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AEW Dynamite Results (December 8th 2021)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Dec 08, 2021

AEW Dynamite Results (December 8th 2021)

It's Wednesday, you know what that means! It's time for another episode of AEW Dynamite. This time coming live from Long Island, New York, we have a great card for us including the return of the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royale. Will MJF make it a three-peat? There's only one way to find out. So, with Excalibur, Tony Schiavone & Taz (replacing JR this week, get well soon Jim), let's get straight to the wrestling!

CM Punk Promo

MJF's music hits to start off the show and out comes CM Punk to an awfully mixed reaction. Don't tell me Long Island actually like Max?! Jesus. Regardless, CM Punk comes down and tells the crowd that Chicago was louder and riles up the New Yorkers with a sports jibe. They boo him and he asks the crowd if MJF is their guy and they mostly agree so CM Punk takes off his jacket to show off a 4 Pillars T-Shirt with Britt instead of MJF. He calls Max an incel and explains what's been going but the crowd say "Fuck your Pizza" and Punk goes after the sports team again and compares their recent victory to him beating QT Marshall recently. He tells the crowd he understands why they like MJF but he feels a little sorry for them.

He moves on the AEW title and says he'll be watching Hangman vs American Dragon and he thinks Max does too so he wants to get their match out of the way so the winner can challenge for the AEW Championship. He says that it needs to be just MJF, not the Pinnacle and then says his dog Larry is neutered but has more balls than MJF. He then tells us he wants MJF one on one and he wants him to stand and fight like they do in Chicago and not run like they do in Long Island. He then suggests he'll fight MJF tonight but he and TK wouldn't agree and then tells the crowd that they're all chicken shits as far as he's concerned. I don't think this went the way anybody was expecting. Do better New York!

MJF & Dante Martin defeated Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, Lio Rush, Matt Sydal, Lee Moriarty, Wardlow, Frankie Kazarian, Matt Hardy, Lee Johnson, Jay Lethal to progress to the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royale Final (8:42)

We start off the wrestling part of the show with the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royale and you can see that there's a lot of people in this with a chance of making the final but a lot of men who don't have a chance. MJF gets a special video package for his intro because obviously, the crowd are all MJF fans. He gets a huge pop when his music finally hits and he does the CM Punk knee drop. He has Spears on the outside and the match starts straight away and Jay Lethal almost eliminates him! He survives thanks to Spears who saves him once again. Lee Moriarty gets tossed over the top rope by Wardlow to become the first man out and The Bunny is also on the outside. She passes the knuckles to Matt Hardy who knocks out Jay Lethal and eliminates him and out goes Matt thanks to Lio Rush. We get a brief stare down between Lio and Dante before we get a Hoss battle between Hobbs and Wardlow. Wardlow nearly eliminates him and sends him to the apron and Lio finishes the job. Ricky goes for revenge but Lio survives and we head to break.

Sydal disappears and we stay with Starks, Dante, Lio, Ricky, Lee, Kaz, MJF and Wardlow in the ring throughout the break. We come back to the action and MJF is cowering behind Wardlow. Eventually Wardlow gets taken out by Lio and Lee but MJF takes them all over the top and then low bridges Frankie. It's MJF vs Dante & Ricky and it looks like it's MJF to lose to team Taz as they close in on him but Dante tosses Ricky out of nowhere and we have our final. Dante tears off his FTW armband and it was all a swerve.

MJF shakes his hand and raises it before leaving but then Dante gets jumped by Ricky Starks but then MJF runs down to make the save it seems until they both start beating down poor Dante. But help is on the way as out comes CM Punk. MJF bails and Ricky squares up to Punk but then Dante pops up with an Enzuigiri and CM Punk sends Ricky Starks to sleep as he begins to piss off Team Taz once again. The crowd vociferously boo CM Punk once again and I'm starting to have real beef with Long Island!

Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) & The Varsity Blonds (Griff Garrison & Bryan Pillman Jr) w/ Julia Hart defeated 2point0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker) & The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) w/ Daniel Garcia via Submission (8:48)

Next up is an 8-man tag and as always, this clusterfuck (in the best possible way) is impossible to follow so apologies in advance. Jungle Boy and Anthony Bowens start us off in the ring and it's Bowens who gets the best of it but he tags out to Caster and Jungle Boy just goes crazy and takes out all four opponents and tags out to Pillman who dives onto the pack and then Garrison does the same. They return Caster to the ring and hit some nice combination offence in before Griff gets a two. He tags back out to Pillman who continues the beatdown until Bowens helps him from the outside and the momentum shifts. 2point0 and The Acclaimed beat down Griff in their corner and make multiple tags and keep him in trouble. They don't do any big moves but they keep Pillman grounded and thwart his attempts to escape the trouble he's in. He has to kick out of multiple pin attempts but Pillman finally fires up and makes the tag to Luchasaurus and the hottest tag in AEW (Sorry Nick Jackson) runs wild on all four opponents. He takes out the Acclaimed and tags in Jungle Boy and then we get all 8 men taking each other one at a time until Jungle Boy locks in the Snare Trap. Garcia jumps on the ropes and Eddie Kingston comes down to take him out. Max ends up missing the Mic Drop and Jungle Boy once again puts him in the Snare Trap to get the win.

After the match, Eddie Kingston drags a cameraman backstage and tries to talk to the camera but we can't hear it. Ortiz appears to be there trying to calm him down but 2point0 and Garcia rush them and beat them down as we go to break. New York is fucking crazy man!

FTR & Tully Blanchard Promo

Tully says that FTR were once the AEW Tag Champs and they will again when they beat the Lucha Brothers like they have three times already. They say the Lucha Bros are running but the match is finally happening this Friday on Rampage.

Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) w/ Adam Cole & Brandon Cutler defeated CHAOS (Chuck Taylor & Rocky Romero) w/ Orange Cassidy via Pinfall (15:39)

Rocky Romero & Nick Jackson get us started and they begin with some technical wrestling which Rocky gets the best of with a Dropkick. They lock up again and Rocky is the one on top still as he returns Nick's Arm Drag with a much deeper one of his own before he tags out to Chuck but as they go for the double team, Matt hits the Blind Tag to come in. Chuck spots him though and nearly pins him straight away with a Jack-knife cover. Matt manages to fight back and he and Nick send Chuck to the outside but Rocky manages to send Nick to the outside and hits him with a Tope but Matt follows him with a Dropkick through the ropes. The Bucks begin to dominate from here and bend the rules in front of Rick Knox with no consequences as they beat down Romero. They keep him in their corner as they continue to keep Rocky in trouble but Rocky fires up and makes the tag to Chuck Taylor who hits the Bucks with a Flatliner/DDT combo and follows it with a Tope Con Hilo but the Bucks fire back with Superkicks on Chuck and take out Romero when he dives at them from the apron.

The Young Bucks take Chuck out with an Assisted Senton from the Apron to the floor and then they mock Orange Cassidy. Nick returns Chuck to the ring and the Bucks make tags to allow Nick to hit the same Senton from the ropes in the ring as we head to break. They keep him down throughout the break and they fight off any brief rally Taylor makes. When we return from break, Orange Cassidy ducks a kick from Nick Jackson but eats one from Adam Cole and then Chuck Taylor suddenly is wearing Orange's glasses and he fires up to finally tag out to Rocky Romero who runs wild on the Bucks. This match breaks down and there's action everywhere but everyone takes everyone out including Cole and Cassidy whilst Cutler distracts the ref but Chaos nearly win when Cutler sprays Matt in the eyes. Romero seems to have the match controlled but Matt Jackson grabs him from nowhere and suddenly they hit the Meltzer Driver and get the win. What a match this was!

After the match, The Bucks beat up Taylor and Romero and Cassidy gets beaten up too when Cole joins in and even Wheeler Yuta can't save them. Cassidy eats a Panama Sunrise and then they look to be about to take out Cassidy properly with a three-way BTE Trigger but the Best Friends music plays and a familiar Mini Van rolls in to shot as we finally get the return of Trent! He comes in and clears the ring and then we get Sue and Kris Statlander joining them in the most wholesome moment of the year.

Ruby Soho Interview

Alex Marvez goes to ask Ruby about Nyla's attack last week but she's interrupted by The Bunny and Penelope Ford. They tell her that she has a match with them and Nyla if she can find any partners and then Ruby attacks them but Nyla comes in and cheap shots her. They go to continue the beat down but TayJay make the save with steel chairs.

Sammy Guevara Interview

Sammy is asked about the TNT open challenge but he's interrupted by Cody's music. Cody comes out to bigger boo's than CM Punk and tells Sammy that he has a match against Cody on Christmas Day and Cody say's good luck before teasing the heel exit. Ethan Page then interrupts with a mic from the crowd and complains that Cody gets a match no matter what before he tells us that Dan Lambert is coming back and the Scorpio Sky tells him he won't fight anyone in the top 5 and tells him to grow a pair. So much going on tonight!

Jade Cargill vs Thunder Rosa Video Package

This match should be great! I'm looking forward to it!

Riho defeated Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker & Rebel via Pinfall (13:08)

This match starts off at Riho's pace and that's what allows her to get back on top after Hayter's strength showed early. Britt tells Jamie to beat Riho when Hayter rolls to the outside for a breather but when Riho hits her dive, Jamie catches her and drives her into the ring post to take over completely. Jamie now wrestles at her pace which is slow and methodical as she beats Riho down as we go to the break. Jamie beats Riho down throughout the breaks but Riho comes back to life when we return from commercial with a Double Stomp from a roll through. Both women stay down but Jamie makes her feet first and then engages in a forearm battle. Riho goes for a roll up but Jamie escapes and then, after fighting for it, she hits a Dragon Suplex for two. She tries to follow it up but Hayter then gets a two from a Sheer Drop Brainbuster. She kicks out at two from a Backbreaker and then Jamie locks in a Single Leg Crab. Riho scrambles for the ropes but then manages to escape and we get a sequence that concludes in a great Code Red for two from Riho. She follows up with the Double Foot Stomps but Jamie kicks out again and then Jamie takes Riho on on the top rope. Riho wins till Rebel gets involved and but Riho fights back with a huge Crucifix Bomb and gets the three count with the Somato and this was one hell of a match.

Britt attacks Riho after the bell and puts her in the Lockjaw before she leaves her laying.

Taz Announcement

Taz says on Friday, we finally see Hook! Oh My God!

Shida vs Deeb Video Package

What a feud this is turning into. This video package is top tier. This match will be great again. Guaranteed.

Varsity Blonds Interview

Tony Schiavone goes to talk to Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr but the lights go out and Malakai appears to mist Julia.... okay?

Bryan Danielson defeated John Silver via Submission (10:44)

Danielson outwrestles Silver early on as his technical prowess is far too much but then Silver finds his possible way to win this match as he seems to be hurt by the kicks of Silver. Danielson manages to lure Silver in through and manages to regain the control as we head to an early break in this match.

Danielson maintains his dominance throughout the break and has Silver reeling from all his huge uppercuts. Multiple Shotgun Dropkicks keep him down but Silver finally begins to show life as we return from break and whilst exchanging kicks, Silver picks the ankle of Danielson and locks him in a Knee Bar. Danielson ends in a lot of trouble but gets to the ropes so Silver hits him with a Cannonball Senton from the apron when Bryan tries to go outside. Danielson comes back into the ring and then tries to roll Silver up, John rolls through and lights Bryan up with his kicks but Bryan lands on his feet when Silver goes for the German Suplex. Danielson hits the Roundhouse Kick and tells the crowd this is too easy. He sets up for the Busaiku Knee but it gets caught and Silver runs wild and hits the German Suplex for two. Silver has the crowd on his side and he sets up for the Spin Doctor only to get his eyes gouged as Danielson escapes and then beats him down with elbows and hits the Gotch Style Piledriver and then makes John Silver pass out with a Triangle Choke.

After the match, Danielson lists all the men who's head he kicked in but he didn't kick Silvers head in so he goes to do that just like he'll do to Hangman next week but Hangman runs out to make the save and they brawl till Danielson escapes. Hangman tells Danielson that next week he's going to stomp the cowboy shit out of him. Let's go!

Well, that Dynamite was absolutely packed with stuff heading into Winter is Coming next week and there's a lot to look forward to for Rampage on Friday too. I'll be here for that so I'll see you then unless you want to follow me on twitter @0r4n93_C4551dy. Adios!

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