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WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results 11/2/21

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Nov 02, 2021

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results 11/2/21

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (November 2, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL, courtesy of our LIVE COVERAGE partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


In the Ring Promo: NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose of Toxic Attraction comes out alone, enjoying the applause and chants from the crowd as she takes her time making her way into the ring. The crowd pops loud when she hoists her title. "Damn, it feels good," she exclaims to a big pop and small boos. She reminds us that she was on a whole new level. A loud "you deserve it" breaks out, and a pretty vocal "no you don't" counter-chant. Rose takes it in then tells the crowd she knows she deserves it and doesn't need them to say it. She brags about beating Raquel Gonzalez and becoming the new NXT Women's Champion--her first major title victory. She also claims bragging rights as "the baddest bitch" in the industry. Rose tells us that she knows everyone is watching every step Toxic Attraction makes after their dominant sweeping of the division. She tells us she knows we have two questions, with the first being "damn I'm hot" and the second referring to the whereabouts of her friends.

We cut backstage and find Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne apparently post-attack on Zoey Stark. The duo leave when officials come in. Rose tells us all that no one can stop them and challenges any group who think they can do better. Io Shirai comes out. She tells Rose that she saw what Toxic Attraction just did to her partner so now Io wants the leader of TA. She tells Rose that she wants her "right here, right now!" Rose tells her "hold on, honey...everyone back there used to be scared of you? Honey, I ain't scared of you. Let's go right here, right now, (let's get) a referee." Rose then immediately attacks Io Shirai to loud boos.Rose talks smack to Io, mocking her as she rams her into the ringside. Rose sends Io into the ring as the crowd rains down loud Io chants. Rose reminds Io that this isn't the old NXT, and NXT reminds Rose that it's still NXT by taking Rose down. Io with a German suplex followed by a whip into the corner and a running strike. Dolin & Jayne attack Shirai from behind. Shirai manages to fight off Dolin and starts working on Jayne. Rose and Dolin recover and attack Shirai. KC2--Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter hit the ring and make the save, helping Shirai clear the ring and standing beside her as Toxic Attraction hotly retreat up the ramp.

Duke Hudson's Poker Room, featuring Cameron Grimes

We return from a break and find Hudson in the world's tiniest, saddest power room. Grimes buys in $500. Hudson mocks Grimes for awkwardly hitting on a woman and tells him to just throw all his money in. Hudson takes jabs at Grimes IQ. Grimes doesn't help things by thinking Texas Hold 'Em is played Blackjack style (and even then, that was wrong). We watch as Hudson slowly reduces Grimes chips before cutting to the ring.

Singles Match: Dakota Kai vs Cora Jade

Dakota Kai heads out for our first match of the night, sporting her new silver-themed ring wear and makeup. After a break, we return for Jade's entrance, complete with a beanie cap, skateboard, and a rejected Dakota Kai face theme because she is the American Dakota Kai. The bell rings and Kai immediately tackles her American clone, pounding Cora in the face. Jade is up quick and fights out of the corner. Kai strikes Jade, sending her outside. The fans get vocally behind this. Cora hits the ring and runs right into a big strike that stumbles her. Kai with an arm hold. Jade powers up and breaks free. Jade drops Kai with a pair of clotheslines, followed by a head-scissors takedown. Jade looks for a cover but only gets one. Jade flips over Kai and again rolls her up, looking for the win. Jade looks to set up Kai for a Powerbomb but Kai counters it and drops Jade on her face. Kai angrily yells "you call that a knife? This is a knife" if I heard correctly and Kai drives Jade into the mat. Jade attempts one last attempt at offense. Kai counters, drives the staggering Jade into the mat, and picks up the win.

Your Winner, Dakota Kai!

Singles Match: Xyon Quinn vs Robert Stone

Xyon Quin makes his way out to the ring where Robert Stone awaits him. Stone called him out because of Quinn's actions last week. Stone gets on the mic and tells us that Quin and everyone else are jealous of Robert Stone because he can do anything. He tells Quinn he's going to "out-sing" him then "out stomp-ya while wearing my rompa'" and then dedicates this to Franky. He calls for music and then does a weird dance/rap thing around Quinn, working the crowd up into a loud chorus of boos. He yells thanks to the booing crowd. The entire time Quinn stands there, hands held at the wrists. Quinn gives Stone a little clap as the crowd chants "you suck" loudly. Stone tells Quinn that the crowd loves the performance and challenges Quinn to do a better job. Quinn snatches the mic. "I'm gonna be honest--that was pretty interesting. But I only came out here to kick your ass." Stone tells him that he's too chicken to sing as the crowd loudly chants "kick his ass" over and over. Quinn gives in and asks for some music, and we get HBK's thing song. And yes, Quinn sings to the lyrics while doing a dance and toying with Quinn. The crowd sings along to the theme. Stone and Quinn briefly re-enact that scene from that movie made long before you were born, and holds Stone up in the air briefly. Stone hops down and slaps Quinn--and it's on. The bell rings 5 minutes into this segment. Quinn fires up, tossing Stone around like a doll. Quinn does four moves, followed by a modified Jackhammer to pick up the win in seconds.

Your Winner, Xyon Quinn!

Tag Match: Legado Del Fantasma vs V. Wagner & K. O'Reilly

Elektra Lopez watches over Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza, who represent the Legado Del Fantasma tonight. We start with Mendoza and O'Reilly. O'Reilly draws from his technical playbook, doing his best to manipulate Mendoza's joints. Wagner is brought in and promptly hoists Mendoza up like a child and smashes him into the mat, twice. Wagner with a skyscraper Fall-Away Slam before tagging O'Reilly back in. O'Reilly takes Mendoza down and locks the left arm behind Mendoza's back. O'Reilly holds Mendoza to the mat with the lock and pounds him with forearms. The crowd is quite loquacious for this match. Wagner comes back in after LDF take control. Wagner easily clears house and drops both members of LDF at the same time with a monstrous double-suplex! We head to picture-in-picture break (pizza, pizza)! During the break, Legado manage to take the lead. Both men utilize quick tags and working holds to ground the big man, Wagner. Wagner fights to his feet but Wilde drags him back to the mat.

Back from the break. Wagner fights to a vertical base once again. Again, Wilde takes him back to the mat. Wilde fails to prevent the tag and O'Reilly comes in en fuego. O'Reilly sends Wilde out of the ring with big strikes then grounds legal-man Mendoza. O'Reilly looks to run off the ropes but stops when he sees Elektra Lopez on the apron. The hesitation costs him as Mendoza catches O'Reilly with a running leaping knee. Wilde is tagged in and takes down O'Reilly with a top-rope Senton/modified Buster as Mendoza takes out Wagner at ringside! The crowd with a loud "LDF" chant. Wagner resets on the apron and gets the hot tag. Wagner easily sends Mendoza out of the ring and throws Wilde around like a child, driving Wilde into the mat hard and picking up a close two count. Crowd is hot behind Wagner as he takes out Wilde and Mendoza with ease. Wagner tags in O'Reilly, who sends Mendoza outside. O'Reilly looks to coordinate some team move or another, but it fails when Wilde and Mendoza use the confusion to roll up Wagner to counter his running big-boot strike.

Your Winners, Legado Del Fantasma!

Backstage Interview: Trick Williams, North American Champion Carmelo Hayes, and Andre Chase

Trick and Hayes are asked about their title retrieval last week at Halloween Havoc. Not much is said until Andre Chase walks up. He's asked about being called a coward for his actions last week. Chase flips out similar to very early Cameron Grimes, and then heads out to the ring--determined to beat up someone for calling him a coward. We head to break.

Duke Hudson's Poker Room, featuring Cameron Grimes

In our second segment, Grimes and Hudson begin to clear out the table. Grimes at one point doesn't realize he's won via a flush of Diamonds. This angers Hudson, who gets rude with his other players. It comes down to just Grimes and Hudson as we end that segment.

Singles Match: Andre Chase vs Bron Breakker

Chase gets on the mic but apparently feels it isn't working. He tosses it out and demands one that works. Finally he speaks, telling the audience that he is not normally a man who responds to baseless rumors but he's just learned that there are people on social media calling him a coward--something he takes exceptional offense from. "Normally I'd be upset with what anyone called me....but what we have right now is a teachable moment! Tonight you're going to learn that Andre Chase fears nothing! And as my students will attest, the only thing to fear around here is Andre Chase. So if there's anybody in the back that wants a PhD in getting their ass kicked, c'mon on down to this ring right now and get your degree!" Happy to answer him is Bron Breakker!
The bell rings and Breakker obliterates Chase with two suplexes in the ring. The fans woof at him as he chases Chase around the ring and beats him at ringside. Breakker sends Chase into the ring. Chase is allowed about fifteen seconds of offense, hitting a few rights and a few knee thrusts before Breakker levels him with a running shoulder block. Big belly-to-belly suplex slam before removing his shoulder straps. Breakker holds Chase high up in a military press position, then drops Chase across his shoulder and slams him into the mat, covering for the win.

Your Winner, Bron Breakker!

Post Match Promo: Bron Breakker

Breakker addresses the NXT Universe. He first accuses Ciampa of setting trap after trap, but then gives props to Ciampa as being "the Man" in NXT. Breakker then angrily tells Ciampa that he wants a rematch for the NXT title and Breakker will either beat Ciampa for the title or die trying.

Backstage Interview: NXT Tag Team Champions Imperium

Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner are interviewed about holding titles after a year without them. Barthel does most of the speaking, addressing the camera in German. "Ich (du hast, du hast, du hast, du hast), Ich will dich nie verlassen (du weinst, du weinst, du weinst, du weinst). Man kann dich lieben (du liebst, du liebst, du liebst, du liebst) und will dich hassen (du hasst, du hasst, du hasst, du hasst). Ɯberheblich, Ć¼berlegen, Ɯbernehmen, Ć¼bergeben, Ɯberraschen, Ć¼berfallen, Deutschland, Deutschland Ć¼ber allen." Afterwards, Dolin & Jayne--the women's tag champions--congratulate Imperium. They flirt and tell Imperium that they should watch their six-woman tag match later tonight, to which Imperium agree--in German--that America has its perks/eye candy. We head to break.

Lashing Out w/ Lash Legend, featuring Tony D'Angelo

Lash quickly pokes fun at one or two elements from Halloween Havoc. She then welcomes Tony, angrily pointing out that last week Tony asked to be on the program but was told "no" but then met an unfortunate accident. Now Tony's allowed on. Tony welcomes the producer who comes up with an arm sling on. Tony welcomes his "friend" and tells the producer to say hi "to your two boys at home" and continues the mafioso schtick, insinuating threats Sopranos style. D'Angelo states that he sometimes feels like smacking around guys like Dexter Lumis and Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne and Tommaso Ciampa. He tells Lash to wrap it up (the show). She tells him that he doesn't tell her what to do--until he hands her a wad of money, leaving as he tells her to buy herself something nice. She states a "girl's gotta get her lashes done" and we end our segment.

Singles Match: Solo Sikoa vs Unknown Superstar-to-Be

Oh dear god--during the match, Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph state that Solo, the son of Rikishi, was "abandoned" by his family and "grew up on the streets." Okay. The Samoa Joe/Uso hybrid squashes his opponent in sixty seconds. Solo picks up the win with a top rope Uso Splash.

Your Winner, Solo Sikoa!

Backstage Promo: Tian Sha

We get a gritty, dark video clip of Tian Sha--Mei Ling and Boa--standing in the back. LA Knight hops on the mic and tells us this is the LA Knight show. He tells us not to go anywhere as Boa ill be in action next, after this break.

Singles Match: Boa vs Grayson Waller

LA Knight is on guest commentary tonight. Some tension was shown last week when we discovered that Waller sabotaged Knight's car in order to steal his hosting gig at Halloween Havoc. The crowd his hot the entire match with dueling chants for its entirety. Waller starts off strong, taking an early lead with his speed. He counters multiple strikes from Boa. Boa takes control after about a minute, grounding Waller and using a working hold on his shoulder and arm. Waller tolerates this for only a few seconds and takes Boa down. Waller stands on the second rope but is distracted by LA Knight outside the ring. Boa drops Waller and picks up the quick win after the distraction.

Your Winner, Boa!

Duke Hudson's Poker Room, featuring Cameron Grimes

Backstage, several people watch Hudson and Grimes as they play one final hand. Hudson mocks Grimes and goes all-in with his the the River. Grimes goes at it and wins with a pair of deuces. When asked about it, Hudson says its because he's going "2 the moon." He and the observers chant off screen as we end the segment with Hudson beaten at his own game.

Video Promo: Kay Lee Ray

We return from break with a quick video that shows Kay Lee Ray isn't afraid to wreck your fine China if you mess with her, and will return next week.

In the Ring Promo: NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa

No one will survive! The crowd pops loud as our champ makes his way out with Goldie. Ciampa starts by saying that Halloween Havoc was a changing of the guard. The crowd loudly chants for Ciampa, and he tells the audience that he loves them. He runs down the three title changes at Halloween Havoc last week. He states that Bron Breakker was supposed to become the new NXT Champion but "nobody told Tommaso Ciampa." He goes on to call himself the "God of NXT" to a big pop. He holds up Goldie, his belt, and tells us that this means he has a target on his back. He breaks the fourth wall a bit, adding "in fact, this is about the time that (someone interrupts." Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams come out. Melo tells Ciampa that he's come out here to put Ciampa in check. "Because Tommaso if you look around, it's not about y'all anymore. There's a new school on the rise and I happen to be the leader of it." He tells Ciampa "with respect" that "as long as I'm on this show with this (North American) title" you're "going to take a backseat to me." He claims his title is the A-Title and Ciampa will always be on the backseat. The crowd continues on with a loud "Ciampa's gonna kill you" for a few long moments. Ciampa points it out, asking if Melo hears what the fans chant. He then tells he thought perhaps Melo was serious but once Hayes removed his glasses, he could tell Melo didn't believe a single word he just said. Williams tries to jaw off to Ciampa, and Ciampa lays him out easily to a big pop. Hayes takes offense...but doesn't intervene. Ciampa challenges him to but Hayes wisely holds off. Ciampa backs up the ramp--and out comes the Way! Johnny Gargano, Ciampa's long time bestie and arch-nemesis, comes out. Gargano and Ciampa exchange looks and Gargano grins at Ciampa, mouthing "it's been a long time!" We head to break.

Tag Match: Johnny Gargano & Dexter Lumis vs Trick Williams & NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes

When we return from break, all competitors are ready to fight. We start with Dexter Lumis and Trick Williams. Williams shows off some fancy footwork but it doesn't phase Lumis. Williams tags in Hayes, who is also spooked by Lumis. Lumis slithers like a snake on the ground after Hayes, unaware Williams took a blind tag. Williams fails to follow up on the surprise attack and Lumis easily holds Williams' arms. Gargano takes a tag and jumps off the top, connecting with a double axe-handle. Gargano tags in Lumis and holds Williams arms as Lumis ascends the turnbuckles. Lumis hops off, lands, just stands there...then hits a Kane Uppercut chop to lay out Williams! Gargano comes back in and maintains control, using his agility and speed to keep a firm grasp on things. Melo and Williams both hit the ring, looking to double team Lumis & Gargano. The Way double-team Hayes and Williams, sending them outside. Both members slither on the mat, scaring off Hayes and Williams as we head to break.

During the break Melo and Williams manage to finally take control. The duo utilize quick tags to wear down the NXT Original. The crowd loudly continues non-stop chants for Gargano and Lumis. Williams attempts to wear down Gargano. As we return from break, Gargano fails to make the hot tag to Lumis as Williams drops Lumis. Hayes is tagged in and the duo double team Gargano, showing off their own innovative offense as Williams uses the top ropes to toss his partner against, assisting with a sky-high second rope leg drop. The crowd back at it with the loud dueling chants. Lumis gets the hot tag after several long moments and completely runs over Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. Lumis takes it to the North American Champion, hitting a big clotheslines chained into a bulldog on Hayes! Lumis with a top rope-assisted springboard suplex for a close two. The crowd with a "this is awesome" chant.

Lumis and Gargano are often referred to as "father and son" (not in that order) throughout the match. Gargano comes in hot and cleans house. Gargano tags in Lumis. Lumis with a close pin-fall but Hayes makes the save. Hayes drags Williams over to the corner and tags himself in. Gargano tags himself in as Lumis makes his way tot he The Way's corner. The crowd with a loud "this is awesome" chant and they're on their feet as Hayes and Gargano begin alternating strikes. Hayes fires off a chop and Gargano fires one of his own. The crowd does their "ooooooooh!" build-up to each strike as both men throw slow strikes. Finally Gargano unleashes machine-fast strikes. Hayes counters with a series of big kicks to battle off the former NXT multi-hyphenate champion. Gargano tags in Lumis. Lumis slaps on a submission. Gargano attacks Williams to prevent him from making the save. The ref forces the break and Williams pulls off a shoe, clocking Lumis hard across the head behind the ref's back. Gargano takes out Williams with a Suicide Dive but Hayes uses the distraction and the boot-to-the-head cheap shot to pick up the win.

Your Winners, North American Champion Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams!

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