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WWE NXT 2.0: Vengeance Day Results - February 15, 2022

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Feb 15, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0: Vengeance Day Results - February 15, 2022

NXT Vengeance Day 2022 Live Results (February 15, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


Opening Video Package: Toxic Attraction Can Text, More

We open our special with Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne texting each other as a way of introducing tonight's card. We see Rose and the rest of Toxic Attraction reacting to various clips, images and gifs related to tonight's program. Finally, Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcome us to NXT Vengeance Day 2022! The crowd is hot when we cut to the CWC where the ring is set up with the cage in place and multiple weapons--ranging from tool boxes to tables and kendo sticks, to chairs and trashcans. Pete Dunne and Tony D'Angelo are in the ring and we get started with our first match!

Weaponized Steel Cage Match: Tony D'Angelo vs Pete Dunne

Dunne and D'Angelo, whose rivalry has been heating up lately, go right after each other with weapons. Dunne at one point catches D'Angelo's hands in a tool box (as he's rustling through it) and stomps the box. Dunne climbs the corner at one point, only for D'Angelo to spray him with a fire extinguisher. D'Angelo climbs the ropes and positions Dunne along the top of the cage, dragging him towards the middle third of the cage. D'Angelo hits a top-of-the-rope Superplex that illicits a few positive chants from the crowd. D'Angelo finds zip cuffs in a red toolbox and places Dunne under Citizen's Arrest as the crowd loudly chants for tables.

D'Angelo begins to work over Dunne, whose hands are effectively neutralized. Dunne uses his legs to latch onto D'Angelo's neck, attempting a submission, but Tony escapes and continues to work over the restrained Dunne. The crowd chants loudly for tables. D'Angelo threats a corner buckle-bomb through a table but Dunne locks in a modified guillotine! D'Angelo sinks low to the mat, fading, and is forced to cut Dunne's bindings free in order to break the vise-like grip around Tony's neck. Tony climbs the cage corner and picks up a crowbar only to have Dunne appear beneath him and buckle-bomb Tony through the table in the corner! The crowd, as the norm for NXT, is hot and rips off chants throughout the entirety of the match.

Dunne retrieves a cricket back and breaks it across D'Angelo's back then hits the Bitter End, picking up a very close count as Vic Joseph states "Casey Jones would be proud of that swing!" Dunne looks to hit Tony with the crowbar but Tony D gut-punches Dunne and hits a...did they call it a "fuhgeddabowdit slam"? Both men are slow up, with D'Angelo rising first. Tony fails to notice Dunne retrieving a crowbar and walks into an ambush. Dunne hits the Bitter End for a second time, on the rubble of the table and a chair, and picks up the win! The crowd shower the victor with Bruiserweight chants.
Your Winner, Pete Dunne!

Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 2022 Announcement

We get a video that shows Raquel and Cora Jade texting, then training together, as they prepare for the Women's Dusty Classic. The Women's Dusty Classic begins next week on NXT. We briefly see Wade Barrett with Vic Joseph, and Barrett tells Joseph he looks like "Joe Burrows" and states Vic's a loser just like Burrows. Ouch, haha.

Video Promo: Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 2022 Finals Hype

Both the Creed Brothers and MSK have a few moments of video promo to hype themselves ahead of the finals, coming up later tonight.


NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Toxic Attraction(c) vs Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta

The champs--Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne--are out first, accompanied by NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose. Toxic Attraction and their challengers clash briefly before the match, at the direction of Mandy Rose. The ref restores order and we start with Indy and Jacy. Indi takes an early lead and attempts an early pin after a rope-clung big boot. Jacy battles Indi into the TA corner and tags in Jacy. Rose distracts Indi, allowing both Jayne & Dolin to hit running strikes on Indi on the top turnbuckle, spilling her to the outside. Persia comes around the ring, distracting the ref briefly, and Rose pulls Hartwell up and tosses her in the ring. The ref catches her then sends Mandy to the back as we head to our first break!

During the break, TA take advantage of the confusion and isolate Indi Hartwell on their side of the ring. Jacy and Gigi tag frequently and keep Indi grounded with kicks to her back and stomps. Gigi especially takes time to taunt Indi and Persia, who tries to encourage her partner to make the tag. Gigi takes Indi back into the corner and stomps Hartwell in the corner, alternating with Jacy via tags twice. Jacy watches Indi as she crawls across the mat, desperate to tag in Persia, and stomps her into the floor. Jacy with an arm rack as Hartwell screams in pain. Hartwell powers to her feet as we return from the break.

Hartwell and Jayne both run, flying and grabbing each other to execute the same takedown at the same time. Both women are slow tot heir feet, with Persia Pirotta and Gigi Dolin receiving tags simultaneously. Persia runs all over Gigi, smashing her into the corner repeatedly. Jacy attempts to interfere and Persia stops her, perching her on the top turnbuckle. Persia hoists Gigi on her shoulders in a Samoan Carry, then pulls Jacy Jayne on top of Gigi--a double Samoan Drop for them both! The ref loses control as tags come quick and all four women battle in the ring. Gigi and Indi wipe each other out in the ring and Persia battles Jacy out of the ring. Hartwell looks to attack Gigi but Jayne trips Hartwell. Dolin covers for a close two, kicking out just in time. Gigi tags in Jacy but Persia's still down--an empty corner awaits Indi. Gigi and Jacy use a double team finisher, as yet unnamed, to take out Indi Hartwell and retain.
Your Winners and STILL NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Toxic Attraction!

In the Ring: LA Knight and Grayson Waller

LA Knight makes his way to the ring in street clothes and the crowd shows him a lot of love. He soaks in a lengthy chant then gets on the mic. Before he can say a word, Grayson Waller and two WWE security members and two "police officers" make their way out. Waller screams on the mic that Knight's been attacking him and obsessing over him for months. Waller and the "officers" get in the ring, and he throws them back to Styles/Waller from last month when Knight attacked him. He claims he's not been able to sleep and he's full of anxiety. He tells the cops that they've seen the evidence and demands they arrest Knight. Knight's turn to speak.
"I know I've got the right to remain silent but I've also got the right to explain my side, so lemme talk to ya. Now, I read this ting from front to back and I knew this jackass would go and bring his video evidence so I got a little piece of my own, so why don't we go ahead and roll that tape from two weeks ago." We see Knight being attacked by Waller in the clip. Knight points out that everyone knows that the order has a clause, that reads "Yes, LA Knight cannot touch Grayson Waller but Grayson Waller cannot touch LA Knight. What that means is that this order ain't worth the paper it's written on, you dumb son of a bitch!"
The crowd chants "SOB" as Waller asks if that's not how it works here in America, because in Australia a restraining order is "one way." The cops leave as Waller begs them to stay. Waller realizes he's in trouble and turns in time to catch a clothesline and a Lou Thesz. Knight beats Waller briefly until Waller flees up the ring. Knight states it's "open season on Grayson Waller" and next week, Knight's coming for Waller.

NXT North American Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes(c) w/ Trick Williams vs Cameron Grimes

The "A Champion" makes his way out with Williams to a healthy mix of boos and cheers from the NXT crowd. Cameron Grimes receives a much-warmer greeting and both our NXT Superstars gear up for this clash that's been weeks in coming. We get our official announcements, with the crowd showing both competitors love, and Melo passes off the belt for the official presentation. The bell rings and Grimes asks Melo if he can hear the crowd, telling Melo that they're cheering "to the moon." Hayes pretends to "shoot down" Grimes' "rocket" and feigns stamping it out like a cigarette. Both men finally lock up and Hayes takes them into the ropes with a side headlock, causing a break. Hayes looks to kick Grimes, but Grimes catches the foot and Hayes backs into the ropes to force a break.

Both men extend an arm and cautiously hook up. Grimes takes Melo to the mat with an arm bar but Melo kips-up and twists out of it. The two jockey with several moves and counter-moves as they both seem evenly matched. Grimes picks the leg and looks for a rear waistlock but Melo pushes them back into the corner like a veteran, forcing a break. Grimes with an arm drag into a shoulder twist. Melo fights to his feet and again, Grimes uses a modified arm drag to drop Melo. Grimes goes back to focusing on Melo's left shoulder. Melo counters with an arm drag of his own and begins to work on Grimes' left shoulder. Trick Williams' presence begins to become a factor as he works to distract Grimes multiple times. At one point, it allows Hayes to cut Grimes' legs out from under him and drop him face-first into the hardened apron. We head to break with Melo in control of a grounded Grimes.

Back from the break. Vic Joseph informs us that Melo's been in control throughout the break. We return to find Grimes at Melo's mercy as Melo once again focuses on Grimes' left shoulder. Grimes gains a vertical base and arm drags Melo down. Grimes shoves Melo off to gain some separation then counters a charge into an impressive vertical-spinning powerslam! Both men are down and the crowd rips off some love for Grimes! Grimes starts to Cena-up and slugs it out with Hayes. Both men throw slow, powerful rights until Melo chops Grimes in the throat and the ref warns him. Grimes counters with a monkey throw.

Grimes with a pair of running clotheslines that stagger the champ. Grimes looks for a corner splash but the Champ counters with a boot. Hayes attempts a spinning move but Grimes counters with a spinning modified slam, garnering a very close pin count.

Hayes takes the lead with a back drop, then follows it up with an impressive springboard corkscrew strike, covering for 2.9! Grimes just got the shoulder up, barely. Hayes rises with a grimace then point to the sky. Melo slaps his chest, yelling that he's the North American Champion. He starts to motion for his "Melo don't miss" basketball shoot gesture but Grimes is up and grabs the arm, dragging Hayes down to the mat. Impressive sequence with Grimes and Hayes in which Hayes rolls over Grimes' back and plants his feet just in time to catch a wicked Superkick. The crowd rips off yet another "this is awesome" chant for a lengthy period. Grimes unloads the..uh...Hick Kicks?...whatever we're going to call his It/Yes Kick variant. Williams attempts to distract Grimes. Grimes takes out Hayes in the ring then Williams at ringside. Grimes climbs the top and hits a diving cross body off the top rope for a close two! The crowd is on their feet! Grimes yells he's going to the Moon and looks for the Cave-In but Hayes wisely rolls out of the ring.

Grimes exits to the apron and looks to hit Hayes with the Cave-In but Williams eats it for Hayes! Hayes shoves Grimes into the barricade then takes it back into the ring. Williams with a spinning takedown for a close two. Williams immediately transitions into a crossface. Grimes, welts on his arms and chest, struggles inch by inch towards the rope as the crowd cheers him on. Williams pulls the rope away and the ref catches him! Grimes rolls their figure, nearly pinning Hayes. Hayes with a hair-mat slam and a ref's warning. Hayes climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a Leg Drop off the top to pick up the win and retain!
Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes!

2022 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals: the Creed Brothers vs MSK

We start with a video hyping this year's Dusty Classic tournament. This is MSK's second year in the finals as they seek to win the coveted guaranteed title match that comes with winning the Dusty Classic. We head to a break ahead of the entrances. The Diamond Mine escort the Creed Brothers out, who now wear matching white and blue-diamond gear. Nash Carter tries his luck first against Brutus, then Julius, Creed. Carter brings in Wes Lee and MSK perform a series of tandem offensive moves until the ref warns them out. Brutus attempts to enter the ring as Julius rolls out, and Wes Lee decides to use the moment to hit a tope con giro on Julius at the ringside area! They take the action back into the ring and Julius Creed takes control with a beautiful gut-wrench suplex toss. Julius bull charges Wes Lee while he's on the apron and Lee flies across the gap to crash against the commentary table. We go to break with both members of MSK down on the floor!

Back from the break. Commentary informs us that the Creed Brothers dominated throughout the break. We return to find Brutus and Wes Lee in combat. Brutus works over Wes' left knee with elbow and knee drops. Brutus uses a big bear hug to torture Lee and the ref checks on Wes. Lee uses a series of left elbow strikes to attempt to break the hold, but Brutus simply relaxes it before cinching it in again. We're show a huge photo of Dusty on the screen behind Brutus, who double-fist pounds Wes Lee's chest. Lee finally breaks free and makes the hot tag to Nash Carter.

Nash takes down Julius Creed with a leaping lariat and a snap German Suplex. Nash unloads a flurry of kicks, sweeping the leg before darting over to Superkick Brutus on the apron! Carter gets Lee to assist him in an aerial strike to Julius outside. Carter climbs the turnbuckles and Lee tags himself in. Carter dives, crashes into Julius, and streaks across the ring to knock Brutus off the apron. Wes Lee with a spinning 450 to Julius off the top to cover for two. The crowd shows both team some love after the impressive spot. Carter is dumped over the ropes by Julius Creed but Lee drops him. Wes Lee slingshots Julius into a Superkick from Carter. Carter covers and nearly picks up the win but Brutus makes the save just in time!

The ref shows both teams a lot of lateral, allowing all four men in the ring for a rather lengthy period. Eventually Carter attempts a suicide dive on Julius Creed outside the ring, but Julius catches Carter mid-flight and smashes him into the ring! Julius takes it into the ring and drives Carter into the mat, picking up the win!
Your Winners of the 2022 Dusty Classic and NEW Number One Contenders, the Creed Brothers!

In the Ring Promo: Imperium

Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel, and WALTER await us in the ring. The crowd does not like the name change and WALTER attempts to get the crowd to call him Gunther. Imperium then cut a promo on the Creed Brothers, congratulating them for winning the tournament. WALTER goes on to address his intentions for the NXT Championship, and WALTER states he'll be watching this match very closely. Solo Sikoa comes out and cuts a promo on WALTER, ultimately threatening to wipe the mat with WALTER and make WALTER his "bitch." WALTER restrains Fabian & Marcel from attacking and Solo Sikoa leaves.


Backstage Interview: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler states that Ciampa's the pulse of NXT and "next week, I kick down the door to his home, I drink the milk out of the carton, break into the bathroom and maybe some other rooms..." Odd promo. Ultimately, Ziggler threatens to take out Ciampa next week.


NXT Championship Main Event Match: Bron Breakker(c) vs Santos Escobar w/ Legado del Fantasma

LDF make their way out. Escobar is wearing a cool poncho with an nWo-stylized "ldf"/legado Del fantasma logo on it. We head to break, our last for the night as tonight's main event will be commercial free. Bron Breakker makes his way out to a new entrance, which features him standing in front of a symbol that resembles a V with a devil's tail. He drops a flare or match at his feet and sets the symbol on fire. Dry-ice smoke floods the entrance ramp as the champ makes his way out and the fans loudly woof and welcome him in. We're ready to rock for our commercial-free main event that's going to run past ten. Let's get to it!

The bell rings and Bron grins wickedly at Santos. Escobar taunts him and the men circle as the crowd is raucous and really into this. We're reminded that this is the 18th anniversary of Eddie Guerrero winning his championship title. Both lock up and break, with neither main gaining the advantage. They lock up again and Escobar transitions to a rear waist lock. Breakker twists and converts it into a side headlock. The crowd seems equally behind both men in this match. Breakker keeps the headlock on for about a minute until Escobar whips him into the ropes. Breakker shoulder blocks Escobar on the rebound, dropping Santos hard and fast to the mat. Escobar answers back with a dropkick to Breakker's face!

Escobar whips Bron into the ropes and drops down; Breakker drops and gator-rolls Escobar on the rebound before using a very lengthy stalling suplex to drop the challenger! Escobar rolls to the outside and pretends he's done and leaving. Breakker follows to the outside and Santos enters the ring. Escobar attempts to ambush the champ but Breakker runs expeditiously back and forth across the ropes as Escobar dodges, ducks, dips, dives and dodges. Breakker again runs Escobar over with a powerful shoulder charge. Escobar sends Bron to the outside then hits a suicide dive that wipes out the champ. Escobar takes it back into the ring and covers, only garnering a short two. We're now in overrun territory! Wooooo!

Final update coming up at end of match!

Escobar begins to focus his offense on Breakker's neck, cranking it to the side before using the ropes to assist in a neckbreaker. Escobar attempts covers frequently. The crowd continuously--for minutes--rips off dueling "lets go Breakker/let's go Santos" chants throughout the main event. Escobar and Bron clash in the corner. Escobar with a leaping Meteora on Bron in the corner, covering for two. Escobar pulls Breakker to the corner and drags Bron onto the steel steps, positioning Breakker's head against the ring post. Odd move that sees Escobar turn Breakker onto his side and it somehow forces Bron to smoosh his face against the ring post. Bad spot. Escobar takes it back into the ring and drops elbows on the champ before again wrenching an arm back.

Escobar transitions to a knee in Bron's back while yanking the chin back, wrenching Bron's neck once again. Breakker, after several long, excruciating moments, finally breaks out of the series of holds. Breakker throws fists to Escobar's gut but Escobar pummels him with elbow strikes. Escobar takes precious moments to yell smack to Bron and taunt. Breakker begins his comeback sequence by powering out of Escobar's grip. Breakker makes his angry face and slugs Santos with huge rights that drop the challenger. Breakker runs Santos over with a pair of shoulder charges before a executing a huge tilt a while back breaker! Breakker posts up in the corner but Mendoza and Wilde get on the aprons, distracting Breakker. Breakker clotheslines both men down and to the floor. Elektra Lopez gets on the apron and distracts the ref.

Dolph Ziggler comes out of nowhere and hits a Superkick! The ref didn't see it Escobar covers as the crowd goes apeshit! Breakker kicks out! Ziggler is besides himself but enters the ring. Tommaso Ciampa hits the ring and drags Ziggler out, battling him out of the ringside area!
Escobar looks for his finisher off the distraction but Breakker fights back. The crowd loudly, and I do mean loudly, boo Bron Breakker as he uses his Military Press powerslam finisher to put away Santos Escobar and retain.
Your Winner and STILL NXT Champion, Bron Breakker!

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