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Rocky Johnson Says He Was In Discussion With AEW But Wasn’t Interested

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Oct 03, 2019

Rocky Johnson Says He Was In Discussion With AEW But Wasn’t Interested

WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson revealed in an interview with Wrestling Inc that he was in talks about joining AEW but turned them down because he is not interested anymore.

On his talks with AEW:

“It was great working with Dusty. We were tag champs in Florida and we switched back and forth with the heavyweight belt. Now that his son has a chance with this Elite Wrestling, they have the capital and everything. I had talked with them and probably could have worked with them, but I’m not interested anymore. But, the point is, that no matter how much money you’ve got, if you don’t have talent then you’re not gonna draw. But they are smart enough in that they are getting these independents and are opening a school where they’re gonna develop their own talent. I think it’s gonna be good, the wrestling wars because it’s gonna be good for the guys. But I think a lot of them are gonna jump ship from WWE.”

On being a good promoter:

“A good promoter is one that treats you with respect and as a human being. I worked for promoters that I couldn’t stand and they couldn’t stand me. But they knew if they put my name out there, I would sell out for them. You’ve got to have a good rapport with whoever you’re with.”

Moving from Vince McMahon Sr to Jr in WWF:

“[Vince Jr] was doing the announcing then, but we had a meeting and Vince [Jr] did all the talking and you go ask Sr a question and Vince Jr would answer. You could see that he was getting more powerful. Sr was one of the greatest men I ever met and I was there when he passed away. Vince Jr took over and he had big dreams which we all did. He proved his dreams and not only took over the wrestling business, he said I’m gonna take the world and he did.”

On his WWE Hall of Fame induction: “It was great and it was not great. It was great that they acknowledge you and they give you a ring and a big plaque. To me, it’s a sendoff. It’s over – that’s the end. But I knew that and I told them that the next time you see me, it will be on a tape on TV.”

WWE Hall of Famer and father of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Rocky Johnson talks about son in detail including discussion on training him for wrestling, his acting career, family life, The Rock inducting him in the HOF, if his son will ever wrestle again & more!

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