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WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (01/17/2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Jan 17, 2022

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (01/17/2022)

The following are the live results of tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch Addresses the WWE Universe

Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and everyone's favorite--Byron Saxton--welcome us to Monday Night Raw. We're reminded that the Royal Rumble is only two weeks away. We waste some time recapping events from Raw last week, such as RK-Bro's dethroning and the contendership match from last week that saw Doudrop win. After the win, Lynch slapped Doudrop and attempted a Manhandle Slam but couldn't get her up. We return to the ring live where our champ awaits us. The crowd is a mix of cheers with a few boos; the piped in crowd is mostly boos. The arena starts a loud Becky chant. "Welcome to the big time! Now, we are less than two weeks away from Royal Rumble and the Raw Women's division has never been hotter. And whether you like to admit it or not, there's only one person responsible for that and it's me." She goes on to address the past legends who will return, including Mickie James, Lita, and twins we shall not name. Lynch pivots her speech to Doudrop, stating that she's giving Doudrop a big shot at one of the biggest events of the year. She goes on to claim the fans didn't get Dou a title match, Dou didn't either; Lynch got Dou a title match. "Because that's what I do. I make people better then I beat them." She calls Doudrop "Doudou" and provokes Doudrop into coming out.

Doudrop enters the ring on a mic and the fans immediately begin booing her, and throughout her speaking they often boo her. Doudrop tells Lynch to stay out of her way tonight, as the two are tagging together, and states Lynch didn't get Doudrop that title shot as she earned it herself. Bianca Belair makes her way out to a big pop, on mic of course. "Oh, Becky...you're really out here spitting all this nonsense about being the G.O.A.T....but let me remind you that you can't spell the greatest without 'EST'." The crowd pops an EST chant. Belair tells Doudrop that the only reason Dou has the title shot is because Lynch felt threatened and took out Belair. Belair then announces that she's officially entering the Royal Rumble match. Belair continues on until Liv Morgan makes her way out on mic as well.

"Bianca, we may be tag-teaming tonight but I am also officially entering myself in the Royal Rumble match." Good pop from the crowd. Morgan claims she'll win the Rumble, as they all do, and enters the ring. She tells her tag team partner (later tonight only) that she'll eliminate her if need be. Dou fakes snoring and tells them to shut up, then demands the ref get in the ring so she can shut them up. A ref enters the ring, separates the Superstars as they threaten conflict, and we head to break.

Tag Match: Bianca Belair & Liv Morgan vs Doudrop & Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch

We return from break and start with Doudrop and Belair. Dou quickly drops Belair but Lynch tags herself in. The two argue. Belair catches Lynch off guard with a dropkick before tagging in Liv Morgan. Morgan is all over the place, pummeling the champ in the corner one moment, diving off the top for a mule dropkick another moment. Morgan looks for a pin but Dou makes the save. The ref loses control and all four women engage in conflict. Belair attempts to pick up Dou but can't quite get her up. Liv Morgan and Lynch continue to go at it in the ring until Lynch hits the Manhandle Slam! Lynch covers and would've gotten the three if her own partner hadn't made the break by splashing them both. Dou attempts to cover Morgan but as she's not legal, she moves to the corner and tags herself in to pick up the short win. After the match, Doudrop hit the Banzai Drop on Lynch.
Your Winners, Doudrop & Becky Lynch!

Backstage: Reggie & Dana Brooke meet "the Undertaker" & Beth Phoenix; Owens & Priest

We cut to the back, where Reggie and Dana are talking to Edge and Beth. Reggie calls Edge the Undertaker and asks if he has any advice. The couple exchange looks then offer a little advice. Damian Priest comes up to Edge and the two talk jovially. Edge tells Priest how well he's doing and praises the United States champion. Beth shows back up with a note from Maryse, claiming she wants to meet her in the back. Edge and Phoenix know it's a trap and head there together. Up walks Kevin Owens who tells Priest he's looking forward to a "good clean match" when he faces Damian later.

The KO Show, featuring Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens makes his way out. I refuse to call Seth Rollins "Seth 'Freakin' Rollins" no matter how much they put it on the screen. We head to break ahead of this segment. When we return, Owens enthusiastically welcomes the WWE Universe to the KO Show and they WWE Universe shows him nothing but massive boos. Owens bickers with the crowd as they boo him. Owens then introduces Seth Rollins, his "best friend." Out comes Rollins. We get clips from SmackDown this past Friday when Rollins and Reigns exchanged words ahead of their title match at the Rumble. Reigns mocked Rollins, telling Seth that if he wanted to face a megastar, he'd fight Becky. Back in the ring, Owens and Rollins greet in the ring. Seth's suit are always...interesting. Owens and Rollins decide to stand up instead of sit and push over their chairs. During the show, KO compliments Rollins about his suits and his courage "to show up on SmackDown...get face to face with Roman Reigns and berate him into realizing that this 'head of the table' he keeps calling himself? You are the guy who set the table." Rollins loves the euphemism and talks about his appearance on SmackDown, and states that he feels Reigns is nervous, rattled, and scared. Both men scheme to take out both brands' top champs. Owens enters himself in the Royal Rumble match and Rollins claims he'll take out Lashley later tonight in the main event. They then plan for KO to win the Rumble and take on Rollins at WrestleMania in a "dream match." But hey, out comes Damian Priest because why not? Rollins chastises the United States Champion for coming out and threatens that if Priest gets any closer, KO will kick his ass. Priest yells for them to shut up and calls them delusional idiots, stating that not "one person on this planet" believes Rollins has a chance against Reigns. Priest tells Owens that if he doesn't want to "see the Damian in me tonight, I suggest don't. Wake. Him. Up." Priest then announces that their match starts now--after this break!

Singles Non-Title Match: Kevin Owens vs United States Champion Damian Priest

We return from break and the match starts immediately. Owens starts off first with offense but Priest shuts it down early with a huge charging shoulder that sends Owens flying. Priest and Owens fight along the ropes, with Owens again taking control of the match. KO hits a Senton then begins to work Priest's head with a lock. Priest attempts to escape. Owens fires off several chops until Priest makes his angry-face. Owens tries to beg Priest off but Priest has none of it. Priest fires off shots and takes KO down with a roundhouse kick. Owens flees to the outside for a breather. Priest exits the ring and runs along its side, using the stairs to dive up--and right into a Superkick from Owens! Owens hits a Frog Splash off the apron onto Priest on the floor! And less than two minutes after returning from break, we go to another for four minutes! Woo!

When we return, Priest is in control. Priest plants Owens face-first into the canvas. Priest with a splash in the corner. Owens counters a suplex attempt with a right and shoves Priest into the ropes. Priest rebounds and takes Owens down with a big clothesline, followed by a Broken Arrow and a close pin fall! Priest positions Owens upon the top turnbuckle and ascends the middle ropes. Owens and Priest start to battle it out as both men jockey for control. Priest looks for a middle-rope Superplex. Owens desperately puts on the brakes and manages to battle Priest off the ropes. Owens hits a Senton off the top turnbuckle on Priest, covering for a close two. Both men are slow to rise. Owens kicks Priest in the gut and looks for a Stunner once, twice--and Priest attempts to counter one with the Reckoning! Owens escapes and hits his pop-up sit-out powerbomb! Close count for Owens. Priest counters Owens' attempt to lock up and hits the South of Heaven chokeslam for a near fall himself. Priest attempts to whip Owens across the ring but Owens collapses, favoring his knee. The ref calls for a trainer and the crowd boos loudly as Priest paces. Owens suddenly recovers, kicking Priest in the gut and hitting the Stunner outta nowhere! Owens picks up the win!
Your Winner, Kevin Owens!

Backstage: Sarah with Nikki A.S.H.

Nikki speaks ahead of her match against Rhea, telling us she can't feel any bit better than she does. When the brutal attack from last week is addressed, Nikki blames it on Rhea breaking up their team and flushing their friendship down the toilet. She calls Rhea a villain and tells us that "I'm the closest that the people of Tulsa will ever be to having a Superhero...and sometimes Heroes have to do things that regular people don't understand." She goes on to state Rhea needs a Superhero whether she likes it or not, then leaves to loud piped-in boos.

The Alpha Academy's Graduation Ceremony

Both Superstars make their way out to loud boos, wearing caps and gowns still, as we head to break. When we return, Gable opens by insulting the crowd's intelligence. He brags about his 4.0 GPA (mine's higher, noob) and continues to take shots at the crowd. "The odds of anyone in Oklahoma having a Master's degree or (even) a high school diploma are slim to none." He goes on to brag about himself briefly, then says his "list is long" and gestures with his hands. Not sure if that's a euphemism or what. Gable then praises Otis for being a "tree trunk of a man" in the ring and his protege. Otis is growing his beard back out it seems. Gable calls RK-Bro morons and brags about defeating them. He then goes on and wants to present something to Otis--but the fans rip off an RK-Bro chant. Gable then presents Otis, "who has no last name that we know of," with a diploma from the Alpha Academy. The two embrace and Otis is given a shot to speak. He thanks Chad for helping him to reach his full potential. He then puts out a warning to anyone who comes after their titles--they should expect sheer carnage. And, just like that, Riddle comes out wearing a cap and gown, too!

Riddle tells the Academy that they look good. He tells them he wrote a special speech for them "this morning at the breakfast buffet. Fellow graduates and Tulsinians, it felt like just last week Randy and I were the ...tag team champions." He states they were a couple of young, wild stallions running free but today their lives will change forever. He continues to babble and Gable snaps at him, stating Riddle wasn't invited to their ceremony and tells Riddle the people of Oklahoma can't afford to lose another brain cell (to his babbling.) Riddle calls him Gablestiltskin, stating he's not out here to insult them. Gable tells him to get to the point.

Gable tells Riddle he doesn't even know what a rematch means. Riddle makes a pot joke, stating that sometimes you have to light something twice--then claims he meant "like a candle". Gable states that if Riddle can prove his mental aptitude in an "Alpha Academy academic challenge," he'll earn a title shot for RK-Bro. He calls Riddle a dumbass and tells Riddle that the Academy will give them a series of mental challenges and such. Riddle then goes off on a tangent about Billy Madison and states that Otis looks like a giant hamster. Otis rips off his robe and heads up the ramp after Riddle. Orton with an RKO outta nowhere on Gable! The crowd pops big as RK-Bro take down the champs. Riddle puts Otis' red robe and cap on Orton. Graves asks if Orton's going to Hogwarts, haha. Riddle puts his cap on, too, and Orton gets a mic. He says only two words, "we accept!" The crowd pops and that's that.

Video Package: Martin Luther King, Jr.

We get our annual video package showcasing many of MLK's big moments, including his famous "I have a dream" speech. It briefly touches on how much he changed the US and opened doors for minorities. Great video package, no write-up will do it justice. Afterwards, the crowd pops for the video.

Singles Match: Austin Theory vs Finn Bálor

Theory heads out to the ring and Bálor's already ready. We're reminded that Bálor's been on the shelf nearly a month thanks to Theory's backstage assault. Theory starts off strong and vicious at the bell, immediately beating Bálor across the ring and to the outside before whipping him into the barricade. Theory looks for another but Bálor reverses it, sending Theory into the barricade! Bálor follows it up with a Sling Blade and we head to break! We return to watch Bálor pick Theory's leg out, slamming the rookie to the mat. Bálor with a big chop in the corner followed by an inverted DDT smash. Theory attempts a comeback, catching Bálor as he attempts the Shotgun Dropkick. Theory hoists up Bálor and looks for the ATL but Bálor counters! Bálor rolls up for a close call. Theory again hits Bálor in the throat. Bálor knocks Theory down on his butt and looks for the Coup de Grace. Theory moves and Bálor hits hard; his feet don't get the normal bounce-step. Bálor is taken down with an ATL as Theory picks up the short-match win. After the match, Prince Pretty Theory takes a selfie with a fallen Bálor and beats on him before hitting another ATL on Bálor.
Your Winner, Austin Theory!

Singles Match: Rhea Ripley vs Nikki A.S.H.

Rhea Ripley is out first after cutting a short interview, stating Nikki is delirious and ended their friendship, not Rhea. We head to break. When we return, Nikki makes her entrance and as the commentary team discusses her recent actions, Graves drops an easter egg of his own by calling her Bizarro Nikki (nod to Bizarro Superman). Before the match can start, Queen Zelina & Carmella come out on mics. The Women's tag champs insult Oklahoma and brag about predicting Nikki A.S.H.'s actions. Zelina tells Rhea she's welcome, as she'd never be rid of Nikki if they hadn't given it a little push. Carmella and Vega continue to brag about themselves and bash Rhea. Zelina calls her trash and states Rhea doesn't have the guts to be champion all on her own (ahem, NXT Women's, NXT UK Women's...). Nikki A.S.H. attacks Rhea from behind before the bell, hammering her with fists and slamming her onto the mat. Rhea looks to fight back and Nikki sends her flying outside of the ring. Nikki with a wrecking-ball dropkick. Nikki whips Rhea into the side of the steel steps head-first and backs up the ramp as the crowd boos her.
No Contest--Null Match.

Backstage: 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke & Reggie

After a quick video reminding us that Omos challenged Reggie last week, we find Reggie and Dana discussing strategy for his upcoming match. She encourages him on and fires him up for the match. When they walk off, we see R-Truth, Tamina, and Tozawa watching from a perch above them and eating popcorn. R-Truth says Dana must "really hate Reggie" because she's gonna "get him got."

Singles Match: Omos vs Reggie w/ 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke

Omos makes his way out first, sending us to a break. We return to find Omos and Reggie both in the ring. Omos roars at Reggie. Suddenly, Tamina, Akira Tozawa, and R-Truth run out in an effort to regain the 24/7 title. Omos throws them all out of the ring except Tamina, who backs down. Omos then slams Reggie and picks up the pin in short fashion. Seriously one move, the chokeslam, that's it.
Your Winner, Omos!

Maryse & Beth Phoenix Come Face to Face

Maryse makes her way out first and--you guessed it again!--sends us to a break. Maryse starts off by informing us that the Miz isn't here tonight. She states he has a big mouth and likes to make decisions without talking to her first, so now she has to clean up his mess. She asks Phoenix to come out, alone, so they can talk "woman to woman, face to face, mother to mother, please come out." Phoenix obliges, but has Edge accompany her. Maryse asks Edge to stay back while they have a conversation. Maryse tells Beth that they have to cancel the match at the Royal Rumble and the crowd boos. Phoenix tells Maryse that "this should be good, I'm all ears." Maryse states the crowd doesn't want the match, Maryse doesn't want it and Phoenix doesn't want it. The crowd starts to boo her. "Really? Really? Really? I have a microphone and I can be louder than you. It doesn't matter what you think," she screams at the crowd. They rip off a huge "you suck" chant. Maryse touches on her past with Phoenix, stating that the women's division is what it is today because of the two of them. And because of that, Maryse thinks they should be a besties and should hang out, have play dates, etc. Phoenix speaks, telling her to shut up. Rude! Phoenix mocks Maryse's words, stating she's not buying any of it. Phoenix tells us that means Maryse "obviously take acting lessons from" her husband. Burn! Beth informs Maryse that the mixed tag match at the Rumble is not off. She doesn't want to miss the opportunity to tag with her husband for the first time. She also looks forward to "glam-slamming your ass through that canvas." She offers to give the crowd a preview now, drops mic and heads towards the ring. The Miz shows up, attacking Edge from behind. Maryse then uses her purse to smack Phoenix in the back of the head with her purse. Edge checks on Phoenix as the It Couple leave the Grit Couple a little worse for wear. Maryse eventually reveals what's in her purse--a brick. Didn't see that one coming, did we, dear reader?

Eight Man Tag Match: the Street Profits & the Mysterios vs the Dirty Dawgs and Apollo Crews & Cmdr. Azeez

The faces are out first as the Profits and Mysterios are welcomed by the fans. We head to a break. When we return, we've got the Dawgs and their partners out and ready to rock. We start with Dom Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler. Dom locks up Ziggler from behind. Ziggler breaks it with a back elbow. Dom takes Dolph to the canvas with a Hurricanrana, then proceeds to charge into a clothesline. Roode comes in and takes his turn working Dom over. Roode looks for a suplex but Dom escapes and tags in Rey, assisting his father in hitting a Hurricanrana on Roode! Rey runs off the ropes and hits a second Hurricanrana. Roode looks to pop Mysterio over the ropes but Mysterio counters and heads up top. Mysterio looks for a top-rope Hurricanrana. Not sure if it was a botch, or a counter, but Roode ends up lifting Mysterio up as if he wanted to Powerbomb the luchastar. Mysterio sends them both tumbling to the outside with a modified Hurricanrana and we head to break.

When we return, the Dirty Dawgs double-team Rey Mysterio and clear off his partners from the apron with a surprise attack. Ziggler tags in Crews, who impressively hits his standing Moonsault. Crews attempts a cover but only picks up a short count. Crews hoists Mysterio up high above his head, and Mysterio counters it into a Tornado DDT! Rey looks for the tag but no one's on the apron. Future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins makes it to the apron to take the hot tag. Dawkins drops Crews with a corkscrew elbow; Roode with a suplex; Ziggler with a slam of his own. Dawkins with a Powerslam on Crews and looks for the win. Azeez makes the save and the ref loses control as all eight men brawl. Rey and Dom hit a double 619 on the Dirty Dawgs! Dom dives out of the ring but Azeez catches him. Rey dives out of the ring, dropkicking his son into Azeez. Ford takes the hot tag and must leap easily a height of 20 feet for his Frog Splash, crashing hard into Crews and picking up the win.

Your Winners, the Street Profits and the Mysterios!

Main Event Singles Match: Bobby Lashley w/ MVP vs Seth Rollins

Bobby Lashley is out first with MVP, dapper as always. We head to a break ahead of our main event. When we return, both competitors are out and ready. The bell rings and both men take a pause before attempting to lock up. Seth slaps on a headlock but the Almighty one whips him off and into the ropes, leap frogging over Rollins before dropping him with a shoulder block. Rollins and Lashley look to lock up. Rollins with a rear waistlock. Lashley shakes him off and runs off the ropes, running right into a Sling Blade! Seth looks for a Pedigree but Lashley counters and looks for the Hurt Lock! Rollins slips out and sends Rollins outside. Rollins hits a Suicide Dive. Rollins looks for another but Lashley intercepts him and uses Rollins' momentum to send him hard into the floor and barricade as we go to break!

When we return, we find Rollins systematically targeting Lashley's left knee, attacking it and working it over with a variety of holds. When Lashley rises, Rollins takes him down with a leg screw/dragon screw and slaps on a half-crab. Rollins holds it on for a lengthy time as Lashley huffs, and puffs, and tries to force his way out of it. Rollins releases the hold and stomps the back of Lashley's knee, then slaps on another half-crab. Dean Malenko did the Boston Crab best, just saying. Rollins continues to work the leg for several long moments until Lashley manages to shove him off, sending Rollins out to the ringside floor. Rollins quickly hits the ring and attempts a Stomp, but Lashley counters and drives Rollins into the canvas with a reverse Urinage! Lashley rubs some feeling into his leg then starts laying into Seth. Lashley with two consecutive belly-to-belly suplexes! Lashley with a corner splash and a DDT, followed by a stalling suplex.

Rollins escapes but Lashley picks him right back up and hits his shoulder-drop powerslam!

Lashley posts up in the corner and threatens a spear. Rollins counters with a knee to face, then hits a rolling elbow to Lashley before shoving him into the corner. Rollins looks for the Pedigree and connects! Pedigree on Lashley! Rollins covers Lashley for a close two! Lashley and Rollins fight into the corner and up the turnbuckles. Lashley blocks a Rollins dive by running up the ropes and hitting a to-rope belly-to-belly suplex! Without warning, the Hurt Business--Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin--attack Lashley, causing the DQ!
Your Winner by Disqualification, Bobby Lashley

After the Match: Surprise Cameos!

MVP watches as the team work over Lashley. Lashley takes them down with a double suplex. Lashley rams Cedric into the ring post incredibly hard--the thud was loud. Lashley then Spears Shelton Benjamin through the barricade! The Usos suddenly appear! They hop in the ring and when Seth turns, they hit a double-superkick to lay out the Architect!

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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