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WWE SmackDown Results 9/24/21

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Sep 24, 2021

WWE SmackDown Results 9/24/21

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (September 24, 2021): Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA, courtesy of Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.

Are you ready?

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to this go home edition of SmackDown before a boisterous crowd.

In the Ring: SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch

"Big Time Becs" Becky Lynch makes her way out to a great pop from the crowd (and Pat McAfee). We cut to a video package from last week's big Belair: Homecoming. As a Knox-made girl, she excelled in high school sports there, attended uni there and was given a key to the county by Knox County Mayor Glen "Kane" Jacobs. Belair eventually ate a Manhandle Slam from the champ to ruin the homecoming. We return to the ring as Cole hypes the Lynch/Belair II match at Extreme Rules. Becky looks to speak and the crowd now boos her. She's getting a great mixed reaction between boos and cheers. Becs speaks, addressing Bianca's hometown celebration last week. She goes on to tell us that she's returned after less than a year after having a child, and she won the title in record time. But no one through Lynch a celebration. Lynch claims that Belair, unprovoked, had to go backstage telling people she was the best. Lynch states this is the law of the jungle, and it's eaten or be eaten. Lynch didn't want to embarrass Belair in front of her hometown, but she had no other choice. She wanted to be the better man and give Belair time to re-calibrate after the embarrassing loss at SummerSlam. She tells us that Belair goaded her into the match, and we should remember this--

And out comes Bianca Belair! Great pop from the crowd for the E-S-T of WWE. The crowd with an "E-S-T" chant followed immediately by a louder "Becky" chant. Belair speaks. "Ya know, first of all? Keep my mama and my daddy name out of your mouth....But real talk, Becky, you did embarrass me at SummerSlam and you did embarrass me in my hometown. But if you think that's what's going to happen Sunday...girl, nuh uh, ain't gonna happen." Belair points outs that she wasn't ready for Lynch; Lynch counters that she's the champion, and was ready to fight someone. The two exchange verbal jabs back and forth. Belair points out that she won the SmackDown title in a quarter time that it took Lynch to, and she won an Espy, and tells Lynch to "put some respect on my name." Lynch and Belair with more verbal strikes. Bianca tells Lynch that the "winner is going to be the strongEST, the fastEST, the roughEST, the toughEST, the greatEST and the new SmackDown Women's Champion!" Pop from the crowd. Belair extends a hand to shake; instead, Lynch steps in and slaps Belair. Lynch holds up her title, talking smack off-mic to Belair. Lynch tells her the belt is hers and Lynch is the greatest to ever hold the title. Belair snaps, taking Lynch into the corner and unloading with kicks and fists. Lynch finally sends Belair into the turnbuckle. Lynch looks for the Manhandle Slam but Belair wiggles free and hits the Kiss of Death on Lynch! Belair leaves up the ramp with our champ laid out in the ring.

Intercontinental Championship Match: King Nakamura(c) w/ Rick Boogs vs Apollo Crews w/ Cmdr. Azeez

We see Boogs, Nakamura and Storm backstage. It seems Storm's on her third repackaging since being called up, and is part of the Nakamura/Boogs group. After a break, we return and Rick...Boooooooooogs informs us that he came to rock with the one true King of WWE and the Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamuraaaaa! Boogs plays our champ down to the ring to a great crowd reaction--and Pat tells us he's pooped his pants as he steps up on his chair and dances to Nakamura's theme. The fans are really hot for our IC champ. Out next are Apollo and Azeez to an awesome tron/entrance ramp image. The bell rings and both men go at it. Shinsuke with a low kick. Shinsuke looks to lock up but Crews takes him down with a running shoulder. Crews rebounds off the ropes multiple times as Nakamura dodges, eventually catching Crews with a stiff strike. Nakamura lays Crews over the ropes in the corner and looks for a running lifting knee but Crews dodges. Crews presses Nakamura high in the air, walks to the ropes, and throws Nakamura to the outside! We head to break!

Back from the break. Boogs plays the lead from Nakamura's theme to hype up his friend, and the crowd sings along with it. Nakamura starts to fight back, taking down Crews with a big kick. Nakamura goes up to the middle ropes and leaps off--but Crews, in an incredibly impressive vertical display, hits a high angle dropkick that intercepts Nakamura like a Patriot missile. Crews fails to follow up properly, and Nakamura goes up and hits the middle rope knee strike finally. Nakamura attempts a Kinshasa but Crews with a modified Samoan Drop for a close two! Nakamura once again takes control and looks for a Kinshasa on Crews, but Azeez interferes. Rick Boogs attacks Azeez from behind, dropping the big man! In the ring, Nakamura with a quick strike and a quick roll-up to Crews, picking up the win! Our King and Boogs escape onto the ramp and taunt Crews and Azeez as McAfee dances on the announcer's table to Boogs playing Nakamura's theme.

Your Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, King Nakamura!


Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton and the Street Profit's Montez Ford

Ford is asked about his thoughts on the upcoming title challenge against the Usos. Ford tells the camera that Roman doesn't treat the Usos like family, he treats them like "his bloodline bitches." Ford is asked about Dawkins' absence tonight, to which Ford mentions Dawkins was at someone's wedding but would be there Sunday. Because Profits are up and they want the smoke.

Backstage: Universal Champion Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman

Roman is not pleased with what he just saw on his monitor. He tells Heyman that he wants to fight him (Montez Ford) tonight. Heyman attempts to talk him out of it as he has a title defense against the Demon in less than forty-eight hours, but Reigns insists. Heyman agrees to make it happen. Reigns then addresses Heyman again. "Wise man?...Why are you still here?" Heyman scurries off as we scurry to a commercial break.

Backstage: WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville with Paul Heyman

Pearce and Deville are talking when Heyman approaches. Pearce and Deville tell Heyman that "again" they can't tell him where Brock's being drafted. The Draft is one week away! Heyman then tells them that he wants a match between Reigns and Ford. The officials agree.

Backstage Promo: Seth Rollins

After another video package that covered Rollins' decimation of Edge two weeks ago at Madison Square Garden, as well as Rollins' gloating last week. Rollins again gloats tonight, addressing a possible Edge appearance next week. Rollins essentially tells Edge to acknowledge him or Rollins will beat Edge in front of his own family (Edge's).

Singles Match: Liv Morgan vs Zelina Vega

Liv Morgan makes her way out to a decent pop, posing on the apron as we go to break. After the break, Zelina Vega makes her entrance to a loud digital boo. The in-house crowd is much more muted. We get a Progressive Match Flo from last week's tag match, during which Liv Morgan and Toni Storm teamed up against Carmella and Zelina Vega. During the match, Carmella was sent face-first into the turnbuckle and faked an injury, losing by count-out. That's when Morgan challenged Carmella to a match this Sunday. Speaking of, Carmella comes down with new music yet again and joins commentary. The bell rings and Morgan comes out swinging, and connects with a low dropkick. Vega takes control and begins to work on Morgan's neck. Throughout the match, Carmella lays on the announce table and makes fun of Cole for "drooling." McAfee apologizes for not having a chair for her. She continues to go on and talk trash about Morgan and all of her "mouth-breathing" supporters. In the ring, Morgan counters Vega into a face-first turnbuckle slam, like she did to Carmella last week. Carmella distracts Morgan. Morgan regrets it as Vega capitalizes, driving Morgan to the mat and pinning her. Afterwards, Morgan yelled to Carmella "You'll get yours, bitch" presumably at Extreme Rules this Sunday.

Your Winner, Zelina Vega!


The World Debut of 'Happy Talk, with Happy Corbin'

We get a short video package in which Corbin shows off multiple suits, Rolexes, watches, etc. He promises to make the debut of Happy Talk something we'll talk about. Corbin comes out to the ring and we go to break. When we return, Cole says the ring looks like a haberdashery. There are red-rope barricades set up and two leather high-back chairs. Between them is a table with a black drape and glasses with liquor. He also has a hat-rack with several of his fedoras on it. Corbin tells us that unlike the KO Show, which tears down people, Happy wanted a show that builds up people and spreads happiness. He announces that he has a special guest--the happiest person in the world, someone who spreads happiness everywhere he goes...himself! He then rambles on about how happy he is, how he eats goat cheese-stuffed Ravioli, he wears a Rolex, he's wearing a $9,00 suit. The crowd with a loud "we don't care" chant.

We get replays of Corbin taking out Owens before a match last week. The digital crowd are quick with loud boos; the in-house crowd is mostly dead. Corbin tells us that money's been bringing him absolute happiness lately, and another thing that does is-- He's interrupted by Kevin Owens who marches down the ramp. Before he can enter the ring, he's attacked by a hooded individual (Riddick Moss). Owens tries to fight back but the assailant (Moss) quickly stops him. Corbin and the assailant with a double whip, sending Owens hard into the steel stairs. The crowd with a loud "you suck" chant, finally waking up. Corbin and friend set up the steel steps then hit a double Urinage on the metal platform! Corbin and his friend laugh their butts off.

Singles Match: WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Super Brutality's Nikki A.S.H. vs Natalya w/ Tamina

Super Brutality come out to a big pop and a great crowd reaction. Nikki's the best thing to happen to Rhea in terms of trying to get her over. Things start with Natalya taking control. Natalya Takes Nikki from corner to corner to corner, bashing her face into the turnbuckle. When Nikki attempts to fight out of the corner, Nattie hits a snap suplex and covers for two. Natalya taunts Nikki, telling her she's not a superhero (she never said she was, just almost). Natalya attacks Nikki in the corner. Tamina gets on the apron, distracting Nikki; Rhea takes out Tamina, distracting Natalya and allowing Nikki to roll her up for the quick win.

Your Winner, Nikki A.S.H.!


After the Match: Blitzkrieg

As Super Brutality celebrate in the ring, Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox--Shotzi & Nox this week--drive out on their tank and, literally, "shots are fired" as they shoot their fake cannon at the tag champs, making their intentions clear.

Backstage: the Mysterios, Sami Zayn

Dom and Rey are talking backstage. What to take away from it: Dom feels Rey is suffocating him, and Rey feels Dom isn't keeping his head in the game. More seeds planted towards an eventual father vs son match. Zayn approached Dom after Rey walked off, praising Dom's growth over their series of matches. Zayn offers one piece of advice--don't listen to Rey, but listen to his own gut instead.

War of Words: Naomi and WWE Official Sonya Deville

Naomi comes out to a decent pop and a video showing us last week's verbal confrontation between Naomi and Deville, during which Naomi told Deville one way or another "I am going to get my (championship) match." We're told Naomi isn't cleared to compete for action, but she's out and in action--after this commercial break! When we return from the break, Naomi gets on the mic. She feels disrespected and ignored by Sonya Deville. She wants a match. "And baby, I'm not talking about tomorrow, I'm not talking about next week, I'm talking about tonight! So which one of you ladies back there would love to come and feel this glow?" Deville comes out on the mic, telling Naomi it's not happening. Deville tells Naomi that she makes the matches around here, not Naomi. Naomi tells Deville to get down here and fight her. Deville says we all know she'd slap the glow off of Naomi's face. But we all know she's not a competitor anymore. Naomi starts the crowd in a loud and raucous "make the match" chant. Deville yells at production to cut the audio, and the fans book. Deville calls security out and they forcibly attempt to remove Naomi. Deville tells Naomi that "when your elaborate entrance is over, everything is downhill from there. We've given you chance after chance after chance but you constantly drop the ball." Deville tells Naomi to go to the back and dance her way "to obscurity." Naomi starts another "Make the match!" chant with the loud crowd as Deville has security to take Naomi to the back.

Backstage: The Bloodline & the Alpha Academy

The Bloodline escort Roman as he walks backstage. The Usos come across Otis & Gable, who stare them down and imply they want the tag titles.

Non-Title Main Event Match: Universal Champion Roman Reigns w/ the Bloodline vs Montez Ford

Ford comes out first, all alone, to a decent reaction. The crowd eats up his antics and we head to break as he plays up to them. Our Universal Champion Roman Reigns on day 389 comes out with Paul Heyman, starting his entrance at 9:34pm. On Monday, he was quick to the ring. We get our announcements and bell at 9:38. Both start off fast. Ford shows off his athleticism early, leap-frogging a charging Tribal Chief before using a pair of dropkicks to send Roman spilling to the outside. Roman angrily checks his mouth and looks at the ring as we go to break.
Back from the break. We return to find Reigns in charge. Reigns takes Montez into the corner as Pat McAfee tells us that throughout the break, Reigns has had his way with Ford. Roman climbs the middle ropes and begins the ten-count punches, but at about six Ford shoves him off. Roman immediately charges the corner, dropping Ford with a big shoulder/clothesline. Big pop from the crowd. They love to hate Roman. Roman uses the middle rope to choke Ford, then calls for the crowd to cheer for him. The crowd loudly pops for Roman and even start a "tribal chief" chant! Roman takes Ford into the corner and hits a ten-count of clotheslines as the crowd counts loudly in time and cheers Roman on. Roman charges the corner and right into a big boot. Ford fires off multiple front hand and backhand chest chops. Ford sends Roman over the top rope to a good pop. Ford heads outside and throws Roman into the barricade once, then twice, before rolling into the ring to break the count. Ford looks to run off the announcer's table but barely touches the table, and it completely falls apart. Someone's getting fired in 15 minutes. Pat McAfee tries to cover, stating it was because of his "fat ass dancing" on the table. Back in the ring, Ford rebounds off the ropes. Roman pops Ford high up in the air and lets Ford crash face-first into the mat as we head to break!
Back from the break. Reigns has completely dominated this match per Cole and McAfee. Roman uses the top rope to choke Ford as the ref counts a warning. Roman stops to argue with the ref as Ford stands on the apron. Reigns approaches; Ford with a kick to the side of the face followed by a springboard cross body for a close two! Ford with a pair of kicks but Roman ducks under the third. Roman throws Ford into the corner but Ford comes out, athletically flipping about and surprising Reigns. Ford with a counter that drives Reigns to the mat with a blockbuster, getting a close two. Ford climbs up top and looks for the Frog Splash; Reigns rolls out of the way and connects with a Rock Bottom on Ford!
Roman looks for a Superman Punch but Ford counters, reversing it into a DDT! Ford covers for a close two then argues with the ref. Ford takes a moment, then pulls Roman slowly to his feet. Roman fires off a right-hand Kane uppercut. Roman looks to grab Ford but Ford sends Reigns into the post and out of the ring. Ford threatens a charging tope over the turnbuckle, so Roman moves. Ford still catches Roman with a running kick along the apron. Ford takes it inside and heads up top. Ford once again with the skyscraper Frog Splash--this dude seriously gets some serious height--but Roman gets the knees up. Roman quickly slaps on a guillotine. Ford holds on but ultimately taps before losing consciousness.
Your Winner, Universal Champion Roman Reigns!

After the Match: an Extreme Assault

Heyman encourages Roman to send a message to Finn's Demon and Brock Lesnar. The Usos head down to the ring and at Roman's direction, set up tables and get a steel chair. Roman beats Ford with the steel chair repeatedly before taking him outside, where the Bloodline work together to send Ford through the table. When suddenly the lights go out and...

Enter Sandman-Demon!

The lights come up, red (akin to the Fiend's old lights), and the Demon is perched on the top turnbuckle! The Demon flies and takes out the Bloodline with a cross-body off the top rope! Finn fetches a kendo stick and beats Roman for a couple of minutes until we end our program.

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight's episode! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw. Don't forget to swing by this Sunday for Extreme Rules!

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