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"Hangman" Adam Page Retains World Title on AEW Dynamite Debut on TBS

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Jan 05, 2022

"Hangman" Adam Page Retains World Title on AEW Dynamite Debut on TBS

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Bryan Danielson II has concluded.

The rematch which saw AEW World Champion Page defend against Danielson opened the very first AEW Dynamite episode on TBS.

The match featured judges Paul Wight, Jerry Lynn, and Mark Henry to render a decision if the match went to a time limit draw.

Courtesy of our live coverage partner Matt Boone of RAJAH.com, here is the full match recap:

AEW World Championship
Bryan Danielson vs. "Hangman" Adam Page (C)

After that, they send things down to the ring as it's time to get ready for our opening contest. Kicking off the TBS era of AEW Dynamite tonight will be the highly-anticipated rematch between Bryan Danielson and "Hangman" Adam Page for the AEW World Championship.

On that note, the familiar sounds of the theme for "The American Dragon" plays and out comes the number one ranked contender for our first match of the evening. He settles in the ring and his music fades down.

The crowd amps up now as the entrance music for the champion plays. Out comes "Hangman" Adam Page as J.R. asks us on commentary if we're ready for some "Cowboy Shiz-nit." Yes, he literally said shiz-nit, by the way.

With both guys in the ring now, J.R. sends things down to the ring where "The Dapper Yapper" Justin Roberts -- new shoes and all -- gets the formal pre-match ring introductions underway. He announces Mark Henry, Jerry Lynn and Paul Wight as the three judges for the match should it go the 60-minute time-limit distance again.

We hear the bell and these two immediately get after it, as Page sprints across the ring after Danielson. Danielson avoids the onslaught from the champ and ducks out the back door to take a moment on the floor at ringside. He walks over to where the judges are seated and does some jumping jacks to taunt and mock his opponent.

Back in the ring, Danielson again covers up and avoids an attack from Page. For a second time he slides under the ropes and out to the floor, essentially avoiding the fight. The commentators question his strategy and if he is purposely trying to milk the clock. When he heads back in the ring again, once more we see him avoid Page's attacks, this time staying in the ring but still not looking to engage.

He backs off from Page and does some more jumping jacks. They lock up again and Danielson isolates one of the arms of Page. Page reverses and Danielson backs off again. Page hits the ropes and dives out to the floor, connecting with Danielson and bringing the fight to him at ringside. Page goes to follow-up with a top-rope moonsault to Danielson on the floor but again Danielson avoids the offensive attempt by the champion.

Danielson ends up back in the ring and Page comes in after him, looking to hit his Buckshot Lariat finisher and end this one quickly. Instead, Danielson ducks out and slides out to the floor yet again. Page tries to dive through the ropes and splash onto him again, but Danielson side-steps him as he sails through the ring ropes. Page lands awkwardly on his arm and immediately the commentators question if he suffered an arm injury with that high-risk attempt.

With Page down and favoring his arm after the awkward landing, Danielson now finally appears ready to get to work. With both competitors back in the ring, Danielson is finally stringing together an offensive attack, focusing on the softened up arm of "Hangman." Danielson works over Page's arm for a couple of minutes and then Page ends up catching him and connecting with a fall-away slam to slow down Danielson's momentum.

From there, Page kips up and goes to work on Danielson, selling his arm the entire time but completely shifting the offense back to his favor. He works over Danielson a bit and then grounds him. He climbs to the top-rope and looks for a big flying lariat. He connects with it and goes for a pin attempt upon landing, however Danielson kicks out at two. As he gets back up, Danielson starts showing signs of life and is fighting back into competitive form.

He gets Page on the floor and builds up a head of steam for a suicide dive. Page side-steps him and launches Danielson over near the steel ring steps. He gets up and runs over to Danielson, but Danielson connects with a drop toe-hold that results in Page landing head-first on the steel ring steps. Danielson gets in some follow-up shots and then rolls into the ring to stop the referee's count and taunt the fans a bit. The camera pans over to show Page is busted open as a result of his head smashing into the ring steps.

Danielson heads back out to the foor and gets in some follow-up shots on an increasingly bloody "Hangman." He rolls back into the ring again to break the ref's count. From there, Excalibur talks us into a mid-match commercial break as the AEW World Championship rematch continues. When we return from the break we see that Danielson is still dominating the action as he is in the middle of hitting repeated headbutts to Page's bloody dome while holding onto the hair of the champ.

As the action continues, we see Page's head becoming more and more bloody. He drops down to the mat and looks for a submission attempt, but after getting it locked in he decides to let it go on his own in favor of rolling on top of Page and pummeling him like a shark that smells blood. As Page gets back up, we see his face is quickly becoming an absolute bloody mess, similar to how The Bunny and Tay Conti looked during the women's street fight on Rampage.

Regardless of his crimson mask, Page slows down Danielson's momentum and gets in some offense for the first time since getting busted open. He backs Danielson into a corner and blasts him with chops. Danielson reverses him and chops Page a few times, however Page reverses him right back and whips him into the opposing corner. He follows in with a running clothesline and then continues to work him over, taking him down into a pin attempt and bridging back for leverage. Danielson kicks out at two.

Following the pin attempt, Danielson starts to fight back a bit. Page looks for a brainbuster or suplex but Danielson blocks it. Danielson tries for one of his own, but Page blocks it. As they continue to struggle to suplex the other person, we see them roll over the top-rope and land on the floor. Once on the floor, Danielson runs Page face-first into the steel ring post. Page is down and the camera pans over for a close-up shot to show how messy-bloody the champ has become.

"The American Dragon" heads over and picks Page up. He stands on one side of the steel ring post on the floor holding onto Page's hands while Page is standing on the other side. He is looking to smash him into the post over-and-over again but before he can do it once, Page fights back and instead we see Page ram Danielson face-first into the steel ring post over-and-over again. When the action resumes inside the ring, we see that Danielson was busted open during that spot.

Blood starts free-flowing from the challenger as he is laid out in the ring. Page does some jumping jacks to mock him back in the same fashion that he did earlier in the contest. On that note, Excalibur talks us into another mid-match commercial break as this entertaining AEW World Championship rematch continues. When we return from the break we see Page and Danielson both on the top-rope trading back-and-forth headbutts. Both guys are a complete and total bloody mess, for the record.

Finally we see Page connect with a crazy high-spot off the top-rope for a close near fall attempt. Afterwards we see some immediate replays of the high spot as the fans break out into a loud "This is awesome!" chant inside the Prudential Center. Danielson counters a move attempted by Page as the action resumes, resulting in Page landing on the floor. Danielson looks to capitalize by running off the apron with a high spot, but Page avoids it and counters with a wicked dead-eye, dropping Danielson on his bloody-dome on the hard floor.

Back in the ring, Page looks to finish Danielson off, as he waits for him to get up while standing on the ring apron outside of the ropes, looking to connect with his Buckshot Lariat finisher. Things don't go as Page planned, and now Danielson starts fighting back. He gets Page down and gets him in his LeBelle Lock submission-finisher. He yanks back with everything he's got as blood free-flows out of both guys heads, with Danielson's looking more gruesome but not slowing him down. Page looks like he's nearly finished off in the hold but eventually he escapes.

Page sends Danielson out to the floor and then climbs to the top-rope. He leaps out to the ringside area, connecting with a big moonsault onto the challenger. He rolls him back into the ring and again looks for his Buckshot Lariat finisher, but again Danielson avoids it. Danielson then connects with a running knee for a super close near fall of his own. After the kick out, the fans in Newark go nuts with a loud "AEW! AEW!" chant. The ref checks on the condition of both guys as blood continues to flow like water in an ocean.

With both guys on their knees and covered in blood, they continue to fight like animals, trading back-and-forth headbutts as they slowly work their way back up to their feet. Once they do, Danielson hits the ropes for some added momentum on his next headbutt. Page does the same thing in response and now they go back-and-forth with headbutts off the ropes. Danielson takes over and start mixes in big kicks. He hooks Page and connects with a Gotch-style cradle piledriver for another close near fall.

After the near fall attempt we see Danielson look over at the judges and smile. He grabs the hand of Page while he is laid out on his back in the ring and proceeds to hit his repeated stomps in his trademark fashion. Page ends up fighting back and connecting with a desparation counter, but Danielson then slaps on a triangle choke off his back out of the blue. Page fights his way out of it but Danielson then locks onto another submission attempt before Page can create some distance between the two of them. Page eventually escapes that submission attempt as well and takes back over on offense.

Page stomps away at Danielson and then hoists him up for a big back-suplex driver. He heads out to the ring apron outside of the ropes, stopping to pull his elbow pad down. He goes for his Buckshot Lariat finisher once again and this time he connects. He immediately goes for the cover and gets the pin fall victory. Another amazing match from these two, only this time we get a winner. Page kicks off the TBS era of Dynamite by slaying the "American Dragon" with his Buckshot Lariat. He celebrates his title win as highlights of key spots in the match are shown. After the match, we head to another commercial break.

Winner and STILL AEW World Champion: "Hangman" Adam Page

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