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WWE SmackDown Results 10/22/21

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Oct 22, 2021

WWE SmackDown Results 10/22/21

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (October 22, 2021): INTRUST Bank Arena, Wichita, KS, courtesy of Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


Show Opening Segment: WWE Crown Jewel

We opened our broadcast with a highlight reel of yesterday afternoon's WWE Crown Jewel. If you missed it, no titles changed hands and you can catch Matt's excellent results coverage on our main page. That's all that's relevant for tonight's program. You can catch all that and more hot live action on the 'cock Network, home of the WWE Network.

Welcome to Friday Night SmackDown!

Michael Cole and Future Hall of Fame broadcaster Pat McAfee welcome us to Kansas for a good time. We waste zero time getting to acknowledgement time.


In the Ring: the Bloodline

The Head of the Table, our Tribal Chief, our acknowledged Universal Champion makes his way out with Paul Heyman in toe. Heyman displays the Universal Championship high above his head for all those to bare witness. Reigns has stopped with the long entrances. For the most part. Heyman and Reigns take up position in the ring, where Heyman hands Reigns a mic. "You holdin' that title for me? Or for Brock," Reigns asks Heyman. "Because when I put my hand out, you did the right thing with the mic but last night I put my hand out and you just threw the title in the ring. Should we work on this? Hey, this is how it's done, eh?" Roman extends his hand and Heyman hands Roman the belt. "That's pretty easy, right? You're not great at your job. You're not. But I am." The crowd with mixed cheers and jeers. "I don't think there's any denying at this point--I'm the best of the best. I carried this product, I carried WWE on my back for over a year and a half now. I'm your tribal chief! I'm the head of the table! I'm the greatest Universal Champion of all time." Crowd heavily boos.

"Wanna know why? Because I smashed everyone! The list has gotten so long now we can't even go back to the beginning. So let's start at 'Mania--Bryan and Edge? Smashed 'em. Cesaro, smashed im. Finn Balor, smashed 'em. Hollywood mega-star John Cena, smashed 'im. And your boy, Brock Lesnar? Well last night, Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel, I smashed Brock Lesnar." Roman gloats at the crowd before resuming. "Speaking of Brock," Roman continues, "what'd he say about today? What'd he say about SmackDown? He said something to his tribal chief, didn't he? Hurry up, Paul." Paul scrolls through tweets then reads it for Roman. "Brock Lesnar said--and this is Brock--'the moment I arrive at SmackDown I will beat Roman Reigns senseless.'" The crowd with a big pop at this as Roman laughs. Roman slaps the phone out of Heyman's hand. "Man, I whooped Brock Lesnar so bad, he's tweeting now!" He then addresses Lesnar by way of the camera, taking credit for running this show. "Do you wanna see Brock Lesnar tonight?" Crowd pops. "Me too, because I don't mind smashing (him) two nights in a row! Wichita, would you like to see me whoop Lesnar's ass tonight? Then acknowledge your tribal chief." The digital crowd really hates Roman; the in-house crowd is more mixed cheers and jeers. Roman looks up the ramp. "Brock Lesnar must be scared of me, y'all! Aight let's make this very clear--I'm not leaving this ring until Brock Lesnar comes out here." Reigns continues to look up the ramp as we head to break.

When we returns, boos wash out Reigns. "I don't blame them, I'm the greatest of all time. Write it down, take a picture of it," he tells the crowd, "Brock Lesnar fears me. I've literally been waiting here but (he's) a no-show. Why'd he run his mouth...and not show, Paul?" Digital boos continue as Reigns points out that as the tribal chief and Universal Champion, he's done his bit and showed up. Lesnar didn't. The in-house crowd with a "we want Lesnar" chant. "So do I," adds Roman, "but Brock don't want me 'cause he scared of me. I told you this. I done told you this. I smashed everybody....so Wichita, we have to part ways." He starts to order Heyman when Brock Lesnar arrives! The Beast gets a great pop from the crowd as he walks down the ramp. Heyman wisely exits the ring, standing on the apron behind Roman.

Lesnar speeds up and hits the ring, ducking under a blow from Reigns. Lesnar with a clothesline that lays out the Universal Champion! In shades of Mick Foley, Brock Lesnar clotheslines Reigns over the top rope and to the outside! Lesnar whips the champ into the steel stairs. Lesnar picks up the steel steps and smashes them into Roman. Lesnar clears the announcer's table and hoists Reigns up for an F5! Lesnar positions next to the announce table. The Usos hit the ring side area. Both save Roman and brawl with Lesnar. Lesnar handily dispatches both Usos, laying them out at the commentary table. Reigns attacks Lesnar from behind but Lesnar charges, ramming Reigns into the ring post. Lesnar goes on the warpath, destroying a camera, throwing the camera man into the barricade. Lesnar continues on, tossing the ref across the announcer's table. Lesnar throws anyone he can get his hands on, it seems.

WWE Official Adam Pearce orders a large number of the male roster to hit the ring and make the save. Lesnar throws Jamie Noble across the announcer's desk. Lesnar clotheslines and tears his way through them all as Reigns retreats up the ramp! We go to break with Lesnar confronting WWE Officials. When we return, Cole & McAfee address the events just-witnessed and recap it with highlights. Adam Pearce addresses the crowd, condemning Lesnar's actions as being completely irresponsible. He accuses Lesnar of endangering the crew, officials, fellow Superstars, equipment and "worst of all Brock Lesnar endangered the WWE Universe." Pearce goes on to give us the cheapest cop-out, suspending Brock Lesnar indefinitely. Pearce starts to leave the ring when Brock Lesnar makes his way back down the ramp! Pearce watches the Beast wearily. Lesnar tells Pearce he couldn't hear him, then leaps up to the apron--Lesnar can jump! The crowd starts a "suplex city" chant as Lesnar grabs Pearce. Lesnar pulls Pearce by the collar and speaks. "I'm not sure that I heard everything, am I not crazy? Tell me again." He forces Pearce to repeat his suspension. "Is that right?" Lesnar backs Pearce up into the corner as random fans yell and chant for Suplex City. Lesnar backs off, adjusts Pearce's tie, then hits the F5 (sorry Malarkey)! The crowd with a big pop to this. Lesnar's music starts to play and, instead, he picks up Pearce and hits another F5! Lesnar gets a mic, stands over Pearce and repeats that he still can't hear him. Lesnar leaves up the ramp as we go to a break. Afterward, Michael Cole, in a personal vendetta against Malarkey, had replays of the pair of F5s that Pearce ate for suspending Lesnar as the crowd urged the Beast on. We were informed Pearce had to be helped to the back and Lesnar is suspended.

Backstage: WWE Official Sonya Deville and Naomi, et. al.

Deville is on the phone when Naomi angrily confronts Deville, regarding their match last week. Naomi demands a fair match against Deville. Drew McIntyre enters the fray and tells Deville he needs an opponent and is going to make an open challenge.

In the Ring: Drew McIntyre, Angela Claymore, and an Open Challenge

Drew heads out to the ring with his familial sword. Fun fact, "claymore" is Scottish for "sword." Education is important. Drew posts up on the middle turnbuckles, hoisting his sword to the sky, thinking "in the end, their can be only one" and finally gets on a mic. "Alright, enough of the B.S., who's ready for a match finally?" The crowd cheers, 40 minutes into our program. "I don't care if you're a Viking, a Maharajah, get your damn ass out here so I can kick it." He drops his mic and out comes Sami Zayn with new entrance music! Sami gets on the mic, telling Drew that he thinks its funny that the only kind of superstar Drew didn't rattle off backstage was "master strategist." As Zayn walks down the ramp, a fan yells at him and Sami snaps back "yeah, shut your mouth!" Sami goes on to state that he is now the longest-currently-tenured member of SmackDown, so Sami is sort of a staple of SmackDown. He calls Drew "the newbie, kid" then mocks his Scottish brogue as he enters the ring. Zayn tells us that maybe we forgot it but he is the best Superstar on SmackDown. "So I accept your challenge," yells Sami, "and when I beat you I will be named the best Superstar on SmackDown!" Drew and Sami ready up.

Singles Match: Drew McIntyre vs Sami Zayn

And 42 minutes into our show, we start our first match! Sami avoids Drew for the first few moments and sends us to break. When we return, Zayn is in control as he stomps on McIntyre in the corner. Zayn with a middle-rope leaping elbow strike. Zayn covers Drew multiple times, never getting a full two. Zayn throws rights into McIntyre's face, calling Drew a punk and telling McIntyre that he's on Zayn's brand. McIntyre angrily retaliates, throwing Zayn across the ring. McIntyre with a pair of clotheslines followed by another suplex toss. McIntyre hits a neckbreaker, kips-up, and counts down for the Claymore. Zayn wisely rolls out the ring to avoid it. McIntyre grabs Zayn by the hair, over the top rope. Zayn uses the top rope for a neck-drop across the top. Zayn looks for a Blue Thunder Bomb but McIntyre slaps on the brakes. Zayn with multiple elbow strikes to McIntyre in an effort to weaken him. Zayn looks for another Blue Thunder Bomb but McIntyre easily shrugs Zayn off. Drew charges the corner but Zayn wisely dodges and McIntyre spears the ring post. Zayn sets up in the ring, then mocks McIntyre's countdown before attempting a Helluva Kick--and running right into a Claymore from McIntyre! Drew picks up the win in great form.
Your Winner, Drew McIntyre!

The Coronation of King Xavier Woods

The ring is quickly carpeted as we watch, and the crown is brought out on a pillow. Kofi Kingston of the New Day is out first, pumping up the crowd as we wait for the Coronation of King Xavier--live and next! After a break and a still-photo promo for Crown Jewel, we finally get to the goods. Woods stands ready on the mic, with the the ring set up, the cape and crown and scepter all on display. Kofi Kingston gets on the mic, excitement for his friend dripping from every pore. "Hear ye, hear ye, we are gathered here today...for the grandest of coronations! Please join me in showing your adoration, your adulation for your new King of the Ring--King Xavier Woods!" Trumpets sound and out comes our new King, dancing down the ramp to the ring and high-fiving fans like it's the 1980's. Kingston continues. "Your Majesty, allow me to bestow upon thee thy cloak, a cloak that represents the protection that you shall bestow upon your kingdom!" Kofi puts the cloak on Woods. The crowd with a loud "you deserve it chant." Kingston continues after letting the chant play out. "And your Majesty, allow me to bestow upon the thy scepter, the scepter that shall serve as power you shall wield as you protect your kingdom and your reign!" Woods hoists it up as the fans cheer. "And of course," Kingston continues, "thy crown. The crown, yes, shall serve as a physical representation of the respect you have earned and shall now receive today, forever and til the end of time! Long live his reign!" Kingston places it on Woods head, and our King addresses the WWE Universe. "Y'all helped me turn my dream into a reality! So thank you! But guess what? And this is called 'call and response!'" He does a cheap pop for the hometown and tells us we get to hear the King's Gospel. "All Hail King Xavier Woods, First of His Name, Bringer of New Days and Your King of the Ring! Hail...King Woods!" The crowd begins chanting that as Kingston shakes the cloak as if it's blowing in the wind and Woods celebrates.
All Hail King Xavier Woods I, First of His Name!

Backstage: SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch

Lynch is dressed in a sharp, Rollins-inspired suit. She holds the SmackDown title over her shoulders and points out that she technically never lost the Raw title, suggesting we "make it Becky Two-Belts" again.

Video Promo: Xia Li

We see clips of Xia Li from both NXT and working out in a darkly-shadowed room. Pat McAfee and Beth Phoenix, through audio archives, praise Li as the first Chinese WWE Superstar. A graphic card announces she'll debut on SmackDown "soon."

Singles Match: Mansoor vs Mustafa Ali

This match is a rematch from yesterday's Crown Jewel Event. After a brief break, we start our second match of the night. Ali starts the match by charging the corner. Mansoor moves out of the way. Mansoor rams Ali's face into the top turnbuckle. Ali fires off a chop and Mansoor fires back with one of his own. Mansoor sends Ali over the top and falling to the outside. Mansoor follows Ali outside. Ali heads into the ring and attempts to ambush Mansoor. Mansoor avoids it and sends Ali to the outside floor again. Mansoor climbs the top turnbuckle and hits a beautiful flying cross-body for a close two. Ali takes control with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb for a close two. Ali slaps the back of Mansoor's head repeatedly, mocking him. Ali looks for a neckbreaker but Mansoor counters it into a modified German Suplex, dropping Ali on his neck. Mansoor with a big clothesline as Ali rises. Mansoor charges the corner that Ali rises in--and right into a big boot. Ali looks for an aerial move but Mansoor immediately counters it, rolling up Ali to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Mansoor!

Promo: Hit Row Debuts

Top Dolla, B-Fab, Ashanti "Thee" Adonis and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott introduce themselves at the top of the ramp, claiming three are MCs. Top Dolla and Swerve rhyme a bit as the faction makes their way down to the ramp, telling the WWE Universe that we all know who they are. Swerve says Spooky Season has arrived (...) and B-Fab tells us she's got a really great team and they all chime in that they all need "some really nice things!" They hype each other up and tell us that the WWE Universe just got four bright new stars--holding up a 4 Horseman inverted gesture. McAfee and Cole hype Hit Row's in-ring debut up next.

Tag Match: Hit Row vs Dustin Lawyer & Daniel Williams

Hit Row, as represented by "Swerve" Scott and Top Dolla, spend roughly ninety seconds squashing local wrestling talent. At one point, Top Dolla easily hoisted both men and hit a rolling slam. Swerve picked up the pin.
Your Winners, Hit Row!

Backstage: Kayla Braxton & WWE Official Sonya Deville

Kayla is outside WWE medical, awaiting on word about Adam Pearce's condition. Deville comes out and makes some patronizing comments about Pearce, his age and "fragility" while claiming she offered to suspend Lesnar for Adam. She points out that Pearce has "left" her "alone" to deal with the women's title exchange later.

Non-Title Singles Match: Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Boogs vs Happy Corbin w/ Madcap Moss

Rick Boogs greets us all from the stage and introduces our Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura! Pat, as usual, plays air guitar on top of the announcer's table. The crowd and Pat are totally behind Nakamura, and Pat is heard yelling support to Nakamura as we head to break. When we return, the digital crowd loudly boos their opponents as Happy Corbin comes out rocking the Vegas Slot Machine entrance. Both men lock up after the bell and Corbin shrugs Nakamura off. Corbin with a throat punch that floors Nakamura. Corbin pulls Nakamura up and drops him with another stiff fist. The former Golden Gloves winner takes Nakamura to the corner and unloads rights into his ribs. Nakamura counters a charging Corbin with an axe kick and a sliding dropkick for a quick pin attempt. Nakamura with knee smashes into Corbin's ribs. Nakamura hits a leaping knee on Corbin, covering for another two. Corbin and Nakamura slug it out in a quick sequence, with Nakamura's strong-style kicks pounding Corbin back into the corner. Shinsuke pulls Corbin into a rising knee. Nakamura unloads with a strong-style combo, firing off knees and kicks to Corbin. Nakamura foot-chokes Corbin in the corner as Boogs plays a random guitar lick. Corbin dodges a Nakamura run and sends Nakamura to the outside apron. Both men fight over the ropes. Nakamura looks for a suplex to the outside of the ring but Corbin counters with a backwards suplex toss that sends Nakamura's face into the floor and us into a break.

Back from the break. Corbin unloads rights into a downed Nakamura as Cole and McAfee reiterate to us that, throughout the break, Corbin maintained control. Nakamura counters a whip into a jump kick. Nakamura yells for Corbin to "come on" and unleashes another strong-style combination of knees and kicks. Corbin whips Nakamura into the corner. Nakamura dodges and hits a rope-assisted step-up kick. Nakamura attempts a pin and gets two. Nakamura posts up in the corner, calling for the Kinshasa. Corbin rises and looks to counter with an End of Days. Nakamura escapes but Corbin still hits a hard slam on Nakamura, covering for a close two. The ref checks on Nakamura and Boogs begins to play Nakamura's lead riff. The crowd begins to sing along with the guitar and Nakamura Hulks Up! Nakamura counters a chokeslam with a knee to the face then hits a roundhouse to drop Corbin. Nakamura posts up in the corner, looking for another Kinshasa when Madcap Moss snatches Boogs' guitar. Nakamura slides out the ring and kicks Moss. Corbin uses the distraction to send Nakamura into the steel steps, then hits the End of Days in the ring to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Happy Corbin!


Backstage: Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair

With their title exchange up next, Flair responds to Becky's words, dismissing Lynch as any form of a threat. We are then treated to a video that quickly recapped Big Time Becks' win over Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair.

In the Ring Main Event Segment: Women's Championship Title Exchange Program

Raw Women's Champion Flair and SmackDown Women's Champion Lynch were reported earlier this afternoon to have a title swap, as both women have been drafted to brands opposite their titles. Luckily, both women kept the receipts so they're able to exchange their title for something prettier. Becky Lynch is out first and we're sent to break. Afterwards, newly-acquired SmackDown talent Charlotte Flair makes her way out. WWE Official Sonya Deville will mediate this. Deville points out what we know--each woman is a champion of a brand they are no longer part of. Flair has to interject that she was the number one draft pick. Deville tells them to exchange their titles so each can go to their respective brand as champion. She asks Lynch for her SmackDown title, but Becks hangs on to it as the crowd starts a chant for Lynch. They chant "Becky Two-Belts" loudly as Deville asks Flair to relinquish her title. Flair removes it but doesn't hand it over. Lynch reaches for it and Flair throws it down on the mat. Deville has Flair pick it up and takes it from Flair. Deville refuses to give the title to Lynch until she hands over the SmackDown title. Lynch throws it at Flair's feet. Flair hoists the SmackDown title to boos. "Whoa whoa whoa wait, you wanted to be Becky Two Belts right? How about winner takes all tonight?" The crowd pops--and out comes "the Boss" Sasha Banks!

Banks gets on the mic as she makes her way down. "Let's make one thing clear. The Boss, the Standard, the Blueprint runs the Blue brand. And Charlotte (if you think) you're going to come out here and take over, then bitch, you're out of your damn mind!" Flair chastises Sasha and calls this a PG show. She asks Banks if she feels left out. Lynch leaves, telling Banks "Well, I'm gonna go to Raw and let you figure this out...I'll see one of you two at Survivor Series." Lynch leaves and the crowd continues to chant for Lynch. Banks tells Flair that Banks is the Boss around here, because Friday Night is Boss Time. Flair mocks her with a woo, adding "does anyone even remember you were champion when you had the title?" Banks slugs Flair. Flair removes her robe and both slug it out. Flair misses with a Big Boot attempt and Banks locks on a rear chin lock. Flair escapes tot he outside. Banks runs along the apron and hits a Meteora, wiping out the new SmackDown champion. Deville separates them as we end our program with the Boss standing tall.

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