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WWE NXT 2.0 Results - 11/30/21

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Nov 30, 2021

WWE NXT 2.0 Results - 11/30/21

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (November 30, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


Welcome to NXT 2.0!

Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix welcome us to the Capitol Wrestling Center. All eight women involved in Sunday's WarGames match--Toxic Attraction & Dakota Kai, as well as the team of Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez, Cora Jade and Kay Lee Ray--meet on the entrance ramp. Both teams begin jawing off at each other. The crowd fires off "War-Games" chants and all eight women break out into a brawl. It takes refs and officials a few moments to get the fight under hand and expel all non-combatants for our first match. Prior to it, Dakota Kai and Kay Lee Ray brawl down the ramp and into the ring. Kay Lee Ray hits a diving strike to a big "holy shit" chant and, finally, we're ready to officially start this match.

WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: Dakota Kai vs Kay Lee Ray

Kai and KLR brawl at ring side. Kai slaps KLR, who snaps and the fans chant "you fucked up." Kai and Ray fight in and out of the ring yet again. Kai baits Ray in and sends her face-first into the steel steps. Kai sets up a ladder at a 45 degree angle with the apron and pulls KLR up. KLR counters a whip attempt and sends Kai into the steel steps, eliciting another chant from the hot crowd. Ray shoves a ladder into the ring but Kai rips the ladder out of the ring. Kay Lee Ray hits a Suicide Dive to wipe out Kai at the announcer's table. Ray with a improvised flapjack, sending Kai crashing onto the cold, hard steel of the ladder.

Kai and Ray continue to fight back-and-forth. Kai takes the lead with a series of facewash kicks before setting the ladder up once again. Kai takes Ray into the corner and chokes her with her foot. We get replays of the facewash kick that hit Ray perfect across her face. Ray hits another inverted flapjack. Ray ascends the turnbuckles but Kai is quicker and sends the redhead crashing. Both women collide and the action spills outside as we head to a break.

During the break, the ref checks on our Superstars as our competitors take a few moments to get their wind. Kai starts up the ladder but Ray manages her way into the ring and latches on to Kai's legs. Kai dismounts and stomps at KLR before attempting to ascend. Again, Ray interferes and again, Kai looks to punish Ray with kicks and holds aimed at taking out Ray's legs. Kai uses the ropes for a rope-assisted leg bar.

Back from the break. Kai follows Ray to the outside and Ray tends to her right knee. Kai walks right into a KLR Bomb (Gory bomb). Kai and Ray both ascend the ladder, brawling to the top as we catch Toxic Attraction watching from the back. Kai and Ray fight at the top of the ladder and both women crash off the top. We catch a glimpse of Ray's teammates watching from the back. Kai climbs up and has her fingers on the case but the captain of Team Kick decides to opt for a double foot stomp off the top of the ladder to a big pop. Ray stops a Kai ascent and whips Kai backwards, catching Kai's feet in between ladder steps. Part of the ladder breaks from the impact of her back hitting the metal. Ray dumps Kai and climbs up, picking up the black NXT briefcase, gaining the advantage for her team.

Your Winner, Kay Lee Ray!

Backstage: the Grizzled Young Veterans, Jacket Time, and Briggs & Jensen

We briefly visit the locker room where it appears the GYV are messing with a locker. Jacket Time comes up and the four men begin a "shush off," in which they all shh'd each other. GYV left in time for Briggs & Jensen to show up and demand to know who messed with their locker.

Singles Match: Cameron Grimes vs Andre Chase

We cut back to the ring where both men are out. Grimes wears the shorter hair and beard well. We're reminded that he'll face Duke Hudson in a hair match this Sunday at WarGames. Grimes starts out fast out the gate but Chase takes control and stomps away at Grimes, yelling taunts while working over NXT 2.0's resident man in the moon. Grimes hits a Hurricanrana and starts his comeback sequence, dropping Chase twice with running shoulders before hitting a modified Claymore in the corner. Grimes dives of the top but Chase ducks, only to fall victim to a Cave In to end the short match.

Your Winner, Cameron Grimes!

After the Match: Duke Hudson, Hair Stylist

Hudson arrives after match, standing on the balcony overlooking the ring. Hudson mocks Grimes and tells Grimes that he's had some people mock up some potential haircuts that he plans on giving Grimes after defeating him. He shows several horribly-done photoshopped slides of Grimes with various hair and beard styles. Hudson ends it by promising to make Grimes bald, since the internet approved of Grimes' trim at Hudson's hands. Grimes heads outside the ring and takes Andre Chase back into the ring, retrieving a hair trimmer. A random Chase University student makes the save and Grimes warns Hudson that Grimes is going to shave Hudson bald Sunday.

Later Tonight: Men's WarGame Advantage Match

We're informed of the results from the poll NXT has run all week to select the men that will partake in a WarGame Advantage Ladder match of their own. Johnny Gargano represents what is, essentially, NXT. NXT 2.0's chosen advocate will be announced shortly. For those needing reminders, "NXT 1.0" consists of Gargano, Ciampa, Pete Dunne and LA Knight while "NXT 2.0" consists of Carmelo Hayes, Tony D'Angelo, Bron Breakker and Grayson Waller. Team names are my own until official ones are announced. After D'Angelo, Williams, Breakker, Waller and Hayes all take turns cutting a quick promo on their WarGames opponents. It's announced that Bron Breakker was voted to represent his team. Gargano comes out and cuts a promo on Breakker, calling him "big bad booty nephew" which elicits a laugh from the young Steiner. The crowd starts a "booty nephew" chant, haha. Breakker accepts Gargano's challenge...to fight him in the match they were just announced for...so yeah.

MSK Still Wants to Roll a Shaman

They're trolls, so they're eligible. We see another segment in which MSK finally find their Shaman. They knock on the door and the person awaiting them has their face washed out in light so we can't see who it is. It looks like a headless Michael Myers. But he was waiting for someone to knock on his door....We should find out who the Shaman is Sunday at WarGames.

Number One Contender's Tag Match: Legado Del Fantasma vs Kyle O'Reilly & Von Wagner

We return to the ring. Both teams are already out and we're starting with Von Wagner and Raul Mendoza. Wagner tosses Mendoza into the corner nearly effortlessly. Mendoza fires off chops and kicks and looks for a springboard attack but the larger Wagner dodges and lays Mendoza out with a diving shoulder block. Wagner tags in Kyle O'Reilly and the duo beat Mendoza in the corner for a moment. KOR locks in a side headlock and fails to keep Mendoza away from Wilde. Joaquin Wilde makes the blind tag and helps free Mendoza. Both men drop KOR. Wilde looks for covers early and often, failing to get anything close to three. We're shown Elektra Lopez and Santos Escobar at ringside, cheering on their soldados. We head to break after Xyon Quinn makes his way out, making a bee line for Elektra Lopez.

Back from the break. Wilde works O'Reilly's neck as Xyon finally reaches Elektra. The two circle before Quinn senses an Escobar surprise attack. Xyon fights Escobar off. In the ring, LDF use fast tags to take turns hitting rolling lariats on O'Reilly. Mendoza ends the sequence with a step-up kick and Wilde vaults into the ring over the ropes, dropping O'Reilly. Wilde looks for a cover then resumes working O'Reilly's neck. Wilde with a neckbreaker and another near fall. O'Reilly starts to show some life when Mendoza enters. O'Reilly desperately attempts to tag in Wagner and finally does after a short struggle with Mendoza. Wagner lays out Mendoza with a big boot and a massive Powerslam. Wilde enters the ring only to eat canvas himself. Wagner with a spinning slam for a close count.

Mendoza counters a Wagner attempt at a slam into a double front kick. Wagner and Mendoza tag in their respective partners. Wilde and O'Reilly look exhausted as they slowly start throwing blows. After a few moments they pick up the speed. O'Reilly hits his KOR combination, battering Wilde with martial arts strikes. Wilde fires back with a DDT, dropping O'Reilly right on his head. Wilde slaps Wagner, taunting him. Wagner enters the ring and the ref warns him. LDF looks to take advantage of the distraction but Wagner has it scouted, dropping down and yanking the top rope with him--sending Mendoza spilling to the outside. Wagner quickly puts away Wilde with his own clothesline from hell. Wagner & O'Reilly will face Imperium for the NXT titles Sunday at WarGames.

Your Winners and NEW Number One Contenders, Wagner & O'Reilly!

Joe Gacy's All-Inclusive Invitational

After this break: Gacy's war on the Cruiserweight Championship's "body shaming" those above 205lbs continues.

After this break: Gacy's war on the Cruiserweight Championship's "body shaming" those above 205lbs continues. Gacy stands in the ring with an unnamed trio of performers. Gacy states that Strong's reign as Cruiserweight Champion has been toxic and the weight limit enforces body shaming and the title should be defended amongst any gender or identification. Gacy promises at this Sunday's "NXT Conflict Resolution" he'll de-throne Strong.

Singles Match: Joe Gacy vs Rando McRandomson, Young Lady

We pivot into Gacy having a match against the male competitor in the ring with him. Gacy completely squashes the unnamed jobber and picks up the win in a minute or less. He then has an inter-gender match against the unnamed Young Lady, which is interrupted by the Diamond Mine.

Your Winner, Joe Gacy!

Enter: the Diamond Mine

Malcolm Bivens leads his crew out, confronting Gacy. Bivens tells Gacy that the Diamond Mine is going to shut Gacy up for good on Sunday. Gacy asks for Bivens to leave the Diamond Mine outside and invites Roderick Strong into the ring to speak person-to-person. Bivens tells Gacy "you done messed up now." Gacy asks Strong if he always lets Bivens speak for him. Strong attempts to attack Gacy but, in more shades of Kevin Owens, Gacy showcases some surprising agility for his size and escapes the ring.

Singles Debut Match: Edris Enofe(d) vs Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa comes out as we return from the break to a rowdy crowd. The other Uso is taking on Edris Enafe--one of the Las Vegas SummerSlam tryouts signed to NXT--in Enafe's debut match. Edris makes his way out and we get another WarGames plug. We're constantly told by the commentary team that Solo Sikoa, son of Rikishi and from the most famous family in wrestling history (arguably, at least), had to grow up with everyone telling him that he'd amount to nothing. Okay. Robert Stone comes out during the short match, scouting both Superstars. The crowd leads a soft "Solo's gonna kill you" chant as Sikoa contains Enafe's offense. Sikoa has a great spot in which he counters a cross body into a swinging pendulum/back breaker. Edris gets a few moments to fire off a few shots before Sikoa takes control back. Sikoa ends the short match after weathering a barrage of last-minute offense from Edris, who uses dropkicks to drop Sikoa to a knee but fails to cover Sikoa when he had a chance. Solo uses a Samoan Drop and a diving splash to put away the youngster.

Your Winner, Solo Sikoa!

After the Match: Boa Attacks, Briefly

Boa attacks Solo, eats a Superkick for it, and staggers up the ring.

Backstage: Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta

Indi and Persia are working out when Indi's phone rings. Hartwell is informed by "the doctor" that Dexter is "gone," having left the hospital. Persia asks Hartwell if she's going to have to do what she did last week--fight in a handicapped match instead of tag--but, ultimately, heads out with Hartwell as we head to break.

Outside: Xyon and Elektra Lopez

As Xyon is preparing to leave he's approached by Elektra. She admires his determination and wishes him luck as he'll take on Pablo Escobar next week, noting "you'll need it."

Tag Match: Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta vs Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz

As we return to the ring we find Indi so distraught she just stands there. We start with Indi and Yulisa. Yulisa favors Vega--small but speedy and agile. The speedster drops Indi with a dropkick and hits a Foot DDT! Haven't seen one of those in a hot minute. Yulisa tags in Valentina and the duo work in tandem. Valentina with a standing moonsault, which she then converts into a single-leg crab. Persia encourages Hartwell to make the tag. Hartwell escapes the crab and tags in Persia. Persia cleans house, then connects with a Lawn Dart followed by a modified driver for the quick win.

Your Winners, Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta!

WarGames Advantage Ladder Main Event Match: Johnny Gargano vs Bron Breakker

It all comes down to this, folks, as Team Black & Gold and Team NXT 2.0 send their advocates into our main event match to determine the WarGames Advantage! We get right to it after the commercial break. Breakker shoves Gargano back and flexes an arm, parodying his uncle. Gargano shows off to the rookie as he converts a Bron side headlock into one of his own. Gargano floats over, fluid as water. Breakker turns the tides in his favor with a stalling suplex. Bron takes Gargano into the corner and throws shoulders into Gargano's guts. Bron whips Gargano into the ropes and Johnny Wrestling sends Bron out with a head-scissors. Gargano springboards to the outside and crashes onto Bron. Gargano looks to retrieve the ladder but is attacked by Bron. Bron takes the ladder to the ring, smacking Gargano with it before shoving it into the ring. Breakker and Gargano slow the pace, with both men struggling over the ladder. Gargano shoves it into Bron's face and the crowd pops for Gargano. Gargano takes out Bron with a Suicide Dive as we head to break.

Back from the break. We return to find both Gargano and Breakker down. A ladder is positioned beneath the briefcase. The crowd is hot for this, cheering on both Superstars. Breakker and Gargano clash at the top. Breakker uses a series of rights to send Gargano off the ladder. Gargano rebounds off the ropes and shoves the ladder down. Bron flies to the outside of the ring. Gargano gets another hot pop and chant. Gargano looks to position the ladder but Breakker hits a running shoulder thrust, dropping Gargano. Breakker rubs some feeling into his arm and the crowd shows their love with a "this is awesome" chant.

Gargano tosses a few fists but Breakker shuts it down with a belly-to-belly suplex that sends Gargano flying across the ring and crashing into the middle-rope-hung ladder hard. Breakker climbs the turnbuckles and looks for a diving elbow on Gargano, who lays motionless on the propped-up ladder. At the last possible moment, Gargano moves and Bron elbow drops the steel ladder. Gargano positions the ladder in the corner, the top of it facing into the ring and the feet facing out. Gargano sends Breakker's face into the solid seat of the ladder. Gargano repositions the ladder horizontally and at an angle in the corner. Gargano climbs the turnbuckles behind it but Breakker catches him with rights.
Breakker lifts the ladder up over his head, carrying it and Gargano above his head in an impressive display of strength. Gargano wiggles free and connects with two Superkicks. Bron calls for more and Gargano connects with a third straight to the jaw of a kneeling Breakker.

Breakker bull rushes Gargano into the corner. Gargano throws elbows but Bron persists, positioning Johnny Wrestling on the top turnbuckle. Bron hits the Franken-Steiner! Huge pop from the crowd as Breakker pays homage to his famous family. Breakker positions the ladder and Gargano's up quick. They slug it out and Bron looks for another press slam. Gargano counters it with a snap swinging DDT. Both men climb the ladder and brawl at the top. Gargano whacks Breakker int eh face with the Advantage briefcase! Breakker falls off the ladder (doesn't look planned necessarily). Breakker quickly hops up and moves to Gargano, ripping him off the ladder and connects with an old school body slam to pick up the win.

Your Winner, Bron Breakker!

After the Match: A Skirmish Before the War...

Team Black & Gold and Team NXT 2.0 both hit the ring and clash in the literal final seconds of our broadcast.

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