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AEW Dynamite Results (February 2 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Feb 02, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results (February 2 2022)

It's Wednesday, you know what that means. For the only time this century, it's 2/2/22. Also, AEW Dynamite live from Chicago, Illinois featuring CM Punk vs MJF. No big deal. I don't want to waste any time so with JR, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on commentary, let's get straight to the wrestling!

Jon Moxley defeated Wheeler Yuta w/ Orange Cassidy & Danhausen via Pinfall (7:28)

We're starting off with three of my favourites (sorry Wheeler Yuta) as Moxley comes out first and the crowd are happy to see him. He looks great and he's followed to the ring by Wheeler Yuta who is accompanied to the ring by Orange Cassidy and new signing, Danhausen who gets almost as big a reaction as Mox. Yuta tries an early drop kick and Mox avoids it but then Mox tries for a King Kong Lariat and he misses too. Both men begin the match more earnestly and its actually Yuta who gets the better of Mox early. The match heads outside and Mox gets distracted by Cassidy but not enough as he intercepts the Tope from Wheeler and locks him in a Choke Hold outside but Wheeler escapes and then fires a Dropkick in, hitting the target this time.

Back in the ring, Moxley begins to take over with some big moves and almost gets the win with a big Piledriver. Yuta kicks out but is immediately locked in an STF Face Lock. He makes the ropes but Moxley meets him and takes him to the top rope, chopping his chest and clawing his back but Yuta gets away and then take Mox down with a dropkick. He follows it up with a Enzuigiri and a splash in the corner but Mox rolls to the apron when Yuta climbs to the top. They end up fighting there until Mox drops him with a DDT but Moxley gets cursed by Danhausen which allows Yuta to take him out with a big dive from the top and then he gets a two from a German Suplex but Moxley fires back with a Cutter. Yuta escapes a Paradigm Shift and hits a Samoan Drop and then Mox eats a Splash from the top that he kicks out of at two. Both men get back to their feet and battle back and forth but Moxley takes over, beats down Yuta with Hammer and Anvil Elbow Strike (like Danielson) and ends it with a Paradigm Shift. This was a great match on short notice.

After the match, Bryan Danielson appears in the ring from nowhere and they square up. Danielson asks the crowd if they want to see them fight and they chant yes. Danielson says for a long time, he wanted to see them fight too because Mox was different but since he's come back, he's been even more different. And Danielson has been watching Mox all this time and he was the best AEW champion. Danielson says if Mox had some help, he might still be champion and then he says that they shouldn't fight. They should fight together. Danielson then says there's no reason that a millennial cowboy, a dinosaur or a vlog maker should be an AEW champion but if Mox joins up with him, they could run the entire company. They could take Wheeler Yuta or Daniel Garcia or Lee Moriarty and mentored them and trained the future of wrestling together. Danielson says he doesn't have to answer, just think about the possibilities and the greatness they could create together. Danielson extends a handshake, Mox considers but before he can decide on anything, Bryan withdraws his hand and tells Mox to think about it.

CM Punk vs MJF Video Package

This is a great preview for the big match tonight and if we weren't already excited for it. We are now.

Brandi Rhodes Promo

Brandi appears in the ring and starts talking about Chicago but Dan Lambert appears with Men of the Year and he gets cheered. He runs Brandi down, and says that standing next to her makes him feel like a good person but Brandi snaps back that Ethan should stop smiling because AEW only signed him to get Josh Alexander. She adds that he should focus on American Top Team instead of AEW and then she ends up slapping him so Lambert brings out Paige Van Zant who attacks Brandi before the women locker room exits to split them up.

AHFO Promo

The AHFO appears and Matt Hardy tells Private Party he's disappointed in them for losing last week. Andrade Appears to add to this and then we find out Isiah is facing Sammy for the TNT title on Rampage.

Kings Of The Black Throne (Malakai Black & Brody King) defeated Death Triangle (PAC & Penta El Zero Miedo) w/ Alex Abrahantes via Pinfall (10:24)

PAC is led with his eyes blindfolded is guided to the ring via Alex Abrahantes. PAC starts the match with Malakai and after shouting at him, Malakai tries to hit him but PAC dodges and somehow manages to get on top with some great kicks and a sliding dropkick before pulling the blindfold down and showing he can see. He and Penta put Malakai and Brody outside either side of the ring and then hit simultaneous Tope's on them. Back in the ring, Penta tags in and goes to work on Malakai. Penta attacks with kicks and chops and PAC tags back in but Brody King flattens him from behind as we go to break with him becoming the legal man and beating PAC down. Brody attacks with chops and strikes before tagging Malakai who attack with kicks as they complement each other nicely.

We return as PAC begins to make his comeback and he makes the tag to Penta who comes in with a pair of Slingblades as he takes on both Malakai and Brody and takes them out with a DDT and then PAC takes Brody out outside with a Dropkick. Penta begins to dominate over Malakai but PAC makes a Blind Tag and then Malakai and PAC have a great striking battle that Malakai wins and he gets two 2 counts with sliding knee strikes. PAC comes back with a beautiful Release German Suplex and a Sheer Drop Brainbuster but Brody breaks up the Pin. Penta takes Brody out on the outside with a big dive and then back in the ring, PAC and Penta catch Malakai with Superkicks and then Penta tags in, they go for the double team Fear Factor and Brody takes PAC off the top rope before Malakai mists Penta and then tags out to Brody and they hit the Dante's Inferno to get the win.

Adam Cole Promo

Cole appears on Cutler cam and tells us he's undefeated and from now on, we will see a new Adam Cole because he's going to take what he wants, starting with hurting Evil Uno on Rampage.

Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero defeated Ruby Soho via Pinfall (10:47)

Ruby gets the first stroke in but Nyla trucks her out of the corner to get on top. She follows with a Body Slam. Nyla fires Ruby into the ropes and Ruby begins to fight back but she finds being on top against Nyla hard so Nyla hits a Samoan Drop to flip the momentum back. She hits a suplex and then continues to stop any offence Ruby throws back. Nyla really slows the match down and hits a big chop in the corner and then uses the bottom rope to choke her. Ruby fights back again and Nyla stops her with a headbutt before hitting a Body Slam and then a Leg Drop to earn a two count. Nyla hits a Death Valley Driver for two and that's when we head to break.

Nyla dominates through the break but Ruby fights back as we return and they end up fighting on the apron with chops but Nyla goes for a Piledriver and Ruby fights out before getting Nyla in a Fireman's carry and just drops her on the apron but then Ruby gets distracted by Vickie so when Ruby turns around, Nyla hits a Spinebuster on the outside. Nyla goes for the Beast Bomb and Ruby gets a No Future Kick from nowhere but Vickie pulls Nylas foot under the bottom rope. Ruby goes to fight Vickie but Nyla grabs her and hits a Neckbreaker and then both ladies end up on the top rope. After a battle, Ruby misses a No Future and then Nyla hits a Senton and a Beast Bomb to get the win.

Gunn Club Steal a Camera

Gunn Club go to jump Jungle Boy so Jungle Boy attacks first and they drag him outside before chucking him in the snow and getting chased off by Christian & Luchasaurus.

Hangman Adam Page Promo

Tony Schiavone introduces our champion and asks him about Archer. Hangman says that he wants to fight but he's not getting the matches and he needs them now. He calls Lance and his sturdy ass out. Dan Lambert once again appears with Jake the Snake Robert appears behind him and Hangman shuts Lambert down but he can't stop Jake down as he tells him he's scared but Archer appears and tells Hangman let's do this and then they brawl with Hangman getting the better of Archer, tossing him into the ring steps but then Lambert attacks Hangman and when Page focuses on him, Archer attacks with a chair. He slams him onto the steps then puts him through the Timekeepers table with the Blackout.

Chris Jericho Promo

Jericho tells Santana & Ortiz they disrespected him and embarrassed him last week and then he says he's better than Eddie Kingston and he tells them that he wants an Inner Circle Team Meeting next week at Dynamite.

MJF defeated CM Punk via Pinfall (38:10)

The main event has been given a lot of time looking at how long we have left on this program! Exciting! MJF makes his entrance before a break and Punk comes out after. The bell rings and we get a stare down before MJF takes control with a cheap shot but Punk is fired up and comes right back. He ends up trapping MJF between the top and mid rope and punches him repeatedly before the match heads outside the ring and MJF tries to run away. Punk follows and catches him this time before beating him down amongst his adoring public. They have some fun on the steps before Punk brings MJF back to the ring. He hits a Body Slam and gets the one more time chants he was looking for so does it again. He follows with a third and a fourth before taking a breather nonchalantly on the top rope. He climbs up properly and sets up for the elbow but MJF escapes. Punk tries for a shoulder charge in the corner but MJF dodges and Punk goes right into the ring post. MJF goes after the arm immediately and we go to break as Max returns him to the ring.

MJF puts Punk in an Arm Bar and then bites his fingers and Punk tries to fight back but every time he does, Max goes after the left arm some more. He even ends up hitting a Pepsi Twist at one point as he has CM Punk completely in his control. We return and it's more of the same until Punk hits a Crossbody from the top rope to take MJF down and then he attacks with some right hands and then gets a Neckbreaker. He follows with a rising knee in the corner and the Bulldog before going for the GTS but MJF rolls to the apron. Punk follows him and hits a Body Slam on the apron. Punk invites a fan to Chop MJF and he obliges but when they go back in the ring, MJF knocks Punk off the top rope then hits a Superplex which gets him a two count. Punk comes back with his own Pepsi Twist and then fires up but MJF pulls the ref in front of him and then chokes Punk with a garrotte. Punk fades and then ends up down on the mat. The ref checks on CM Punk and then his arm drops 3 times so the ref calls the match as an MJF win. As Bryce raises MJF's hand, he sees the garrotte, which is Burberry, nice touch, and he tells Justin Roberts he's restarting the match. Punk immediately fires up with roll up for two and then right hand after right hand. He hits over 20 in the corner before hitting a Manhattan Drop on the New Yorker and then a Lariat. MJF sends Punk out of the ring and he lands on his arm as we head to break again.

Punk breaks the count and once again we spend the break with MJF in control and attacking the left arm of Punk. When we return, MJF goes for the Heat Seeker but Punk reverses and hits a Springboard Clothesline. He goes for the GTS but MJF escapes via the ropes. Punk attacks with a Tope Suicida and both men go down as Punk tweaks his knee. They head back inside and MJF takes over again. He locks Punk in a Scorpion Death Lock but Punk fights out and reverses into a Half Crab and then an STF but he has to release. Punk tries for another GTS but can't get him up before his knee gives out on him. MJF tries to roll Punk up but it only gets a two and then we get back to the mat as both men battle for supremacy and then we get a double down from both men hitting the turnbuckle. They both get to their feet and they exchange strikes before MJF attacks the knee with a kick but Punk fights back and Max has to poke him in the eye to take control but Punk comes back with a Reverse Hurricanrana from nowhere! Punk manages to make the pin but MJF kicks out. Both men are basically out of it and collapse from exhaustion but MJF springs to life by going for the Salt of the Earth and he hits two chop blocks to the injured knee of CM Punk. He ends up hitting a Made in Japan for two and then MJF hits a low blow and then almost pins Punk with his feet on the ropes as we head to break.

MJF continues the punishment throughout the break and when we come back, Punk almost rolls him up before he uses a Leg Lariat to flatten MJF. He goes for his rising knee into a bulldog but MJF counters by biting and then lifts Punk to the top where Punk returns the favour and then he ends up hitting the Pepsi Plunge for the first time in AEW but he can't make the pin because of his knee. MJF tries going for a Tombstone Piledriver, Punk reverses then MJF rolls him up and Punk kicks out before he connects with a huge Roundhouse Kick. Punk goes for the big elbow drop and he connects but MJF kicks out at two! He calls for the GTS once more but Max rolls out of the ring. Wardlow comes down to ringside and he looks reluctant to do anything. Punk rolls out to meet him and Wardlow steps over MJF to get eye to eye with Punk. He walks away but MJF has the ring and he hits CM Punk with it as the ref is dealing with Wardlow and then he pins him to beat CM Punk in Chicago. Big big win. Big big decision. Where do we go from here?! The commentary team show how Wardlow slipped the ring to MJF which we didn't see originally because of camera angles after the match and MJF sits cross legged in the ring to close the show.

What an eventful show that was. Hope you all enjoyed it. See you back here for Rampage on Friday. Until then, follow me on twitter @Knapphausen. So long & good night.


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