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WWE Monday Night RAW Results - January 3, 2022

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Jan 03, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Results - January 3, 2022

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (January 3, 2022): Bon Secours Wellness Arena - Greenville, SC, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


We open with a video that covers the main event from Day 1, which saw Brock Lesnar added to the Fatal 4-Way due to Roman Reigns' absence (due to covid). Lesnar would go on to win, pinning Big E himself to win the title and once again become the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World. Afterwards, Corey Graves and Jimmy Smith join the affable Byron Saxton on commentary. They hype the Fatal 4-Way contender's match, which will see the original Day 1 match serving as a road to Brock Lesnar. They also cover the United States Championship bout tonight, and announce a Women's Tag Titles challenge when Super Brutality take on reigning champs Queen Zelina Vega & Carmella.

New WWE Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar Addresses the WWE Universe

The arena goes dark for a few moments and when the lights come up, Paul Heyman is in the ring! The crowd boos him loudly as he gets on the mic. "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman." The crowd goes along with him. "And tonight, as an advocate, I'd like to introduce you to my client...and NEW, reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World--Brock Lesnar!" The crowd goes ape when the Beast Incarnate makes his appearance! Brock Lesnar makes his way out, laughing and all smiles as he does his entrance.

Brock stands on the steel steps in the middle of the ring, like a champion's podium, and gets on the mic. He starts by giving a big shout-out to his "good buddy" Roman Reigns. "He's probably sitting at home, more than likely, tuned in to Monday Night Raw. Tuned in to the NEW WWE Heavyweight Champion, the REAL champion, Brock Lesnar! Get well soon, buddy! Now, South Carolina--" he pauses for the cheap pop, "--acknowledge me." The crowd boos. He then acknowledges Heyman, for advocating his free agency and all the strings pulled Saturday to help make him the WWE Champion. Lesnar thanks him and shakes his hand.

Heyman speaks again, stating that the things that go on behind the scenes are more chaotic than we see. He addresses "allegedly" negotiating Brock's free agency, and the strings he pulled to get Lesnar added to the Fatal 4-Way. He hypes what Lesnar did next, destroying all but Lashley and ultimately pinning Big E. Heyman announces that Brock Lesnar will defend at the Royal Rumble whomever wins the contender's match. He runs down the challengers. He states Rollins and Owens have to be lumped together; they're both hyenas and act similar. He calls Rollins dumb, stating "he's too stupid to realize he's not a visionary because if he had a vision for the future he'd realize his wife is going to leave him if he doesn't beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE title. But he can't." Haha. He suggests Rollins and Owens be traded to SmackDown "because I understand there's a certain Tribal Chief who's a little vulnerable without his Special Counsel." The crowd boos and he tells them "one week without his special counsel and he gets corona!" Ouch! He addresses Bobby Lashley and MVP next.

He points out that Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar have never met before Day 1--never shook hands backstage, never crossed paths, nada. He goes on to remind us that Lashley had Lesnar in the Hurt Lock and it didn't appear that Lesnar could escape. "In all three of these occasions (at Day 1), Bobby Lashley" blindsided Lesnar. He states that Lashley can't jack him from behind and will have to face Lesnar face-to-face, if he wins tonight. He addresses Big E and the crowd pops. Heyman adds "yeah, he deserves your applause. Big E did WWE justice. Big E is a credit tot he wrestling entertainment business, the company...Big E is all that and more and he'd still be WWE Champion if he didn't have to step in the ring with Brock Lesnar." He tells us that they have nothing but respect for Big E and if he wins tonight, "Sir, it would be an absolute honor to watch that match. You're still gonna lose, there's no shame," and goes on to brag that Lesnar won't lose.

Backstage: RK-Bro

Riddle name drops a few celebrities he knows and calls Eminem a bish (or so it sounded), and praises their fun with Migos at Day 1. Randy asks Riddle to remember their new year's resolutions. Riddle says one is to go to the Grand Canyon together, another is to go shopping. Orton tries to focus Riddle, reminding him they won their title defense Saturday, with Randy saying "Because we're R...(what, goes Riddle)...K..(who, goes Riddle)...Bro...(chicka-chicka, goes Riddle)." Nice throwback to Eminem's early work.

Non-Title Tag Match: Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro vs the Alpha Academy

The prolonged feud between the Alpha Academy and RK-Bro continues tonight with a potential contendership on the line. We start with Riddle who quickly finds himself in trouble, stuck in the Alpha Academy corner. The AA use quick tags, as is their modus operandi, cutting the ring in thirds and keeping Riddle cornered while pounding away at him. After two minutes, Riddle manages to float over an Otis powerbomb attempt and hits a high kick to Otis, stunning the bulldozer of a man. Chad Gable attacks Orton, preventing the hot tag. Riddle hits a running knee to Otis then attempts an RKO. Otis counters it into a traditional powerslam, and just like that the short match is over.
Your Winners, the Alpha Academy!

Backstage: Bobby Lashley and MVP

Lashley is asked about Day 1 and, to sum it all up, Lashley says "Brock Lesnar fears me." That's the gist of it, the rest was MVP babbling in support of the All Mighty one.

Video Package: AJ Styles and Omos

A quick video recaps the career of the former tag team, featuring their Raw tag team title win and dominance on the Raw division until their split two weeks ago following their loss to the Mysterios.

Mixed Tag Team 24/7 Championship Match: Akira Tozawa & Tamina vs 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke & Reggie

Yep, so this is a 24/7 championship tag match. Okay. Brooke comes out with Reggie; Tamina and Tozawa are already in the ring. If Dana Brooke is pinned, she'll lose the 24/7 title. We get hype for this match, and others, then another commercial break. We start with Akira Tozawa and Reggie. As usual, Reggie shows off his agility in a few moves of offense until Tozawa junk-punches him without the ref seeing. Tozawa looks for a running high kick on Reggie but Reggie moves and Tamina takes the kick. Tozawa apologizes; Tamina forgives him with a big fist. Reggie covers Tozawa and picks up the win after a very short match.
Your Winner and STILL 24/7 Champion, Dana Brooke!

Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch Addresses the WWE Universe

Lynch comes out to a healthy mix of cheers and boos from the South Carolinian crowd. Up after this break: "Big Time Becks" speaks. "Here we are, huh? 2022. There's something about the new year that inspires so much hope in people. It doesn't matter if you failed the whole of last year, or the whole last five years, or your whole life...when that clock strikes midnight, everything can change for the better. New year, new you, huh?" She goes on to state that she admires the ambition of those women in the locker room, but hers is to remain the Raw Women's Champion. She reflects on the last year and the decisions she's made. She claims to be a work of art and gets a pop. She goes on to heel mode, mocking the crowd, stating they'll not get that job promotion they want, they won't lose the weight they want, and they'll never get the hell out of South Carolina. She addresses Liv Morgan "breaking" a promise to herself and the fans that she would win at Day 1. Liv Morgan makes her way out to new music and with a mic of her own.

"Wow, new year, new ugly jacket and same delusional Becks!" Morgan makes her way to the ring on the mic, stating that she was close to winning the title and Becks knows it. Morgan says that the only thing she promised herself is that she'd give it her all and leave it all in the ring every chance she had, and that is what she felt she did at Day 1. Lynch admires it and states Liv may win the title--when Lynch retires. She insults Morgan, stating she isn't the one. Bianca Belair makes her way out on mic, too.

Belair is tired of Lynch's mouth. Belair tells Lynch that she doesn't trust Lynch as far as she can trust her, then remarks that the saying actually doesn't make sense as Belair's already shown in the past how far she can throw Lynch. She then addresses Doudrop and their recent feud, then states she's back in line for Big Time Becks. Becky says her routine is "beat, sleep, repeat" so expect that shirt out by Friday. Lynch insults the women's locker room again, and Morgan reminds Lynch that she's "not been back there in years" and knows nothing about it. Morgan and Belair debate over who deserves a shot at Lynch. Lynch tells them to get the hell out of her ring and decide on it (who she should face) later. She drops her mic and keeps telling them to get out. Belair and Morgan double-team Becks, sending her out of the ring to a pop. Morgan and Belair then square off and unload into each other, with Belair picking Morgan up and ramming her into the turnbuckle! Belair with multiple shoulder thrusts before Morgan hits a donkey dropkick and a step-up shotgun. Belair looks for the KOD on Morgan but Lynch attacks her from behind. Lynch then hits the Manhandle Slam on Belair, leaving both women laid out while she walks off title in hand.

Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Carmella & Queen Zelina Vega(c) vs Super Brutality

Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H.--Super Brutality--are out first, followed by the champions. Carmella sports new black and silver ring gear that looks cool and a bit more cohesive, color palette-wise, with Vega's. We head to break ahead of this match. When we return, we start off with Rhea and Zelina. Zelina slaps Rhea; Rhea slaps back, rocking Vega. Ripley hoists Vega in a one-arm Brainbuster suplex with a lengthy hang time! Vega kicks out of the ensuing pin attempt. Ripley tags in Nikki who hits a facebuster and attempts a cover. Carmella puts on a matching black-and-gold face mask. Nikki drops Vega with a clothesline and covers for one. Queen Zelina yanks Nikki into the middle rope and starts to pummel Nikki, mounting her back and slapping on an arm bar as she tries to wear down the Almost a Super Hero. Ripley yells encouragement to her partner as Nikki attempts to get to a vertical base. Zelina shifts to a side headlock but Nikki escapes. Nikki looks for the hot tag but Vega uses a hair whip to send Nikki's skull crashing into the mat. Vega bows, regally, and attacks Ripley on the apron. Vega rolls up Nikki and picks up the win. Carmella never even entered the match.

Your Winners and STILL Women's Tag Team Champions, Carmella & Queen Zelina Vega!

Royal Rumble Entrant Announcements

Johnny Knoxville will take the place of a Superstar, with zero chance of winning. Rey Mysterio announced he and Dom will enter the Rumble as well.

Tag Match: the Street Profits vs Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez

The Profits are out first. After a few breaks and segments, Crews & Azeez are out. We start with Azeez and Montez Ford. Azeez throws Ford into the corner but Montez comes out swinging every limb he can, attempting to catch the big man off guard. Azeez catches Ford with a shoulder, mid-air, dropping the high-flyer hard. Azeez with a big scoop slam. Ford and Azeez give way to Dawkins and Crews. Dawkins hits the Silencer and covers for one. Azeez rips Dawkins off and the two battle to the outside. Dawkins sends Azeez face-first into the ring post. Ford makes a blind tag and hits a 20' frog splash to pick up the quick win.

Your Winners, the Street Profits!

United States Championship Match: Damian Priest(c) vs Dolph Ziggler

Damian Priest is out first and sends us to yet another break. The challenger is out next and the bell rings before the official announcements. Both men politely wait to fight until after the announcements. The bell rings again and we're off! Priest starts off violent, throwing Ziggler into the corner and unloading huge rights as the ref counts a warning. Priest stops just in the nick of time to avoid the DQ. Ziggler to the outside, followed by Priest. Ziggler looks for a Famouser but Priest catches him outside, by the announcer's table. Ziggler counters Priest's slam attempt with a Tornado DDT that leaves the champ rolling in pain as we head to break!

We return from the break and Ziggler's firmly in charge. Ziggler works over the champ for a few moments until he pisses off Priest. Priest fires off multiple high kicks and strikes, taking the upper hand. Priest drives Ziggler into the mat and covers for a close two. Priest climbs the turnbuckles from the outside as the crowd cheers him on. Ziggler pops up fast and runs up the ropes, looking for a Snap Superplex. Priest slaps on the brakes before seemingly accidentally falling to the apron. Ziggler, ever the veteran, helps save the spot. Priest goes back up top and Robert Roode attacks, tripping him off the top rope. Ziggler hits a Famouser on the champ, but only picks up two. Priest clobbers Ziggler with a big clothesline and slides outside, attacking Roode. Priest retrieves a steel chair as the ref counts to seven. Priest is about to whack Roode but has to slide back into the ring as the ref hits nine. Ziggler begs Priest to hit him with the steel chair, and Roode gets up on the apron, begging Priest to hit Ziggler, too. Priest throws the chair into Roode's face; Ziggler hits the Zig Zag off the distraction, picking up a very close two! Priest counters a Superkick with the Reckoning and picks up the win.

Your Winner and STILL United States Champion, Damian Priest!

The Miz and Maryse Address WWE Hall of Fame Legends Edge and Beth Phoenix

The Miz and Maryse came to play and make their way out to the ring first. We head to a break. When we return, we get a quick video package that highlighted the Miz and Edge's match which saw interference from Maryse--and involvement from Edge's WWE Legend wife, Beth Phoenix. Back in the ring, the Miz reminds us that he's the only two-time Grand Slam Champion in WWE history. He feels he still has to prove himself in the ring, this time against a one-time Grand Slam Champion, Edge, and tries to say "one" in French. Maryse assists him. The Miz claims he saw the look of defeat in Edge's eyes until Phoenix interfered. The Miz sends us to video clips from last week's vow renewal, which Edge ruined by dropping a viscous fluid on the lovely couple. The Miz goes on to accuse Edge of hiding behind his wife and challenges Edge's manhood. The Miz asks who would do all that and the crowd repeatedly chants "you!" Maryse reassures the Miz, then tells the Miz that "if that girl were here tonight I'd punch her right in the face." Enter Beth Phoenix, looking great! She's followed by Edge, and the crowd absolutely shows the Rated R-Superstar some love with a big pop.

Edge and the Glamazon enter the ring, on mics, and engage the Miz & Mrs. verbally. Beth Phoenix gives Maryse a chance to take that shot. Maryse refuses and Edge comments "Yeah, that's what we figured." He tells the Miz that most people would "take the L" and move on but instead the Miz comes out here "bitching, and moaning and whining and complaining" and making excuses. He mocks the Miz, stating the Browns losing last week is why the Miz lost on Day 1. Edge calls the Miz a hypocrite and for once the Miz is at a loss for words, as Edge eloquently points out. Edge points out that he doesn't ask Beth to fight his battles, and Phoenix states that what went down at Day 1 was her idea. Edge suggests that the Miz get his chance to rectify things, and offers to give the Miz what he wants--a mixed tag match between the two married couples.

"The It Couple vs the Rated R-Superstar and the Glamazon--the Grit Couple--at the Royal Rumble, whattaya say?" The fans chant for the Miz to accept. The Miz calls Maryse "the sexiest alchemist" and lists her IMDB credits as a producer on their show, and a lengthy reign as women's champion. Phoenix tells the Miz that a simple yes or no will work, and asks for his decision. The Miz accepts. Maryse is upset by the Miz's decision and storms off with the Miz chasing her, trying to calm his wife.

Backstage Interview: Big E

Big E speaks about the Fatal 4-Way match tonight. He tells us that being the WWE Champion meant a lot to him and it meant something to a lot of people. He states that there's no shame in losing to Brock Lesnar, but he refuses to stay down. He says he's going to make sure his next chapter his his best chapter. He declares that tonight he starts his path back to reclaiming his WWE Championship "and I'll be damned if there's a soul on Earth who can stop me!"

Singles Match: AJ Styles vs Omos

We cut back to the arena and the Phenomenal One makes his way out as we head to break. The Palmetto State crowd welcomes the Peach State superstar warmly and shower Omos with boos upon his entrance. The match runs short, with Omos dominating the entire match. The giant had an answer for everything the Phenomenal One had to throw at him.

Your Winner, Omos!

Number One Contenders Fatal 4-Way Main Event Match: Bobby Lashley vs Big E vs Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

Out first for our main event is Kevin Owens. He's followed by fellow competitors Big E, Seth Rollins and finally by the All Mighty one, Bobby Lashley. We head to a break ahead of the bell. Our Superstars pair off with Big E and Kevin Owens going at it int he ring while Lashley destroys Rollins outside the ring. Lashley rams Rollins head into the ring post. Big E sends Owens out of the ring and Lashley enters. The two powerhouses exchange words then right hands, with both men seemingly on equal standing. Lashley takes control with a big clothesline and hoists Big E up for a brief stalling suplex. Lashley hits a neckbreaker on an entering Owens before hitting him with a longer stalling suplex as well. The fans begin to chant for Lashley. Lashley looks to spear Owens through the barricade but KO steps aside and Lashley rams through!

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens strategize together. Big E takes down Rollins with a snap belly-to-belly suplex. Big E clears the commentary table and goes back after Seth Rollins. Big E looks for a Urinage but Owens makes the save. Owens sends Big E into the steel steps. Rollins and Owens continue to work together, running Big E face-first into the ring post before throwing debris down on Lashley, attempting to bury him under the remains of the barricade. Owens gets too close to MVP, who threatens hi with the cane. Owens and Rollins hoist up Big E and Powerbomb him through the announce table! We head to break!

When we return, all four men are in the ring. Owens assists Rollins up as Lashley and Big E face each other. Finally, Lashley and Big E decide to work as a team against Rollins and Owens. Rollins and Owens run off into the crowd as Lashley and Big E give pursuit. Lashley beats Rollins up the stairs as Big E beats Owens up a parallel set of stairs. The action stills to the common areas of the arena. Lashley locks the Hurt Lock on Rollins and we're reminded submissions and pins do not count unless they're in the ring. Owens smacks Lashley with a trash can lid which only serves to piss off the All Mighty one. Big E slams Owens down next to a souvenir table and we head to another break!
We return from our final break of the evening. Lashley and Big E are now battling across the barricade and into the crowd. Lashley and Big E exchange big rights until Rollins attacks Big E. Rollins is attacked by Lashley and Big E, who take a turn at double-teaming Rollins. Kevin Owens flies down off the balcony from outta nowhere, wiping out everyone! Rollins slaps Owens face, firing him up and the duo go to work on Big E, sending him back to the ring. The crowd is hot for this, chanting "holy shit" and "this is awesome." Owens hits a Senton off the top on Big E, and Rollins follows it up with a diving attack of his own. Rollins covers but Big E kicks out at two.

Owens and Rollins look to get on the same page. Rollins and Owens both Superkick Big E at the same time. Owens holds Big E and Rollins looks for the Stomp. Big E avoids it and tries to fight off both men. Kevin Owens hits a pop-up sit-out powerbomb for ac lose two--Lashley makes the save! Lashley clears the ring with belly-to-belly suplexes and runs Owens over outside the ring for good measure. Lashley hits the ring again and turns his attention to Rollins. Big E looks for a Big Ending on Rollins but Lashley hits him with a Spear! Lashley then hits a Spear on Rollins! And a Spear for Owens! A spear for everyone as Lashley picks up the win!

Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Bobby Lashley!

After the Match

Corey Graves is quick to praise the fact that Lashley and Lesnar will finally face off in a WWE ring after decades of never crossing paths. Graves hypes the big-fight feel for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble as we get replays of the main event. Lashley poses on the turnbuckles and we get glimpses of the fallen competition, everyone exhausted after a battle. Lashley hugs MVP and we see Lesnar in the back. Lesnar is asked for a comment. Lesnar states he does have a comment. "Tell Roman Reigns I'll see him this Friday on SmackDown." It appears Lesnar isn't done with Reigns just yet! MVP hypes up Lashley and we fade to black.



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