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AEW Dynamite Results (October 23rd 2021)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Oct 23, 2021

AEW Dynamite Results (October 23rd 2021)

For one final week, it's Saturday, and you know what that means! The final pre-empted episode of AEW Dynamite hit TNT tonight with a bumper card including Cody vs Malakai 3 as well as matches from the TBS Title Tournament and the Men's Title Eliminator Tournament! We're in Orlando, Florida tonight so hopefully everyone on the roster gets a chance to ride Hulk at Universal Islands of Adventure. Excalibur, JR and Tony Schiavone are at the commentary booth so let's get straight to the wrestling!

Bryan Danielson defeated Dustin Rhodes via Submission (14:26) to advance to the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Semi Finals

We're starting off with quite possibly the hottest man in all of wrestling as Bryan Danielson has a match with Dustin Rhodes in the first round of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament. As far as I know, this is the first time these two men have wrestled and they start with a show of sportsmanship as the bell rings. They exchange holds on their feet and after the first few exchanges we're very even. Rhodes seems to be wrestling slowly and with purpose as we get going but Danielson manages to outwrestle the bigger man and get him on the mat in a submission hold. He keeps him down and continues to attack before switching to a Bow and Arrow which causes a rope break. Bryan continues to attack Dustin when the men are on their feet and ends up hitting him with a Tope after sending him to the outside with a low bridge. Danielson gets the worst of his own move though and Rhodes hits him with a Cannonball from the apron before the men return to the ring.

Back in the ring, Danielson manages to get the upper hand once more and continues to attack Rhodes with strikes but when he goes for a Suplex, Dustin reverses to hit one of his own. He follows this up with chops in the corner but soon Danielson is hitting ones of his own before hitting a Suplex and trying to transition to an Arm Bar but he can't get it straight away. He fights for it before giving up and stomping the elbow instead. He then climbs to the top rope but he gets cut off by Dustin who ends up hitting a Superplex. We get a double down as the crowd sounds their appreciation. Both men make their feet and exchange strikes but gets Danielson gets caught with a powerslam and a Reverse DDT for a two fall! Dustin continues the attack with punches in the corner but his bulldog is reversed and Danielson hits a dropkick to the corner and hits kicks and Chops before he goes for a Hurricanrana. Dustin fights him off but back on the mat, Danielson tries to go for multiple submissions and finally locks on a Lebell Lock but Dustin makes the ropes. Danielson kicks Rhodes but Dustin fires up from it and another striking exchange ensues. Danielson almost wins with the backslide and then hits an Enzuigiri and stomps down on Dustin's head before then he goes for his Flying Knee but gets clotheslined and hit with a Piledriver for a two as Dustin almost gets the win! When both men make their feet again, Bryan locks on a Guillotine hold and makes Dustin Rhodes pass out. What a match!!!!

The Elite Promo

Kenny Omega talks about Hangman and they're going to face him and the Dark Order next week and Kenny says he should be excited but he's not because even though it's Halloween, every week tagging with him was like Halloween. While he was the best in the world, Hangman was cosplaying as a cowboy and Kenny knows the man behind that who's insecure and afraid of failure. He finishes with if people knew him like Kenny, they'd chant Coward shit instead of Cowboy shit.

FTR vs Lucha Bros Promo

Dax Harwood says that they want the AEW Tag Titles so they can be the greatest Tag Team of all time. Now they need to take care of business because they're tired of watching everyone pretend to be the best. We switch to Penta who (translated by Alex) says that they are going to play dirty if FTR want to play dirty. This next match will be fantastic.

Sting In Ring Interview

Tony Schiavone invites Sting to come to the ring to update us on Darby Allin's injury status after the attack a few weeks ago. Before Sting can talk, out comes MJF. He calls Sting Darby's little emo daddy and says he's not here to fight because he doesn't want to embarrass the Icon. MJF says Darby isn't coming back and the crowd interrupt him with a STFU chant. He says Sting can distract everyone as much as he wants but he's not fooling MJF. He says that Darby is injured because Sting wasn't there to help and says Darby is now in a wheelchair just like Lex Luger so Sting punches him but Sting gets jumped by Shawn Spears and Wardlow who beat him down. MJF then sits on a chair by Sting's body and asks Darby if he broke him mentally now. He says that no matter how bad the crowd want to see him come back, but if he comes back, this is his future because he'll always be second best to MJF because MJF is the past, present and future of professional wrestling. MJF finishes it off with a punch to Sting with his ring on his fist.

Dr Britt Baker Promo

We find out that Britt is facing Tay Conti at Full Gear and Britt says all Tay has done since she arrived in AEW was show her ass and now at Full Gear, Britt is going to beat it.

Ruby Soho defeated Penelope Ford via Pinfall (8:29) to advance to the TBS Championship Tournament Quarter Final

The women's match is not in the usual match before the Main Event slot which is often a sign that we're going to give them the time to have a good match! Penelope attacks Ruby to start the match but Ruby fights back. Penelope grabs Ruby's hair to gain and advantage and delivers some kicks in the corner before she hits a Flipping Spear. Ruby grabs Penelope and we move to the middle of the ring and Ruby hits a running kick to the head of Penelope to gain some control. Both women end up fighting on the apron but the Bunny skips out to distract Ruby and Penelope uses this to take advantage, sending Ruby into the ring post as we head to break. Penelope maintains the dominant position throughout the commercial and the Bunny even gets involved. Ruby makes her comeback as we return to the action and Ruby hits a Backdrop Suplex to cause a double down and both women return to their feet for a strike exchange which Ruby gets the better of. Penelope hits a Cutter from nowhere for a two count and then goes for a submission but gets rolled up for two. Penelope hits the Gut Buster for another two count. Penelope tries to get the Brass Knuckles and gets rolled up by Ruby for the victory.

After the match, Penelope and The Bunny are about to attack Ruby but Red Velvet runs out to the ring to make the save and she faces The Bunny in this tournament.

MJF Promo

MJF is about to talk to Darby again but Wardlow approaches him about throwing him to Sting last week. Max apologises and says that Wardlow is doing a great job but he assigned him Shawn Spears as an "Accountabili-buddy" to make sure he keeps that good job up.

Bobby Fish defeated Anthony Greene via Pinfall (1:53)

Bobby goes straight after Greene with his striking but Greene heads to the top rope and shows us his tactic. Fish goes after him with more kicks and hits a lovely rolling senton. Bobby attacks him in the corner and takes him out of there with a Dragonscrew before finishing him off with a Knockout Kick.

After the match Bobby Fish continues the attack on Greene and CM Punk comes out to make the save. CM Punk vs Bobby Fish? I'm in.

Lio Rush & Dante Martin Interview

Lio says that he's trying to take Dante on the highest flight possible which Matt Sydal can't do. Dante defends Sydal but Lio shoots him down and tells Dante it's them two against the Sydal Brothers next week.

Eddie Kingston defeated Lance Archer via Pinfall (7:29) to advance to the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Semi Finals

Eddie flips the script and attacks Archer during his entrance. Archer manages to get the upper hand though and ends up using a fan to attack Eddie with before the bell even rings! Eddie tries to fight back but Lance just takes what he has and returns him to the ring as this one finally gets underway officially. Archer continues the beatdown and goes for the Blackout early but Eddie fights out and brings Archer into a Submission but Archer fights out and hits Eddie with a clubbing blow to the back of the head as we go to break. Both competitors fight inside and outside the ring and Lance Archer has a clear advantage over Kingston. We return from the break with Archer hitting Kingston with a Body Slam and a Splash for two. Eddie comes back to his feet and tries a strike exchange but Lance is just too strong and drops him. Nothing Eddie does has any effect on Archer but Archer goes for a Moonsault and misses it and lands on his head. He's checked on by the Doctor and it doesn't look promising so he returns to the ring and Eddie rolls him up immediately to get the win. Let's all hope Archer is okay but Eddie goes on to face Bryan Danielson in the next round of the tournament.

Men of the Year w/ Dan Lambert Promo

Ethan Page says that the Inner Circle sucks. He says Jake Hager has an undefeated record in MMA but Scorpio pinned him. He says that Santana and Ortiz are men from the streets but the Men of the Year treat the streets like a runway so they own them. He says that Chris Jericho might have been flirting with Paige Van Zant last week but the only celeb he's going to be kissing is Masvidal's knee. He calls Sammy a PR nightmare and out comes Sammy who tells him to shut the hell up. Sammy tells him that life sucks sometimes but he could be further in this company but the only person that gives a shit about anything he does is himself. Sammy then demands to hear the stipulations from Dan Lambert. Lambert says he's proud of him for killing it on the mic before making a stupid gay joke and I lost interest. Lambert says that the 10-man tag happens if Ethan Page gets the TNT title shot and if Sammy loses, he has to leave the Inner Circle and Sammy accepts but if he beats Ethan, Sammy gets to pick the American Top Team members that will wrestle in the 10-man tag. Ethan and Scorpio go to attack Sammy but Hager, Santana & Ortiz make the save.

Jon Moxley Promo

Mox says that he doesn't feel like yelling right now because he's thinking about his daughter and he tells a story about his daughter squeezing his pinky and it making him realise he doesn't care about any of this stuff because he only cares about his daughter. He says that the only way for him to get home safe is for other people to get hurt and unfortunately for everyone else in the tournament, he'll get them before they get him. 10 is first on Wednesday!

Dark Order and Hangman Page Promo

Hangman apologises to them all for all that's gone down and he says that if they're going to go after the Elite, they need some costumes for Halloween and their match next week.

Jungle Boy defeated Brandon Cutler via Submission (1:03)

Jungle Boy attacks Cutler Early and Cutler fights back but fails to hit a Panama Sunrise and Cutler is hit with a Powerbomb and put in the Snare Trap where he has to tap. Cutler has found his perfect role.

After the match, Jungle Boy says that was a nice little warm up and he's ready to go again so why don't one of The Elite Pieces of Shit come out to face him but nobody answers so Jungle Boy locks on the Snare Trap again so Adam Cole comes out and says that he'll fight him but it's all a ruse and the Young Bucks sneak in for the Double Superkick. The Elite beat down Jungle boy all the way up the ramp before the Bucks hit a BTE Trigger and Cole hits the Boom to leave Jungle boy laying. They go to leave but come back and toss Jungle Boy off the stage.

Miro Promo

Miro says his God is out of time and he will now start snapping necks but it'll be for him and his wife from now on, and that's on his God's conscience.

Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson defeated Malakai Black via Pinfall (11:40)

We come to our main event and we will finally see whether Cody can do anything against Malakai. The last two matches haven't been good for the American Nightmare. This match gets off to a fast start with Cody trying to get Malakai on the mat but unable to keep him there for long. Both men use multiple counters and neither maintains control for long. The first few minutes of this match are much more even than the first match and Cody manages to get a good powerslam on Malakai before he goes for the Figure Four but Malakai rakes the eyes to stop him. Malakai brings a chair into the ring as Brock Anderson and Lee Johnson come to ringside and we go to break. Brock takes the chair from Malakai and Cody finally locks in the Figure Four. Malakai makes the ropes to escape and then takes control of Cody with his educated feet. With Cody down, Black brings out a Table and sets it up ringside. Cody and Black fight it out on the apron but Cody manages to hit a Cross Rhodes through the table! This busts Malakai open as we return to the action from commercial and Arn ends up in the ring on his own. Cody is also bleeding for some reason and both men look like they're struggling.

Andrade El Idolo makes his way out to the ring and Jose the Assistant tries to take out Arn but gets Spinbustered! Malakai kicks Arn to send him down and then PAC appears to remove Andrade. Back in the ring, Cody hits a Crossrhodes and the crowd erupt when it's only a two count. Cody can't win this and stay a babyface. Malakai takes control and almost gets the victory with a Rising Knee and then a German Suplex with a bridge but it's only a two. Cody gets hit with the Back Heel Kick but he falls into the ropes so he can't be pinned. We have a bit of back and forth on the outside culminating in a Tope from Rhodes. He hits a Cody Cutter, a Cross Rhodes and then a Tiger Driver 98 to get the pin to huge boos from the crowd. A disappointing ending.

Well... that was certainly an entertaining episode of AEW Dynamite but I have to admit, Cody winning has soured it for me. Just when I thought AEW knew what we wanted to see, we go back to putting over a babyface Cody that 90% of us have grown tired of. But I digress, what did you think?! Let me know in the comments or on twitter @0r4n93_C4551dy where you'll find me whinging about Cody for the rest of the night. Until Dark Elevation on Monday, Adios! Have a good weekend!

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