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WWE RAW Results - February 14, 2022

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Feb 14, 2022

WWE RAW Results - February 14, 2022

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (February 14, 2022): Gainbridge Fieldhouse - Indianapolis, IN, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.

Airing LIVE on the SyFy Channel tonight due to the Olympics!


In the Ring Promo: the All Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley & MVP

Corey Graves, Jimmy Smith and Byron Saxton welcome us to Monday Night Raw from Indianapolis. Our champ and his mouth-piece make their way down to the ring. Lashley's wearing an awesome chocolate leather jacket and shades as he mounts the corner post and gestures a "money" symbol to the crowd. Bobby grabs a mic as does MVP, and Lashley speaks first. He speaks on the Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania and his intentions to leave the EC and enter the WM as champ. MVP takes his own stab at Steiner Math, addressing the fact that MVP has a 1 in 6 chance of winning/a 16% chance of winning, etc. He then runs down the list of opponents who'll be in the Chamber as well and states that none are "all mighty." "So when you factor in the All Mighty quotient, by my calculations that gives you a 100% chance to walk out of the Elimination Chamber the same way you walked into it--WWE Champion." Seth Rollins' music plays and he comes out in a silvery suit.

Rollins takes the first minute to toot his own horn. MVP claims to have a vision, a vision of Rollins not making it to the Elimination Chamber if he keeps running his mouth like that. Riddle makes his entrance on a scooter and wearing a Bro-ga. He rides the scooter down to the ring, bragging about his sweet toga and to the elation of the crowd, enters the ring on the mic. He takes in a Riddle chant and then asks Seth if he's saying that the Elimination Chamber "is like one giant quiz bowl?" Seth denies that, and Riddle goes on a babbling rant about a gas station bathroom, being locked in it, and a custodian rescuing him the next day which somehow makes him confident that he's going to win the Elimination Chamber. I don't think anyone writes what he says. He states that in two weeks, he and Randy will win back their tag titles and he'll become a double-champion (so RK-Bro vs Alpha Academy title match in two weeks on Raw). Riddle then tells Rollins to get ready for his match tonight against "my best friend, Randy Orton, bro!" Riddle then states Lashley would look great in a toga and gets the crowd to chant "toga" briefly until Austin Theory makes his way out.
Theory talks about Mr. McMahon teaching him many lessons, and it's prepared Theory to be ruthless and aggressive enough to win the EC this Saturday. Theory talks about McMahon's hands on himself. Theory declares he has to win the EC. AJ Styles makes his way out next on the mic to a big pop. "What are you talking about? Your lips have been glued to Vince McMahon's ass so long that you're not making sense anymore." Styles reminds us that he's been in the Elimination Chamber before and he's survived the brutal trip to hell that it is. He states that he will win the title Saturday. He goes on to state that no one's stopping him from having a WrestleMania moment. He then compliments Riddle for the "sweet toga." Riddle thanks him excitedly. Styles states he, too, could be a double champion as he's facing Priest for the United States Championship tonight. Walking into WrestleMania as the US champ to take on the WWE champ would be a WrestleMania moment. Riddle states AJ coming to his toga party would be a "WrestleMania moment."
Lashley says Austin's too "wet behind the ears, you need to wait." He states if Rollins were a visionary, he'd clearly see he has no chance. He addresses Riddle, and tells him to "come down off that cloud you're on....bro." He tells Styles that he'll not have "that glorious WrestleMania moment" he dreamed for. He addresses Brock, "wherever you are," and states he's going to beat up Brock and walk into Dallas as the WWE Champion for WrestleMania. Cue the drums because here comes Brock Lesnar! Corey Graves states Brock, in cowboy gear, looks like he just walked out of the "bunk with Rip and the boys" (a Yellowstone reference). Cowboy Brock makes his way down to the ring wearing a hat and everything, then enters the ring and gets on the mic. It's time for some cowboy shit. Theory attempts to attack Lesnar, and Lesnar takes Theory to Suplex City as everyone clears the ring. Riddle springboards out of the ring, desperate to avoid Brock, haha. Lesnar hits Theory with the F5 without saying a word, puts his cowboy hat back on, takes a selfie with Theory's cell phone and limp body, and that ends our segment.

Tag Match: the Street Profits vs the Dirty Dawgs

The Profits are out first, followed by the Dawgs. Tommaso Ciampa has joined commentary, and we get video footage of Ziggler's appearance on NXT last week. Ford and Roode start off fast, both men countering each other frequently. Roode gets the lead and tags in Ziggler who looks for an early pin. Ziggler rakes the face of Ford and slows the pace, grounding the high-flyer. Ziggler looks for a back drop but Ford floats over and hits a step-up Enziguri. Ford...rolls around awkwardly as if attempting to figure out which direction he's facing, just long enough for Ziggler to recover. Both men hit tags simultaneously. Future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins hits the ring on fire and takes it to Roode and Ziggler, nearly cleaning house until Roode counters a charge with a vicious Spinebuster. Roode picks up a two count. Outside the ring, Ciampa claps at Ziggler. Ziggler threatens a Superkick. Ciampa throws a cup of water in Ziggler's face, distracting Roode. Ford comes in legal and takes down Roode the hits a 30' Frog Splash to pick up the quick win! After the match, the Profits and Ciampa send the Dawgs retreating up the ramp.
Your Winners, the Street Profits!

United States Championship Match: Damian Priest(c) vs AJ Styles

The challenger is out first and, as we're doing our first hour commercial-free, commentary buy up a little time and discuss Styles' aspirations to become a double champ. They throw us back to a clip from last week's Raw, in which WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville had to disappoint KO (and, according to him, the people of Texas who love KO). We're then shown a poll from Twitter asking if Owens is lying about his love for Texas, with 39.5% of those polled proving they're idiots by voting that they believe KO. We then get clips of KO backstage, talking about being a realist as he realizes he probably won't be in the Elimination Chamber match and, thus, not in WrestleMania and it bothers him. A lot of filler ahead of this match. After five minutes of BS build-up, we get on with our match.

Styles and Priest clash immediately off the bell, with both men struggling to gain control. Styles takes an early lead and at one point connects with a brutal dropkick to the back of a seated Priest. Styles looks for a Styles Clash but Priest escapes and hits a huge DDT, picking up a very close pin attempt. Priest gets his angry face on as our commentary team reminds us that Priest has "anger issues" and needs to keep it in check. Priest fails to capitalize on the DDT as Styles drops the big man with a kick to the head. Styles sends Priest to the outside and paces the ring, catching his breath, before looking for a springboard cross body. Priest shifts; Styles pivots to land on the apron, but Priest cuts the legs out from beneath him. Both men battle on the apron and Priest enters the ring, pulling Styles up on the apron. Style fires off a series of rights then calls for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Priest blocks it with a big kick to the face. Priest drops Styles with a lariat, rolls up Styles and picks up the very quick win, shocking Styles. After the match, Styles shakes Priest's hand and the two part ways.
Your Winner and STILL United States Champion, Damian Priest!

Bliss' Therapy Session

Alexa Bliss' "road back to Raw" continues. The therapist presents Bliss with the original Lily doll's "guts" and "skin." It's worth noting that her physical transformation continues as they hybrid "Goddess" and "Fiend" editions of Bliss.

2-on-1 Handicapped Match: the Hurt Business vs Omos

Omos makes his way out first, followed by the Hurt Business--no longer including MVP or Lashley, and simply maintaining the duo of Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. Tag format is enforced in this match. Cedric attempts to sneak attack Omos but Omos easily tosses him aside with one hand. Shelton takes a stab at the big man, luring him to the apron while Cedric grabs Omos' leg. Shelton throws rights at Omos, who soaks them up. Omos blocks a whip and becomes enraged, then throws Benjamin into the corner and charges. Benjamin dodges and tags in Cedric. Cedric looks for a springboard but Omos grabs him by the throat with one hand, uses the other to swat Shelton down, and two-hand chokeslams Cedric to pick up the sixty-second win.


Broga Party

Various Raw Superstars are in the back, all wearing togas--including interviewer Jonathan, Cmdr. Azeez, Apollo Crews, etc. They're playing "broga" games. Meh, boring segment.

Raw Women's Championship Contract Signing

WWE Official Adam Pearce awaits us in the ring and calls out WWE Legend Lita for our contract signing. Becky Lynch comes out wearing a denim jacket half off her shoulders, shades, and general 90's garb and hairdo. Both women sit and Lynch speaks, imploring Lita not to do this. Lynch states she's not slept all week thinking about facing her "teenage-idol" who "physically assaulted" her last week. Lynch will "let all that slide if you just tear that (contract) up and walk away right now. You've had a great career, Lita. I already said there would be no Becky Lynch without Lita." Lynch implores Lita to leave while she has a legacy left to leave with, and states the only ones who want to see them fight is the demented crowd. She attempts to make several excuses for them not to fight, repeatedly referencing her "teenage idol." Lita asks the crowd if she should tear up the contract and walk away, or sign it and shut "Becky Lynch up for good?"

The crowd agreed with the latter, albeit weakly. Lita states she has a whole damn Championship run in her, not just one match, and claims Lynch is scared--especially after last week when Lita proved she "still has what it takes to beat you." Lita signs the contract. Lynch angrily states Lita is pushing her to a point she can't come back from. Lynch says she's studied Lita's entire career and knows all her weaknesses, and isn't afraid to go for Lita's neck. She tells Lita that right now, people reminisce on Lita with a smile on their face but by the time Lynch is done with her, they'll remember Lita with a "tear in their eye." Lynch signs the contract. Lita states that if Lynch meant it--that there'd be no Lynch without a Lita--then she needs to end Lynch. She claims she'll end Lynch's near 500-day championship reign this Saturday. Lynch throws the contract and sulks out--matches the 90's garb, really--and up the ramp, head bowed down low like a Nirvana roadie.

Gauntlet Match: Rhea Ripley vs Nikki A.S.H. vs Liv Morgan vs Doudrop vs Bianca Belair

The winner of this gauntlet match will enter the Elimination Chamber last. Entrant names will be added above as they enter this match. Ripley is out first to a decent pop, followed by former tag partner Nikki A.S.H. After 68 minutes, we get to our first break of the night, thank God. Oops, picture-in-picture commercial break here on the SyFy network! Rhea and Nikki start off quick, with Rhea tossing Nikki aside early on. Ripley underestimates her former partner and Nikki takes control with a side headlock, quickly using it to sling Ripley down to the mat. Nikki looks for an early cover but no joy. Nikki drags Rhea's face along the middle rope as she takes Ripley into the corner. Nikki with several shoulder thrusts before playing up to the crowd as we return from break. Nikki heads outside and trips up Rhea, then puts the apron over Ripley's head and unloads clubbing fists as the ref count a warning. Close to five, Nikki breaks and chokes Rhea as the ref counts. She takes the action back into the ring and covers, getting a one.

Nikki wars the left elbow with an arm hold and spend about a minute keeping Rhea grounded with the arm hold. Ripley powers to her feet and flips Nikki off of her but runs into a kick to the gut. Nikki smashes Rhea's face repeatedly into the bottom turnbuckle as the ref counts yet another warning. Nikki kicks Rhea's head once, twice, three times, insulting her partner. Rhea throws fists to Nikki's midsection as she battles to a vertical base. Nikki immediately takes a shot at Rhea's left hamstring, dropping the powerhouse. Rhea tries to fight from the ground but Nikki slaps on another modified neck lock. Nikki continues to work the neck as the crowd weakly gets behind Ripley. Rhea attempts a back body drop but Nikki avoids it. Rhea with a pair of pull-back clotheslines before executing a face-buster. Rhea looks for the Riptide but Nikki floats over and hits a forearm to the back of Rhea's skull. Rhea prevents Nikki from climbing the turnbuckles, but Nikki clubs her in teh face. Nikki continues to ascend to the middle rope and dives off--only to be caught by Rhea. Rhea accidentally drops Nikki, picks her up and hits the Riptide to pick up the win.

Nikki A.S.H. has been eliminated, 9:16pm.
A very colorfully-outfitted Liv Morgan is next to enter. We head to break. When we return, the bell rings and we start "round 2" of this gauntlet. Morgan takes control of the winded Rhea and continues to assault and work the neck, picking up where Nikki A.S.H. left off. Morgan keeps Rhea grounded for several long moments with a sleeper lock. Saxton reminds us that Morgan's experience in past Chambers may give her an edge. Rhea finally breaks the lock and picks Morgan up in the Electric Chair, planting Morgan face-first into the mat and covering for a close two. Morgan attempts a handspring headscissors but Rhea attempts to counter with a Powerbomb. Morgan counters that with a face plant and covers for a close two. Morgan and Rhea battle at the ropes briefly. Morgan looks for a middle-turnbuckle dropkick but Rhea dodges. Rhea slaps on her standing Clover Leaf submission but Morgan reaches the ropes to break the hold. Morgan leaps off and lands on Rhea's shoulders. The two battle briefly as each woman counters the other. Rhea drops Morgan and hits a Superkick followed by a Riptide to put away Liv!

Liv Morgan has been eliminated, 9:26pm.
Doudrop makes her way out and this gauntlet will continue next! When we return, the bell rings and both powerhouses lock up. Both women push and shove each other back and forth just a few steps. Byron states Ripley's starting to wear down but she holds her own whilst locked up with Doudrop for a lengthy period. Dou looks for a side headlock but Rhea uses powerful gut shots to break free. Both women run and collide and neither waiver. They nod and smile in respect before Rhea runs off the ropes, shoulder blocking into Doudrop. Again, Dou doesn't move. Rhea goes for it a third time and finally knocks down Doudrop! Dou is incensed and gets in Rhea's face, headbutting her. Rhea fires back with a headbutt of her own. Dou with a back suplex followed by a running senton and a cover attempt! Dou takes Rhea into the corner and punches her in the chest. Rude! Dou headbutts Rhea and uses a wristlock to twist the arm before headbutting Rhea's elbow. Rhea tries to fight back but Dou shuts her down with a scoop slam that would make Hulk proud. Dou looks for another Senton but Ripley moves, then follows it up with a dropkick to a seated Dou. The crowd with a weak Rhea chant. Both women grasp arms and alternate clotheslining each other repeatedly, multiple times, with neither woman dropping. Rhea ducks under one, finally, and takes Dou down with a dropkick. Rhea covers but no joy. Rhea attempts the Riptide on Dou but Dou counters. Dou with yet another headbutt. Dou looks for another scoop slam. Ripley with a standing switch. Ripley hits an impressive Riptide on Dou and rolls her up to pick up the pin!

Doudrop has been eliminated, 9:35pm.
Bianca Belair is out next and we go to a picture-in-picture break. Belair and Ripley, both some of the best powerhouses to come out of NXT in recent years, engage in a cat-and-mouse series of moves throughout the break, with neither woman taking a definitive lead. SyFy has a few technical issues with the screen cutting to black. Belair and Rhea attempt move and counter move, with both women spending the first few moments jockeying for the lead. Rhea attempts to take control early by taking Belair down to the mat, working the waist. Belair escapes easily and pounds Rhea with big forearms. Belair batters Ripley into the corners, taking Rhea from one to the other. Belair attempts a Strong Irish Whip but Rhea counters! Belair flies off the corner turnbuckles and both women are slow to rise. Rhea and Belair struggle in the corner as we return from break. Belair yanks Rhea off the top turnbuckle and covers for two.

We're reminded this is the first time ever that they've fought and Rhea's been in for 32 minutes. Belair, the fresher competitor, counters Rhea's attempt for a stalling suplex with a snap suplex and covers for two. Belair shows off her power as she easily suplexes Rhea. Belair slaps on a vicious abdominal stretch, forcing Rhea into the move and twisting her sideways at the same time. Unique variant of the move! Belair clubs Rhea's ribs as she attempts to break the Nightmare. Belair finally uses a hip toss to drop Rhea, but charges into a drop toehold. Rhea with rising knees to Belair's face, followed by a snapmare. Rhea looks for a dropkick but misses as Belair dodges. Belair hits her cartwheel/rope rebound splash for a close two. Rhea and Bianca rise. Rhea whips Bianca but Bianca counters. Bianca charges into a big boot. Rhea looks for a Running Big Boot but Belair ducks under and Ripley hits a facebuster on Belair as Belair performs the same move on Rhea. Both women roll to the outside and we head to another break.

When we return, Belair slams Rhea face-first into the mat with a driver, covering for two. We're reminded that Rhea's been at this for over 41 minutes. Ripley fires off a kick to Belair's head and looks for a Riptide but Belair counters with a KOD attempt. Ripley escapes and looks for a Big Boot. Belair counters, dumping Rhea over the ropes. Belair eats the turnbuckle pad as Rhea climbs up and looks for an aerial maneuver. Belair and Rhea slap each other repeatedly--multiple times, slapping each other's faces and arms. Rhea kicks Belair back but Bianca closes the gap and single-leg jump kicks Rhea. Belair with a Fireman's driver! Belair whips the hair and looks for her rope-assisted handspring moonsault but Rhea gets the knees up! Rhea climbs up top after regaining control and hits a missile dropkick off the top rope, covering Belair but Bianca kicks out! Rhea locks on her standing Clover Leaf but Belair escapes, hits a Spinebuster, and looks for the KOD! Belair connects with the KOD! Belair picks up the win!
Rhea Ripley has been eliminated, 9:52pm.
Your Winner and Entering LAST in the Elimination Chamber, Bianca Belair!


After the Match

After the match, Belair and Rhea hug and congratulate each other in a sign of respect and the crowd shows some love. We're reminded that Rhea was in the match for nearly 44 minutes. Belair will enter the Chamber last. There's still a mystery opponent for the Raw Women's Elimination Chamber this weekend, FYI.


Non-Title Tag Match: the Mysterios vs Raw Tag Team Champions the Alpha Academy

The Mysterios are out first, and we head to a break. Eventually the champs make their way out. Otis has both belts over his shoulders as Gable gets on the mic and demands the crowd "shush please. I need you to shush or I"ll place you all on double secret probation. Well, Otis, come to think of it we are Indiana so its very likely that every person in this building is already on some time of probation" Ooooh, the crowd hates that! He mentions he didn't need to cheat to win the Olympics, or get a Master's Degree with a "perfect 4.0, thank you!" He claims RK-Bro are spreading misinformation that RK-Bro beat the Academy in their Quiz Bowl. Gable then insults the "Irishman" they hired to host the Quiz Bowl, whose accent Gable couldn't understand. He objects to the categories picked, then addresses the "morons of the WWE Universe" for feeding RK-Bro answer after answer to help them win, yet they didn't help the Academy. This is possibly the longest pre-match entrance outside of Roman reigns. Gable babbles on the mic for nearly five minutes. Gable attempts to put a wedge between father and son by showing a clip from last week in which Rey helped "cheap" to get Dom his win in his match with the Miz. Gable keeps on until the Miz and Maryse make their way out. I'm sure there's a match coming at some point.

During the picture-in-picture break, we finally get to the match and start with Chad Gable and Dominik Mysterio. Chad locks up the youngster and takes him down with a rear waistlock slam. Another rear waistlock takedown by Gable, who attempts to leverage it into a pin. Dom runs at the tropes and twists, slinging Gable off and freeing himself. Dom takes Gable down with a pair of arm tosses and tags in his father while holding an arm bar on Gable. Both Mysterios whip Gable into the ropes and hit an elbow strike each, followed by Dom flipping Rey up to splash down on Gable and cover for two. Gable whips Rey into the Alpha corner and tags in Otis. Otis flattens Rey with a leaping elbow drop and plays up to the crowd. Otis easily handles Rey, stomping away at the Legend and drastically slowing the pace as he alternates a few slow strikes with taunts at the crowd.

The It Couple are on commentary and smooch because, why not, as Otis continues to manhandle Rey in the ring. The Miz mentions they were invited out by the Alpha Academy, hence their presence. Gable tags in and hits Rey with a gut-buster. Gable looks for a pin but no joy is given. Gable and Otis waste time smack talking. Rey tries to battle back. Rey counters Gable's charge into a drop toehold, sending Gable to the corner. Gable tags in Otis. Otis stops Rey from making the tag to Dom. Otis squeezes Rey's head like a melon. Otis climbs the turnbuckles and looks for a splash but Rey moves. Rey makes the hot tag to Dom as Otis tags in Chad Gable. Dom drops Gable with a Hurricanrana and whips him into the ropes. Dom with a leaping Tornado DDT for a close pin attempt. Dom looks for Three Amigos and executes two of the suplexes before Gable escapes. Gable with a bridging German Suplex for a close call. Gable whips Dom into the ropes, but Dom sends Gable outside with a waist scissors toss. Rey takes the hot tag in and attacks Otis on the apron, hits a baseball slide to Gable before spreading the ropes for Dom to dive and take out Otis at ringside! Rey streaks across the ring and goes flying, taking out Gable on the other side! We head to break with the Alpha Academy down at ringside and the Mysterios standing tall.

We return from the break to find Rey and Chad going at it. Rey with a sunset flip attempt and rolls up Gable for two. The Miz attempts to cause a distraction. Rey with a springboard but Gable counters it into another bridging German Suplex for another close call. Impressive spot. Gable hoists Rey up but Rey counters whatever Chad wants into a hand-stand facebuster for a close two. Otis hits the ring to make the save. Dom and Rey both double-team Otis, sending him into the turnbuckle and out of the ring. Rey sets up Chad for the 619 and both father and son hit stereo 619s! The Miz attempts to attack Dom but stops as the ref turns. Rey takes the Miz down at the ringside area and Gable rolls up Dom, holding the tights to steal the win!
Your Winners, the Alpha Academy!

After the Match

The Miz & Maryse attack the Mysterios in the ring, tossing Dom outside and setting up the Miz for a Skull-Crushing Finale from the Miz.

End of Therapy

Bliss, now wearing black leather (or vinyl) leggings and a silver, leather jacket with studs and her hair up, ends her therapy after her therapist announces shes' cured. He encourages her to keep the replica Lily with her. She then announces she will be the sixth and mystery entrant in the Raw Women's Elimination Chamber.

Singles Main Event Match: Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton

Rollins makes his way out first and we head to a break. We're reminded that the last time Orton took on Rollins on Raw was August 10th, 2015. Roughly 10-15 minutes of useless filler ahead of our main event. Orton makes his entrance and we get yet another commercial break. When we finally start our match, both men lock up. Both attempt to play mind games, with Rollins often breaking a hold just to pose at the crowd. Orton, looking perplexed, has enough and takes Rollins into the corner. Both men battle in and out of a pair of corners as Orton takes the lead. Orton fires off several forearm uppercuts and does a mount and pound ten count. Rollins slips under Orton's legs and drops him face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Rollins stomps away at Orton and uses the middle rope to choke the Viper. Rollins connects with a running forearm splash in the corner and kicks Orton between the shoulder blades. Rollins takes control and drags Orton to the apron before exiting the ring. Rollins jaunts over and clubs Orton's back before hitting a running Big Boot that drops Orton to the ground. Rollins soaks in the boos and again plays up to the crowd and taunts Orton. Rollins with a double axe-handle and covers for two.

Orton attempts to fight back, dropping Rollins with a pair of clotheslines. Orton looks for his corkscrew uppercut but Rollins ducks under. Orton sends Rollins outside and backdrops him hard across the commentary table. The crowd chants for one more time. Orton sets Rollins up for the Spike DDT but Rollins counters, dumping Orton over the ropes and to the floor. Rollins runs off the apron and hits a leaping knee to Orton's head. Orton holds his left knee as the camera cuts off him. Rollins executes a suicide dive, crashing Orton into and across the commentary area as we head to another break.

We return from our final break as Rollins climbs up top. Seth takes too long and Orton chops his legs out from under him, then follows up. Orton positions on the top rope and hits a top rope Superplex! Graves points out that Orton's playing homage to his father with the top-rope Superplex. Both men are down for long, crucial moments and Orton's slow in attempting a cover, garnering only a one. Both men rise slowly and exchange blows as they can sense the end coming. Orton with a kick to the gut, but Rollins follows it up with a throat punch. Both men speed up as they throw rights back and forth until Orton takes the upper hand. Rollins answers with a step-up Enziguri to Orton's ear. Rollins counter s a charge with a face thrust into the turnbuckle. Rollins hits the Sling Blade and sets up the Stomp!

Rollins charges but Orton counters the Stomp with a snap powerslam! Orton covers for a close two! Orton eats a Superkick from Seth but kicks out prior to the three. Rollins yells about "your boy Riddle tried this with me last week. You tried this with me this week." Assuming "this" refers to beating him? Rollins with a Rolling Elbow that staggers Orton. Rollins sets up a neckbreaker but pivots, clubbing Orton with a forearm to the back of the skull. Seth sets up another Stomp but Orton moves! Seth looks for a Pedigree but Randy dumps Seth over the ropes! Orton with a Spike DDT to Rollins! The Viper drops down, pounds the mat and hits an RKO outta nowhere! The Alpha Academy come out. Riddle attacks them on the ramp. Orton streaks up the ramp, helping Orton as he's outnumbered. The ref continues his count-out but Orton enters just in time to catch a Stomp! Riddle and the Academy are down on the ramp as Rollins cackles and covers Orton for the win. We end our show with Rollins celebrating, Riddle down on the ramp with both members of the Academy, and Orton down in the ring.
Your Winner, Seth Rollins!

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