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WWE NXT 2.0 Results 10/19/21

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Oct 19, 2021

WWE NXT 2.0 Results 10/19/21


WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (October 19, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL, courtesy of Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


Last Week on NXT 2.0...

We're welcomed to the Capitol Wresting Center by Wade Barrett and Tom Phillips' inferior multiversal clone, Vic Joseph. We're shown clips from last week's Breakout Tournament contract cash-in by Carmelo Hayes, and his capturing of the North American Championship to keep it on the Skittles brand.

In the Ring: North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams

Alicia Taylor, or ring announcer, calls out the new champ. Both men come out to a great pop. Williams asks Alicia to repeat the introduction for Melo as the new NA champion. The crowd is mostly behind Melo, with a large "you deserve it" chant. Williams tells Melo that they look good, they look like money, and most importantly they've got gold now. Williams goes on to tell us that if we're looking for humble we can find it in the dictionary right after "hell no." Melo gets a few boos but mostly welcoming chants. Hayes goes on to tell us that he blew through the competition in the NXT Breakout Tournament and proved he is "the final boss." He goes on to point out that he waited until the right time to throw Swerve a swerve. Hayes tells us that, "when I shoot? I don't miss." The crowd with a "he don't miss" chant. "And from this point on, I'm calling the shots, I'm the team captain. I am the leader of the new school. And as long as this is around my waist, this is the 'A Championship' and you're gonna refer to it...I don't care if Tommaso Ciampa got a problem with it, or management..."

Before Melo can go on, Johnny Gargano comes out to a huge pop. The crowd with a "welcome back" chant for Gargano, and multiple chants throughout the segment. Gargano tells Melo he's been having a lot of fun lately with bachelor parties, weddings, and while that's been tons of fun...well, with Austin on Raw, Indi doing her own thing, and Candice pregnant, Gargano feels lost. He's been trying to figure out what's next for himself and he thinks it's staring him in the face--the North American title. Gargano tells Melo that there's a first time for everything, regarding Melo not missing, and asks "Mister A Champion" to take a shot at himself. Williams jokes, as does Hayes, about Indi Hartwell being in their DM's. Gargano playfully banters with them and they ask him "yo, isn't that your daughter?" Gargano admits that, in a way, yeah Indi's a daughter-and "right there's my son-in-law!" The camera pulls back and Dexter Lumis is behind both men! Lumis attacks, chasing them from the ring. Gargano and Lumis stand strong, united in the ring, with Melo and Williams hesitant to even enter the ring to retrieve Melo's belt.

Singles Match: Odyssey Jones vs Andre Chase

Odyssey Jones makes his way out to a big pop as we head to our first break of the night! This NXT Breakout tournament rematch is next! When we return, Andre Chase comes out to massive boos. Chase dedicates this match to his "Chase University" students. We get the bell for our first match sixteen minutes past the hour, and Jones sends Chase into the mat. Chase leaps up and slaps on a side headlock. Jones shrugs Chase off and into the ropes. Chase looks for a diving shoulder block but Jones counters it into a modified spinebuster. The big, agile Jones chases Chase into the corner. Chase with a middle-turnbuckle dropkick. Chase nearly slides and falls while hitting a jumping stomp on the robust Jones. Chase works the big man to his knees and connects with a DDT. Chase attempts a pin but gets nada. Chase throws a fist--and Jones catches it, shaking his head no. Jones easily manhandles Chase, slamming and tossing him around the ring at will. Jones is all smiles as he hits a huge leaping splash on Chase to end the short match in style.
Your Winner, Odyssey Jones!

Backstage Promo: The Diamond Mine

Malcolm Bivens, mouthpiece of the Diamond Mine, is upset that week after week, others seek challenges and title shots that Bivens feels are owed to their faction. Bivens informs us that they're now going to take what they want, and the faction head out to the ring.

Tag Match: Imperium vs the Diamond Mine's Creed Brothers

Julius and Brutus Creed will be in action after this word from Little Caesar's. When we return from break, Imperium are out. We start with Aichner and Brutus Creed. Aichner with an arm drag. Aichner and Marcel Barthel start their tactic of quick tags in an effort to cut the ring in half. Marcel with a working hold. Creed sends Marcel off and mocks the Imperium stance. Marcel with clubbing blows followed by an arm lock. Marcel with a forearm uppercut and a running kick to Creed's chest. Julius finally enters the match for the first time. Marcel is driven to the corner. Marcel fights off Julius and climbs the middle turnbuckles. Julius distracts the ref and Roderick Strong interferes until Fabian Aichner chases him off. Julius and Brutus with a unique double team spot, followed by Brutus slamming Julius down on Barthel for a close two cover. The Creed Brothers effectively turn the tables on Imperium, isolating Barthel in the Diamond Mine's corner for a few long moments. Finally Marcel escapes and Fabian takes the hot tag. Aichner clears Julius from the ring and drops Brutus. Aichner hoists the larger Brutus up on his shoulders and shows off some great core strength in lifting and driving Creed to the mat. Aichner with a tag to Bartel, who stands at attention on the top rope before hitting a dropping headbutt. Ikemen Jiro & Kushida hit the ringside area and brawl with the Diamond Mine outside the ring. The distraction gives Imperium the upper hand over the Creed Brothers, allowing them to pickup the win.

Your Winners, Imperium!

After the Match: MSK Strikes

MSK attack Imperium from behind, mostly to boos and a loud "you suck" chant from the raucous crowd. MSK send Imperium out of the ring, ahead of their newly-made tag defense next week, mostly to boos.

Video Promo: Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner

We see the new tag team training in the woods and sharing a beer before hyping themselves. That is all, move along now. "Cool" Kyle is now Brokeback/Outdoors Kyle.

Video Promo: Snowflake Kevin Owens

Joe Gacy cuts a quick promo, throwing the usual trigger warnings and words out while playing up his "woke Owens" look and gimmick.

In the Ring Promo: Legado Del Fantasma

Santos Escobar, Elektra Lopez, Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde are in the ring when we return. Escobar tells us that he's been blessed...until last week, when Carmelo walked out of the ring with the North American title. He calls Melo a "lucky son of a bitch!" He tells Melo that it appears Hayes' luck has vanished, and soon Escobar and Lady Luck will find Hayes. He puts Elektra on the mic. "La Madrina" begins to speak when she's cut off by Cora Jade.

Singles Match: Cora Jade vs Elektra Lopez

Lopez starts off strong against the newcomer. Lopez with a textbook scoop slam. The crowd are behind both women, showing neither Superstar hate as the two women go at it. Commentary spend an unhealthy amount of time talking about Jade's age (she's twenty, if you missed it the first twelve times they mentioned it) and favors Paige somewhat. Lopez with a few powerful strikes but her slower tempo and arrogance get the best of her as Jade rolls Lopez up and picks up the win when Lopez fails to get the shoulder up (unsure if planned). Super, super short match.

Your Winner, Cora Jade!

Backstage Interview: NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa and Bron Breakker

Very brief segment, which seems to be the trend, during which Bron states out the gate that Ciampa should watch out for himself "out there" in their tag match tonight. Ciampa questions Breakker's comments from last week, pointing out and reminding the youngster that he stated he had Ciampa's back until Halloween Havoc.


Triple Threat Match: Io Shirai vs Persia Pirotta vs Toxic Attraction's Jacy Jayne

The winner's tag team will spin the wheel for the special stipulation ahead of next week's triple-threat tag championship match. Io Shirai is out first to represent the tag champions. We head to break, and will know our other competitors' names, when we return. Upon our return, Jayne and Persia are in the ring. The crowd is firmly behind Io throughout the match. Jacy arrogantly steps past Persia to slap Io. Persia takes out both women with a double-arm clothesline. Our competitors take turns pairing up; as soon as Persia is down, Io and Jacy go to bat. Jacy with a rising knee. Still the crowd stays hot behind Io. Jacy and Io temporarily team up to attack the larger Persia. Both attempt a double suplex but Persia slaps on the brakes, before taking both women down with a double-woman suplex of her own. Io with an attempted face bar but Persia breaks it up with a back drop. Io sends Persia out of the ring with a dropkick. Jacy looks for a suicide dive but lacks the speed or spatial orientation, and Jayne's feet catch on the bottom rope. Jayne crashes awkwardly and hard to the floor, and Persia quickly checks on her while faux "pinning" Jayne outside the ring as the camera turns to Io. Io heads out of the ring after a quick moment, focusing her attack on the downed Persia as the ref and officials check on Jacy off-camera as we head to break.

During the break the cameraman does a great job in positioning as Io Shirai locks a half-crab on Persia outside the ring. This continues for several long moments before Shirai and Persia take the action back into the ring. Persia and Io exchange control throughout the break as WWE medical officials check on Jayne off camera still.

Back from the break and it's announced Jayne cannot continue in this match. Persia and Io look for submission holds until Persia whips Io into the corner. Persia with a running splash that wipes out one-half of the NXT Women's Tag champions. Persia slows the pace of the match, using longer, more deliberate strikes and holds to control the much-smaller Shirai. Shirai picks up the pace, and leaps up for a Hurricanrana--but Persia reverses it into a dead-lift Powerbomb for a close fall. The crowd continues chants for Io. Persia continues to maintain control and keep the pace slow, grounding the Genius of the Sky. Io throws off a series of rights before a high kick to the jaw drapes Persia across the middle rope. Shirai with her version of the 6-1-9, followed by a very-hesitant, very slow low-angle dropkick to take out Persia's knees. Shirai fails to pick up the pin fall and slaps on a crossface! Persia attempts to power out of it. Shirai eventually picks up the win, and the tag champions will spin the wheel next week at Halloween Havoc.

Your Winner, Io Shirai!

Wheel of Misfortune

The NXT Women's Tag Team Champions spin the wheel for next week's special stipulation. The wheel stops on a Scareway to Hell ladder match, so there ya go, folks! No word yet on if Jacy will be able to go next week or if Mandy Rose will perhaps fill in. When we hear word on Jacy's potential injury, you know we'll update you ASAP. We head to break--Tony D'Angelo is up next.

Next Week: the Debut of Solo Sikoa

We get a quick video hyping the debut of Rikishi's other son, with a new name.

Backstage: Ikemen Jiro and Kushida

We cut to the men's room. Jiro is going through Kushida's belongings, then puts on the Marty McFly-gimmicked vest and shades onto Kushida, telling Kushida its time to go back to the future.

Singles Match: Tony D'Angelo vs A Poor Soul

We cut to the ring and start this next match. Tony starts off in control against his unnamed opponent--even Vic Joseph doesn't know the kid's name, so I hereby dub him a Poor Soul. Tony squashes his younger competitor in mere moments. D'Angelo showed off some truly-unique offense, connecting with a bridging suplex, holding on and hitting a rolling exploder to secure the win. After the match, Tony's asked about Lash Legend's suddenly-missing producer. Tony asks her what she's implying, asks if she thinks he's a snitch; he hands her a roll of money, tells her to get herself something nice and to "fuggedaboutit."

Your Winner, Tony D'Angelo!

Backstage Ambush: Briggs & Jensen and Legado Del Fantasma

After a throw-away promo from Duke Hudson--apparently adopting a poker gimmick, it would appear--we return to the back. Briggs and Jensen have been taken out ahead of their tag match against LDF, who make their way out to the ring by stepping over their ambushed opponents, remarking "well, so much for that." We head to break.

Tag Match: Briggs & Jensen vs Legado Del Fantasma

After a break, we return to the match under way. We're shown that, during the commercial break, Briggs & Jensen headbutt officials who attempted to stop them from competing in this match. Wade Barrett used it to help build up the "bar room brawler" persona for Briggs & Jensen. Briggs and Jensen controlled for most of the match, despite Santos Escobar's repeated distractions and unseen interference. The crowd remained raucous throughout the match. Legado successfully cut the ring n half, isolating Briggs in the corner. Repeated quick tags and double-team moves kept Briggs grounded for the first moments. Mendoza and Wilde execute multiple double-team-up maneuvers, from rolling strikes int he corner to a diving splash across Briggs' back, but still Briggs holds in there. Mendoza looks for a rear sleeper and Wilde tags in. Wilde fails to prevent Briggs from making the hot tag to Jensen. Jensen runs over Wilde with a big clothesline before taking Mendoza off the apron with one as well. Jensen with a pop-up that sends Wilde high up into the air before crashing down face-first on the mat. The crowd is hot behind Legado more than their opponents and, as the match goes on, the crowd turns on Briggs & Jensen, booing all offense Jensen gets off. LDF work together to put away Jensen as Briggs never tagged back in.

Your Winners, Legado Del Fantasma!

Singles Match: Grayson Waller vs LA Knight

The winner will host next week's Halloween Havoc special. LA Knight is out first as we head to break. After the break and a teaser for the mystery talent debuting next week (believed to be a repackaged Elias, but just rumor) we cut to the CWC and this match gets under way. The crowd are behind Cora Jade's boyfriend. Waller starts off strong early on, but the veteran Knight quickly grounds the high-flying Waller. Knight with stiff shots to the ribs. Waller looks to capitalize on a miscue by Knight, but Knight uses the top rope to aide in a neckbreaker. Knight goes back to working Waller's neck. Waller and Knight begin slugging it out in the middle of the ring, with Waller stunning Knight with a discus elbow followed by a series of clotheslines. Waller is then promptly taken down with a BFT--Blunt Force Trauma--as Knight picked up the quick win and will host Halloween Havoc next Tuesday.

Your Winner and NEW Halloween Havoc Host, LA Knight!

Tag Match: NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa & Bron Breakker vs the Grizzled Young Veterans

Our NXT Champion is out first, Goldie clutched in his arms, as we head to break. His partner tonight, Rick Steiner's son Bron, will be his challenger for the NXT title at next week's Halloween Havoc. After the break, Bron is out, followed by the Grizzled Young Veterans (GYV). We start with Bron and James Drake. The crowd with a loud "you suck" chant aimed at the GYV. Breakker with a snap drop on Drake. Drake runs off the ropes and into Bron, who doesn't budge. Bron counters an attempted trip by Drake into a very impressive display of strength, as Bron deadlifts Drake and drives him into the mat twice. Drake consults with Gibson in his corner as Bron adjusts his straps. Bron takes down Drake again, easily handling Drake. Breakker moves to his corner as Ciampa asks for a tag in. Breakker disrespects the champ, yelling "see ya next week, huh?" Ciampa slaps Bron to tag himself in. Ciampa with a series of rope-rebounding clothesline attempts, ultimately taking down both members of the GYV with a diving double lariat. Gibson is legal. Ciampa takes Gibson to the friendly corner, mocks Bron by pretending to be asleep, and begins to work Gibson's neck as we head to break as the crowd chants "psycho killer" for Ciampa!

During the break Ciampa retains control over Gibson, working the neck. Gibson makes the tag to Drake, and Ciampa redirects his assault to Drake. After a few long moments, Gibson tags back in and works with Drake to take out Ciampa in front of the announcer's table. Gibson takes it back into the ring, stomping Ciampa's shoulder and using a right jab to drop the champ. Gibson tags in Drake, and both men work to double-team the champ. Drake looks for a pin but Ciampa kicks out just at two.

Back from the break. Drake holds a side headlock on a grounded Ciampa, who powers to his feet with the crowd hot behind him. Ciampa elbows Gibson off the apron and takes Drake out with a belly-to-back suplex. Ciampa crawls across the ring as Drake attempts to block the tag. Gibson yanks Bron off the apron, and Bron chases Gibson off. Ciampa has no one to tag in and Drake drags him to the middle of the ring, stomping away on the champ.

Gibson looks for a pair of covers, but Ciampa kicks out before the ref can even get into position. The crowd with a boisterous "Gibson sucks" chant. Gibson uses the middle rope to choke the champion and positions himself between Bron and Ciampa to prevent a tag. Drake and Gibson switch back to frequent tags and both men focus their attack on Ciampa's surgically-repaired neck. Gibson with a bell-ringer to the champ. Ciampa finally shows some sign of life, firing off a pair of chops before Gibson stomps him into the mat. Drake comes back in and holds Ciampa in a Urinage hold, allowing Gibson to connect with a dropkick to Ciampa's exposed back. Drake with a neck submission but Ciampa breaks free and slugs Drake. The crowd hot behind the champ again as he goes toe-to-toe with Drake, countering a neckbreaker into a DDT! Breakker bounces up and down on the apron, looking for the hot tag as both men are down.

Ciampa gets the upper hand and slaps Breakker, tagging in the youngster while yelling "where were you?" A fan yells "don't fuck it up," haha. Breakker takes out Gibson and works over Drake more. Breakker pulls the straps off his shoulders, akin to his famous father and uncle, and locks in the Steiner Recliner! Breakker exchanges words with Ciampa, warning him about next week, then picks up the pin fall victory.

Your Winners, Bron Breakker and NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa!

After the Match: a Standoff

Breakker yells for Ciampa to bring the title in the ring after their match. Ciampa complies and enters, standing face-to-face with Breakker as both men jaw off and end our program.

Source: rajah.com
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