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WWE RAW Results - 11/25/21

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Nov 15, 2021

WWE RAW Results - 11/25/21

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (November 15, 2021): Gainbridge Fieldhouse - Indianapolis, IN, courtesy of live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


Previously on Raw...

We open with a video that quickly recapped last week's Raw. Owens started the show by apologizing to Big E for the prior week's miscues. Seth later stated it was a plan all along. Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens put on a battle in the main event. Owens and Rollins brawled outside the ring and Owens failed to get into the ring in time. Owens blamed Big E for standing in his way and took it out on the WWE Champion, whipping Big E into the announcer's table and steel steps before hitting an Apron Powerbomb on Big E. We're shown more clips of the post-match beatdown that ensued. We then open on the arena in Indianapolis, welcomed by Jimmy Smith.

In the Ring: WWE Champion Big E

Big E comes out to a good reaction from the local crowd. He wastes no time into getting to the matter at hand--Roman Reigns. "See Roman, it was just supposed to be brand versus brand. See Roman, it was just supposed to be champion versus champion." He continues, saying "Now I gotta beat your ass like you stole something. Now I gotta make sure there are empty (hospital beds in Brooklyn) for you." He addresses the trouble the Bloodline have given his family, the New Day, over on SmackDown. He then pivots and decides to address a fellow member of the Monday Night Raw roster. "So Kevin, bring your lying, treacherous carcass out here so we can handle our business." Owens comes out on command.

Owens remains up the ramp as the crowd boos and Big E glares from the ring. "Look, there's nothing more I'd love than to get in the ring and beat the hell outta you--and I'll get to that in a minute--there's something first" Owens needs to get off his chest. He blames Big E contributing to his Raw losing streak when, last week, Owens snapped after Big E inadvertently bumped Owens, costing Owens his third loss in a row. He then babbles on, coming across like a spoiled brat and telling everyone to go to hell for judging him. "You know the saying, 'perception is reality'? Well because of you, the perception of me" is that of a scumbag, a cheater, and a liar, he babbles on. He promises that he's about to break bad on every superstar backstage, every person in arenas around the world, but most especially on Big E. He tells the WWE Champion that everything that happens from here on out is Big E's fault. Big E tells Owens they've talked enough and to "bring your ass on down here, Kevin!" Owens walks off and Big E pursues up the ramp.

The Usos attack Big E from out of nowhere! The twins battle the WWE Champion down the ramp and to the ring, sending him in. Both men alternate stomps and fists on Big E. They talk smack to him, telling the champ that Roman Reigns sent his regards and is looking forward to seeing him at Survivor Series. They also put RK-Bro on notice, stating that they're running things Sunday. Riddle hits the ring and battles with the Usos long enough to give Big E time to rise. The duo fight the Usos off and Corey Graves excitedly hypes the conflict. WWE Official Sonya Deville comes out and demands everyone get back in the ring as we're having a match right now. Seth Rollins comes out in that awesome white and black fur coat of his. Riddle and Big E pace in the ring as the Architect joins the Bloodline. We head to break.

Cross-Brand Tag Match: WWE Champion Big E & Raw Tag Champion Riddle vs SmackDown Tag Champions the Usos

After the break we return to find the wonderful Byron Saxton and his co-hosts, Corey Graves & Jimmy Smith, joined by Seth Rollins and my future jacket. We start with Big E and Jimmy in the ring. The WWE Champion drops Uso with a big back elbow and looks to end the match early, garnering only a one. Big E tags in Riddle. Riddle misses a blind tag and the Usos double-team Riddle, hitting stereo elbow drops and an attempted pin. Riddle kicks out and shows his athleticism as he runs up the turnbuckles to avoid Uso. Riddle tags in Big E. Big E battles the Usos in and out of the ring, even launching Jimmy Uso at Rollins. Seth takes objection and Big E lays him out with a big elbow. Big E enters the ring and Rollins hits the ring, causing the disqualification and ending the match short.

Your Winners by Disqualification, WWE Champion Big E & Raw Tag Team Champion Riddle!

After the Match: Totally Not Setting Up a 6-Man Match

Big E and Riddle find themselves outnumbered as the Usos work with Seth Rollins to stomp them down. Randy Orton hits the ring to make the save with an RKO and we head to commercial!

Six-Man Cross-Brand Tag Match: WWE Champion Big E & Raw Tag Champions RK-Bro vs Seth Rollins & SmackDown Tag Champions the Usos

Well gosh darn-it, I stand corrected. We return from the break to discover this is, after all, a match we'll get. Riddle takes on Rollins early on and takes the Architect to the friendly corner. Orton comes in and works Rollins in the corner before pulling Riddle back in via tag. Riddle works Rollins in a neutral corner but the veteran fights out of it, battling Riddle into the heel corner. The Usos execute several quick, short-lasting tags as they take turns entering and unloading on Riddle as the ref counts warnings. Jey with a big stomp to Riddle's chest and Jimmy comes in, kicking Riddle in the ribs. Sleeper hold. Uso streaks over and drops Orton off the apron. Riddle looks to Big E for the hot tag. Uso desperately hangs on to Riddle's foot but Riddle kicks Jimmy off and Big E takes the hot tag. Big E with a pair of belly suplex tosses, then running forearms and strikes to Jey and Seth on the apron! Big E with more belly to belly suplex tosses followed by a gyration of the hips not seen this side of the King, Elvis Presley. Big E looks to end the match but Jey makes the save. The Usos briefly control Big E but he takes control back with a Big Splash on the apron. We head to break.

Back from the break. Seth Rollins and Randy Orton exchange blows. Orton hits a forearm uppercut but Rollins shrugs it off and hits a high kick to Orton and follows it up with a pin attempt. Again the Usos factor in and, again, they use quick tags to execute double team moves. They continue taking cheap shots at Riddle and Big E on the apron, whenever they can catch the duo not looking. Orton fights out of a shoulder claw, making the hot tag to Riddle after a back body drop that lays out Jey Uso. Riddle comes in on fire and with a hot crowd behind him. Riddle drops Rollins with a Pele, then a ripcord knee to Jimmy Uso. Riddle with an exploder for Rollins, then a corner edition for Jimmy! Riddle kicks an entering Jey Uso, sending him flying back out! Riddle with a running punt kick to Jimmy Uso and one to Rollins. Riddle covers but the Usos hit the ring. Everyone hits the ring as the ref loses control, and everyone hits finishers on everyone. Rollins hits Riddle with a pair of discus elbows to the back of the head, however, to roll up Riddle and pick up the win. After the match, the Usos look to get another shot in on Riddle. Orton makes the save with an RKO from--you guessed it--outta nowhere, catching Uso mid-spear and interrupting it with the cutter. Impressive spot! Big E also had a return message for Roman Reigns--a Big Ending on Roman's cousin.

Your Winners, Seth Rollins & SmackDown Tag Champions the Usos!

Backstage Interview: McKenzie Mitchell with Bianca Belair

McKenzie welcomes Belair. Belair cuts a short promo on Doudrop, stating she doesn't know why Doudrop is up in her business. Tamina interrupts Belair and states they're up in each other's business. Belair responds that Tamina's not Doudrop "but you'll do." So...it's a match.

Singles Match: Bianca Belair vs Tamina

Belair heads straight on out, followed by Tamina as we head to break. Graves advises us that this is going to be a brutal match. Belair comes out of the gate swinging, aggressively beating Tamina back into the corner. Belair taunts, standing on the ropes, and moonsaults to avoid a rushing attack. Belair mounts Tamina in the corner and lets loose a punch-count. Tamina fires back, tossing Belair down hard. Tamina slaps on a wrenching sleeper and yanks her arms back and forth, working the neck. Backstage, Doudrop stands by her lonesome, playing with her hair and nodding slightly while watching Tamina work over Belair. Belair powers to her feet and breaks loose, only to eat a snap elbow strike from Tamina. Tamina whips Belair into the corner and lays her out with a clothesline, followed by a textbook elbow drop and cover for two. Belair starts her comeback, countering a Tamina charge in the corner with a big boot. Belair sends Tamina into the corner with a dropkick and plays to the crowd. Tamina whips Belair into the corner and misses on a shoulder thrust. Belair shows off her strength with a snap lifting Spinebuster for a close two. Belair eats a Superkick out of nowhere from Tamina. Tamina begins a slow rear climb up the turnbuckles. Belair recovers fast and intercepts Tamina on her ascent, sending the veteran flying into the ring. Belair attempts a KOD but Tamina fights out of it. Tamina looks for a Samoan Drop but Belair escapes. Belair hits the KOD on Tamina and picks up the win to a great pop from the Indianapolis crowd.

Your Winner, Bianca Belair!

After the Match: Big Words

As Belair celebrates, recent...foe-adjacent Superstar, Doudrop, comes out. She insinuates she could defeat Belair right now but it wouldn't be fair to take advantage, and states after Survivor Series, she's coming for Belair.

In the Ring: Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch

"Big Time Becs" makes her way out in a white halter top to a healthy mix of boos and cheers. The Champion plays up to the crowd and gets more love than hate. Lynch will speak to us about her showdown with SmackDown champion Flair Sunday at Survivor Series...after this word from their sponsors. Not mine. I wish. When we return, Lynch asks for a clip to be played from last week's SmackDown, during which Charlotte Flair disparaged Lynch. "Charlotte Flair out here acting like she don't know who the hell I am? Well, let me remind you Charlotte, I'm the person who used to be your best friend...the person who was there for you, so happy for you, (with) every title shot...also the person there (for a) shoulder to cry on when things didn't go your way." She tells us that Flair's friendship came with conditions that set Flair first and Lynch second, so Lynch said to hell with it and delivered the slap that launched Lynch into the stratosphere. Lynch states her success has made Flair so bitter, Flair doesn't even like herself. Lynch adds that, at Survivor Series, she's going to force Flair to "face all her insecure demons 'cause this is not about brand supremacy to me. No this is about personal legacy and Charlotte Flair, if you don't remember who I am, this Sunday I'm going to be the one to beat the ever loving piss outta you. Uh oh!"

Enter Liv Morgan. Morgan apologies for coming out and "interrupting this weird little love-hate obsession thing that you and Charlotte always seem to have. But last week? You just walked away from me. You just walked away, and I can't let you do that again. Especially not after I finally won the opportunity that I've been waiting for. A chance to take that Raw Women's Championship off of the person that I one point admired the most--you, Becky, you." Lynch cuts off Morgan as Morgan enters the ring. "Last week, I only left to give you a moment after your victory because lord knows, you don't get very many of them!" Ouch! Crowd boos. Lynch tells Liv that she was, at one point, Morgan's biggest fan. She suspected that Morgan would interrupt as this isn't her first rodeo, and she has production play a clip from Talking Smack four months ago. In it, Morgan goes on about comments Lynch stated to Morgan about her return, encouraging Morgan.

After the video, Lynch apologizes for Morgan "under-performing" (failing to capture a title, like Lynch encouraged Morgan to do four months ago) and sagely points out that she wasn't even around then. She states she won "this bad boy in 26 seconds" and asks Morgan what has she done. Becky tells Liv that "you missed the point. I told you to get the belt while I was gone" and states Morgan isn't getting her "grubby little hands" on the title. Morgan tells Lynch on "behalf of the WWE Universe...we can all agree that 'Big Time Becs' is just a 'Big Time Bitch!'" The crowd oo's and ah's, and Morgan charges Lynch. Lynch looks to counter with perhaps a Urinage, but Morgan counters that and sends Lynch out of the ring. Afterwards, Lynch yells at Morgan for touching her belt.

Backstage: Raw Tag Champions RK-Bro, the Street Profits

Riddle and Orton are pacing backstage. Orton admonishes Riddle for constantly interjecting on others' behalves. Orton verbally hammers over and over that the only thing he cares about is the titles "and this team." Riddle takes that to mean Orton cares for him, and Orton screams in frustration before heading out. The Street Profits walk up and have words with their friend Riddle as he takes sage counsel from the wise future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins.

Tag Match: the Street Profits vs the Alpha Academy

The 21st Century HBK/Marty Jannetty duo of Angelo Dawkins/Montez Ford make their way out. After a brief break, we get the Alpha Academy--Shorty G and one half of Heavy Machinery! For a man barely taller than "Shorty G" Chad Gable, Otis is played up like a giant by Corey Graves. We start with Dawkins and Gable. Gable looks to pick the leg. Dawkins and Gable with several standing switch maneuvers in a short span of time. Dawkins runs coast to coast off the ropes as Gable athletically avoids him. Dawkins gives way to Ford and whips Gable into a shoulder spear. Ford covers for two. Gable looks to Otis for the tag. Gable uses a great drop toehold and transitions to an arm drag, taking down Ford. Ford with a pair of leap frogs over a running Gable before dropping the charging Chad with a dropkick. Dawkins is legal and lays out Gable. Dawkins flips Ford over to splash on Gable, then Dawkins with a standing 'sault. Otis takes the tag in and runs over Dawkins. Otis with a big headbutt. Otis whips Dawkins into the ropes and lets Dawkins run into--and deflect off of--Otis' brick house form. Gable with a blind assist, striking Dawkins. Ford wipes out Gable at the commentary-side of the ring. Otis exits and makes the Profits pay for touching his friend as we go to break.

Back from the break. The majestic Angelo Dawkins bravely takes a beating from both members of the Alpha Academy, who have kept the ring cut in half throughout the break. Dawkins is mauled by Gable in the corner. Gable pounds away at Dawkins with stiff strikes and a big brainbuster. Gable looks for a moonsault off the top but Dawkins moves. Dawkins connects with a Silencer and both men are down! Both men make hot tags and here come Otis and Ford! Ford runs off the ropes four consecutive times, clubbing Otis with a big clothesline but the "Otis 4.0" (ask Graves, brother) just absorbs each one without giving a centimeter. Ford fires off with everything he has, completely unleashing on Otis and the big man just absorbs it all. Ford ends his offense slapping softly at Otis as he realizes how little an effect his strikes are having. Otis drops Ford and tags in Gable. Gable fails to contain things and Montez Ford reverses Gable, completely blind-siding the technician by catching Gable's top-rope cross-body, rolling through with it and leveraging the pin!

Your Winners, the Street Profits!

Singles Match: Nikki A.S.H. w/ Rhea Ripley vs Queen Zelina Vega w/ Carmella

Prior to the match, Carmella talks a lot of trash at Nikki. Rhea angrily rips off her belt and enters the ring, yelling warnings at Carmella. The ref remains outside the ring and Carmella exits--she needs her mask and we need another Little Caesar's commercial. When we return, the future Mrs. Graves is on the offense against the Aussie powerhouse Ripley. Carmella delivers a Superkick to the back of Ripley's head while she's lent over the bottom rope. The in-house crowd is dead; the digital audience is full of piped-in boos of the highest caliber. Carmella frequently goes for pin attempts, as always, and sticks to her typical playbook of wearing down her opponent. Mella locks on a sleeper and hangs on until Ripley rams back into the corner, finally shaking Carmella free. Carmella rakes Ripley's back. Ripley angrily turns, clearly incensed, and threatens to hit Carmella. Carmella ducks and screams; Ripley instead slaps Carmella's back incredibly loud. Rhea fires up, running off the ropes and dropping Carmella. The Nightmare hits a beautiful Northern Lights suplex on the Staten Island Princess, bridging for a two. Ripley charges and looks for a missile dropkick but Carmella wisely uses the ropes to yank herself out of the way. Carmella with a basement Superkick right to the jaw of Ripley. Carmella's really hitting some brutal Superkicks to the wrong spots for Ripley. We get replays as Carmella taunts; Rhea hulks-up and hits a Riptide out of nowhere to pick up the win.

Your Winner, Rhea Ripley!

Backstage: WWE Champion Big E and WWE Official Adam Pearce

Pearce continues his subtle heel turn as he warns Big E to avoid Finn Bálor. Pearce has enough on his plate and if Big E doesn't want to take him serious, then Pearce has to refer Big E to Brock Lesnar.

Backstage Interview: McKenzie Mitchell with Seth Rollins

Mitchell asks Rollins about Survivor Series. He reiterates that he's not just a member, he's also the team leader. He then puts Big E on notice as he states he's coming after the WWE Championship title after the Survivor Series

Singles Match: Finn Bálor vs Kevin Owens

Finn Bálor is out first for this match and we head to break. Out next is Kevin Owens as we start our third hour. Owens takes the lead early on. Owens works Bálor over with a whip into a back elbow and shots to the abdomen. Owens with a Senton and an early pin attempt, followed by a rear choke. Bálor breaks the hold with a jawbreaker. Bálor with a pair of rights. Owens counters with knees and a kick to the jaw. Owens looks for a Powerbomb but Bálor counters, rolls through and hits a basement shotgun dropkick. Owens rolls to the apron and uses the top rope to assist a neckbreaker. Owens drags Bálor out of the ring and threatens and Apron Powerbomb. Bálor yanks onto the top rope for dear life, escaping. Owens cuts Bálor's legs out from beneath him and hits a unique spinning gut-wrench suplex (for lack of a real term for the unique move) for a quick pin attempt. Owens continues to work over Bálor's neck with a shoulder press lock. Owens and Bálor struggle briefly. Owens with a loud slap that incenses Bálor. Bálor turns the tide with a Sling Blade followed by a double-chest stomp. Bálor sends Owens outside and flies over the top rope to wipe out Owens at ringside and send us to a break!

Back from the break. We return to find Bálor battling Owens on the top turnbuckle. Owens fights off the Prince and converts the attempted Superplex into a middle-rope vertical senton driver for a close two. Owens yells at the crowd to shut up. Bálor with a kick to the face followed by an elbow. Bálor stomps at Owens as the ref counts a warning. Bálor with a chop int he corner and a whip. Owens reverses and catches Bálor in a cross-body attempt, swinging the Irishman and using Bálor's momentum to hit a raid driver. Owens looks for a Stunner but Bálor avoids it with a roll-up attempt. Bálor with a Sling Blade. Bálor sizes up Owens for his Shotgun Dropkick but Owens intercepts by way of a Superkick! Owens covers for a close two. The crowd starts to wake up. Just a bit, but it's there. Owens looks for a Powerbomb on the apron but Bálor counters with a back-body rope on the apron! Finn again sizes Owens up for the Shotgun Dropkick and connects, sending Owens crashing into the barricade! Bálor sends Owens into the ring and climbs the buckles. Bálor looks for the Coup de Grace but Owens rolls out of the way. Owens immediately hits a sit-out Powerbomb for a damn close two. Owens heads up top and looks for a senton splash. Bálor gets the knees up and connects with another Shotgun Dropkick! Bálor, again, climbs the turnbuckles and starts to rise. Owens leaps, hitting the top rope and dropping Bálor. Owens then immediately hits a Stunner to put away Bálor.

Your Winner, Kevin Owens!

Backstage Promos: the Dirty Dawgs, AJ Styles & Omos

McKenzie Mitchell asks Styles & Omos to address the Dirty Dawgs. He mocks their team name and we have a few seeds of discord sewn between the giant and the Phenomenal One as both men refer to the show as their individual, not colloquial, show. The Dawgs take a few moments to talk trash about Omos and Styles.

Tag Match: AJ Styles & Omos vs the Dirty Dawgs

AJ Styles and Omos are out first and we head to a break ahead of this battle of the budges. The Dirty Dawgs come out to their newest theme and pay homage to the Outsiders by doing the "too cool" double-arm gesture made famous by Hall & Nash. Or at least to me <3. We start this episode of Impact match with AJ Styles and Robert Roode. Styles and Roode jaw off briefly before Omos tags in. Roode locks up with Omos. Omos throws Roode across the ring and into a neutral corner. Omos with a massive clothesline that drops Roode and leaves him reeling. Omos takes Roode into the corner and drops the man repeatedly with single strikes, each more brutal than the last. Even Ziggler winces as Roode is battered. Omos lifts Roode up in a Lawn Dart position and drops him in the Dawg corner, telling Ziggler repeatedly "c'mon c'mon, lets go, c'mon!" Ziggler reaches over and tags himself in. Ziggler gets verbal, perhaps more to pump himself up than scare Omos, but the giant leaves no man standing. Omos runs Ziggler over with speedy shoulder thrusts that bounce Ziggler around the ring. Corey Graves compares the brutal showing to AJ Styles entering a cheat code in a video game. Omos drops Ziggler once more and tags in Styles. Styles loads up a Phenomenal Forearm, fires it off, connects and ends the squash-fest.

Your Winners, Omos & AJ Styles!

Singles Main Event Match: Bobby Lashley w/ MVP vs Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik

Rey-Rey makes his way out in green ring gear to a decent pop from the local crowd. Corey Graves hypes the upcoming clash between an "Almighty" titan and biggest little man in the WWE. We head to break. The bell rings and Rey looks to utilize his springboard game but Lashley swats him out of the sky. Lashley rubs Rey's face into the mat before dropping sharp elbow strikes on a downed Rey. WWE Official Adam Pearce watches his match from the back. Dominik distracts Lashley. Rey and Lashley slide to the outside. Lashley looks to swing Rey's skull into the ring post--just as he did Dom last week--but Rey counters with a modified headscissors. Rey hits a reverse 6-1-9 (Lashley was standing outside the ring) and follows it up with a splash. Rey fails to follow it up and Lashley catches Rey cross-chest. Lashley discards Rey to the ground as the ref counts and we head to break.

Back from the break. Rey throws everything he's got at Lashley's midsection in an effort to gain some separation. Lashley shuts it down by tossing Rey into the corner. Graves points out that this is the tale of the tape tonight--Mysterio gives it his best but the Almighty One is too mighty. Pearce continues to watch from the back. Rey starts a bit of a comeback, landing kicks and countering a whip by hitting the brakes courtesy of the top ropes. Rey looks to capitalize but a springboard middle-rope moonsault is countered into a rolling powerslam. Lashley takes it back outside and goes back to his newest arsenal piece--a Samoan carry with a quick side-to-side spin, slamming the skull against the steel. Lashley takes it back inside and sets Mysterio up for a Spear but Mysterio tumbles out of the corner. Lashley goes old school with his Stalling Brainbuster Suplex. Lashley hooks the leg and covers but Mysterio kicks out at two. Lashley steps on Rey's head and uses the top rope for leverage as the ref counts a warning. Lashley sets Mysterio in the Tree of Woe. Lashley walks across the ring and looks to hit his Spear on Mysterio in the Tree of Woe!

Rey dodges then sends Lashley to the middle rope, connecting with the 6-1-9! The crowd comes alive as Rey hustles up top and hits a Frog Splash! Rey covers for two but Lashley sits up, holding Rey cross-chest again. Lashley overpowers Rey and slaps the Hurt Lock on Rey. Rey taps. Lashley holds on until Rey is out, then taunts Dominik.

Your Winner by Submission, Bobby Lashley!

After the Match: WWE Official Adam Pearce Strips Rey From the Survivor Series Team

One week after setting up for Lashley to remove Dominik Mysterio from the Raw Survivor Series team, Adam Pearce removed Rey Mysterio after taking a beating tonight. After that, Austin Theory hits the ring and takes selfies with the downed Mysterios. Adam Pearce he admits likes Austin Theory's style and officially replaces Rey Mysterio with Austin Theory. We end our program to loud boos.

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