref has to unwrap Belair's hair. Lynch continues to work over Belair and hits a middle-rope rope-strung leg drop for a two. Lynch uses quick tags to bring in Doudrop and Nikki and work over Belair in their corner. Doudrop hits a big elbow drop to the chest and looks fo ra cover. Nikki A.S.H. comes in and attempts a cover on Belair. Nikki unloads fists on a prone, vulnerable Belair before posing to the booing crowd. Nikki tags in Lynch who steps on Belair's braid, taunting her as she attempts to make a tag. The ref warns her.

Lynch whips Belair into the heel corner. Bianca fights them off and dives across the ring, rolling right to Rhea Ripley for the hot tag! Rhea comes in and completely woman-handles Lynch, slamming her face-first into the mat. Ripley battles the champ, driving knees into the abdomen and skull before hitting a low-angle dropkick to the back of Lynch's head as she sits on the canvas. Rhea with a powerslam and covers for two. Doudrop makes the save. Morgan takes out Doudrop. Nikki hits the ring and tosses Liv out of the ring. Nikki drags Lynch over to the corner, hoists her arm up and tags herself in! Nikki looks for a Cross Body on an entering Belair. Belair counters with a modified arrow. Lynch attacks Belair, causing Liv Morgan to hit a Suicide Dive to Lynch outside the ring. Doudrop rams Morgan off the apron. Rhea dropkicks Doudrop out of the ring. Nikki hits a Cross Body off the top turnbuckle to send Rhea out of the ring. Bianca with the KOD on Nikki for a close cover, but Lynch breaks it.

Belair has had enough of Lynch tugging on her braids and begins to whip the heck out of Lynch's exposed midsection. Lynch escapes up the ramp, constantly checking her abs. Nikki attempts to use the distraction to pick up the win but Belair kicks out. Belair hits the KOD on Nikki and picks up the win! Becky, up the ramp, shows visible welts on her stomach from the whipping.
Your Winners, Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, and Liv Morgan!

CROSS-BRAND SINGLES MATCH: Robert Roode w/ Dolph Ziggler vs NXT's Tommaso Ciampa

Ziggler, in a nice suit and hat, escorts Roode out and we head to a break ahead of this match. Ciampa makes his way out to new theme music--hopefully just Raw-exclusive--and poses in the ring ahead of the match. Roode starts off with an early lead as Smith and Graves praise Ciampa's NXT career. Ciampa takes the action outside and counters a Roode whip with a clothesline. Ziggler gets too close so Ciampa shoves him, and Ziggler shoves back (but the ref allows it). Ciampa takes the action back inside and stomps away at Roode, looking for an early cover. Roode regains control with the Glorious Spinebuster (Graves' term). Ciampa kicks out and weathers Roode's offense a few more moments. Ciampa starts his comeback with a big boot followed by a discus elbow. Ciampa with a modified side leg sweep for a close cover. Ciampa looks for a Fairy Tale ending, survives a roll-up attempt, and counters a Glorious DDT into a roll-up. Has the Glorious DDT even been fully executed in years?
Your Winner, Tommaso Ciampa!

AFTER THE MATCH: the Dirty Dawg Beat-down

Ziggler and Roode work over Ciampa. Ziggler declares tomorrow night that they'll prove that the Dirty Dawgs are the dirties dogs in the game tomorrow night when they destroy Ciampa and NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

MIXED TAG MATCH: 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke & Reggie vs Tamina & Akira Tozawa

Brooke and Reggie are out ahead of the break. Upon returning, Tamina and Dana start us off. Dana uses headscissors to send Tamina into the corner and follows up with a hip attack. Tamina clobbers Brooke then throws her across the ring. Tozawa tags himself in and Reggie is forced to come in. Tozawa with a rear waist lock but Reggie escapes. Reggie and Tozawa with an interesting bit of offense as both men show off their agility. Tamina makes the save when Reggie covers Akira. Brooke sends Tamina outside and Reggie hits a spinning move to down Tozawa and pick up the short win.
Your Winners, Dana Brooke & Reggie!

WAR OF THE WORDS: the Mysterios vs the Hurt Business

Father and son team, the Mysterios, make their way out first to a nice pop. Rey rides Dom's back down the ramp and to the ring as they greet fans on both sides of the aisle. We head to break ahead of this match. Afterwards, we're reminded that the Miz & Logan Paul challenged the Mysterios to a match at WrestleMania. Rey states "you still have to get yours, only like the Miz knows how. You dropped both my son and I. You dropped us, humiliated us, but make no mistake Miz. At WrestleMania, you're done with all your BS." Dom adds that tonight "we're not focused on some Hollywood mega fanboy dumbass" and calls Logan Paul a fanboy, but insists they're focused on their match against the Hurt Business. This leads to the Miz coming out.

The Miz stands atop the entrance ramp and brags about his accolades, including his Intercontinental title run with Maryse. He mentions he beat John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania, and that he's the only two-time Grand Slam Champion in the company. He states last week was a privilege, seeing Logan Paul. He goes on for a couple of minutes about Logan Paul and his "pioneering" ways, then brags more about them both. The Crowd rips off a "you suck" chant and the Miz thrusts his hand up, reminding the crowd that "when my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut!" The Miz states the WWE fans are sick of watching the "same-old standard crap" (haha) and then states that the Mysterios equal same-old standard crap, whereas the Miz and Logan are Awesome and global and would blah blah blah.

TAG TEAM MATCH: the Mysterios vs the Hurt Business

The Hurt Business enter as the Miz exits and we'll have this match, finally, up next. Upon returning we finally have the Hurt Business out and can get down to...the business of hurting people. We start with Rey and Shelton Benjamin going at it. Rey uses a beautiful Hurricanrana to drive Benjamin's skull into the mat. Cedric attacks Rey when the ref is distracted, then tags in. Cedric Alexander stomps away at Rey in the corner as the ref count a warning, getting dangerously close to being disqualified. Cedric starts to work on Rey's neck. Rey fights back with elbows but Alexander holds on and tags in Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin drops the legendary luchador with a snap scoop slam, then pummels his face with big fists.

Alexander is tagged back in and mocks Rey as he takes him back into the corner. The Hurt Business continue to use frequent tags. Rey throws elbows to both men and attempts to escape. Cedric looks for a Powerbomb but Rey counters with a Hurricanrana that sends Cedric crashing into Shelton in the corner. Both men make tags and in comes Shelton Benjamin (legally) and Dominik. Dom drops Shelton and looks for a springboard senton but Benjamin rolls to safety. Benjamin uses a big Powerslam to cover for a two. Benjamin charges the corner but Dom moves and drops Shelton with a Tornado DDT! Cedric makes the save just in time. Rey enters and pops Cedric over the ropes, to the outside. Rey looks for an apron Moonsault but Alexander picks up Rey. Rey counters with another Hurricanrana! Dom sets up Benjamin for a 619 but Benjamin moves. Dom corrects, rebounds off the ropes and looks for a suicide dive. Dom sends Benjamin into the ring post.
As the ref checks on Shelton, the Miz pulls Dom's feet out form under him. Rey chases the Miz into the crowd, leaving Dom alone and vulnerable. The Hurt Business pick up the win and Dom's frustrated with Rey after the match.
Your Winners, the Hurt Business!


Riddle is shown in the gorilla position with a tablet. Orton, now clean shaven, comes up and Riddle begins his weekly ramble. He states he puts the "high" in Ohio for a cheap pop. Orton fires up Riddle, stating that next week they're going to win back their tag titles. They give each other five and make their way out.


TAG TEAM MATCH: RK-Bro vs the Street Profits

RK-Bro make their way out first to a decent pop. Riddle takes time to pose with several fans around the ring as Orton enters and the duo pose. The "Riddle doves" are now multicolored. After a break, we get the Profits out in a shower of red solo cups and to a good pop as well. We start with future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins and Riddle. Dawkins takes an early lead, easily countering Riddle's offense. Ford is tagged in and Riddle immediately looks for a arm bar, then a pin. Riddle tags in Orton, who stomps on Ford's left hand, left ankle, right ankle, right wrist, then multiple stomps to the chest as he executes his classic Orton comb! Riddle comes in and gets an assist from Orton for a Floating Bro, but Ford gets his knees up. Dawkins is tagged in and drops Riddle, looking for a three but coming up short. Dawkins takes Riddle into the corner and throws hands, battering Riddle down in the corner. Riddle comes out of the corner swinging and Ford makes a blind tag. Riddle clotheslines Dawkins over the ropes to the outside then wipes him out with a springboard twisting senton. Ford, the legal man, streaks across to attack Orton before taking Riddle down with an apron diving attack. We head to break!

Back from the break. Riddle struggles against Dawkins, desperate to tag in Orton as our commentary team inform us the Profits have controlled throughout the break. Riddle with a jump kick that drops both men. Both men make hot tags and here comes Montez Ford and Randy Orton! Orton with a snap Powerslam. Orton sets up the Spike DDT, screams and connects! Dawkins attempts to sneak in but Riddle attacks Dawkins, fighting him to the ring side. Orton pounds on the mat and looks for an RKO but Ford shoves him off and hits a leaping kick! Ford scrambles up top and hits his Skyscraper Frog Splash! Ford covers and Orton attempts to put his foot on the rope, but Dawkins seemingly blocks it.
Your Winners, the Street Profits!


Bálor is out first to a great pop. We go to break ahead of our main event match--with Edge's address serving as our main event segment. Finally we return and Damian Priest makes his entrance to another great pop. Both Superstars ready-up in our ring and it's time to get our main event under way...sike. Another commercial break first. We get official introductions ahead of the bell and both men circle. Bálor backs into the corner before engaging again. Bálor with a side headlock. Priest whips Finn into the ropes and drops him with a shoulder to the chest. Finn chops Damian's chest and Damian angrily fires back with a strike and a leaping back elbow to drop Bálor. Priest with a headbutt followed by an attempted whip. Bálor counters the whip into an arm bar!
Priest with a splashing elbow in the corner brings Bálor out of the corner, looking to pick the legs. Priest easily bats Bálor off and takes him to the mat, working the neck with a chin lock. Bálor powers to his feet but Priest whips him back to the mat, covers for two, and transitions to another sleeper hold. After several long moments, Bálor fights to a vertical base. Priest looks for a Powerbomb but Bálor counters with a back flip, rolls through and hits a dropkick to the chin of Priest! Bálor with a running punt kick to the champ's face! Bálor uses the ropes to stomp away at Priest as the ref counts a warning. Both men go at it and the action spills outside as we go to yet another break!

Back from the break. Priest looks for a cover on Bálor as we return. The commentary team makes a point to both hype the house show at MSG this Saturday as well as the fact that Priest's title isn't the only thing at state--his path to WrestleMania relies on this belt. Bálor and Priest go punch-for-punch, and Bálor breaks the sequence with an overhead kick. Bálor with a boot tot he face followed by le3fts and rights. Priest looks for a whip but Bálor catches him with a forearm. Bálor counters a kick and hits a double-stomp! Bálor throws shoulders into Priest's ribs int he corner. Priest looks for an Outsider's Edge but Bálor counter with a Sling Blade!

Bálor sets up and executes the Shotgun Dropkick! Bálor scrambles up top, setting up the Coup De Grace, but Priest moves! Priest floors Bálor with a huge lariat. Priest looks for a chokeslam but Bálor rolls it up! Priest catches Bálor with a leaping kick and a roundhouse, then executes the South of Heaven! Bálor kicks out at two! Priest is slow to rise, stalking Bálor. Priest calls for a Reckoning but Bálor counters into a single-arm guillotine chop! Bálor with the Shotgun Dropkick int he corner, followed by a Coup De Grace! Bálor covers and picks up the win! After the match, Priest attempts a heel turn as he blames the fans for powering Finn to a win and "never" cheering for him. Priest clocks Bálor with a cheap shot after the match to boos as he definitely turns heel. Priest beat Bálor to the outside of the ring and used an Outsider's Edge to attempt to send him through the commentary table (it didn't break).
Your Winner and NEW United States Champion, Finn Bálor!

MAIN EVENT SEGMENT: Edge Addresses His WrestleMania Future/Open Challenge

After a quick video clip showing Edge's open challenge last week, the Rated-R Superstar makes his way out to a great reaction. We head to break before hearing from Kjetill Flatnose. Edge is on the mic when we get back, firing up the Columbus crowd, demanding that someone come out and step up. He begs someone, anyone, to step up...and a phenomenal opponent does! AJ Styles makes his way out to answer Edge's challenge! Styles tells Edge he accepts. Edge tells Styles he's been wanting a match against him forever, but then demands he get the Phenomenal One and not the Styles who's been playing "tag team bitch" to Omos! Edge extends a hand and AJ Accepts, shaking.
Edge then attacks Styles, battling him into the corner.

Styles fights back and looks for the Phenomenal Forearm but Edge avoids it and kicks Styles in the crotch. Edge then mounts Styles and pounds away at him as Edge goes heel, too! Edge beat Styles, then looked at the WrestleMania sign and attempted to leave. He stopped, however, and considered attacking Styles. Finally he runs around the ring, fetches a pair of steel chairs, and heads to the ring--con-chair-to coming up? Edge places Style's face on a chair and slams his head into it. Edge picks up the second chair, setting up a one-man con-chair-to, as the crowd rabbles confusedly. Edge whacks Styles with the second chair then looks at the crowd with a look on his face that says "someone just ate all my Cheetos." He then uses the chair to deliver a second con-chair-to to Styles! He gestures to the sign and we fade to black.

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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