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WWE NXT 2.0 Results - 11/16/21

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Nov 16, 2021

WWE NXT 2.0 Results - 11/16/21

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (November 16, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.

Welcome to NXT 2.0!

Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett, and Vic Joseph welcome us to the Capitol Wrestling Center and tonight's episode of NXT 2.0. As has been the trend lately, no time is wasted in getting to our first match.

Singles Match: Tony D'Angelo vs Dexter Lumis

Tony D'Angelo is out first as Vic reminds us that Tony may have crossed a line with Mrs. Lumis last week. The crowd is a mix of cheers and jeers--mostly the latter--as Tony makes his way out in a track suit. Dexter Lumis is out next to cheers. At the top of the ramp is an art pedestal set up by Lumis. Lumis reveals his latest piece of art--a Lumis-drawn picture of D'Angelo sleeping with the fishes! Lumis slithers into the ring and we're ready to start off our program! Tony D'Angelo flees out of the ring at the ding of the bell. Lumis chases D'Angelo around the ring and back in, where Tony stomps at the entering Lumis. Lumis fights Tony off and drops him with a big right. Dexter with hard strikes before taking Tony to the corner. The hot crowd tonight lashes out with dueling chants. Lumis beats D'Angelo to a second corner before whipping him at a third. D'Angelo counters Lumis' approach into a belly-to-belly suplex slam. D'Angelo stomps away at Lumis before moving to a rear chin lock. Tony takes too much time talking smack to the crowd and Lumis rises. Lumis with a neck grapple then the two spar. D'Angelo hits a thumb to the eye behind the ref's back and hits his swinging finisher to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Tony D'Angelo!

After the Match: Physical and Verbal Assaults

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams hit the ring and beat Dexter down as Tony backs off. The crowd loudly boos as Williams retrieves a chair. Hayes and Williams position Lumis' right hand in a folding chair and leap off the top, landing on it. Johnny Gargano finally hits the ring and chases them off. We go to commercial. After the commercials, we see Indi Hartwell tending to Dexter Lumis. We cut back to the ring where Johnny Gargano waits. Gargano tells Hayes "you screwed with the wrong guy's son-in-law...and if you screw with my family, I kick your teeth down your throat." He goes on to call out Carmelo--and is interrupted by Pete Dunne. Dunne accuses Gargano of trying to worm his way into a title match. He asks for confirmation from Gargano that he--Dunne--defeated Melo. Gargano stated Dunne needed Gargano's help. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams come back out. He calls Dunne and Gargano two dwarves and mocks them. Dunne scoffs at them and asks, "who are you?" Gargano states he thinks that Williams is the guy who carries Melo's bags for him. Melo talks on and is interrupted by Dunne who tells Melo that he's got a decade of experience over Hayes despite being the same age and accuses Melo of being all talk. Hayes challenges both Gargano & Dunne to a triple-threat North American championship match next week. Gargano tells Melo that while Hayes has been there six months and hasn't missed, Gargano has been in NXT five years and "Johnny Gargano in this ring is absolute can't-miss." He accepted, as does Dunne and it's official!

Backstage Promo: the Diamond Mine

While the Mine practice holding hands, Malcolm Bivens looks to cut a promo about the dominance of the Diamond Mine when Joe Gacy interrupts them. Malcolm Bivens tells Joe that if he wants to join the Diamond Mine, he should pay a $850 application fee and attend a tryout they're having in a few weeks. Bivens finishes his sales pitch, gives Gacy a card, and walks us off to a commercial.

Video Promo: LA Knight

Knight cuts a promo about his intents to begin pursuing the NXT Championship. He denigrates Grayson Waller and threatens to "beat the brakes" off of Waller. He states the one and only megastar is himself, LA Knight.

Six-Man Tag Match: the Diamond Mine vs Jacket Time & Odyssey Jones

We return to the ring, occupied by the Diamond Mine. Out come Jacket Time to their very unique entrance. They're escorted by the agile big man Odyssey Jones. The crowd is hot for this match before the bell even begins. We start with Ikemen Jiro and Roderick Strong. Strong and Jiro lock up. Strong throws Jiro back and runs over, chest slapping Odyssey Jones. Strong jaws off to Jones, who begs to be tagged in. Jones is and Strong quickly backs off, tagging in Julius Creed. Julius hops on Jones' back but Jones easily slings the newcomer off. Jones tags in Kushida, who wrings the arm of Creed and tags Jones back in. Jones with a middle rope arm chopper. Jiro comes in and takes control, sending Jiro into the Diamond Mine corner. Brutus Creed comes in and absorbs blows from Jiro before driving him down with a powerful suplex. Creed tags in Strong, who looks for a Samoan carry. Jiro wiggles free and tags in Kushida. Kushida takes down the Cruiserweight Champion, Roderick Strong, with a soccer kick. Kushida fights off all three members of Diamond Mine admirably for a few moments before the numbers advantage wins out. We head to break.
During the break we watch as the Diamond Mine isolate Kushida. Both Creed Brothers take turns coming in, guided by the veteran strong, in effectively cutting the ring in half. Good tag work from the trio. Strong works Kushida's neck with rear pulls and holds, attempting to wear down his foe. Kushida looks for a comeback mid-break, firing off gut shots, but Strong counters his offense. Julius Creed and Brutus Creed take turns coming in, each man dropping targeted strikes as they continue to work over Kushida. Beautiful textbook powerslam from Creed. Kushida finally gains enough separation to kick off both Creed brothers and makes the hot tag to Ikemen Jiro. Jiro comes in and begins slapping Julius Creed. Jiro with a forearm uppercut. Jiro leap frogs a Creed charge and kicks Creed in the butt.

Back from the break and Jiro continues to battle both Creeds. Odyssey Jones gets the hot tag as does Strong. Jones tosses Strong off and back like a child. Jones runs over the Creed Brothers as both men look to assist Strong. Jones sends the Creeds outside. Strong hits a beautiful modified Olympic slam on Odyssey Jones to a huge "holy shit" chant! Impressive! Jones kicks out. Malcolm Bivens hops on the apron, distracting the ref. Ikemen Jiro slugs Roderick Strong then Jacket Time keep the Creed Brothers preoccupied while Jones puts away Strong to pick up the win!

Your Winners, Odyssey Jones & Jacket Time!

Backstage: "NXT Tag Team Champions" the Grizzled Young Veterans

We see "new NXT Tag Team Champions" the Grizzled Young Veterans dressed looking dapper as ever...and sporting the NXT Women's Tag Team Championships as they video phone a loved one back home--presumably a mother or the such. They pretend to be the NXT Tag Team Champions (that would be Imperium) and after bidding goodnight on the phone, they remark that they've got to quickly return the Women's titles to Toxic Attraction before they're found out. We head to break.

MSK Rolled a Shaman

We follow the new adventures of MSK as they're apparently attempting to smuggle a package marked "supplies" on an x-ray machine. They book tickets and Wes Lee brags to Nash Carter about switching their flights in order to get them free upgrades to first class. We see various clips of the two embracing in different airports before they continue their search for whomever the "shaman" is.

Singles Match: Xyon Quin vs Andre Chase

Chase is out first followed by Quin, who's got a great entrance and theme. Quin dominates right out of the gate and for the majority of the match. Quin uses a big Atomic Drop and tall suplexes that crash Chase stiffly on the canvas. Chase dodges a spear, taking a brief lead while playing to the crowd--successfully, too, as they love to boo him--while stomping on Quin and yelling at the audience. Quin tolerates it for a few moments before Chase slaps on a sleeper. The crowd loudly chants "Chase, you suck" over and over, firing up Quin. Quin absorbs some elbow blows to his shoulders and whips Chase into the ropes. Quin pulls Chase up into a Samoan carry and hits a rolling driver. Quin slaps alternating elbows before hoisting Chase up for a Brainbuster suplex. Quin covers.

Your Winner, Xyon Quin!

After the Match: the Cartel Strikes Back

Legado Del Fantasma attack Quin immediately after the match. Quin is unable to fight off Wilde, Mendoza and a returning Santos Escobar. Elektra Lopez warns Quin that nobody tells her no--referring her proposition last week--and they quartet leave Quin laid out on the metal. Lopez makes more eyes at Quin post-beatdown.

Backstage Interview: McKenzie Mitchell with Raquel Gonzalez

When asked by Mitchell about tonight's main event match against her former friend Dakota Kai, Gonzalez warns Kai to bring her shovel (referencing Halloween Havoc's ambush attack) because she'll bury her with it. After she's done with Kai, she'll go after Rose and her belt.

In-Ring Poker Showdown: Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson

We get the Texas Hold 'Em rules as we're set up in the ring. Alicia the ring announcer mentions going "all in" and Cameron Grimes cracks up. Duke takes time to insult Grimes and the crowd. He plays a good heel, and promises to make Grimes his bitch. Opening bids bring it up to a pot of $2000. The flop features Harts 5, Jack and 10. Hudson holds a pocket 5 of Diamonds and 5 of Spades. Grimes holds a King and Three of Spades. Grimes raises it a grand; Hudson raises it four grand. Grimes points out that Hudson's problem is he tries to intimidate Grimes but Grimes is no man. Grimes calls it and the pot is ten grand. The turn is a Queen of Spades. Where's Shayna when we need her? Grimes tells Duke if he can't handle the heat, you gotta get outta the kitchen. He raises it $2000 and calls Hudson "Dukey." The crowd, of course, starts a "dookie" chant. Hudson asks Alicia to request silence from the crowd, and she does--and they shower Hudson in boos.
The pot is now $18,000 as we get a Seven of Hearts for the River. 5, 7, 10, jack of Hearts and Queen of Spades on the board. Hudson holds a pair of fives, giving him three of a kind; Grimes has nothing. Grimes suckers Hudson, going all-in on the final round of bets. The crowd shoots off a loud "to the moon" chant as Grimes asks if Hudson's got raisins for balls or cantaloupes. The crowd with a "raisins" chant.

Hudson claims Grimes his trapping him just like two weeks ago. Hudson leaves the table and accuses Grime of having the flush (five hearts, as four are on the board already). The crowd chants "fold" and Hudson repeats "you're not going to get me again." Duke Hudson folds and Grimes wins the hand. Grimes laughs, "I didn't even know you could fold!" Duke insists on knowing Grimes cards. He wants to know how good Grimes "flush" was. He sees there was no flush and it's a King/three. Grimes cackles and the crowd rips off a "you got played" chant as Duke Hudson flips his lid once again. Hudson lays Grimes out with a side kick and beats Grimes around the poker table in the ring. Hudson puts Grimes through the poker table, eliciting a "holy shit" chant from the crowd. Hudson's not done, however, as he eyes a hammer. Then he eyes scissors and enters the ring. The banshee in the crowd screeches loudly as Duke gives Cameron Grimes a Bryan Danielson beard trim and starts to cut hair. A ref chases Hudson off and an angry Grimes eyes him down.

Backstage: Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner

Kyle references Von's bodyguard spot last night. Von starts to apologize and Kyle tells him not to worry about it--that was last night and tonight's Tuesday. They head to the ring--they're in action after this break.

Tag Match: Von Wagner & Kyle O'Reilly vs Briggs & Jensen

All four men make their way out and we start with Kyle O'Reilly (KOR) and Jensen. Jensen drops KOR and does a little jig, taunting him. KOR uses kicks to buy a little breathing room. Jensen closes the gap and uses his strength to drop the speedy ginger. Briggs is tagged in and the duo work together to double team KOR as NXT Champions Imperium watch from the back. Briggs and Wagner pair up at one point, with both big men taunting each other and alternating shove-backs. Briggs & Jensen eventually take control mid-match after isolating Kyle O'Reilly in their corner. The duo continue quick tags as they work KOR over in their corner. Jensen hits a big elbow and covers for two. The crowd is hotly between both teams currently. Jensen with a bear hug submission. Briggs tags in and takes his turn using a bear hug submission. Another tag and Briggs whips KOR into Jensen's bear hug. O'Reilly escapes with a high kick and tags in Wagner. Wagner unloads on Jensen, using a pull-back clothesline and a beautiful suplex to lay out Jensen before roaring at the crowd. Briggs enters the ring illegally and charges; Wagner avoids him and O'Reilly deals with Briggs as Wagner slams Jensen down and picks up the win.

Your Winners, Kyle O'Reilly & Von Wagner!

Backstage: NXT Tag Team Champions Imperium React

The tag champs, who've been spotted watching this match backstage, speak in German regarding O'Reilly and Wagner's win. Both men chime in. "Wer zu Lebzeit gut auf Erden, wird nach dem Tod ein Engel werden. Den Blick gen Himmel fragst du dann..Warum man sie nicht sehen kann! Erst wenn die Wolken schlafen gehen, Kann man uns am Himmel sehen. Wir haben Angst und sind allein...Gott weiß, ich will kein Engel sein." Loosely translated, they joke that Wagner and O'Reilly don't look like tag title challengers--they look like they'd be lucky to work security there. We head to break.

Lashing Out w/ Lash Legend featuring Grayson Waller

Lash Legend addresses Kay Lee Ray, telling "KLR" that she's got to realize she's a one-woman army taking on the trio that is Toxic Attraction. Grayson Waller shows up and pulls up a chair. He talks to Lash about his issues with LA Knight, taking a few jabs about Knight as a veteran had to miss a lot of life. But Waller, as a "reality" star, didn't have to put the years on the road. He states this business isn't about DIY journeymen achieving their boyhood dream. Waller turns heel in this interview, claiming the game has changed and it's his now. He walks off to a shocked "audience."

Two-on-One Handicapped Match: Persia Pirotta vs Gabby Stephens & Jenna Levy

Pirotta fought this as a handicapped match as Indi Hartwell elected to remain in the med bay with Dexter Lumis. The squash match took less time than it took me to write this blurb. Pirotta dominated from the bell and finished the duo off with a double-team maneuver in mere moments.

Your Winner, Persia Pirotta!

Backstage: Dakota Kai, Toxic Attraction, & Grizzled Young Veterans

Kai comments on her main event match coming up, tells Toxic Attraction they all should be thanking her, then heads off. GYV give Toxic Attraction back their women's tag titles and blame it on an unidentified tech. We head to break.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa Addresses the NXT Universe

Ciampa speaks from the top of the ramp, first addressing Carmelo Hayes who claims his North American title is the "A" title. Ciampa tells Hayes that if he takes a shot at Ciampa, he's not just going to miss, he's going to "shoot an air ball." He moves on to address "bitch-ass Grayson Waller" for his Lash Legend promo earlier tonight. In it, Waller turned heel and mocked veterans as having worked for "handshakes and hot dogs" whereas he rode his "reality star" to an early leap. He's interrupted by Bron Breakker who is woof'd in by the crowd.

Breakker accuses Ciampa of being pissed off by a new crop of talent in town. Breakker tells Ciampa that it means nothing to Bron because he's going to run through Ciampa and take the title. The crowd with a loud boo. Ciampa tells Bron that was "powerful and I'm pretty sure that someplace, there's this guy sitting in a truck, who can pull up footage for us...the ending to Halloween Havoc because, Mister Breakker, it seems you need a reminder. So could the magical man in the (magical) truck please pull up the footage?" Ciampa has the ending of their title fight three weeks ago played, during which "God of War" Ciampa defeated Breakker with a Fairy Tale ending. Ciampa points out that he got the 1-2-3, then references Steiner math by stating Breakker only has a 33 and one-third percent chance of winning against Ciampa. He leaves and this is far from over.

Singles Main Event Match: Raquel Gonzalez vs Dakota Kai

We return from break and welcome Tamyra Mensa-Stock, an Olympic medalist, who is joining NXT and is ringside for this match. Gonzalez is already out and ready and Kai comes out next to loud boos. Gonzalez beats Kai in the ring and out, taking it back in. Once again Kai seeks shelter outside the ring. Raquel with a pop-up slam, punishing Kai as she batters her former friend in and out of the ring. Kai cackles maniacally even as Gonzalez works Kai over in the corner. After several long moments, Kai gets in a spurt of offense with a trio of kicks. The former captain of Team Kick can't sustain the offense and Gonzalez takes Kai's face on a turnbuckle tour as the crowd cheers her on. Gonzalez places Kai in a submission. Raquel sets Kai up on the top turnbuckle, demands Kai look her in the eyes, and delivers a forearm uppercut. Gonzalez backs off and charges the corner, looking to put away Kai. Kai dodges and Raquel spears the ring post. Gonzalez spills outside and rises just in time to catch a running kick to the face as we head to break!
Back from the break. During the commercials, Kai maintained control over the former women's champion and used a variety of shoulder and arm wrenches and holds to ground the powerhouse. Upon returning, Gonzalez manages to shake Kai off. Gonzalez charges Kai; Kai counters with a drop toehold and covers for two. Kai channels her inner evil Alexa Bliss as she toys with Raquel, using the apron and ropes to assist with a face wash. Kai climbs the turnbuckles inside the ring; Gonzalez does so on the outside. Both fight each other and it looks like Kai may have slipped. The effect was Gonzalez crashing into the mat as if she were in a Falcon Arrow, and Kai crashes hard to the floor. Kai is fine, however, and back to her feet. The crowd with a loud dueling chant for both women in a token of respect for the Superstars.
Kai pokes the bear one time too many and Raquel hulks up, starting her comeback sequence. Gonzalez hits two big boots. Kai scampers to the bottom turnbuckle, clinging on for sheer life. Gonzalez pulls Kai up and hits a beautiful Fall-away Slam. The bottom turnbuckle pad is ripped off. Gonzalez drives Kai into the mat with a middle rope elbow drop, garnering a two. The crowd stays hot as we get ready to wrap up. Gonzalez calls for the Chingona Bomb but Kai slaps on the brakes. Kai rolls Gonzalez up with a Crucifix Pin for a close two. Gonzalez hoists Kai up, looking for a stretch muffler but spins and releases Kai. Kai flies across the ring and the crowd chants their approval once again. Kai and Gonzalez each block suplex attempts. Kai with an arm wrench jerk that sends Raquel's face into the exposed bottom turnbuckle.
Kai exits the ring, retrieving a shovel from beneath the ring and threatens to hit Gonzalez. Raquel kicks Kai back and retrieves the shovel herself. The ref warns her; the crowd cheers her on; Kai scoots back on the mat, begging off Gonzalez...and Toxic Attraction strike!

Your Winner by Disqualification, Raquel Gonzalez!

After the Match: WarGames Set-up

The NXT Women's Champion and NXT Women's Tag Champions team up with Kai. The four beautiful badasses beat Gonzalez until Cora Jade hits the ring. She attempts to fight off Dolin and Jayne but Rose takes down Jade. Toxic Attraction hit a triple-woman whipping big boot. Zoey Stark makes her return, sort of, coming out on crutches and a leg brace. Io Shirai comes out and takes a crutch from her partner. Shirai hits the ring and uses the crutch to great effect, fighting off Toxic Attraction and Dakota Kai. Dolin and Jayne re-enter the ring and again have the numbers advantage. Cora Jade and Io Shirai drop the women's champ. Jade uses her skateboard as a weapon on Jayne then hits a butterfly DDT on Jayne! Io Shirai, Cora Jade and Raquel Gonzalez issue a single-word hyphenated challenge: "WarGames!" We fade to black.

In Closing

And that's a wrap! What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below.

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